B’s have room to move

The Bruins have some $3.1 million in open salary cap space, and could more than double that number if injured center Marc Savard were placed on the long-term injury list. Given that much free cash, many B’s fans seem eager for trades to strengthen an already powerful team.

The Bruins are keeping an eye out for possible deals, but there is obviously no urgent need for any upgrades. Indeed, general manager Peter Chiarelli is probably wise to watch his pennies, with a long list of important free agents to re-sign before next season.

The Bruins got maybe the most important potential free agent, center David Krejci, taken care of Wednesday with a three-year, $15.75 million extension. But they’ll still have Chris Kelly, Gregory Campbell, Daniel Paille, Shawn Thornton, Johnny Boychuk and Joe Corvo all due for unrestricted free agent status, and Tuukka Rask and Benoit Pouliot as restricted free agents.

“We’ve got a lot of cap space and we’ve got (long-term injury) space, so we’re in a good position to do something,” Chiarelli said last week. “But we’ve won 12 out of 13 (games). My point is, the timing has to be right and the player has to be right. It’s hard to find the right time, especially when you’ve won 12 out of 13 — and when there really aren’t a lot of players available now.

“I’m always looking. I’m not actively seeking a player, but I’m listening to teams and seeing where the market is.”

Chiarelli said it’s a different feeling to have the cap flexibility that makes deals possible. Many times in recent years, he saw attractive deals available, but was unable to act because of fiscal restraints.

“We’re obviously in a better position now,” he said.


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  1. Boston_Bruins says:

    I'm going to stand by that they only need a depth forward and a depth defenseman. Here's what I'd try to do:

    – With Carolina falling out of the playoff picture, I'd make a move for pending unrestricted free agent Tuomo Ruutu. He's proven to be a very solid player for the Canes and they might be willing to give him up to go further into the rebuilding process.
    I like Pouliot's game recently, but I'd still like an upgrade and would want a similar player to Peverley and Kelly to round out the forwards. Ruutu plays that same kamikazee-type game as Pouliot but he gives you much more offensive ability.
    I'd like to think a 2nd + a prospect like Knight/Sauve could get it done.
    – Next, acquire a depth defenseman just to get a good injury replacement. Sarich is on the outs in Calgary and I think they'd move him for a late round pick possibly with him being another pending UFA.
  2. Boston_Bruins says:

    Should be a good game tonight. It's always a match-up nightmare when playing Pittsburgh. I think the key to containing them is to split up your two shutdown guys, which the Bruins have already done. Try to put Chara out there to contain Crosby, while getting support from Boychuk, and put Seidenberg out there against Malkin and Neal. The thing is that I'm a bit worried about Corvo in that matchup as he's usually Seids partner. For this game I'd try to bring McQuaid up. Julien has the least confidence in him out of all 6 defensemen, but it would be nice to get an overly physical d-man out there against two big bodies in Neal and Malkin.

    For forward matchups, try to get the Bergeron line out against Crosby and have Bergeron shadow him and offset Crosby in the faceoff circle. Then put the Kelly line out against Malkin. It's always good to have two shutdown lines.
    I realize this game is in Pittsburgh so it'll be difficult to get this done, but Julien has to be on top of his game tonight. 
  3. reinjosh says:

    Yeah I can't see them going after any big name player. 

    Ruutu just seems like a Bruins player and he would be a godo fit I think. He would make them that much more hard to play against and that much more physical. That would be slightly scary. A team with Lucic, Chara, Ruutu? Egad. 
    That's probably a fair price. Knight and a 2nd? I think it could go up to a 1st should that deal happen around the deadline and he's put on the block but year I think that's about what it would take to get him.
    Sarich, would be interesting. He's been scratched a lot and being moved to a winner would certainly fulfill his trade request. As a 7th guy, I think he could succeed. If you expecting much else, then you are probably shooting to high. 
    That's another scary roster though. 
  4. Boston_Bruins says:

    For Sarich I was just hoping for a guy that can eat up 15 or so minutes in case anyone goes down. He's a grizzled veteran that has seen his fair share of playoff hockey and can be depended on in small doses. Kampfer is still very green and prone to mistakes, so it's best to have your first guy off the bench be someone like Sarich.

    Yeah, Ruutu would be a great fit. I'm always hesitant to part with firsts, but if the asking price got pushed up high, I guess I wouldn't be against it. He's one of the only pendiing UFAs out there that I know of that have that combo of offense/defense/tenacity that I'm looking for.
  5. Steven_Leafs says:

    I like the Ruutu trade, fair deal for both sides. I think Sarich has more value as a rental though, especially with teams needing D help for their playoff runs. He may go for a 3rd+ if there is enough of a market for him and that would be too much for Boston to spend for a 7th D-man.

    Definitely no hurry though, Boston is doing ridiculous right now.

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