Bryan McCabe still waits for deal

The 36-year-old unrestricted free agent is hanging out at his South Florida home still pondering his future.

“There have been discussions with several teams,” his agent, Ian Pulver, told on Monday. “Bryan is still considering his options.”

McCabe had 28 points (7-21) in 67 games with Florida and the New York Rangers last season. He’s no longer the offensive force he once was, but he’s a solid two-way player and also a popular player in the room.

He has had a few training-camp tryout invites, but at this point that doesn’t seem to interest him too much.

At this time of year, what often happens is teams overestimate how deep they are at defense and realize halfway through preseason or early in the regular season that a certain young player hasn’t made the kind of jump they had hoped for. Or there would be injuries. Then, teams suddenly feel a need to make a veteran of McCabe’s pedigree a real offer. We’ll see if that happens.

Of course, McCabe could also just pack it in if nothing interests him.

3 Responses to Bryan McCabe still waits for deal

  1. thisgamewelose says:

    He's not a solid two-way player anymore. He's a liability on defense. 

  2. mojo19 says:

    Ya, I'm guessing he's gotten a few offers for teams looking for a veteran to fill things out but its probably in the $1-2 million range and he's probably expecting to get like $3.5 million or something, which he ain't gonna get.

    Still, if he would be willing to take around $1.5 million I'm sure there are a couple teams who woudn't mind grabbing him. Maybe on with the right mix of guys he could do well on the 2nd PP unit and play as the 4-5th dman.

  3. Leafs_Wallace says:

    Unfortunately this is evidence of how playing in Toronto can kill your career.

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