Bruins Reportedly Offer Selanne Multi-Year Deal

The Bruins have reportedly offered forward Teemu Selanne a multi-year contract worth $7.5 million a season or so. Selanne said he wanted to re-sign with the Sharks, but also turned down a deal they offered.

This says that the Bruins have pretty much said goodbye to Bill Guerin. Losing Guerin, but perhaps picking up Selanne, has its good points and bad points. First of all, Guerin would have been captain if he returned to Boston this year, which says that he is an immense leader for the young team. He also scored 41 goals, but his point total was not as high and his plus/minus was pretty bad.

I think Selanne is a better goal scorer, and would provide more offense for the Bruins in Guerin’s absence.

In my opinion, it would be less of a blow to lose Guerin if we picked up Selanne. In fact, it could be an improvement.

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  1. Bigman says:

    What about the grit that guerin brought to the ice, he was a full package an more importantly former oiler, doesn’t really matter if he was, i guess, but i love the oilers wich means i liked guerin and although hes gone i still like him but i guess sellanne is a better scorer and maybe a little faster(ya guerin won fastest skater at the all star game last year or whenever but they had the wrong guys in the competition).

  2. keeper_coach says:

    I don’t know if it would be an improvement. Guerin is an all-around better player, but it would definately relieve the blow. Then the biggest change would be going from Dafoe to Shields. Maybe knowing that the starting job is his to lose will keep Shields a little more consistent. Even as a Stars/Northstars fan, I’ve always liked the Bruins, so I’d like to see them get Selanne.

  3. amok says:

    Losing Guerin and picking up Selanne would be a big loss for the Bruins. Teemu’s still a good player, but his best days are behind him.

    I keep thinking that Selanne will end up like Mogilny did when brought to Vancouver. One big season, a few decent ones, but nowhere near the return for the salary (at least until he turned it on for New Jersey).

  4. TC_4 says:

    I don’t understand why the Bruins don’t go offer that package to Amonte. He’s a home town kid, he plays with more emotion then Sleanne, he is a left handed shot, which as I’ve stated before, only one of the B’s top 6 forwards are left handed and that’s Thornton. He will produce more than Guerin this year too, you just watch. Guerin won’t have anoter good season for 4 years. In the final year of his contract, he’ll deciede to pick it up again.

  5. Stanajax says:

    Hmmm, Rolston is also left-handed….. That’s still 4/2. Strange coz most players are left-handed in this game….

  6. Stanajax says:

    I just can’t imagine Teemu Selanne in a Bruin jersey. That would be ugly, uhh!!!!

    I think he’ll take less to play in Montréal, or wherever else (not Toronto too please!!!).

  7. roto_this says:

    Consider Teemu and Sergei on either side of Thornton at times. Speed to burn and size up the middle. Its far from a done deal however. Dallas may make a pitch to Teemu as well as a list of other teams. He’s gonna want more than 2 years.

    By the way… Thanks for Billy G… I’m in Dallas and loving your generocity. The GM is crazy not to keep Guerin, he could have gotten him at a bargain, 3 years possibly.

  8. revolution says:

    I’m thinking that right now, the teams interested in Selanne are the Bruins, Habs and San Jose.. The other teams like dallas and toronto are waiting to see if they can get Guerin or Amonte before they make any offers to Selanne. Selanne’s a good scorer given the ice time, so he’ll probably get a 7-8 million 3-4 year deal. He’s said that he’s not just interested in money, which brings up the chance of him going to the Canadiens (who have interest in him).. But the Islanders, Rangers, Bruins and Habs can all give him quality ice time so how’s he going to decide? By the team that offers the most money of course.

  9. guinsfan4life says:

    If Selanne is smart, he will reconsider offer he recieved from the sharks and sign there immeadiately before they land Tony Amonte.

    Selanne will benefit more from the open ice surface and free flowing game in the Western conference. The style of his game reflects the style of the entire conference.

    In the East, Selanne will not have as much room to skate and therefore his true skill will not be showcased as much.

  10. leafs123212000 says:

    Actually the leafs are currently negotiating with Selanne. I don’t think the habs will sign him before they lock up theodore.

  11. JohnFlan22 says:

    I think this East vs. West Style is abunchabullshit. Theres Trapping teams in abundance in both conferences, Temmus been in the west forever and his numbers have been going down ever since he was traded away from superboy Kid-Kariya. If a Player has the talent, he will make the room for himself on his own and put up numbers in either conference. Just look at Bure, when he went from Vancouver to the panthers he won The damn goal scoring trouphy so this crap talk about east and west i just dont beleve any more. Maybe it wa relevent before the mid 90’s but now i think it is a mute point. A player will sighn where ever the money is and where ever they want to live. Peace

  12. ch says:

    You Think the Rangers, the Islanders and the bruins are going to given to Selanne much ice time than the habs , I don’t think so because watch the big name in each city.

    The only team, I think can give an extra ice time is Montreal. But the José contract is the priority for Savard. On the other side Saku is an argument and I think Savard is gonna try to sign Selanne.

  13. gopenguins66 says:

    Who gives a **** if they have Guerin, Selanne, or Amonte in goal. The biggest surprise is that Steve Shields is their starting goalie!!!!!!

  14. JohnFlan22 says:

    Selanne would get Guerins ice time on the B’s. On the Isles he would be on Yashins unoccupied wing. On the Habs he would of course gt top line time but again the Habs have so much damn finesse already why dont they get some toughness so what happened to Zedneck doesnn’t happen over-and-over again when they play the thugs of the east? The Rangers need depth players at this point to compliment there top 2 lines, they’ve never hada problem scoring goals, they need players that don’t give’em up.

  15. mikster says:

    Well, no….it is not an improvement. Guerin had the perfect chemistry with Thronton, Rolston, Murray, Samsonov.

    The only improvement Selanne brings is that the Bruins would spend $1.5 million dollars less than on Guerin. That tells me the management just wanted Guerin out. Would Selanne fit in the style of game the Bruins play? I don’t know.

    I also think that Selanne would choose Montreal over Boston in a second. Why? Koivu is on the team and the Habs beat the Bruins in the playoffs.

    Selanne and Guerin are two different players. They each have a different style. So, i doubt Selanne would sign with the Bruins, only if the B’s offer more than the Hawks, Leafs, and Habs……AND….i think he won’t be a better improvement than Guerin.

    I say Leafs should sign either Amonte or Selanne now, they just lost their chances to get Richardson.

    Micki Peroni

  16. Stanajax says:

    Grit???? Done with McKay. Now, let’s have a pitch to Selanne.

  17. Bigman says:

    Selanne looks ugly in any jersey

  18. Go_Canucks_Go says:

    San Jose will likely resign him because they need more scoring up front. The Bruins are next in line for Selanne. The Leafs aren’t in the running because they don’t have a lot of money.The Habs aren’t even in contension because if they sign Theodore they won’t have enough money to sign Selanne to a big 5 year 25M he wants.

    This is Go Canucks Go so e mail me back

  19. Freezer says:

    I agree.

    Selanne seems to disappear in the playoffs. He never, ever, ever makes a difference in the playoffs. I would not be interested in him because in my world, the playoffs means everything.

    Bill Guerin was tied in scoring for the Bruins in the playoffs. He led the team in goals during the regular season. The Boston Bruins is a bad organization. You don’t let players like Guerin walk, not if you are serious about contending. The Bruins sucked becasue of their goaltending. Dafoe sucks. Graham sucks. That’s why they traded for Shields. They know their goaltending is shit. But at the same time, you don’t let Guerin walk becasue you don’t have anyone to stop the puck. Boston reminds me so much of Philly.

  20. Forsberg21 says:

    True they did have great chemistry, but Selanne is a better goal scorer and playmaker. He doesn’t have the grit and leadership qualities Guerin had, but he could return to his 50-60-70 goal status with the offensive minded Bruins. It’s possible that it could be an improvement.

  21. TC_4 says:

    Yeah, I just assumed Rolston was there third line centre. But I also don’t get to watch the B’s as much as you probably do, so I’ll take your word for it.

  22. ManillaKilla says:

    Does any one else have trouble understanding the Bruins management? I would think if your going to give Selanne 7.5million, you would come up with another 1.5million and just resign Guerin. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, though. This is the club that didn’t want to pay Allison, so they unloaded him after signing Lapointe for 5.5million.

  23. Zamboni says:

    Now I’m hearing from the Dallas Media that Selanne is the main target for the Stars. The only reason I don’t find the choice of Selanne over Amonte to be completely insane is that Jere Lehtinen would benefit greatly from that pick up and it’d make for one hell of a second line no matter who centered it.

  24. gopenguins66 says:

    Do you have 1.5 million?

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