Bure, Yzerman, Leclair….. Big Impact.

With these players, Bure, Leclair, and Yzerman on the Return….. it adds a big impact for all 3 of these teams….. Not to mention all of these teams could use a boost………

Here are the status of these players.Without a doubt all 3 of these teams will benefit from the impact these player’s will have when they return. So far the return dates are not in stone, but still seem to be positive for all 3 of these team as they get deeper into the season.

Leclair: LeClair is ready to begin simulated skating workouts, and land exercises and could be skating on ice in the next two weeks. He still seems to be ready to come back in mid February, and even though it seems long…. Philly will get an energy boost in plenty of time for the Flyers to make a run at a higher spot before the playoff’s kick in.

Pavel Bure: It seems as if he is doing good. He is skating, and will join the team in skating drills as the week goes by. It is said that he will return to the Rangers lineup before the All star break. (which means….. he could be back in a week)

It couldn’t have come at a better time for the Rangers…. as they seem to be finding themselves….. and need a sniper on that second line behind Holik and Lindros, and on their power play unit…..

Yzerman: Yzerman is still likely a month and a half away from returning to action. Yzerman has stated that his surgically repaired right knee has not given him any real big problems in practice so far, and that is a good sign. Detroit will really need him for those playoff’s…. The Wings are not the same unstoppable team, but are still powerful, and with this addition it will help without a doubt the chance’s of another cup run.

Any team would benefit from any one of these players joining their team… but these teams could use a slight boost…. and all of these players will add that, if not….. more.