Bruins pick up Langfeld but lose Anderson

According to, the Boston Bruins picked up off waivers from San Jose, winger Josh Langfeld. But Boston also lost because of waivers newly acquired goaltender Craig Anderson. Anderson dressed for a few games as Thomas’ backup but since the return of Raycroft from an apparent knee injury which therefore forced the Bruins to move him. Maybe since moving Anderson, they might not even get rid of Raycroft, which there has been much speculation that the Bruins might trade him. Since now they only have 3 goalies i doubt they would move one of them because if an injury were to occur, they would need another goalie as either starter or backup.

What do you guys think…are the Bruins still looking to trade Raycroft or do they now need him?

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  1. samsdad says:

    The first response to this is the problem with this website…there seems to be a total lack of intelligent conversation, or hockey dialogue. Every thing is * your team sucks, you are an ass, etc. * Why cant anyone just comment on the articles and keep this other crap out if it. Also the amount of stupid replies that go back and forth that have nothing to do with the topic is out of control. Also why does every topic have to turn to someones favorite team? Well the Bruins did this, but the (insert a team here) may trade for (whoever).

    That being said, time to move on to the TOPIC.

    I dont think they will carry 3 goalies…and they certainly cant send Thomas back down now…with his play and the fact his contract is only 450K, no way he makes it to Providence….so…I think that Raycroft will be traded, possibly along with Murray, for a couple of forwards to play with Samsonov. The Bs have a glut of 3rd-4th line players, but no real 2d line now. Also, isnt Raycroft on a 1 year deal?

  2. avsfan6 says:

    the blues now have what 5 goaltenders with divis sanford anderson basicusala (probably not correct spelling) and lalime i could possibly see them trading one to the preds considering behind vokoun they dont really have much talent (mason and finley i belive)

  3. avsfan6 says:

    whoops i forgot to add my opinion on raycroft being traded im going to say no he will probably stay and management will give him a chance to pull his game together but if its the same old story next year im going to say hes gone

  4. samsdad says:

    but do you think the Bs will carry 3 goalies? considering thomas’ salary, its doable, but kinda unlikely…and they do need 2d line help that could probably get for raycroft…someone in the quality of sturm,rolston,nylander…that type of pickup

  5. Beantown says:

    I’d like to think that Boston would try and keep Raycroft but the reality is if Thornton’s job wasn’t safe, I doubt they’ll sit by and hope Raycroft pulls it together. That being said, I feel Boston will try and move him, Murray, and Zhamnov (which could be difficult) by the trade deadline. In a perfect world, Boston would love to keep Raycroft/Toivonen but they’re both young. One has to stay and one has to go. Boston’s defense is really solid with Stuart-Tanabe, Gill-Boynton, Alberts-Jurcina, so I doubt they’ll trade for a d-man. I say a solid center and a 2nd line winger. Feel free to comment.

  6. samsdad says:

    exactly right…and they also have slegr,moran(eventually) mark stuart and matt lashoff coming in a few years, and you forgot leech (tho on a 1 yr deal).

    i think raycroft and murray will go

  7. Beantown says:

    Very true with Stuart and Lashoff. Both of which will be impact players. I left Leetch out because that was more of a down the road look. I’d like the Bruins to try and move Moran and Slegr. I really like Jiri but he’s had a tough time this year. Many teams looking for blueline depth would love either player. Comment, please.

  8. captainjoefish says:

    i am not sure how good langfeld because the only game i saw him play was the huge loss to san jose where he scored 2 goals against the bruins

    with the injury to isbister he will fill in and anyone is better then lacouture.

    as for goalies if they cannot trade raycroft then sent him to providence and they have to keep thomas and hannu

    right now the bruins look great playing with out glen murray and i do not think he fits in with the team now and they should try and dump him

    overall they need a little more talent in the foward department as everything else is pretty strong.

  9. avsfan6 says:

    hmmm good point i never thot of that thats a tricky desicison for the gm

  10. mcpickl says:

    yeah raycroft is on a 1 year deal

    RFA after the season

  11. mcpickl says:

    Moran is still hurt. really cant deal an injured guy.

    Slegr at this point is a put on waivers, see if someone will take his contract

  12. samsdad says:

    Slegr will probably go, but not for much in return…

    Moran still has a while back, they said he had scar tissue the size of a tennis ball in his knee! OUCH!

    Leetch will probably gone next year, due to the young Bs and depth.

  13. samsdad says:

    if they send him to providence he would have to pass through waivers……….

    forward talent…you are right…we have plaenty of role players, but need some more skill to go with sammy

    the game against the sharks, langfeld was awesome…but since he only has 2 goals, and they both came in that game…lets hope it was a preview and not a fluke…….

  14. mcpickl says:

    cant send raycroft to providence without going through waivers, which of course they wouldnt do.

    he was there over the weekend for a conditioning assignment, which he had to agree to, for one game. hes not going back to the minors.

    looks like toivonen is still close to a month away, so theyve got the olympic break to deal someone.

  15. captainjoefish says:

    raycroft does not have to pass through waivers he already played a game in providence

    he signed a two way contract

    i thought he had to pass waivers but he already played 1 game in providence

  16. captainjoefish says:

    sorry didnt see comment below

  17. bruin37 says:

    I think the bruins will trade raycroft in some package with murray boynton and get in return 2nd line player and a good prospect maybe a deal with oilers. just my thought. what you guys think os primeau play of late he been playing great with ax.

  18. Duckman says:

    being a huge bruins fan i agree with you on everything you just said except for the fact that i see them trying to find a 2nd line center for the samsonov/murray line

  19. Beantown says:

    I like the idea but I doubt they’ll part with Boynton. He and Gill have been their best shutdown d-men. I think Raycroft and Murray could draw enough attention for a team in need of a goalie. Feel free to comment.

  20. Duckman says:

    i dont think the bruins will trade off boynton, he still looks as solid as ever, case and point the ottawa game he was out there all night against alfredsson, spezza and heatley and he, axie, priemeau and leahy did an awesome job, with help from mr thomas of course

  21. bruin37 says:

    Beantown i dont dis like boynton. i just think if they could get a good return do it. lets face it gill boynton dont have speed like the other 4 dmen on the bruins. this league is about skating. i saw a rumor bruins have intrest in brad richards you could see what i saw go to and got to rumors. now would you send boynton the other way with raycroft?

  22. bruinfan_2 says:


  23. mcpickl says:

    we know, thanks for the update

  24. Beantown says:

    If we were able to land Richards, I could part with Boynton. He is, however, one of my favorite players. He may not be the fastest skater but a smooth one at that. I guess it’s really up in the air. I think one thing we can both agree on is that we’d love to have Big Joe back.

  25. captainjoefish says:

    yes zhamnov is hurt and that is a good thing for the bruins

    i think they were worse with him he was one of the worst free agent signing

    when he was not hurt he had a wopping 1g and 9a in 24 games so if their is any way to get rid of him the bruins should do it!!

  26. captainjoefish says:

    yes zhamnov is hurt and that is a good thing for the bruins

    i think they were worse with him he was one of the worst free agent signing

    when he was not hurt he had a wopping 1g and 9a in 24 games so if their is any way to get rid of him the bruins should do it!!

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