Bure Nearing Retirement?


The latest on one of NHL’s best goal scorers, Pavel Bure. “Pavel came into New York from Moscow on Wednesday for tests that confirmed that he has ligament damage that hasn’t been overcome and might not be able to be overcome,” Mike Gillis, The Russian Rocket’s agent, told Slap Shots on Friday. “His knee is bothering him; it hurts.” Larry Brooks of the NYPost.com was told.

It is still up in the air, but Bure’s knee situation has not improved, and may not improve for a long period of time. Would this mean that the Russian Rocket is meeting the end of his NHL career? It may appear so. Even if Bure’s knee improves and does not feel any pain, one awkward fall or a simple hit may re-injure Bure’s knee presuming it would end his career.

The Rangers may lose the goal scoring machine (31 goals in 51 games as a Ranger), but losing him should not weaken the team. Actually, may make it a better team overall. Rangers would have $10M to use in maybe signing a player in Marcus Arevdsson and Dmitry Yushkevich.

Time will tell.

Later in the article, Larry Brooks makes statements that the St. Louis Blues may end up trading Pavol Dmitra after his arbitration reward that could be too expensive for the Blues to pay. Brooks says that if it is too expensive, then the Rangers would be first in line to try and acauire the 28 year old star.