Bure Torn ACL. Rumors Start to Fly.

Bure had an MRI on his Left knee and it is clear that Bure has a torn ACL. He is gone for the season. This will be his First Surgery on his Left Knee.

(It sounds dumb but……….)

Rumor has it that the Rangers have picked up all trade talk’s since Bure went down and out.

An inside source has it, that Sather is looking to make a move that could come in a week or 2. Maybe sooner.Well, Nedved had his ticket to stay on Broadway and his value has picked up with Bure on his line. But it looks like Nedved might have just ran out of luck.

Rumor has it that with Nedved’s Value raised a little more by recording a 22 point record early in the season with 10 goals and 12 assists….. (playing with the Rocket can to that to a man) With Bure down Nedved looks to have found his place back on the trade block (not that he ever left it), but Sather will now try and move him soon with his Value decent again.

Other Rumors have it that Sather was refusing to move Lundmark in all deals…. But now… (hopefully not) he may be forced to trade away his youth Center and take a path of the old Gm’s in NY.

Opinion: Sather can’t move Lundmark. He has to keep this kid. Nedved on the other hand….. He has worked hard, but a trade needs to be done to try and save this team into making the playoff’s somehow…… deal him while he has some value. Look to see him moved and fast…… Just hope that Lundmark won’t be sent with him.

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  1. Leaf_Expert says:

    WHO CARES!!!

  2. mikster says:

    Well, right now he has a Grade 1 MCL strain. The ACL results will come during the surgery.

    I think he is out for the season, i mean….i would take all the chances i could to prevent a season ending injury, but he is gone…in my opinion.

    Tough call on Nedved. He’s been playing very well showing efforts every game. He doesn’t shoot enough though, especially with Bure gone now, and i think he will definitely score a 55 point season. I wouldn’t be too fond to see him go, but his value is quite high now to trade him, but his salary must be partially swallowed.

    I think Sather will give Lundmark another shot next week, and if he doesn’t work out…then i think he will start talking to Lowe again. Obviously the Oilers need Carter right now, and he should be untradable, however, if by the time he season enters March, and if the Oilers’ chances don’t look so good to make the playoffs, then maybe i can see a package deal with Anson Carter for Jamie Lundmark as the main parts. Carter will be very hard to re-sign for the Oilers, and Lowe would love to get his hands on Jamie Lundmark.

    Right now i think the Rangers should wait. They finally get a nice week, a nice schedule. They rest, they get more practice time….Blackburn needs a big time rest. So, i think a trade won’t happen before Christmas, more like after the 25th or after New Year’s Eve.

  3. Bossy22 says:

    Maybe the Habs will trade Audette or some of their disgruntled players over the Rangers now that they are in need of some scoring punch.

  4. guinsfan4life says:

    THis post totally contradicts itself. With Nedved’s point output already this season, why would the blueshirts want to deal him when they are already gonna loose bure?

    Maybe talks with the penguins arise about a possible Kovalev deal????

  5. mikster says:

    Yeah, so then Patrick will ask the top prospects for the Rangers, plus a 1st, plus Dvorak, and a whole lot more like in the days when Jagr was on the block!!!!

  6. habsoverserver says:

    Habs would gladly give up Audette or Czerkawski for nothing.

  7. tsaler says:

    You know, I originally said that I conceded that Bure really did have a torn ACL after the NY Daily News report to that effect.

    That being said, ESPN still says Bure only has a damaged MCL, and that surgery will determine the extent of any damage to the ACL. Here’s my beef with the people who’ve said he’s had an ACL tear all along:

    When somebody tears their ACL in football, they lay there screaming and squirming on the ground with their leg bent sideways and are completely unable to walk off the field. That’s just how it goes. If you wanna see an example, look for Terrell Davis’ (former HB on the Denver Broncos) ACL tear a couple seasons ago.

    That being said, Bure not only got up on his own but he skated off to the boards on his own AND he climbed up over the boards SUPPORTING HIMSELF ON THE BOARDS WITH THAT KNEE! I think, with that visual evidence, that we still might be exaggerating this injury.


  8. cwhockey says:

    It’s possible that the injury isn’t as bad as reported. But there is really no way of knowing. These types of injuries are, obviously, different from person to person and it also depends on the incident itself. I’ve seen guys walk or skate off under their own power (albeit with a limp) and later been told they have a torn ligament, ACL or MCL.

    Until something conclusive is reported, we truly have no way of knowing. And I’m sure the Rangers know more than they are telling. We just have to wait and see what happens. Speculating without any tangible evidence, one way or the other, is kind of waste.

  9. Lint07 says:

    Why don’t you ask Cory Cross if he cares about the 6-7 articles per day you submit…

  10. MantaRay says:

    Lundmark will probably go since he was a Neil Smith pick and Sather hates them.

  11. Lint07 says:

    The post seemed clear to me. Nedved made his points while playing on a line with Bure. Now that he’s gone, Nedved can return on the trade block ’cause it’s production’s gonna fall anyway.

    That’s the way I’ve seen this post though.

  12. mikster says:

    Lundmark is from Alberta…..likely that Slats knew him and would keep him since he already turned down more than two teams who requested him.

  13. NewYorkRangers says:

    Will it ever end. Do yourself a favor, do not comment on ranger related articles. You are pretty knowledgeable about hockey, but you are too biased when it comes to the rangers. Not that this comment had anything biased in it, but just think before you comment. Why would he hate him? Like mikster said, he is from Alberta which is only a plus in Sather’s mind. And he has constantly said no, to teams asking for him.

  14. mikster says:

    He is anti-Rangers, but he plays a fair game when he has to, especially with his p-r. I just think he does make some clueless comments on them thinking that he is stating facts, instead they are just his opinions. But, he is one of HTR’s best members. Yuck, a Devils fan too….and i just said that!

    I feel dirty and cheap now.

  15. MantaRay says:

    Just stating a trend in Ranger trades: Malholtra, York, Hlavec, Novak, Brendl, Johnsson, etc, etc.

    Has nothing to do with “hating” the Rangers, I was just pointing out probabilities.

    Sorry, if the reality startles you.

  16. mikster says:

    Well, you said that Slats hates Neil Smith’s picks.

    Hlavac was not a pick. Malhotra is not even close to even be a 2nd rounder….horrible 1st round pick. York…oh well. Brendl is a bust. Novak was Sather’s pick. Johnsson, already trade bait.

    Only Johnsson and York are the very good players from Smith’s picks.

  17. Sands says:

    That was what I was saying……. They should drop himbefore his numbrs fall down again.

  18. Sands says:

    That caught my eye too…… But when i said that i was laughed at. I still have hope he will be back in a month or 2, then again all Ranger fan’s do.

    Yeah but you are right.. It didn’t look as bad as Jason Allison rolling around on the ground holding his knee….. and That wasn’t even an torn ACL. He came back early by the way. Let’s get those same Docters in here for Bure!

  19. MantaRay says:

    A little early to say if Brendl or Lundmark is a bust don’t you think?

    Regardless of your interpretation of their value the point was Sather usually trades Neil Smith picks.

  20. BWbullies says:

    What are you talking about Brendl a bust…. He is going to lead the Flyers to the promise land..

  21. fleury14NYRCHI says:

    cant make a trade…holiday roster freeze

  22. keon says:

    In my opinion, Bure’s season is pooched. As for the severity of the injury, it’s hard to say exactly, but this is what I think.

    When you tear an ACL or an MCL there really isn’t much pain. This is because the nerves have been seperated from one another. When a tear occurs, there is much pain involved, because the nerve endings are still slightly attatched. As for the torn maniscus, basically, in mature adults, cartilage doesn’t heal completely. It is going to be a nagging injury for Bure for the rest of his life.

    I think Bure tore something. I hope it’s his MCL, as an ACL tear is much more serious. If it’s an MCL, he could possibly make it back before the end of the season. If it’s an ACL, the rehab alone takes 6 months.

  23. MossRocks says:

    Pretty good assessment on the Oilers’ situation… Considering that they don’t have to move Carter (yet!), Lowe would have to be pretty dumb to do it, unless they go into the tank in a big way. If they have no shot by March, then a deal with Carter and Lundmark as the principal ingredients is very logical. As long as there is a glimmer of hope, Lowe will hang on to Carter as long as possible. Lundmark will be a good player and could contribute to the Oilers right now but he won’t have the effect on the 2002-03 playoff race and playoffs that Anson Carter would have. In fact, it might make some sense in the offseason or early next year also.

    In my humble opinion, Lundmark is wasted a little bit on the wing and if the Rangers want to stick with Holik and Lindros as their top two pivots for the next 3-4 years, he might as well be excellent trade bait.

  24. mikster says:

    Lundmark’s been awesome both at center and wing. That’s why he is so cool. 4th line center he was very good at both ends of the ice On the wing he turned out hitting two posts.

    Now that he is one of the best players in the AHL, and his scoring is turned on, he could bring it in the NHL.

    I hope he gets called up next week.

  25. sabotage says:

    Also keep in mind Lundmark and Comrie played together as kids on the St.Albert Saints. They had tremendous chemistry together, so if Lundmark is offered up to the Oil in any deal, look for Lowe to bite. I dont think Carter will be on the block, but I suspect Sather will definitely look into acquiring another grinder to add some heart to the Ranger squad – Todd Marchant. Marchant will not be back with the Oilers next year, New York seems like the best fit (with all the former oilers) plus close to his hometown…

    I don’t think it will be Lundmark for Marchant, but hey Slats has done some weird things in NY so you never know…

    And keep in mind the rangers never think of the future, its always the present for them. Marchant makes that team a helluva a lot better. They need to ease up on the franchise players (Bure, Lindros, Holik, Leetch) and load up on the supporting cast.

  26. Sands says:

    Look to these teams for a deal.

    Phoenix, Calgary, Chicago, St. Louis, Montreal and always Edmonton For the place that the Rangers make a deal with.

    Phoenix, because they are in need of something for there team. Amonte has done nothing for them. Look for them to shake up there team.

    Calgary, because they are falling out of it and fast, unless the coach change makes a big impact.

    Chicago, Because D man and former Edmonton oiler Mironov is on the trade block there.

    St. Louis, because they have 3 goalies and one will be moved without a dout.

    Montreal, because they were in talks of sending Hackett to NY

    Edmonton, because it’s Sather’s favorite place to deal with and because Sather knows the skill of most of those players.

    I’d love to see Chicago’s Chris Simon and Mironov brought to the team to add Size and Power.

  27. Leaf_Expert says:

    shut-up,,,and that was just to get into da top ten….

    besides I didn’t know your such a nerd by coming on here every day to check up on who sent what, and how many times???…..

  28. mikster says:

    Well, geee….i think just about every site says Brendl is a bust. Work ethic is not even close to Lundmark’s level, his skills are not Lundmark’s level, and the guy can’t even compete at NHL level.

    Even prospect experts say he is a bust now basically.

    Brendl’s been playing with a good coach, good players, given quality PP time chances…


    If Brendl was stll a Ranger, everyone would call him a bust, especially you.

  29. Lint07 says:

    Yeah… Like it was hard to notice all your Grrrrrrrreat titles:

    ”Here’s my expert opinion”

    ”What Expert thinks about it”

    ”expert advices”

    ”I can do you like an expert”

    …And the list goes on.

    TOP 10?!? WOW! Your mom must be really proud now that you finally made it. your such a lil’ b!tch telling me I’m a nerd when all you want is being in the top ten of an internet site. What a joke you are.

    Go ahead and lick my expert a$$.

  30. Blade2 says:

    Rangers really need to rebuild:Richter is headed into the twilight of his career,Leetch will not be able to plaY 30 min a game forever,and Lindros is an accident waiting to happen(a la Pat LaFontaine).Messier cannot be the savior much longer either.Sather needs to ask himself what’s best for the TEAM longterm,as well as for his own GM sake,or suffer Neil Smith’s fate he will.You can’t keep blaming Colin Campbell,ROn Low,and down the road Brian Trottier forever,it eventually comes back to you.

  31. Leaf_Expert says:

    Save dat hard talk fo your mother….

    And ok call me da nerd buddy….You fuckin live here,,,and I’m da expert…so like I tell all dem other youths who run der mout, “SHUT-DA-FUCK UP!”…

  32. Lint07 says:

    Excuse me, what were you sayin’? I stopped reading at the 7th ”Da” you said.

    Later, Ghetto B!tch.


  33. Leaf_Expert says:

    and no custy gets mine or anybuddys props…..

    Respect W.C.

  34. Lint07 says:

    Whatever you said.

  35. mikster says:

    I think signing Holik and Kaspar long-term is a good plan for what is best for the team long-term.

    Draft picks seem to be quite solid and NHL successful (i.e. Tjutin, Murray, Moore…) Rangers have a future goaltender, guaranteed. A solid coaching staff. I think that Sather is just trying to win NOW.

    No blaming the coaching this time. When the Rangers win, the play the game right…the way the coaches teach them to play.

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