Bruins seeking assets for Kaberle's negotiating rights

There remains a possibility that Tomas Kaberle could re-sign with the Bruins after July 1. But with the Bruins putting Kaberle’s negotiating rights up for grabs, it’s clear the two sides do not agree on a term and number for a Black-and-Gold extension.

If they succeed in trading Kaberle’s negotiating rights, the Bruins could land a low-level pick. Yesterday, Vancouver acquired the Islanders’ 2012 fourth-rounder for Christian Ehrhoff’s rights.
Kaberle put up a 4-43–47 line during the regular season. In the playoffs, Kaberle submitted a 0-11–11 performance in 25 games.

However, the puck-moving defenseman ultimately settled into a third-pairing role with the Bruins. In Game 7, Kaberle logged just 9:14 of ice time. It is hardly the workload that merits an annual payday north of $3.5 million, the number Kaberle might receive on the open market from a team like Detroit.

The Bruins have enough cap space to give Kaberle the sum he desires. But it would be financially irresponsible to dedicate big bucks to a third-pairing defenseman, even if it’s offset by the bargain that is Adam McQuaid ($575,000 cap hit).

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  1. Jets_Back says:

    One of the rumored Kaberle teams, Columbus, just traded for the rights to James Wisniewski.

    He could be what they are looking for, a player with some power-play ability but also some physicality.

    Kaberle, it's been said, appears to prefer the friendly confines of the East. He may not get that wish.

  2. Leafs_Wallace says:

    Markov done, Erhoff likely done, Bieska done, Wisniewski almost done, who is left beyound Kaberle???

    He gets a mininum of 5.5 per

  3. hockeylegend488 says:

    could see him in philly or ottawa esp if they bury gonchar

  4. Jets_Back says:

    The question I guess who'd be the suitors.

    The defenseman market thinned out considerably. Pitkanen re-signed too with Carolina and Brewer with Tampa Bay.

    The only other guy is Jovanovski I guess. But they've been saying quite a bit that he will re-sign with Phoenix as he has settled down there comfortably.

    I hope Kaberle does well. He was a good, loyal player in Toronto and he did the Leafs a favor agreeing to be moved. He as it turned out, did himself the favor too winning the Stanley Cup.

  5. Jets_Back says:

    Roloson now re-signs in Tampa Bay.

    Where does anyone think Tomas Vokoun goes? Colorado? I mentioned it earlier that Edmonton should sign him. I think he is a great goalie that has gone rather unnoticed for a long while playing for non-hockey market teams.

    He would be a nice backbone for that young and raw Edmonton team.

  6. Leafs_Wallace says:

    Good call, another two I over looked, the free agent market is  now two deep, Richards and Kaberle.

    Really Jovo, the guy first learned to skate when he was fourteen.

    I can see Kaberle being a smaller Campbell (though hes more game than Campbell ever will, Campbell had upside when he signed the worst deal in hockey).  I can see Kabs getting between 5-7 in this market with an inflated cap ceiling.

  7. reinjosh says:

    Two Deep and with a load of secondary guys.

    White (although there is speculation he`s resigned too), Babchuk, Fleischmann etc.
    All secondary guys that get overpaid. 
    Trade market is going to be the big one in mid July
  8. hockeylegend488 says:

    the leafs should honestly sign guys for 1 yr deals and highlight them til next years deadline ,moving them for 2nd and 3rd round picks. Do a complete blow up of the team

    no more jiggy, we will use reimer and the monster
    like without drafts were never getting better were middle of the pact at best or 4 games from being eliminated from the playoffs if we made it… 
    this isn't over night or gonna happen yesterday.. sure signing brad richards for 5 years would be good, the fans tv viewers and ticket holders deserve something on ice to say the least. 
    Kinda tired of american teams winning every year, luckily both ottawa and and Edmonton moving forward in a couple more years will provide canada with winning combinations to last a decade done properly. 
  9. hockeylegend488 says:

    im not buying nazem kadri either, and to think that draft we could of traded up and got de hann or paverri stevvson. only untouchable we should have is schenn, and if possible swop him for his brother in philly

  10. Kramer says:

    More news from Kramer sources

    I'm hearing the Leafs had some sort of deal in place but it fell apart at the last minute.

    I also know Burke has spoken to Richards for sure. The whole tampering stuff is nonsense, all the GMs secretly talk to players before they're free agents.

    At least 5 teams are talking to Kaberle under the table.

  11. JoelLeafs says:

    Yes, I agree that Edmonton could use a vet change up between the pipes. I think Volkun could be a top tier goalie for at least a couple more years. Dubnyk could use the time split and mentoring. The obvious counter argument is: how much does Thomas bring in that Nikolai lacks? and frankly, I don't have much of an answer other than a change of scenery.

    Call em silly, but I'd like to see the isles land him. Again, stop gap and help bring up the kids.

  12. hockeylegend488 says:

    mabye burke can get backstrom

  13. Jets_Back says:

    There is also the possibility of someone trading for Evgeny Nabokov.

    I believe the Islanders still hold his rights. I don't think he is a free agent because he signed but did not report.

  14. Boston_Bruins says:

    Might as well try to get something for him. Not a fan of this trading of rights though. It takes alot of excitement out of free agency day.

  15. hockeylegend488 says:

    brian burkes gonna end up signing drury 3 yr 12 mil

  16. Boston_Bruins says:

    Can't believe the cap floor is already $10 million higher than the cap ceiling was 6 years ago.

  17. Jets_Back says:

    So now it is Buffalo's turn with Ehrhoff. This should be interesting.

    Toronto acquired a 48 hour window to negotiate with Max Talbot but obviously that appeared to go nowhere.

    There is not many players left, but, these guys are certainly going to get a ton of money with how the cap floor is structured.

  18. frankinboltonleafs says:

    I think it's a mistake to let him go…of course I don't know what he's asking…have you heard what he's asking? Have you got someone to replace him? (you're probably saying…replace what? LOL). I think a bit more time in your org. and you'd see those crazy outlet passes to the young guys coming up like we saw here. He's an honourable player…that being said:

    Did you catch the 'nucks resigning Lapierre? They didn't learn anything from that defeat. They'll be the same collection of whiners and divers they were this season. It makes more sense to me for the Bruins to resign Kaberle than the 'nucks resigning Lapierre.

  19. leafy says:

    But there's much truth to what he says. This is what I want to see more of, Leafs fans being much more critical and with fresh ideas, rather than the same ol' boring cliched homers that flock to this site.

  20. leafy says:

    This is where things have come to, we're pinning our hopes on Max Talbot?

    We have got to get a first line center, otherwise it's going to be another early spring unless Reimer plays like Dominik Hasek.

  21. hockeylegend488 says:

    were are not more then one piece away or one player away from winning any more then a playoff series. We need centres sure.

    Team needs to do a proper re build, not a partial etc. 
    look at teams like tampa , washington, pittsburgh and soon to be oilers and islanders. Do things right for a change, sad part is were gonna be sitting back the next decade watching the islanders and oilers compete year after year for the cup.
    obviously whatever is been going on since 1967 isn't working
  22. leafy says:

    You know what, you're absolutely right. This is exactly what I've been saying for several years now.  A lone voice calling in the wilderness. Where have you been all this time to support me? lol

  23. Jets_Back says:

    The reality though is that for every Pittsburgh, Chicago, there's Florida, Columbus, Atlanta who have perennially drafted "early" every year it seems and yet their playoff hopes are non-existent as well.

    Even the Oilers, they are a couple years away it seems. The Islanders are not too far off, but there just always seems to be something with that franchise that can't get itself off the ground. And it will be years to determine if it all works out for them or not.

    So, the "doing things right" is not always what it's cracked up to be.

    You do have to draft well. In fact, that is probably nowadays where the foundation of the team is to be built. And with trades and free agency, the core of the team gets supplemented with talent.

    I guess Boston proved that in some way with Bergeron, Marchand, Lucic, Seguin, Krecji playing key roles.

    But Boston also proved that you need all the pieces, not just draft picks, to come together to make it work. Chara, Thomas, trades for Horton and Seidenberg, those are super key core guys.

    I think overall, Toronto has had bad management.

    Brian Burke is doing a fine job now, but even he made some costly errors that really cannot be overlooked.

    Even the smallest mistakes, like say getting Martin Gerber to finish the year and actually having solid goaltending to make it all the way to 7th last, that cost them a top 5 pick, probably something absolutely necessary in their rebuilding attempts.

    But I have to believe now he has Toronto on the right track.

  24. JoelLeafs says:

    Not 100% on this, but I believe that they have his exclusive rights until July first of next year. But yes, I would likely hold him in close regard with the other two.

  25. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    i agree with what he says, im not very high on kadri myself but i would not swap luke schenn with his brother.. schenn is our only proven shut down defenceman whos still improving and only player to have more then 200 hits and 150 blocked shots.. thats impressive… those type of d-man are crucial for a long playoff run.. just wait until leafs make a playoff run, schenns gonna be a big part of it by shutting down the other teams stars. He really impressed me last season while his brother hasnt even cracked the nhl lineup yet, 

  26. Boston_Bruins says:

    Now that Pitkanen resigned I've pretty much lost interest in this free agent class. I'm not interested in the Bruins signing anyone else to a long term deal because of the future problems with the cap, and there are no defensemen left that I think are worth what they'll be asking for.

    So, this brings me to a very NHL 11 idea. Give Jagr or Selanne a ridiculous one year deal. One year is all they'll be looking for anyways. I know they're very partial to certain teams at this point in their careers (it's basically blasphemy to suggest Selanne won't be back with Anaheim), but if you give one of them something like $7 million+ from the Cup champs, it'll be pretty tough to refuse I think.

    Savard retires and Kampfer becomes the 6th defenseman. As it's a 23 man roster, Caron, Arniel and Bartkowski are the extra players.

    That leaves $12.6 million to sign Marchand and Jagr/Selanne. You have to be careful with an offer sheet for Marchand, but I wonder if it's do-able.

    Caron, Arniel



  27. leafy says:

    I'm with you on Luke Schenn. He's definitely a gem and he should have been captain over that stiff Dion Phaneuf.

  28. leafy says:

    We are on the right track. However, I have mixed feelings.

    One the one hand, the Leafs appear to be moving out the bottom 10 teams in the NHL, and maybe on the cusp of a playoff spot.

    But on the other hand, I'm not so sure that's a good thing. Getting a top 5 pick isn't harmful and right now, the Leafs just don't have the foundation yet for long term success vis-a-vis contending for the cup year after year.

  29. DannyLeafs says:

    The Penguins are the only team that has done a "proper rebuild" the way you are talking about and had that ultimate success. Even then, they were heavily insulated by some very shrewd moves to make them into a cup contender.

    #1 overall picks isn't what wins championships from a team building perspective. It's making good additions at low cost.

    Let's look at some cup winning and contending teams and see where their best assets came from.

    Sharp was obtained for a 2nd round pick
    Byfuglien was a late round pick
    Keith was a late round pick
    Bolland was a 2nd round pick

    Burrows – signed, cost nothing
    Bieksa – signed, cost nothing
    Edler – 3rd round pick
    Kesler – late first rounder (albeit 2003)
    Sedins – Traded 1st overall and other assets to select 2nd and 3rd instead

    Chara – signed, cost nothing
    Bergeron – 2nd round pick,
    Lucic – 2nd round pick
    Thomas – signed, cost nothing
    Krejci – 3rd round pick

    Just about any good team at some point strike's it rich with a good move or high value picks. Tampa signed St. Louis, you know their franchise's all time leading scorer. Pittsburgh surrounded it's four high picks with an entire team (who basically showed they can be a playoff team without Crosby and Malkin) made up of guys that were either signed or obtained for a 2nd round or later draft pick. Philadelphia only had one top 5 pick on the team, and while he is looking like he could break out, he wasn't even a factor in them going to the cup finals last year.

    Basically, your idea of a proper rebuild isn't what builds winners. It's good scouting, good signings, and good trades that win championships. Teams like Detroit, Anaheim, Boston, and Carolina have all won championships in the past 8 years, non of them having the benefit of a #1 overall pick.

  30. DannyLeafs says:

    I completely agree with you on all of that. Personally I think Burke's biggest mistakes were dumping Kubina and Antropov for nothing, as I think he could have gotten more value for them if he had waited it out a little. The Kessel deal was one that I still defend. Not because I think it's likely the Leafs will "win" that deal in terms of talent, but because it's a deal that when you look at it on it's face, isn't that inconceivable. Burke essentially was thinking that two random top 10 picks rarely turn into a player of Kessel's ability, so why not trade two for the sure thing? I agree with that, and if teams were continually willing to offer players like that, I would be willing to continue to offer more 1sts.

  31. mojo19 says:

    "we could have traded up and drafted DeHaan or Pajaarvi" …… ummm, Kadri was drafted well ahead of both those players and has looked better at an NHL level thus far.

  32. reinjosh says:

    There really isn't. 

    What would you have Burke do? Trade away our young core and take us 5 steps back waiting 5 or more years for some of the high picks to pan out? He's developed the prospect pool to a point never before seen in Leaf history and its probably top 10 in the league. That doesn't even include the young core Burke built around a number 1 dman Phanuef, a top sniper Kessel, a potential top two-way defender with scoring in Kulemin, two young studs in Aulie and Schenn, and a nice center in Grabo. 
    What don't you agree with? I'm willing to bet your reasoning is predicated on Kessel and Kessel alone. Sure we should have gone into rebuild with JFJ but we all know why that didn't happen. Fletcher made decent moves and so did Burke. We can f*ck and moan about the specifics but I would bet most people would be fine with the Phanuef deal. 
    So Kessel. I still don't see what the problem is. It's as simple as we have a three time 30 goal scorer under 25 and the Bruins have two highly regarded, yet unproven, prospects and a third nice prospect. 
    Burke has built a young talented core, faster I might add, then Edmonton did. He did it with a top 5 pick in Schenn, a top 5 pick in Kessel, a top 9 pick in Phaneuf and very likely a top 7 pick in Kadri (who contrary to moronic comments, has done absolutely nothing to regress in anyway). 
    I'm more than happy with the way Burke has done this. Doing it the "right way" (the lose to win way) is an antiquated way of doing things. Its hailed by all to be the way and yet more teams consistently fail at it then succeed with it. Thanks but I'll try and bypass those many years of moronic losing to win faster. 
  33. reinjosh says:

    You don't here people complaining about the Columbus deal. That was essential a 7th overall and an 8th overall for Carter…

  34. reinjosh says:

    Just to add on, teams like Florida, Columbus and Atlanta have consistently failed at drafting high picks and all of them have a combined 2 first round sweeps to show for it in the last ten seasons. 

  35. Boston_Bruins says:

    You have to mention Toews and Kane being high picks when talking about the Hawks.

    I do agree with you that there's different ways to build a winner though.

  36. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Here's the thing with high first round picks and winning the cup. Post lockout, this has only worked when the high first rounders are mostly still playing on ELC's. This allows the team to surround them with well paid experienced talent because the high picks(Crosby, Toews, types) are playing for little more than league minimum.

    Pittsburgh manged their cap well and have stayed competitive, yet Malkin's name still enters trade rumours, why, because he has a large cap hit now and it may be to Pittsburgh advantage to use the same money on 2 or 3 roster players. When Malkin was on ELC, no way Pitt trades him.

    Whether it be high picks or additions through free agency or additions through trades…it all depends on how well you manage your cap. Teams need to find great value at reasonable money. You need to draft well(high, middle or low picks), you need to get the right players at managable contracts through free agency and trades and find the right coach to match the team you have built…t's so simple really.LOL

    Toronto had 9 first rounders on their team last year (if I remember correctly) that we had acquired or drafted ourselves(ours,Schenn… and even throw in Kadri if you want). High picks are not the only answer…a "proper re-build, IMO' is about finding a few gems in the draft and developing them, no matter what round they are drafted in, acquiring some proven talent via free agency and/or trades and getting overacheiving roles players at good prices. Managing your money well is the key.  

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