Bure, Yzerman, Leclair….. Big Impact.

With these players, Bure, Leclair, and Yzerman on the Return….. it adds a big impact for all 3 of these teams….. Not to mention all of these teams could use a boost………

Here are the status of these players.Without a doubt all 3 of these teams will benefit from the impact these player’s will have when they return. So far the return dates are not in stone, but still seem to be positive for all 3 of these team as they get deeper into the season.

Leclair: LeClair is ready to begin simulated skating workouts, and land exercises and could be skating on ice in the next two weeks. He still seems to be ready to come back in mid February, and even though it seems long…. Philly will get an energy boost in plenty of time for the Flyers to make a run at a higher spot before the playoff’s kick in.

Pavel Bure: It seems as if he is doing good. He is skating, and will join the team in skating drills as the week goes by. It is said that he will return to the Rangers lineup before the All star break. (which means….. he could be back in a week)

It couldn’t have come at a better time for the Rangers…. as they seem to be finding themselves….. and need a sniper on that second line behind Holik and Lindros, and on their power play unit…..

Yzerman: Yzerman is still likely a month and a half away from returning to action. Yzerman has stated that his surgically repaired right knee has not given him any real big problems in practice so far, and that is a good sign. Detroit will really need him for those playoff’s…. The Wings are not the same unstoppable team, but are still powerful, and with this addition it will help without a doubt the chance’s of another cup run.

Any team would benefit from any one of these players joining their team… but these teams could use a slight boost…. and all of these players will add that, if not….. more.

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  1. mikster says:

    Well, without a doubt Leclair will help the Flyers on the ice. Also, they need a big finisher on that PP. I know they scored two PP goals to beat the ‘coming back to earth’ Tampa Bay Lightning, but both units have too much of a hard time bringing the puck in. Kim Johnsson knows how to do it, and does, but nothing happens. Leclair adds scoring strength and a better feeling of relaxation for the other players.

    Bure would be a big plus. Apparantely, the Rangers are playing a new “trap-like” system, and it surprised some players, especially Jagr. With Dunham in net, the Rangers can stick with this system. The Barnaby-Holik-Lindros line is doing just about everything, taking key face offs, shutting opponents down and scoring at the same time. The send line holds two units. Lundmark-Messier-Tripp and Dvorak-Nedved-Samuelsson share the 2nd line role. Nedved is on a hot streak, and once Bure is back, opponents will have to stop the Holik line and Nedved line.

    A better return though, Dale Purinton. I missed the psychotic defenseman. This would leave Cross out, and he didn’t do a bad job at all. He played tough, no stupid penalty, and has a +1 rating. Hey, i would have expected a lot worse….

    Yzerman, i wish he comes back. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Wings are in need of Yzerman. He should retire, but if he can play the rest of the season….let him play it. It’s worth the risk. He just doesn’t want to quit and no other captain has ever shown more devotion to his team. Sure, Messier is a great captain as well and he has done the magical plays with the magical quotes, like his famous “WE WILL WIN TONIGHT” quote in the playoffs against the Devils and he scores a hat trick to win the game. But, he doesn’t show that devotion like Yzerman does.

    I tell the Wings fans to enjoy every game and every moment of Yzerman, because there will never….ever be a player like him.

  2. WeStSiDe says:

    You forgot a name.. Someone by the name of GARY ROBERTS!!!

  3. edmontonrules says:

    Ha ha ha ha. I knew someone would write in that Gary Roberts is also on the way back. But people, however good you may think he is. He isn’t.

  4. WeStSiDe says:

    Take your head out of your ASS!!!

  5. slipnaughtyboy says:

    Garys great… he won both the Isles and Sens series for us last season. Sure he probably isn’t same caliber of those players mentioned aboved (Leclair being somewhat comparable), BUT Gary is as important to the Leafs as those players are to there respective teams. He’s a warrior and ALL 29 other teams would love a Gary.

  6. wingerxx says:

    nah, hes not that good…only scores…can play the PK and PP…can check…has leadership qualities…any team would want him…lots of experience, been thru the wars…good in the playoffs…has his drawbacks, but who doesn’t….nah, he’s not that great.

  7. wingerxx says:

    LeClair will help the Flyers a ton, as long as he can return to form quickly. Either way, he’ll be a good asset for them. Bure will definitely help the Rangers. They’re already on the upswing. Only question is where he’ll fit in the lineup. Stevie Y will give Detroit some great depth again, and do what he does best, which is being a great, solid player. Hopefully he can make it back soon. Big guns like these guys will always help their teams out. As will Roberts when he returns.

  8. Tradedude says:

    roberts and pronger, whats up wif them? whats there status?

  9. Sands says:

    Pronger I haven’t heard much about….. he still could retire…. but signs point to his return…. maybe next year or even the playoff’s…… I’m not really sure.

    The Toronto Sun reports that Gary Roberts will likely practice with the Maple Leafs sometime next week, He is still on target to return to action right after the All Star break as his recovery from both his shoulders has be what was expected.

  10. Sands says:

    Pronger I haven’t heard much about….. he still could retire…. but signs point to his return…. maybe next year or even the playoff’s…… I’m not really sure.

    The Toronto Sun reports that Gary Roberts will likely practice with the Maple Leafs sometime next week, He is still on target to return to action right after the All Star break as his recovery from both his shoulders has be what was expected.

  11. nskerr says:

    There is no doubt Bure will help the Rangers, but their problem is the fact that they have played 4 games more than most opponents and have a lot of catching up to do. Secondly, even though they have a high payroll, they don’t have a ton of talent. A lot of older players like Messier and Leetch who if they don’t perform, the team falls apart.

  12. mikster says:





    McCarthy just ain’t doing his job….he needs to be on another team.

  13. mikster says:

    The games in hand will haunt them.

    Funny, i was watching CBC and they interviewed Scotty Bowman and Pat Quinn after the game, and they were talking about coaches and other things. Bowman mentioned that there is just no time to practice with the team. He is absolutely right, as well as Quinn. There just aren’t enough days to schedule practices.

    That did take an affect on the Rangers. Their schedule was bullshit. If Quinn says he wishes more time to practice, then imagine what Trottier wishes. I totally agree, a team needs practices and when you play a ton of games, too many back to back, a lot per week….there’s just no time to practice and not a whole lot of time for players to know their game.

    That high payroll means little. Big deal, Bure makes 10, Leetch 9.6. Take them out of the line up and the payroll is down to about $50M. That’s two players. Not like the Rangers have many high paid players. I don’t think you try to buy a Cup with Dvorak, Poti, Nedved, Purinton, Joel Bouchard, Dunham, Barnaby, McCarthy, Fata, and Donato.

    Some players contracts are very high, yeah…that’s what makes up the 70$M dollar payroll. Not to mention, Detroit’s payroll is a little over a million less than that.

    Leetch was playing great before, not his usual point scoring, but he was doing very well defensively. Messier, for his age…..he is scoring goals.

    The Rangers have been hanging for playoff hopes without key players who have faced long-term injuries. They’re hanging in there still. Here is what they are playing with right now… A $44 million dollar team.

  14. Aetherial says:

    Perhaps not in the regular season.

    The fact is, the Leafs have heart. A BIG part of that heart is the people you all love to hate, Domi, Corson, Tucker etc.

    Gary Roberts is a hard-working, stand-up guy who has the repect of his teammates. You CAN’T buy that; ask the rangers.

    Most teams in the league would be able to find a roster-spot for Roberts. If not all.

  15. Aetherial says:

    True, the rangers’ schedule is BS. So is the Leafs in other ways. Front loaded with home games sucks; if you get off to a slow start you are in trouble and the Leafs are not out of trouble yet… may not be all year.

    The Rangers have had serious injuries and I think they will make a run when Bure gets back. I dunno if they can squeak into the playoffs though. Sometimes a lot of adversity galvanizes a team and I think that may happen with the Rangers, this year or next.

  16. beckfan says:

    Hey Mikster, so where do you think they are going to Bure when he dose come back? Their not going to break up the Holik line for sure, maybe next to Nedved and Dvorak? The Messier line hasnt done shit. I know J.D. loves this line but they havent produced since the first game they played together. And when Purinton comes back, which may be tonite against the Flyers, whos the odd man out? I say Cross, cause Bouchard is playing too well. Later Dude.

  17. Overtime says:

    Your post on Yzerman is one of the best you’ve ever written. Great job!!!

  18. isles4life says:

    Mentioning Roberts with names like that is a damn joke

  19. ew77 says:

    Chemistry is the problem, not talent. The Rangers are bigger, faster and meaner than ever. They are starting to get impact players back and they are coming together at the same time.

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