Bruins still a no chemistry team?

The Boston Bruins were a failure last year, but not because of lack of talent, they were failing when they had Murray, Thornton, Samsonov, Leetch, Bergeron, Boyes, Boynton, Zhamnov, and McEachern, and continued to fail when Thornton was dealt for spare parts Marco Sturm, Wayne Primeau, and Brad Stuart. The problem has never been talent, but chemistry.The Bruins have now signed Marc Savard and Zdeno Chara, and it makes me wonder, do they realize signing the two biggest names they could get their hand on DIDN’T work last year, and it won’t work this year?

Marc Savard is a solid centreman, but not terriffic away from Ilya Kovalchuk, although could spark something with Glenn Murray, except Murray is the same type of player, he needs a good centreman to be the 4 million dollar player he is, and if he doesn’t have that star centreman, he scores 20-25 goals and is worth about 2.5-3 million. So will Savard and Murray play well together? That remains to be seen.

People said right off the bat the Yotes won the Mara for Boynton deal, but I’d have to disagree, Mara is a solid offensive defenseman, Boynton is just a big annoyance. They helped themselves there, and it’ll be good for Chara, it’ll be easier for him to get a big shot on with another offensive minded defenseman.

But should the Bruins make the playoffs, Zdeno Chara is another Senators resident choker. His physical presence is good and all, but once the playoffs come he fumbles the puck, and starts to miss some checks. He’s a fantastic defenseman to have for his size alone when it’s the regular season, but he won’t get them deep into the playoffs.

Boyes and Bergeron are two good young players, and I really like Bergeron, and I met him at the HHOF, and even though I only talked to him for a minute, he seemed like a real cool guy. He will obviously be the offensive leader for the Bruins, but a 73 point guy being your offensive leader doesn’t make a good playoff spot. Unless you have 11 other forwards with 70 points……

Brad Boyes, he had a good rookie year, but don’t get THAT excited Bruins fans, he was a 23 year old rookie. But you can at least expect a 70 point season.

The biggest problem, is the Bruins being thrown together, and not a team that has developed over a few years, even if they win the Presidents trophey and the Stanley Cup, they’ll start the season slow.

Their goaltending concerns me, Tim Thomas came out of nowhere for a brief hot streak, and Toivonen was a rookie, remember the last good rookie goaltender for the Bruins? Now he’s an iffy Leafs goalie…

My official prediction is 5th-9th place.