Bruins to sign Markov?

     Icon Sports Media – Sports is reporting that the Bruins may be taking a long look at Danny Markov.

One of the problems for the Bruins in regard to Markov would start with his potential asking price of roughly 3 million per year. His asking price may be a problem because the Bruins presently have a ton of money tied up in their other players and are nearing the NHL imposed salary cap. According to Markov’s agent, Markov is expected to sign relatively soon with a NHL club. HTR believes that Markov may be about to sign soon but he will be hard pressed to get the three million dollar price tag that he is looking for.

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  1. Bruins4771 says:

    As much as I think this signing would improve the Bruins, i dont think it is happening at the price reported.  If the bruins were to trade who would they trade?  They would be crazy to trade Krecji Kessel or Lucic, no one wants Axelsson or Murray, and they would not part with Bergeron, Savard or Sturm.  So that leaves the fourth line to clear money, or to move one of the younger defenseman like Stuart, Allen, or Wideman.  I dont think anyone wants those players either.  So unless the Bruins are offering a back end loaded deal for 3 years for Markov (who is already 31) i dont think there is any chance.  I dont even think he will sign with an NHL team, I think he will wind up signing in Europe. 

    The Bruins need to wait for the contracts of Ward, Fernandez, and Murray (total of 11 million within 2 years) to expire, before they can bring any other free agents.    From now on the Bruins will need to find talent from within, which they have with players like Lucic, Kessel, Krejci, Lashoff, and Stuart.  Big game tonight for the home opener!  Go Bruins Go!

  2. Senatorsfan78 says:

    I would like to see Bryan Murray to make a trade for PJ Axelsson he would be good on the Senators playing with Alfredsson.

  3. Bruins24 says:

    i wouldnt be surprised if he got dealt to the sens because they inquired about him before he signed his extension…i see axelsson being dealt tho he has no fit on this bruins team..peter schaffer is a better version of PJ anyway

  4. neilios says:

    Boston wants to free up some money they should trade away there big man Glen Murray he is doing nothing for the Bs maybe a change of scenery would wake him up and I think the Sedin boys would do that.I can see a deal go down a little something like this.

    To B's-Kesler1.6mill,Cooke1.5mill,and Edler
    To Canucks-Murray4.1mill,Kobasew1.2mill,and Milan Lucic

    That would save about 2.2million for Boston then they would have enough cap space to sign Markov and plus they get a couple pretty decent players back in Kesler and Cooke.Then the Canucks get a couple good RWs what the so deperatly need.What does everyone else think???

  5. neilios says:

    Canucks and Boston lineups after they make that trade

    Sedin        Sedin       Murray
    Naslund     Morrison   Pyatt
    Burrows      Rypien     Kobasew
    Cowan        Ritchie     Linden

    Ohlund       Bieska
    Mitchell       Kraijeck
    Salo           Miller

    Sturm       Savard        Kessel
    Schaefer   Bergeron      Kesler
    Axelsson   Krejci          Cooke
    Thornton   Metropolit    Bouchinski

    Chara       Markov
    Ference     Ward
    Alberts      Wideman

    I think this trade benifits both teams all around.

  6. A-Train24 says:

    PJ Axelsson would not play well with Alfredsson.  Axelsson is great defensevily but has absolutely no offensive upside.  He has a career high of 36 points and has averaged 22 points a year over his career.  Just because he is a swede doesn't mean he would play well with Alfredsson.

    Futhurmore his price tag of 1.8 million is far too high.  We already have quality defensive forwards such as Kelly and McAmmond, both of whom make less money then he does and have more offensive upside.

    Finally, the only area where he could be usefull to us is on the penalty kill, yet our penalty kill forards are already set with Vermette-Kelly, Alfie-Fisher and Donovan-McAmmond.

    That trade would completely useless and would have never been suggest if Axelsson was a Finn instead of a Swede, get serious people.

  7. A-Train24 says:

    Can't speak for everyone else, but I myself am tired buy your stupid trade proposals.  If this trade were to happen, Boston would get Cooke (1.525) and Kesler (1.7) a combined 3.275 million dollars whom scored a combined 16 goals and would loose a decently paid, consistent 30 goal man and Kobasew who has already scored 3 goals this year.  On top of that they loose Milan Lucic for yet another young defenseman who isin't ready for the NHL.  Very bad trade for Boston, but then again, we've come to expect that from you neilios.

  8. MR40 says:

    His trade's are always really dumb for his own team (Vancouver), but this one is a steal for Boston.

    Edler is an NHL ready player (as a 6th defender), and a top prospect, with sky high potential, which Denis Wideman, Andrew Alberts and Mark Stuart are not (but Matt Lashoff is). Matt Cooke is arguably the best energy player's in the NHL. Not best energy player's with offensive talent, but best ENERGY player. He can get a few occasional goal's too. Ryan Kesler is becoming a very solid 3rd line centre. He's a bit like Matt Cullen. Can't really handle an offensive role, but is a great PK player, and can still put up good number's (and Kesler is a shootout specialist, i don't know how good Cullen is at shootout's).

    Glen Murray is…. well pretty much just overpriced garbage. Everyone in Boston is dieing to get rid of him. He is a 50 point player making 4.2 million doller's, and is 35 years old. Chuck Kobasew has had good 6 game's, now he's a superstar right? He did nothing else even worth talking about in his career. Lucic is half of the prospect Edle is (trust me i'm from Vancouver I watched Lucic ton's with the Giant's last year).

    Horrible trade for Vancouver.

  9. neilios says:

    A-Train24 sucks big ones,so suck it beatch

  10. A-Train24 says:

    Not sure if you read the above comment, he said your trades are usualy stupid, while he agrees with you on this one, I do not.  You asked for what we think, you got what I thought.  If you can't take criticism, don't ask for it.  Thanks for showcasing such a high level of maturity, you make such a strong case for yourself it's hard to see how someone would ever disagree with you.

  11. Rico71 says:

    Cooke must've been out of that incredible energy to get benched last weekend against the Oilers.


    Best energy player in the NHL…c'mon. He is a good guy I would love to have on my Habs…but he is not the best.

  12. Senatorsfan78 says:

    A-Train24 you don't know anything about hockey so just mind your own business and yes PJ Axelsson would fit perfict with on Sens so I agree with you that he would be perfect on Sens and play well with Alfredsson so you are right aobut that statment that PJ Axelsson and Daniel Alfredsson would play well together.

  13. A-Train24 says:

    I just love the maturity and cold hard logic of some of the members on this site.  Senatorsfan78, you make such a compelling argument by stating no facts only your opinions, keep it up, one day, someone will agree with you.

  14. A-Train24 says:

    I just love the maturity and cold hard logic of some of the members on this site.  Senatorsfan78, you make such a compelling argument by stating no facts only your opinions, keep it up, one day, someone will agree with you.

  15. Senatorsfan78 says:

    You are Stupid A-Train24 you don’t know anthing about  hockey and you are a jerk and shut the hell up.

  16. MR40 says:

    I saw that one coming…

  17. MR40 says:

    He gets paid 1.5 million to hit and piss people off. He doesn't score goal's, he doesn't get point's, he's not even a great defensive forward. If he couldn't hit he would be playing on a team's 4th line… in the ECHL.

    Can you honestly think of someone who is better pure energy guy. It doesn't matter if he has more offensive taleent or anything like that, but who's beter then Matt Cooke at just hitting, and pissing people off? He might not be the best, but is definately very close to the top.

  18. senators101 says:

    Lol! is it just me or did he call u an idiot and then agree with you because he mis-read something? hahahahaha…. yo atrain, you dont know anything about hockey you stupid jerk.. hahahahahahaaaa

  19. neilios says:

    atrain24 just shut your hole and know your role beatch no1 likes you in here.

  20. Tachmo says:

    At first I thought this was an aweful trade for Boston. But actually Boston should trade Glen Murray for whatever they can muster. Kobasew is pretty much a bust. Milan Lucic seems to bring a lot of itensity to the Bee's right now. Something they have lacked in recent years.

    In my opinion Kesler is a bum. Does not belong on the top six forwards on any team but Phoenix. Matt Cooke is horrible. Don't know much about the other guy, but it sounds like he is a good prospect.

    Overall Boston dumps a lot of salary, and in my opinion Bochenski could fill in for Murray. They are the same player, soft as a pillow but can score.

  21. A-Train24 says:

    There is no argument that Cooke is a good energy player, definently not the best, I can think right now of at least three who are better at it then him AND have scoring potential (Avery, Tucker and Colby Armstrong), and don't get me started on Kesler, who has done nothing since being given his overinflated contract by Bob Clarke.  My point is simply that, no matter how overpaid Murray is, how soft he is, a team that finished 14th in goal scoring in the Eastern Conference last year cannot afford to trade a perennial 30 goal scorer and get NO offense back.  If they loose the combined 28 goals (in 58 games) from Murray, gaining only the 16 from Cooke and Kesler, they end up 15th in the conference in goals for.  Boston can simply NOT make that trade.

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