Bruins sign Dempsey and Pelletier, re-sign Jurcina

Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli announced Monday that the Boston Bruins have signed defensemen Milan Jurcina and Nathan Dempsey along with left wing Pascal Pelletier to contracts.

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  1. captainjoefish says:

    pascal pelletier played great in providence and was a great suprise

    jurcina will only get better with expirence and dempsey is good for depth

    more great signings for the bruins

  2. 92-93 says:

    so lets review,

    the Blues got McKee for 4 million

    Markov went to the wings for 2.5 million

    and Dempsey to the Bruins.

    for about 7 million, the leafs could have signed these three guys instead of the 7.1 million they dropped on an offesnsive defenseman – who they have plenty of – and hal f-ing gill.

    oh well. good for the bruins. they’ve got a great goalie prospect in Rask, they’ve got Kessel, along with Boyes and Bergeron up front. they’ve got Chara on the back-end and Toivenen in net.

    not bad. i think they will finish in 4th in the division but they have the potential to surprise a lot of people.

  3. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    Thank you, somebody with the decency to look at the Bruins for what they are and give a valid opinion, instead of just bashing.

    Yes, you’re right Bruins have got a pretty good team and it seems to keep getting better. I personally think they’ll end up 2nd or third in the division. I just don’t see Montreal doing that well next year. I’m not saying this as a Bruins fan, I just have this strange feeling. Toronto is kinda iffy for me. I don’t see them going too far considering Raycroft is their starting goalie. I’m sure he’ll start doing better with a fresh slate in on a team but I don’t think you’ll see him get that much better immediately. Not soon enough for Toronto to start being contenders anyways. Ottawa I’m also kind of iffy on. Martin Gerber performed poorly in the playoffs and it might rub off into next season, but even if not, he’s still likely to perform poorly in the playoffs. And on a team that already does bad enough on the playoffs, that’s not good. That mainly leaves Buffalo who I still feel strongly for going all the way next year.

    As for Boston, if we could just get one more winger on that second line, I think we’ll be a contender, at least for the playoffs. If we can find somebody to fill that spot there will be no doubt in my mind that we will be in the playoffs, how far we will get, is up to them. I was actually thinking Krejci might get called up and actually onto the second line right away if we don’t sign Kessel or get somebody else on the line, which kind of worries me but it seems like the best bet if they don’t get anywhere else at this point.

  4. 2buxaslice says:

    Have they signed Bergeron yet? Seems like they should get on that.

  5. samsdad says:

    I dont think Krejci will get the call…he needs a year in Providence, and he is a center. I am more thinking of Kalus – quite likely, maybe Karsums or Pelletier. Maybe even Tenkrat (?) that they got from TO – heard he did well in Europe.

  6. TheHoundLine says:

    the Blues got McKee for 4 million

    Markov went to the wings for 2.5 million

    and Dempsey to the Bruins.

    for about 7 million, the leafs could have signed these three guys instead of the 7.1 million they dropped on an offesnsive defenseman – who they have plenty of – and hal f-ing gill.


    yes, but you are overlooking the fact that the Leafs desperately needed a blueliner with a right-handed shot

    the Leafs have about 7 or 8 left-handed shots on defence (Kaberle, McCabe, Colaiacovo, Kronwall, Harrison, Brendan Bell, and Hal Gill)

    the only right-handed shot they had back there belonged to Ian White — so that was what tipped the scales in favour of Kubina

    Danny Markov is a left-handed shot and is therefore useless to the Leafs

    Jurcina was a restricted free agent and therefore was unavailable to the Leafs

    granted Dempsey is a right-handed shot, but he won’t make much of a difference on anyone’s blueline including Boston or Toronto

    all in all, no complaints about the Leaf signings from this corner

    would’ve been nice to add a scoring winger, but someone will have to step up from within the organization

  7. TheHoundLine says:


    and they are getting close to the cap

    hard to believe that Savard is the highest paid Bruin forward


    bet they’d desperately love to find somebody to take Zhamnov’s big fat 4 million dollar contract off their hands

  8. samsdad says:

    zhamnov is likely done….his broken ankle has not healed, and due to the *injury exemption rule* the bruins will be getting back 4M in cap space if he is forced to give it up. use that $ for a good 2d line winger and the Bs are in good shape

  9. Beattie says:

    These signings have been know for a while but I guess they just announced them?

    Overall I like the moves the Bruins have made in the offseason.

    1. Signing the best D available = Zdeno Chara – sure we overpaid but all the Bruins haters know they woulda penciled him in on their teams rosters no prob…

    2. Signing C Marc Savard = A great play making center who had 97 pts. Sure he doesn’t have Kovalchuck or Hossa but a Murray-Savard combo will be better than a Primeau-Murray line that the Bruins attempted last season…

    3. Trade Nick Boynton for Paul Mara = Brad Stuart coming in with the Thornton trade and Chara makes Boynton expendable (Mara is more offensive…)

    4. Signing W Shean Donovan – an all around decent player that completes a pretty good 3rd line (Donovan, Primeau, Axelsson)

    5. Trade Andrew Raycroft for Tuuka Rask = Bruins had 3 potential #1 goalies (Raycroft, Toivonen, Thomas) 1 had to go, so they made a deal for a young G to remain strong in that position for future…

    6. Drafted Phil Kessel at #5 overall – many said he was the best skater and pure scorer in the draft = whats the new NHL all about?? speed and skill??

    7. Overhaul of the coaching staff and new GM!! Head coach Dave Lewis, “Associate coach” Marc Habscheid & GM Peter Chairelli…

    8. Other small depth player signings = Dempsey, York, Brookbank, Allen, Collins, Pelletier, etc.

    I have an estimate of about 8.5 million left not including Jason York, Petr Tenkrat & Alexei Zhamnov?? Should be plenty to get Bergeron locked up at a decent rate?? What do you guys think Bergeron will get?? I was thinking almost 3 but if Nagy only gets 3 then maybe 2.5??

    I think people who expect the Bruins to be the same dreadful team they were at the end of last season they will be in for a surprise!!! They are making strides towards respectability anyway!!

    Estimated Roster??





    (Krejci, Stastny, Kalus, FA are other possibles??)

    Chara-B. Stuart


    Alberts-M. Stuart

    (Dempsey, York, Brookbank, Lashoff, Allen)



  10. mcpickl says:

    Why? are they only allowed to negotiate with one guy at a time?

    relax, Bergeron will get done. Hes not going anywhere

  11. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    I think your right, I was mistaking Krejci with Kalus. I remember reading this article:

    I remembered Krejci because he was the main guy in the article but if you scroll down they say Kalus is more likely to be playing in Boston. Thank you for correcting me. 😉

  12. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    Good points. Those are actually the same lines that I would like to see Boston play but I would rather have Chara play with fellow countryman and previous teammate in the olympics, Jurcina. And then keep Mara and B Stuart on seperate lines just so there will be a veteran in each defensive pairing.

    However, I don’t see what the Bruins really see in Stastny. I don’t think he’s that good or has that much upside to him but I wouldn’t be surprised to see if he still plays a lot on that fourth line. Actually, was it Mike O’Connell that was so interested in Yan or was it the owner? Who knows, either way that Samsonov trade was awful and all we really got was an enforcer who won’t be playing in the league for the next 3-4 years and our buddy Yan here.

  13. captainjoefish says:

    could not have said it better you hit all the points and if hannu has a solid year i think the will easily be in the top 3 of the division and make the playoffs

    i would say the only actual problem is that jeremy jacobs and harry sinden are still there otherwise i think the bruins have done a great job

    as for bergeron i’d say 2.5-3 mil but no higher i just cant wait till we get him offically signed

    the providence bruins will also have a pretty stacked team with possibly kalus krejic and karsums they will be fun to watch

  14. Scottman75 says:

    Hate to bring up the Joey trade again, but the ‘B’s still do not have a franchise player.

    My fear is that the team will be situated in the bottom third of the conference this year.

  15. samsdad says:

    I dont think you need a franchise player anymore. You need overall good depth. What happens if your *overall franchise player* goes down? Better to have 3 very good players than one major one. Lets face it…in Boston, Joe was not the franchise player we all hoped for.

  16. TheHoundLine says:

    not to rain on your parade, (and who wouldn’t celebrate if Zhamnov exited stage left clearing up 4 mil in cap space?) but what makes you think Jacobs would kick that money back to the Bruins to add players?

    That would be TOTALLY out of character for ol’ Ebenezer Jacobs.

    Then again, he did open up the vault to sign Chara and Savard. Still, it makes me think it all the more unlikely that he would just hand Zhamnov a check for 4 million not to play and then kick in another 4 million for players to replace him. Not bloody likely. (unless he decides to make a hefty raise in ticket prices — ugh)

  17. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    That’s very true. Sabres didn’t have a franchise player and they made it to one game from the Stanley Cup Finals. I’d say it’s better not to have a franchise player anyways. It takes more pressure off whatever player it might be and the team will be more of a whole than focused on one player. And you have to go by the classic saying, “There’s no I in Team.”

    And as for Joe Thornton, yeah he was good, but he was a bust in the playoffs. He’s also highly undisciplined taking some of the worst penalties at the worst time. He wasn’t even a good leader. When that kind of person is your franchise player, you aren’t going far.

  18. Scottman75 says:

    You’re right, Joe was not the franchise player we hoped for because the supporting cast was not there.

    Part of the problem was chemistry, I will give you that.


  19. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    And I forgot to mention, I personally see Bergeron signing for about $2-2.5mil. Which is good because right now we have about $6million left in cap room hopefully giving us about another $2-2.5mil to sign a winger for that second line, hopefully Kessel with $850k tops. That will leave us with about 2-3 million dollars in wiggle room during the trade deadline. However if Zhamnov can come back by that time, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him be traded freeing up a lot of cap room.

  20. 92-93 says:

    plus boston has a new and better coach in Lewis. so does toronto and i think they’ll do better too.

    but the bruins have some very good building blocks with the players i mentioned.

  21. 92-93 says:


    i think you are putting way too much emphasis on right-handed shooters. Markov is useless just because of what hand he shoots with?? are you nuts? Markov is a physical presence that could easily match Kubina’s offensive output from last season.

    Dempsey is a solid #5-6 D-guy.

    choosing an offensive blueliner at 5 million over a shot-blocking wizard (something they ACTUALLY NEED) in McKee … whether he shoots left of right … was a moronic and costly mistake for the leafs.

    you just wait and see.

  22. TheHoundLine says:

    hey, I’m just trying to explain to you how an actual GM thinks

    you simply cannot have 6 left-handed shots on the blueline

    the Leafs had to have at least one right-handed shot, and given the fact that White isn’t a lock to make the team out of training camp, Kubina becomes all the more valuable, especially since he can man the point on the 2nd powerplay unit

    hey — I’d rather have McKee (left-handed shot)than Hal Gill, but that would’ve cost another two million

    Kubina is a shut-down defender with some offensive upside — who knows — maybe he’ll be another Robert Svehla type player — maybe just maybe he’ll prove he’s worth a million more dollars than McKee

    McKee left the Leafs division, so no harm done — Buffalo is that much weaker for it — it’s all good for the Buds

  23. TheHoundLine says:

    think you are putting way too much emphasis on right-handed shooters. Markov is useless just because of what hand he shoots with?? are you nuts? Markov is a physical presence that could easily match Kubina’s offensive output from last season.


    er, no I’m not nuts, but maybe you are if you think Danny Markov is in the same league offensively as Kubina


  24. samsdad says:

    If I understand this correctly….the Bs would not be responsible for his contract….it would be covered (paid) by insurance….the weird thing is in the wording…the Bs wouldn’t recover his 4M in cap room, but would be allowed to exceed the cap by 4M. Sounds confusing, because basically its the same thing….I think its just some lawyer talk that slipped in to confuse us all.

  25. TheHoundLine says:

    yes, I believe you are correct in that insurance would cover most if not all of Zhamnov’s 4 mil salary

    (who knows what the deductible is on that sort of policy!?!?)

    still, I wouldn’t put it past Jacobs to simply pocket that money instead of adding back into the player salary budget

    in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Jacobs had already instructed management to allot some of Zhamnov’s salary savings to go towards paying Chara’s monster salary

    this is an owner who has routinely been far more interested in lining his own pockets as opposed to pulling out all the stops to build a cup contender

    just my opinion though

    that said, I do like the makeup of this young Bruins team — Boyes and Bergeron are a great dynamic duo

  26. 92-93 says:

    leafs didnt need Kubina or Gill.

    actually, they could have just got McKee and filled the rest of the D-corps with young guys (and have more cap space to play with to the tune of about 3 million).

    Gill is absolutely useless. again, we’ll see how this season plays out but i have a feeling that Gill will be the new whipping boy in toronto now that berg and khavanov are gone.

  27. 92-93 says:

    look at their numbers –

    Markov – 131 points in 472 games

    Kubina – 209 points in 531 games

    so not as big of a difference as many people think. Markov has played 59 games fewer than Kubina and scored 78 fewer points. big deal. certainly not enough to warrant Kubina getting twice as much as Markov.

  28. TheHoundLine says:

    that would’ve been hhe conventional way to go

    sign McKee at a slight hometown discount (meaning just under 4 million per year) and use the rest to go after some first line wingers

    frankly, I think it might be good that JFJ bucked the conventionl wisdom on this one — the Leafs have had a 3rd rate defence ever since I can remember — if they had to overspend anywhere, I agree that doing it on the blueline makes for a nice change

    don’t care for the Gill signing, but perhaps his size will come in handy, and it might make for an easier transition for Raycroft having a guy he knows patrolling the defensive zone

    frankly, I didn’t see much of anything on the free agent forward junk pile that really warranted getting excited about

    None of Anson Carter, Recchi, Rucinsky, Sanderson, Roenick, Sykora, Guerin, Rucchin, Arnott, Weight, Grier, Sillinger, Arnason, Parrish, Savard, Selanne inspire me

    some good players in there, most of which are either too old, overpaid, or simply overrated

    the only UFA forwards that I thought the Leafs should be targeting were Elias (who signed for a helluva lot of dough in Jersey), Sakic (who wanted to stay in Colorado), Samsonov (who got a good chunk of change from the Habs), Shanahan and Peca

    at least the Leafs were able to land Peca

    I’m not overly thrilled with Kubina at 5 mil per year as there were other better UFA blueliners available, however I’m willing to give him a chance. He might surprise some Leaf fans. Huge step up from the Leafs #3 defender last year and he’ll eat up a ton of minutes relieving some of the pressure on McCabe and Kaberle. Should be good for all of them.

  29. TheHoundLine says:

    regardless of what the stats may say, having watched both guys play the game, Kubina is the more complete player of the two

    Danny Markov will not be getting much time on the 1st or 2nd powerplay unit in Detroit — and it’s not just because Lidstrom and Schneider are ahead of him on the depth chart

  30. 92-93 says:


    well i’d still rather have an extra 3 million under the cap instead of Gill.

  31. 92-93 says:

    i think Markov is one of the most underrated D-guys in the league and Kubina is the most overrated. Kubina – except for one year – is a career minus guy who looked terrible last year in the new NHL – especially in the series against ottawa where they skated circles around him.

    Markov may not have speed, but in terms of the value he brings for the amount your spending on him, i’d prefer him.

    oh well, like i said, teams like Detroit (Markov) and St. Louis (McKee) will probably come out of this free agency period looking much better in the long term than JFJ. but i guess we’ll see.

  32. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    I agree 100% except Dave Lewis. That guy did ok with a stacked Detroit Team,

  33. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Traded to…. who wants a washed up player making 4 million.

  34. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    It’s not just your opinion that Jacobs is a money grabber, its a scientific fact!

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