Bure Done…. Going to Russia.

Rumors had it that Pavel Bure Is done. He will retire due to 5 knee surgeries. The report comes from a very good friend of Bure. It doesn’t sound so backed up … but if his friend is right. Which most likely is … then Bure is done. No MORE RUSSIAN ROCKET.Bure one of the greatest PURE goal scorers is about to leave the game and then………

According to Specter’s Hockey

“Bure will retire in a next few days, and will become a Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia.”

With Bure leaving … it kind of sucks, the guy had been trying to get to NY since he lost the cup to them in 93′-94′ and when he finally does he plays less then a half a season with them.

Ya gotta feel for the guy … he still can score amazing goals. He was terrable Defencivly but when the guy touched the puck it was going in no matter what. I remember a game were the guy touched the puck in overtime and the whole crowed went silent. The guy was one of the best natural goal scorers.

But anyway. Hey Sather again shows he knew what was happening. He got beat up for signing’s and trades…. But the guy proved he had a reason. getting Kovalev and Carter was a good fix. And then Losing Bure’s 10 million contract. They can afford Kovalev and Carter for a few years.

10 million is a large amount of money. they just freed themselves of a lot of money. With Bure leaving they are no longer the highest paid team….. well, let’s see what happens.