Bruins Re-Sign Sergei Samsonov!!!

The Boston Bruins have re-signed LW Sergei Samsonov to a 1 year contract on thursday!!! The flashy winger became a restricted free agent earlier this summer. Sergei made 2.2 million last season with the Bruins while only appearing in 8 games beacaue of a wrist injury. Terms of the new deal were undisclosed.

“Sergei is one of the most exciting and dynamic players in the NHL and we expect him to be a big contributor to the team this season with the injury behind him,” Bruins general manager Mike O’Connell said.Sergei is a huge piece of the Bruins franchise and their future. He was the teams 2nd pick (8th overall) in 1997 when they also drafted Joe Thornton (1st). There are still a few questions regarding his wrist but if healthy expect big things from No. 14 this season!

I was totally expecting a hold-out on this one, with the Bruins tough contract bargaining (cheap). Sergei was said to be seeking a long-term contract, Bruins like most clubs this season were thinking short term but they got it done!!


The Bruins now may have the best line in hockey for 2003-2004, I hear you all now: Selanne, Kariya… Naslund, Bertuzzi, Morrison… whatever, but here it is:

Samsonov – Thornton – Murray

The Bruins next step is to find a way to bring young Defenseman Nick Boynton off the free-agent list and into camp!! Bryan Berard would be nice as well but I gave up hope on that one. Ah well Bruins have a bunch of youngsters just waitin for the chance: Jeff Jillson, Shaone Morrison, Milan Jurcina, etc.

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  1. mikster says:

    This is good! I just traded Allison and Hackett for Samsonov and Luongo, taking a gamble that he’d sign, in my fantasy league. Two highly injury prone players for a goalie that will get me 25 wins with good stats, and a 30 goal 60 point winger.

    Anyway, good to know that Boston didn’t go cheap and signed an awesome winger.

  2. titans says:

    Wooo Hoooo!! My favorite NHL player is back for another year in Beantown!!! Sergei rules!!! One day soon he will be the premier Sergei in the league!

  3. Gforce says:

    IT’s ABOUT FuckiN tIme they Signed this guy,KNOW the bruins will be on fire ..this is great…..

  4. BosBrn77 says:

    I think this was long overdue(I thought Boynton would be in camp first). But I, for once, had to side with Bruins’ management. Sergei was coming off a wrist injury. The last thing Boston wanted was for the injury to come back near the end of the season. Samsonov as a player has NOTHING to prove. But he does have to show that the wrist is back to normal. If he score 60 points this year, then next year, barring a work stoppage, he will deserve Thornton type numbers.

    But as for the top line you mention. Boston would be foolish to pull Knuble off the 1st line. Can Hilbert, Vernarsky or even Rolston get Knuble to keep his numbers up there? I doubt it. But I think Samsonov could push Hilbert into getting better. Plus, it would give the Bruins 3 lines to worry about.

    The lines should look like this…


    Samsonov-Hilbert-Huml (or McCarthy)


    Unless Boston signs a veteran center like Oates or Ronning (hint hint Mr. O’Connell) they will be going with a rookie as the second center.

    I think Huml could be a winger who camps in front of the net like Neely used to do. And if toughness was needed, McCarthy goes in to keep it clean.

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