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Bruins GM Mike O’Connell continues to “touch base” with the agents for holdouts Andrew Raycroft and Nick Boynton. Meanwhile, O’Connell has invited former Bruins starter Byron Dafoe to training camp for a tryout. Dafoe has yet to announce his intentions.


  1. WeedIan says:

    THey need some sort of goaltender 🙂

  2. hockeyhead says:

    also talk of the cat coming back.

    toivonen will be a starter and could be a backup to raycroft. this is insurance if razor holds out.

  3. redbeard says:

    Looks like Raycroft may be gone. Tim Thomas has been signed by the Bruins for a one way contract…even if he does not play a game, he will still be paid and his contract goes against their cap. Raycroft is looking for 2.25M per season…the Bruins don’t have that left if they want to sign Boynton and have some wiggle room…Thomas and Toivonen…??…wow!

  4. JeffBurnz09 says:

    What happened to Potvin? Is he signed, or going to camp anywhere?

    Raycroft only had one good year, so I don’t think he deserves anything huge yet. But at the same time, you have to bring him back after the year he did have.

    I don’t think Dafoe means Raycroft leaves. They’ll bring Dafoe in to see what he has incase they can’t bring Raycroft back. Then if Dafoe still has anything he splits time with the guy who they signed yesterday. Taylor? I never heard of him though, he any good?

  5. acebailey says:

    Thomas is VERY good. He was the Player of the year last year in the Finnish Elite League and lead the league in wins and saves I believe. He saw some ice time with the Bruins 2 years ago, and got a few wins, including a real good game against the Oilers. He was the only guy in the NHL with one of those wierd new goalie helmets that is likea cross between a regular one and an Irbe/ Hasek style one.

    Thomas is from Michigan, and has been very close to getting into the NHL for a while. Raycroft should be worried about losing his job right now. He has alot of charicter and has never stopped trying to make it to the NHL, and he keeps getting better. His parents once sold their wedding rings to pay for him to go to a tournament.

    Dafoe has a bad knee, and might have one more season left, but I don’t know. I watched him with the Thrashers and he didn’t have much left in the tank 2 seasons ago. He might be a good 3rd option.

    I have not heard anything about Potvin either?

  6. Beantown says:

    I have to say, this is truly a sad case for the Bruins. They go and spend money via the free agent market but don’t leave enough for their loyal, core players. Raycroft is an amazing goaltender and Boynton is quitley becoming one of the best well-rounded defencemen in the league. I’d be very disappointed if Boston can’t find the money to sign both players.

  7. hockeyhead says:

    they will… is just a bunch of smoke.

    but i like toivonen better than razor so i am not worried.

  8. SkruinBruin says:

    Dafoe is not coming,,, he didn’t say yes, or no.

    Everyone wants Razor back,,, including the B’s- but now, with Thomas there is even less money,,,

    Hannu will definately be a contender,,, but maybe not this year…

    Thomas is no sloth,,,

    Last year, with Jokerit Helsinki he was 34-13-7,, with a 1.58 GAA- AND 15 shutouts… AND named league MVP!!!

    But that was in a Finn league-

    And who knows… 4 years ago i saw Razor in Providence,,, and i would not have expected his rookie season to be so good.

  9. mcpickl says:

    relax…they have no leverage. theyll either be in Boston, or they can go to Europe for less $$$. How are they “loyal” players? They play for Boston, because thats who drafted them, not because they chose to out of loyalty. its just common sense. When teams have leverage, they need to use it, because when they players do, they certainly will.

  10. mcpickl says:

    Raycroft is going nowhere

  11. bruinfan_2 says:

    potvin is a free agent

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