Bure Out

Minutes ago, the Russian Rocket took his physical with the Rangers and has failed it. TSN.ca reports that there is no timetable for when Bure can resume his career.

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  1. RangerSteve says:

    No doubt this is a big blow to the Rangers, but lets look at this positivly for one second. The Rangers need a RW now to play with Rucinsky and Lindros, and who is more perfect for that roll than JAMIE LUNDMARK. Yes, finally, a Ranger with some promise will not rot on the 4th line(ie see Savard and Malhotra). Bure by far is still a scoring threat and is a one dimensional player, but with his injury, it will lift Lundmark off the 4th line up to a top slot. Here is what I think the Ranger lines will look like…





    People may call me crazy, but I think the Rangers will benefit from Bure being gone, especially Lundmark. HOpefully he can get back to his normal self asap.

  2. mikster says:

    It’s a shame, the NHL loses a player who was a dynamite goal scoring machine. He completely brought talent to the NHL.

    The good is that the Rangers free up $8M from their payroll (insurence pays). So, with Richter and Bure gone, the Rangers freed up $12M from their payroll, which trims it between….$63-$66M.

    Thanks for bringing your talent to the NHL Pav!

  3. mikster says:

    Well, no, you’re not crazy. Rangers benefit from losing Bure in certain areas.

    However, Lundmark will not get 1st line ice time unless he has a breakout season playing well with Lindros and Rucinsky. Lundmark has played well in all three positions, but seems somewhat more fit on LW and C.

    I project:



    Lundmark-Holik-Barnaby (originally a RW)







  4. beefer says:

    According to John Dellapina of The NY Daily News, the Rangers are on the hook for the entire $4 mil owed to Richter. The insureance policy did not cover head injuries.

  5. habsoverserver says:

    This is bad news for the NHL. Bure was one of the best goal scorers in the league over the past ten years. The Russian torch has been handed to Kovlachuk.

  6. mikster says:

    It should. But still, Richter may get paid by the Rangers ownership, but he is still off the payroll since he is not included on the team roster anymore.

  7. wheresthesoda says:

    i beg 2 differ

    1st line





    barnaby-holik-lundmark or lundmark-holik-barnaby



    i think garth murray will start in the nhl.

    he will be on the 4th line for a couple of weeks, if he does good, he will be put on better lines

  8. Donovan says:

    I think the torch should be handed to Valerie. Just kidding

    Really though, Alexander Ovechkin or the kid Columbus got, Zherdov of something, they could be the future

  9. Pavel_Bure_NYR says:

    Of course not!!!!!! He hasn’t announced retirement and I doubt he will. Whether he plays next year or the year after,MARK MY WORDS

    he will play again

    …maybe not for NY…..buthe hasn’t passed the torch yet!

    And don’t rule out a late season return.

  10. Donovan says:

    Whether he plays for New York or not, one thing still remains. He sucks! His production has been down and he is hurt all the time. He’d fit perfectley witht he Leafs!

  11. habsoverserver says:

    Andrei Kastsitsyn could also be a star.

  12. habsoverserver says:

    He didn’t pay for most of last year. He isn’t playing this year. There will likely be a lockout next year.

  13. Kewl says:

    Bure Didn’t fail his physical, but the Rangers won’t let him play cause he still has damage in his knee. He was physically fit, it’s just the Rangers won’t take the chance on his knee.

  14. FNGretzky says:

    What ever the whole story is, there is nothing wrong with Bure taking a year off. Lemieux did it. Forsberg did it.

    Take a year off, come back and give it another shot.

  15. amazing_jesse says:

    With $10 million burning a hole in Sather’s pocket anyone expecting a Satan for Lundmark trade coming soon?

    I am.

  16. Bretzky says:

    With amazing_jesse’s reply… anyone expecting that he’s mentally retarded?

    I am.

  17. amazing_jesse says:

    I was not saying straight up. I meant that a trade involving those two guys as the two primary pieces.

    Throw in some other role players, 5th D men, prospects, picks whatever you want, but I just don’t see Sather doing nothing with Bure out. Much less do I see Regier starting the season without Satan or some sort of equivalent hole in his line-up. This is a critical year for Sabres ticket sales.

  18. rojoke says:

    As I understand it, the insurance clause written in the CBA covers any injury incurred during a game, practice, or team-related training regimen. Since Richter got his last concussion during a game, insurance would cover 80% of his salary during the games he missed.

    I also believe there is a lump-sum payout if the injury if career-ending, which this appears to be. Remember that when Bryan Berard signed with Boston, he had to repay that to the league’s insurer.

  19. rojoke says:

    He’s been on the shelf for about eight months, during which time he’s been trying to rehab his knees. He stated months ago that he wasn’t going to be ready for training camp, and wondered if he would ever be able to play again. I think he’ll continue to rehab for another month or two. If things haven’t improved by that time, then he should call it a career.

  20. beefer says:

    I’m just going by what John Dellapina of The NY Daily News said in today’s column. I believe he also mentioned it a few days ago as well. But I wouldn’t be surprised he he is right. I work for an insurance company and I know I wouldn’t want to insure Richter’s or Lindros’ contract without a concussion clause in it.

  21. mikster says:

    No way, Murray needs a full healthy season in Hartford. He has proved that he is an NHL’er when he played last season when he shouldn’t have. He was injured the whole year but kept wanting to play.

    LaCoututre is much needed.

  22. mikster says:

    The guy can barely pivot on his right leg, he can’t even skate!

  23. mikster says:

    Naaa, not going to happen. I mean, yeah…he can ask, but Sather said he is not trading Lundmark or Blackburn and he could have already gotten Jagr by now trading Lundmark.

  24. PanMan says:

    those first line combos are pretty good, but the second ones aren’t.

    rucinsky will play with lindros since they played well before. ditto for hlavac and nedved. also, lacouture is a LW, so he and lundy would switch.

  25. PanMan says:

    um . . . HELLO!!!

    he can barely skate and you’re telling me that he passed his physical!?!?!?!?!?

    what are you smokin’?

  26. GretzNYR99 says:

    Finally, he’s gone.

    We don’t have to pay a walking injury to sit in the press box and not be with the team.






    Who’s great idea was it to put Carter on a 3rd line? Do you actually watch the Rangers?

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