Bruins re-sign netminder Raycroft

The Bruins on Friday re-signed Andrew Raycroft to a one-year contract, ending speculation the team would begin the 2005-06 season without the reigning Calder Trophy winner.

Financial terms were not disclosed, but Raycroft made $550,000 during his rookie season in 2003-04.

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  1. jarcpitre says:

    Whow! It took long enough to sign him and for a small price. I hope this doesn’t reck the kids confidence. In my opinion you have to lock up the goaltending right away and build from there. If Boston got him for that price they should’ve locked him up for at least 3. To me thats not showing too much confidence in your goaltending.

  2. mcpickl says:

    geesh, its not how the system works.

    he has zero leverage this year, so he plays for short money

    he is arbitration eligible next year, so he gets a big bump in pay.

    theres no reason for the Bs to pay him 4 million for 3 years this year.

    he wouldnt sign for 1.2 million for 3 years, why should he?

    so you sign for a year, play, and see you next year when he has arbitration leverage, and Bruins have impetus to sign a multiyear deal

    its not rocket science…………although i did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night

  3. hockeyhead says:

    how bout superstars then?

    bergeron and toivonen are future stars is what i was saying.

  4. hockeyhead says:

    highly doubt it.

    hannu toivonen is better anyway. but i suppose both will suck.

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