Buffalo News Free Agent Speculation

The Buffalo News continues speculation with regard to Drury and Briere.

They indicate that the Sabres are saying nothing in regard to Drury or Briere’s pending free agency however they do suggest possible teams (mainly a repeat of past articles) that are said to have supreme interest.

They suggest that the Colorado Avalanche will make a significant run at Drury who won rookie of the year as a member of the Avalanche several years ago and indicate that Colorado may have the money to be able to bring him back.

Buffalo News does also mention the San Jose Sharks who are said to be gearing up for a significant offer to Drury.

Philly is suggested as the team that may make a run at Briere. HTR believes that Gomez would be the better fit with the Flyers because of his excellent two way play but Briere may be an excellent back up plan.

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8 Responses to Buffalo News Free Agent Speculation

  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Briere- Montreal
    Drury- Washington(i dont think he wants to be 2nd to thornton or sakic)
    Gomez- Rangers
    Nylander- Philly
    Rafalski- New jersey
    Souray- San Jose
    Smyth- Islanders
    Forsberg- Retire

    those are my picks,

  2. gohabs11 says:

    I would love it if briere would sign with montreal that would be incredible. they have the money and briere is french. I also hope the canadiens sign regher or a solid d-man. I have faith in Gainey so lets see what he will do.

  3. gohabs11 says:

    please tell me if you guys think briere will sign with montreal has anyone heard anything. what other free agents do you think montreal will sign? tell me if you think or know anything.

  4. DoubleDown says:

    briere wont sign here
    why would he? the french media would have him bald by christmas
    he'll resign in buffalo theres no way the sabres lose them both

  5. rlhockey46 says:

    they have made any offers to them yet

    blue and white wooooowoowowww  laughing my ass off   

    u are retarddddddeeeeeeeddddddd my friend

  6. rlhockey46 says:

    hey gay kid       they arent signing anybody…

  7. wayne2 says:

    I sinceraly doubt Drury would sign with Washington and do think he wouldnt mind being a second center,in fact thats what he truly is.My picks:

    Drury=San Jose/Colorado/(LA)/NYR/Philadelphia
    Nylander=New Jersey/Philadelphia/Washington/(Atlanta)
    Rafalski=New Jersey/NYR/(Colorado)/Edmonton/Washington/Montreal
    Souray=(San Jose)/LA/Colorado/Anaheim

    Selanne=(Anaheim) or retirement
    Guerin=(San Jose)/Philadelphia/LA
    Hannan=(New Jersey)/Edmonton/Montreal/Chicago/LA

  8. loco42 says:

    Any team with money will make a run at the big 4. Briere, though I’d like to see him as a Hab, will stay in Buffalo, and it’ll probably be announced on Saturday. Drury, he’ll go to the highest bidder. Gomez too.

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