Bure Nearing Retirement?


The latest on one of NHL’s best goal scorers, Pavel Bure. “Pavel came into New York from Moscow on Wednesday for tests that confirmed that he has ligament damage that hasn’t been overcome and might not be able to be overcome,” Mike Gillis, The Russian Rocket’s agent, told Slap Shots on Friday. “His knee is bothering him; it hurts.” Larry Brooks of the NYPost.com was told.

It is still up in the air, but Bure’s knee situation has not improved, and may not improve for a long period of time. Would this mean that the Russian Rocket is meeting the end of his NHL career? It may appear so. Even if Bure’s knee improves and does not feel any pain, one awkward fall or a simple hit may re-injure Bure’s knee presuming it would end his career.

The Rangers may lose the goal scoring machine (31 goals in 51 games as a Ranger), but losing him should not weaken the team. Actually, may make it a better team overall. Rangers would have $10M to use in maybe signing a player in Marcus Arevdsson and Dmitry Yushkevich.

Time will tell.

Later in the article, Larry Brooks makes statements that the St. Louis Blues may end up trading Pavol Dmitra after his arbitration reward that could be too expensive for the Blues to pay. Brooks says that if it is too expensive, then the Rangers would be first in line to try and acauire the 28 year old star.

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  1. defenestrate says:

    Larry Brooks and Mikster – you never see them in the same room together…hmmm….

  2. B-man says:

    I read this as well. If Bure is gone, and the blues can’t afford demitra the rangers would go after him. Demitra is a fantastic player, that is very underrated. He would help the rangers out tremendously.

  3. aaron says:

    Adious, Russian Rocket. If the Blues dump Demitra on the Rangers, it will be a disgrace to the career of a great player.

    On the flip side, the Blues get instantly worse. Can’t imagine why the hell they’d dish out 11 million or whatever for Tkachuk, but won’t pay their best player what he deserves.

  4. san_nhl says:

    well damn… just damn…

  5. mattf says:


  6. titans says:

    Liberace and Mikster – you never see them in the same room together…hmmm….

  7. avsfan19-33 says:

    Magnus Arvedson…not Marcus Arevdsson.

  8. Sands says:

    HAHHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHHA not takeing a hit on mikester…. but that was fucking funny….. hahahahha good job defenestrate. Niceeeeee

  9. Sands says:

    If Bure is forced to end his career…. is Jagr’s cotract still a factor? I’d have to think if Bure is out then Washington will make it’s best offer to the Rangers… and i’d have to think Sather would seem somewhat interested.

  10. Hockey_Fan says:

    That is totally gay, Liberace gay.

  11. EMikey says:

    I don’t trust anything that comes out of Brooks articles’ but the actual text from Bure’s agent about his ailing knees is fact enough.

    I don’t think losing Bure will be that big of a deal, IF someone is acquired to fill his place. Whoever the Rangers could get, someone who could score 20-30 goals or at least is somewhat of an offensive threat and solid defensively, would be perfect.

    With that said, I’d still welcome back Bure if his knees were ok and he could stay healthy. I can’t see St. Louis not signing Demitra to whatever his arbitration amounts to, but I guess it’s a possibility. He would be a great fit for the Rangers.

    If Bure doesn’t come back and his salary frees up money, I still don’t think going after Jagr is a smart move. We’d have to give up some players to get him (which is a mistake) and his contract is way too big. Add to that that Jagr goes thru the motions half the time and its not worth it at all.

    The Rangers should go out and get a legitimate 2nd line scorer & a playoff tested 3rd liner if Bure doesn’t come back. That way, we fill the void left and save more money.

  12. Levitate says:

    the way i see it is if bure is gone, you still have kovalev and carter as the top 2 RW’s, and the rangers have some decent depth guys like barnaby to play a 3rd line RW checking role with holik and still provide some offense.

    the right side isn’t so bad, even without bure…the problem is the left. arvedsson isn’t the best fix for that but a left side lineup of arvedsson lundmark and simon isn’t *horrible* as long as they don’t bomb it

    as for jagr…yes his contract still is a concern because it’s so long and guarantees him so much money. this would be bure’s last year pretty much and the rangers wouldn’t be on the hook for his $10 mill anymore after this…but with jagr you’d still be paying $11 mill per for the next 5 years, 4 of which would possibly be under a cap

    not a very good way to prepare your team for the new CBA

  13. defenestrate says:

    Pretty damn quick, I’m going to go postal.

  14. ranger_fan says:

    RESPECT MY AUTHORITA! No, no you hit him in the head…they go down easier!

  15. Hockey_Fan says:

    Right on. South Park kicks ass.

  16. Freeze says:

    Pee Wee Herman and Mikster – you never see them in the same room together…hmmm….

  17. AVS4NYR says:

    If Bure is done I will lock myself in my room and cry for one year.

    My advice- Take one or two years off to fully reheal and recover. Then come back and win the trophys all over again.

  18. MantaRay says:

    Didn’t Bure retire after the 1994 season???

    When is the last time he actually played in the playoffs???

  19. mikster says:

    “it will be a disgrace to the career of a great player.”

    That’s sick….

    Anyways…., they can’t add more salary. They tried to trade Tkachuk to then use the money to pay Dmitra, but they failed to do that. If Bure retires, the Rangers may actually go after Tkachuk.

  20. mikster says:

    In 2000 when he scored a point a game in the playoffs. 58 goals in 74 games, 94 points total and a +25 in the reg-season.

    Put him, 100% healthy, on Detroit and he’ll help them become a dynasty.

  21. mikster says:

    There is no use in Bure if he is not 100% healthy with his knees. I think he should take the season off, a la Pronger, where the insurence then takes place and frees up the Rangers payroll.

    With Bure’s money, i doubt the Rangers will have it easy to land Dmitra via trade. The Blues asking price would be too much. It’d be better if the Rangers go after Tkachuk, where the Blues are willing to give up as a salary dump….therefore his trade value is lower.

    Tkachuk would be the LW’er that the Rangers very much need, and he may get Lindros game back.

    That’s an option. The other one is, sign more players, which in a way I prefer because the Rangers won’t have to trade anyone/thing valuable (Lundmark or a 1st rounder).

    Get some depth players that are less that one million, like Mikko Eloranta or Clarke Wilm. Get Magnus (sorry for the error above) Arvedsson….Dmitry Yushkevich…..

    I prefer to go that route.

  22. Gforce says:

    It would be a great loss to the sport of hockey,It’s sad,Did someone like Claude Lemuiex,Ulf Samulson Take a run at him????where did his knee’s go wrong…What ever Happen to Mike Bossy i hear so much about the guy but He only played for 7 yrs??but people make him out to be a Howe Type of legend..

  23. NYIchooch75 says:

    Are you kidding me? Bossy was probably the best sniper to ever play the game. Played in 10 1/2 seasons, 573 goals, 1126 points in 752 games. Nine straight 50+ goal seasons. If his back didn’t go out, who knows what he would have wound up with. Unbelievable player.

    I also suggest finding the video of the goal he scored in the 82-83 Finals vs the Canucks. I’m pretty sure it was game 3. Awesome goal.

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