Bure BACK in a month. Rangers Catch a break.

Newsday.com has updated reports that Pavel Bure’s surgery went fine this morning on 12/16/02

“Two arthroscopic procedures on each of Bure’s knees this morning found no damage to either anterior cruciate ligament, meaning the Rangers right wing will be back as early as the end of January.

Rangers team physician Andrew Feldman performed the procedures, in which a torn meniscus was repaired in Bure’s left knee, which was injured Dec. 6 and has had two MRIs done.”

Well, Bure and the Rangers get lucky. The NY Post reports GLEN Sather has been trying to get Magnus Arvedson from Ottawa for more than a month. He has been talking to Chicago about Boris Mironov for over a week. So rumors of these guy’s have been true.

But the Best News all year for the Rangers sadly to say is that the Pavel Bure will be back by the end of January.

It may also be good news to hear that the Rangers are looking into trades, and have been trying to pull off a deal to fix the Rangers, who are falling apart.

All We can hope now is that when Bure comes back The Rangers won’t be to far out of it. A deal could fix that. Sather make the move.

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  1. Rico71 says:

    Good news for the Ranger$…bad news for my Habs. Oh welll…that’s how it goes.

    On another note, the Ranger$ have just signed the goon Billy Tibbets. Wow…they looking to have a line-up of goons or what?

    Oliwa, Barnaby, McCarthy and now Tibbets. Why do they need all these goons? Matt and Sandy can play ‘some’ ok hockey, but the other 2?

    I think they want to have one scoring line and 3 lines filled up with goons. Something like the Broad Street Bullies of the 70s era. Rather lame.

  2. Sands says:

    If they really signed another guy like that. then the Rangers might be dealing Barnaby soon. Why else would they sign him?

  3. Rico71 says:

    Possibly. Seems that a lot of teams are interested in Barnaby.

    I see him going to the Senators for some reason. They need some grit and a physical winger…even if they are unbeatable lately.

    But my Habs will win tonight. Every streak ends eventually and Montreal should be the team to do it. *crosses fingers*

  4. Bodster says:

    They signed Tibbets the rapist. Also that is COULD POSSIBLY be back by the end of january

  5. SabresFanB says:

    I dont know if Muckler would want Barnaby since those too have a history. I can see Barnaby going back to the Sabres though. Varada wanted out of Buffalo and he said that he would like to play for the Rangers. I wouldn’t mind seeing Barnaby back in Buffalo. I don’t know how he plays now, but he was a hard worker when he was here and the fans loved him.

  6. fleury14NYRCHI says:

    well first if you morons would like to listen to me, you might get the truth…i said he wasnt out for the year…you claim “oh yeah hes gone, hes out, the season, for sure.” ha

  7. mikster says:

    Tibbet was already signed for the Hartford Wolf*Pack, and since he played very well down there, they renewed his contract since it was a try out.

    At least, Rangers did not give up a Manderville to get him and then put him on waivers.

  8. titans says:

    Why did they sign Billy Tibbitts?? Mcarthy, Oliwa and Barnaby aren’t enough mindless goons for em’?? Gimmie a break! Whata joke!

  9. MantaRay says:

    Bure’s played 27 games for the Rangers already this season and hasn’t made a difference at all. The are still bottom tier team any way you slice it.

    Tibbets, what a joke. Desperation is starting to set in for Sathers job.

  10. big_booty says:

    One goal, minus-6 this season. Yeah, Manderville was a tremendous loss. I don’t know how Bob Clarke sleeps at night.

    How very anti-Flyers of you.

  11. trademan says:

    Good news for my hockey pool

  12. Sands says:

    Good call Mike. I just found that out like right ebfore the game. Good call. Since it wasn’t a free agent signing…. I do take it back. It’s nothing that big.

  13. Overtime says:


    The Rangers were what type of team with Pavel Bure in the lineup? There may be more than one correct answer.

    a) A Stanley Cup contener

    b) A very solid team in the East that was certain to make the playoffs.

    c) A very mediocre team that likely would not make the playoffs.

    d) A piece of canine excrement.

    My answer is ‘C’ (minus).

  14. mikster says:

    Well, you disliked the trade as well….don’t turn things around.

    This season, who craes…he is on a team that has lots of minuses.

    How stupid of you.

  15. mikster says:

    Oliwa is not on the team anymore.

    Tibbets looked good on the 4th line.

  16. mikster says:

    Tibbets was singed to a try out contract a while ago for Hartford.

    He did well in Hartford and got a chance on the 4th line tonight, did well enough.

    No desperation move.

    Know the facts….

  17. big_booty says:

    Anybody else catch Larry Brooks’ column in yesterday’s NY Post? My God, I couldn’t believe it – he actually wrote an articulate, intelligent, and dead-to-rights perfect article about his hometown team.

    Calling Glen Sather’s method of running the franchise a “blueprint for disaster,” our favorite rumor-monger decried Slats’ propensity for deal-making and free agent signings, instead begging the GM to try and run the franchise the old-fashioned way for once.

    Brooks reported that Sather has been trying to get Ottawa forward Magnus Arvedsson and Chicago defenseman Boris Mironov for about a month now. He wonders aloud why in the world they should make such deals, and why they wouldn’t give Tomas Kloucek or Jamie Lundmark the oppurtunities instead.

    He also pointed out that something “unprecedented in the modern hockey age” would, and in fact, did, occur in last night’s game against the Sharks: not a single New York draft pick was in the team’s lineup. What a sad state of affairs that little factoid is indicative of.

    “Enough,” says Brooks. Enough of desperate moves and stopgap trades that do nothing but bring the franchise even more mediocrity. He calls the Rangers nothing more than an “expansion team, albeit a very expensive one.” You know what? He’s absolutely right.

    As for Bure, well, MantaRay is right. The team is still less than a playoff team with or without him. You can clamor all you want for his return, but he’s not going to make that much of a difference – the losses will just be that much more expensive.

    The Dunham deal was unnecessary, as it won’t even help the team in the long or short run. He is not going to push the franchise into the playoffs with that horrible defense in front of him, and Dan Blackburn just can’t handle the pressure of being the man yet.

    I am left to wonder when the great dismantling will begin….fire sale anyone?

  18. cecilturtle says:

    The Rangers want to be tuffer than your Titans!

  19. TheDevil says:

    Rangers following the steps of their brothers, the Knicks.

    Signing Tibbets: Sather is senile, just admit it…

  20. big_booty says:

    You’re the one who brought it up – don’t try and put this back on me.

    Manderville for Tibbetts was a salary dump for the Flyers. Manderville became expendable because Marty Murray was outplaying him.

    Ancient history. Not worth arguing over. You guys are stuck with the rapist now – hope they have fun killing off all the penalties he’ll no doubt rack up.

  21. MantaRay says:

    Pure desperation move, accept the facts.

  22. MantaRay says:

    People can say what they want about Brooks, but he knows the game and he knows what it takes to win in the NHL. He is also a passionate Ranger fan. Sather could learn a few things from him.

    His rumors are another story….

  23. Tradedude says:

    I was listening, You said he probably be out just for a week or less.

  24. MantaRay says:

    As another indication of the desparation at MSG, the Rangers signed Toronto stallwart Cory Cross today and called up a few minor league players to add to their already minor league talented roster.


  25. Johnny_Canuck says:

    I’ve always said the Rangers are suffering because of chemistry problems… they have not built this team from the bottom up (rebuilded)… if you look at most teams who have gone from crappy to good there was a period of rebuilding… out with the old and in with the new… instead they pretend to be fine-tuning a stanley cup contender by signing all of these high priced free agents… It just doesn’t work that way (unless you’re Dallas… stupid Dallas).

    I do think the Dunham trade was an excellent trade, though… I think that is a flash of Sather’s genuis as far as I’m concernerned and I believe we are going to see some vintage Sather wheeling and dealing in the future, making this team look alot better (except I don’t understand why he is stocking up on goons), the question is whether the chemistry will ever work the way they are building it…

  26. mikster says:

    Just saying…Rangers did not have to give up anything for him.

    Hartford signed him to a try out becaise Fotiu is a friend of Billy.

    Manderville makes 600K this season…

    wow, huge salary dump.

  27. mikster says:

    What facts?

    These are the facts:

    Foitiu has been friends with Tibbets since he came in the NHL. He gave him the try out contract and it went well.

    I’ll accept the Cory Cross move being a desperation move since also Poti is injured now.

  28. mikster says:


    You always said he was clueless of what he talks about when he gives credit to Slats or the Rangers, but when he criticizes them, he is a smart journalist.

    Choose a side will ya?

    That article meant nothing at all. It was incomplete.

  29. mikster says:

    How many original Rangers were on the roster when Slats came in? Johnsson, Richter, Leetch.

    This is article could have been written 3 years ago.

    Since when is Brooks’ information about rumors right? More than Arvedson, it’s Rachunek that the Rangers are eyeing on, especially now with Leetch, Poti, Purinton, and Lefebvre injured. Mironov has been “talked” about for a week or so, not a month.

    Tomas Kloucek was not playing strong enough in the AHL to be called up. He should have contacted someone who knows more information about the *Pack. Why not Lundmark? He has been slumping offensively, playing smart defensively (that’s good) but he is supposed to be a point scorer, and he has been on a cold streak.

    Larry Brooks should have checked that out before making such a statement. No reason to call up a prospect who is on a cold streak.

    John Tripp is no original Ranger.

    I don’t think there is any reason to blame Sather right now. I never heard of a GM turning a team around with three Entry Drafts.

    For Bure, the Rangers PP has been better…so right now he could be a big help on the PP.

    Only a stupid and foolish GM would not have acauired a goalie.

    The Dunham deal was necessary. You’re saying acquiring a goalie wasn’t?

    Dafoe? Who the heck needs him? Passi is playing better than Dafoe…gave a nice shutout for the Thrashers. Dafoe also wanted at least $4M a season from the Rangers after being offered just $1.25M.

    WHy trade Lundmark for Hackett?


    Rangers needed a goalie, they got one and he will give them solid goaltending.

    WHat’s so unecessary about that? Oh that’s right, the fact that he was acquired by the Rangers.

    Yet, if Manta agreed to the trade, you would as well.

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