Bure Torn ACL. Rumors Start to Fly.

Bure had an MRI on his Left knee and it is clear that Bure has a torn ACL. He is gone for the season. This will be his First Surgery on his Left Knee.

(It sounds dumb but……….)

Rumor has it that the Rangers have picked up all trade talk’s since Bure went down and out.

An inside source has it, that Sather is looking to make a move that could come in a week or 2. Maybe sooner.Well, Nedved had his ticket to stay on Broadway and his value has picked up with Bure on his line. But it looks like Nedved might have just ran out of luck.

Rumor has it that with Nedved’s Value raised a little more by recording a 22 point record early in the season with 10 goals and 12 assists….. (playing with the Rocket can to that to a man) With Bure down Nedved looks to have found his place back on the trade block (not that he ever left it), but Sather will now try and move him soon with his Value decent again.

Other Rumors have it that Sather was refusing to move Lundmark in all deals…. But now… (hopefully not) he may be forced to trade away his youth Center and take a path of the old Gm’s in NY.

Opinion: Sather can’t move Lundmark. He has to keep this kid. Nedved on the other hand….. He has worked hard, but a trade needs to be done to try and save this team into making the playoff’s somehow…… deal him while he has some value. Look to see him moved and fast…… Just hope that Lundmark won’t be sent with him.