Brylin injury may force Devils to trade for Sniper!

On Wednesday February 5th the New Jersey Devils were greeted by the injury bug as versatile forward Sergei Brylin broke his wrist which lead to surgery being performed on the 6th and the Devils announced that “Sarge” would be out 2-3 months which would be the rest of the season and first month of the playoffs, a situation eerily similar to last year when Scott Gomez suffered the same injury. In light of this developement I believe that Lamerillo will be forced to make a deal, now whether it be for Owen Nolan, Kovalev, Palffy, Kapanen, Satan is unknown, but my intuition tells me that either Satan or Atlantas Slava Kozlov or Shawn Mceachern, seeing as they’d be the cheapest to fill the void left.


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  1. cwhockey says:

    Waddell had given a hint or two that he may trade McEachern to Boston, to send him back home I guess. This development of course might change that. He would be the better fit for the Devils than Kozlov, but it’s hard to tell who or what good ole Lou wants more.

    If Kozlov was sincere about wanting to stay here and play in Atlanta, NJ may not want to give up too much if they go after him. Cause Slava could very well sign back with the Thrash in the offseason.

  2. Beaster says:

    They should really go after Kozlov.

    He is rather cheap and in playoffs he becomes even more valuable.

    114 GP

    42 Goals

    37 Assists

    +/- 18

    He can play center which would fill a hole in the devils lineup and the thrashers could obtain a good defenseman.

    Maybe unhapy Tverdowsky and a verly late pick for Kozlov ?

    That would even out the salarie difference of Tverdowsky making 3,600,000 $ and Kozlov 2,350,000 $.

  3. JasonMacIsaac says:

    The devils have enough depth to get through this, Brylin will be ready after the first round of the playoffs. The devils have Gionta coming back around 10 days from now and he will fit in perfect.

    Elias – Gomez – Bicek

    Friesen – Nieuwendyk – Langenbrunner

    Berglund – Madden – Pandolfo

    Stevenson – Rup – McKenzie

    Thats still without Guolla and Gionta who are both almost ready to come back.

  4. JasonMacIsaac says:

    WHAT!!!!! It may even out the salary difference but maybe, just maybe you might think Tverdovksi is WAY better then Kozlov. Tverdovski will be involved in a trade for Nolan, Kovalev or Palffy, if these trade rumors are true.

  5. devfanman4 says:

    What’s with all the posts recently about the devils not having depth down the middle? Nieuwendyk, Gomez, and Madden are their top 3 centers…that’s not depth? Elias, Brylin (when he’s healthy again), Berglund, Guolla, and Rupp are other players who have played center for them this year. The Devils are one of the deepest teams in the NHL. I really don’t think they need to make a trade to compensate for Brylin.

  6. swedishvoice says:

    Thats right… But I think they need a REAL scorer with Elias and Gomer… Hope Berglund will be played more so he can pick up his game more.

  7. swedishvoice says:

    Well a think they need a speedy strong winger mayby another Langenbrunner… Satan…

  8. JasonMacIsaac says:

    Why, we are beating everyone with efense an now the offense is getting going. I think we have enough players that step their game up in the playoffs.

  9. mikster says:

    Try to play without Brodeur, Neidermeyer, White, Madden, and Elias AT THE LEAST!

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