Burke Busy Come Draft Day

Brian Burke will have his hands full this offseason. The free agency this year in nothing special in terms of big name players. The names that come to mind are Marleau and Kovalchuk and since it is very unlikely either end up in Toronto next season Burke will have to trade to bolster his offence. The Leafs do not have a pick in the first 2 rounds, but Burke has said on a few occasions that he will try to acquire a 1st round pick and a top 6 forward. Kaberle and Grabovski are likely on the move with a number of different teams as possible destinations.

The talked about Bobby Ryan trade is still alot of people’s choice for a Kaberle trade. Ryan still has not signed with Anaheim as they want to lock him up for no more than 4.5 mil but Ryan wants atleast 5 mil. Add the possible retirement of Niedermayer and the Ducks defence could use a guy like Kaberle

Chicago is going to be strapped for cash and the leafs could benefit by taking the salaries of guys like Sharp or Byfuglien of the Blackhawks hands

Columbus management has recently said that this summer they intent to move picks and prospects for proven NHL talent. While it is a stretch what better way to make up for giving away the 2nd overall pick than getting the 4th overall pick which would put the Leafs in position to get one of Fowler , Gormley or Gudbranson

joe nieuwendyk apparently likes Kaberle and would like to bring him to dallas. The leafs could get jamie benn or maybe james neal in return which would help burke fill add to his top 6.

with the possibility of Gonchar leaving the Pens might want a puck moving d-man to pick up his production. Staal could come the other way as the Pens still have premier Centres in Crosby and Malkin.

San Jose
With blake retiring soon the Sharks could benefit from adding an offensive defenceman. The sharks have RFA’s like Setoguchi and Pavelski who can expect a raise. Rumors coming out of San jose are that an exit in the first 2 rounds of the playoffs would likely mean moving out 1 of Pavelski, Thornton or Marleau. With Pavelski still young and proving he can produce as well as the fact that Marleau might be willing to resign for cheap, would leave Thornton, and the 1 year left he has on his contract, as the odd man out. Thornton finished 2nd in assists with 69 and could be the ideal centre for Kessel .

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  1. mojo19 says:

    Not bad, I didn't read the whole thing but one quick comment:

    you don't just "take Sharp off Chicago's hands". He would be a sought after player if they decided to shop him in the summer and you'd have to give up some talented youth with potential for a proven scorer like Sharp. A Sharp trade could be a possibility but I think they'd look at moving other contracts if possible before having to resort to trading one of their most productive players.

    CBJ pick could be tough to get, do you think Tampa's might actually be easier? Consider that they've picked 1st and 2nd overall in each of the past two drafts, this franchise needs to win some games next year, they could look to dump some salary as well. There could be a trade in there somehow.

    I think the Nieuwendyk liking Kaberle comments stem from when Nieuwy played for the Leafs and was asked what he thought of the team early in the season and his response was that he couldn't believe how talented Kaberle was. As far as I know he's never said anything about liking Kaberle recently but maybe he made some comments while he was with the Leafs organization last season?

  2. broc says:

    I don't think you get any of:
    – Bobby Ryan
    – Jamie Benn
    – James Neal
    – Jordan Staal
    – Columbus 1st round pick

    For just 1 year of Kaberle.
    I doubt you get Sharp either, as Kaberle has a higher cap hit than Sharp does anyway. Chicago won't be adding salary.

    As long as Jumbo Joe continues to bomb in the post season, you might be able to pry him out of SJ. I wouldn't mind seein Joe in Toronto…. would feed to Kessel and others, and take pressure off Bozak and Kadri and other youngsters.

    I know some of you are prepping the, "No show Joe would be perfect for the no show Leafs!" or something lame, but he's still young and has a while lefty.

  3. DannyLeafs says:

    I agree with most of what you say, but I do think that Neal and Sharp would be possibilities.

    Neal isn't likely to be considered an untouchable. He is likely to get a big raise, and Dallas is extremely deep at the wing position. They will likely hold onto Benn, as he will still be cheap for the next couple of seasons, and I think he is held in higher regard with management. I think Nieuwendyk may want to speak with Kaberle personally and get a feel for whether or not he would sign an extenstion. If Nieuwendyk feels he has a good shot at signing Kaberle long term I could definitely see Neal being a part of the deal going the other way.

    For Patrick Sharp I could only see this happening if the Hawks managed to somehow move Campbell. I really don't see that happening, but if several people have said they see it as a possibility, and Hawks management is very likely going to at least try this avenue, so if it is possible, so is Kaberle for Sharp.

    The rest I agree about.
    Bobby Ryan – Very unlikely
    Jamie Benn – Neal would likely be moved before Benn, and just about any team that would want Benn isn't going to draw the line at Neal, so Benn just isn't likely to move.
    Staal – The only way Staal gets moved is if two things happen.1 Pittsburgh goes out in the second round in a series that isn't very close. 2 He can be used to obtain a desired asset for a long time. So the only way Kaberle is a possibility is if the pens can talk to him and get a long term low cap hit contract drawn up before the deal is made, and the leafs throw in a prospect or something to give Pittsburgh some added upside. So, all in all, very very very unlikely.
    Columbus 1st – doesn't make much sense. Since this pick is likely to be a puck moving defensemen, why trade it for a veteran defensmen? If you are Toronto, why deal away your biggest tradeable asset for something that isn't even on their wishlist, and for a prospect that won't even make your team next season. I am all for getting a first round pick, but I would rather get a tangible asset and a late first for Kaberle, similar to the Fehr (or was it Fleishmen?), Alzner and a 1st that was already offered by Washington. I don't think the Leafs could get that for Kaberle in the summer though, since Kaberle didn't want to go to Washington this season, he likely won't be interested in signing an extension there, so the Washington's interest is likely to have waned significantly.

    Finally, I don't see Joe Thornton going anywhere. He likes it where he is, and has an NTC, so I don't see him waiving it unless he is asked. If he does go anywhere it is likely to a team that can be considered an immediate contender with him on it, he will likely want to get a chance asap at lifting the moniker "no show joe", so it isn't likely to be the Leafs that get him. Maybe when he is a free agent, but I don't see them selling the farm to get him this summer.

    One last comment. I really do wish that Kaberle had waived to go to Washington. Either Fehr or Fleishmann would have been excellent additions to the Leafs roster, they would have gotten a 1st rounder, and a former top 5 pick. Burke would have gotten exactly what he had hoped for in the deal, and he would have a better idea of what he had to work with going forward. He could have seen how either Fleishmann or Fehr (not sure which was offered) gelled with the team, and had a better idea of exactly what was needed over the summer. Also, it would have been nice to see Kabby in the Playoffs. He could really have helped the caps powerplay in the post season, giving them a left handed point man to feed either Ovechkin or Green and really stabalize the powerplay when the young caps got a little over zealous.

    Anyway, it will still be interesting to see that the Leafs can get for kaberle over the summer, and to see what players move where. The cap era has created some interesting scenarios, and many teams just expected the cap to keep rising substantially every year, and spent their money with that in mind. I think this summer could have some really funky deals to reflect this, and it should be interesting to see the effect this has on the league in general next season.

  4. DannyLeafs says:

    I think the Nieuwendyk stuff has more to do with the situation as a whole.

    Nieuwendyk is an inexperienced GM, and could probably be biased a little toward players he has played with and has first hand experience with.

    Kaberle is likely worth more to a team that he is likely to re-sign with.

    Dallas desperately needs a puck moving defensemen, and has an abundance of talented gritty wingers. I think Neal is the most expendable as he isn't the most talented of the wingers, and he is up for a substantial raise.

    Toronto wants a top six winger, preferably a big guy that likes to hit and play a gritty game. Neal would be a perfect fit.

    Burke has been known to do things very informally, so if over the summer Burke and Nieuwendyk are talking about a trade, he may not want to let Nieuwendyk openly negotiate an extension with Kaberle until the deal is done, but may be ok with Nieuwendyk contacting Kaberle and getting a feel for whether or not he would sign an extension. Being that Nieuwendyk already has a bit of a history with Kaberle, he would probably be more comfortable trading for him if the discussion went well at all.

    It just seems like the Kaberle for Neal posts are going to persist until Kaberle is dealt. They just seem to make good sense, for the most part, and the values are pretty much right on the money.

    Also, what has been debated is Kaberle's value. I think Burke has established a value that is fair (either a top 3 forward, or a top six plus a first or a prospect). I think the problem is that people are not evaluating the other players value correctly. For instance, many people say that Neal is a top six forward and then talk about it being laughable that the leafs could get more than Neal from a trade with Dallas. But Neal is a current Top Six, with a very gritty hard hitting game, he also is an RFA that a team gets to sign to a brand new contract, and he still has shown some flashes of having top three upside, so he has the same value (or even better value) than a current top 3 forward.

    The thing that most people are arguing about is the current value of certain players, and what Burke is looking for. To me, when you say top 3 forward, you are talking about a guy that is currently a top 3 forward, that is already under contract, and doesn't really have any more upside. So I don't consider Bobby Ryan to simply be a top 3 forward. He has much more value than that. He is currently a very good top 3, with enough upside to be an elite level goal scorer, and you get to sign him to a new contract, so to me he would be worth at top 3 and a good prospect or draft pick. The thing is that in the cap era there are very few players that are valued at exactly what their role is. Guys are either under or over valued based on their cap hit. Kaberle is a rare exception. He is a top pairing power play quarter back. His cap hit is very good, but with only one year left, it isn't good enough to add a ton of value. He has been consistent, so you know what you are getting. Trying to find a top 3 forward that you can say the same about is almost impossible. So, when Burke says Kaberle is worth a top 3 forward he is right, but the fact is there doesn't seem to be any one of interest to the maple leafs, that fits that mold (in terms of value) exactly. Something always seems to effect the value one way or another.

    So, in my opinion, what Burke is really looking for is a young, current top six forward with a little upside, or a young, borderline top six forward with a little upside, and an ok prospect or pick, or finally, a current top six forward with no real upside, and a good prospect or pick. 

  5. nordiques100 says:

    Out west….

    Anaheim – the Ducks have like 20 mil in cap space. more than enough to keep Ryan in the fold. They just got Vishnovsky, a similar player to Kaberle and may want to invest in more defensive minded blueliners and secondary scoring with their remaining cap room rather than Kaberle.

    San Jose – They may not only lose Blake, but Marleau. So, its almost unlikely they'd move Pavelski who has been dynamite in the playoffs as well as consider Clowe or Setogutchi. If anything, they need them to provide depth up front. they have Boyle too as a top PP QB and offensive player on the backend.

    LA – They do have Doughty and Johnson. So, Kaberle may not necessarily be needed. The only thing is if they're looking for experience back there. Their 1st round pick is not available though due to the draft being in LA.

    Phoenix – They still have Jovocop for a year and have good rising talents on offence in Yandle and Lepisto. But they're a team on the rise, has plenty of good young talent to offer and may not be opposed to getting a very good, proven offensive blueliner. They may first though invest money in trying to keep Michalek.

    Dallas – Joe N played with Kaberle and watched him a lot as BB's assistant. The issue is money. The Stars, with ownership and financial issues may not have the funds to afford to get a 1 year rental. They may need the young guns they have in the fold. They may though be interested if the Leafs were to take back Ribiero in some package. Richards is another possible but the Leafs may need to offer up more. Forget Benn and Neal. they're Star mainstays. Grossman or Niskanen though may be available.

    St Louis – Kaberle would be a nice fit along side E Johnson. Their PP hasnt clicked but having a solid playmaker could be the tonic the Blues need. This team is looking to win and has built up a nice collection of young players. I could see a prospect along with say a player like Brad Boyes being offered up in some package.

    Chicago – they have long had interest but have Campbell to move. I could only see the Hawks landing Kaberle if they found a taker for Campbell. I think the Leafs lost out when they maybe could have landed Barker in a package for Kaberle. Instead Barker went for a rental in Johnsson and prospect Nick Leddy.

    Nashville – their strength is their D. The only possible is if they found a third team and flipped kaberle to get assets at other positions. I could see perhaps though kaberle for say radulov and perhaps klein off their defence. Rads is a high end offensive player. But again, with Suter, Weber, Franson among others, offence from the defence is not a major need.

    Detroit – The wings will likely bring back Lidstrom and while he may retire, he is still playing amazingly well for being 40. With him and Rafalski, there is not a major need. Plus, for whatever cash they have left to spend, they need help up front.

    Columbus – The Jackets need a PP QB. Stralman fared ok but not great. They will likely not move their 1st, but perhaps players like Brassard and Russell could be packaged. Filatov is another name, but i see him fitting in with the Jackets moreso than them moving him.

    Minny – They have Zidlicky, Burns and Barker on D. That's solid enough from an offensive standpoint. They need help in terms of shutting down teams and more offense up front if anything.

    Colorado – on the heels of a successful campaign, the team may seek to upgrade. Kaberle could really be a boost on offence. While they have Liles, Kaberle is an upgrade. Not sure what they could offer back as they are still in sort of rebuild mode but their mid round 1st could be made available.

    Vancouver – they have always seemed to have interest in kabby. They have assets they could offer like Hodgson. The problem is the dispute between Burke/Nonis and Mike Gillis. Not sure these long festering feelings will dissapate….ever. But Kaberle would be a nice fit in Van. Just dont think these GMs will get over their egos to make a deal though.

    Edmonton – If they could dump salary, the Oil may have some interest as it would be nice to have a puck mover of Kaberle's level to get the puck to all those good young forwards. He has played for Quinn too before and excelled. Perhaps He and Souray could be another Kaberle/Mccabe duo. They have young players to offer like Cogliano in a package.

    Calgary – i think this team has had enough Leafs already.

  6. cam7777 says:

    A couple things: the Ducks appear to have a lot of cap space, but they also have a self imposed cap.  It's possible they get Ryan resigned, but a recent report out of the O.C. said that Murray was only willing to give Ryan 4.5 million on an extension.  In the same vein, it said that Ryan's agent said if he did resign in Anaheim, it would be on a contract that brings him to unrestricted free agency.  It doesn't sound to me like Ryan is terribly interested in remaining in Anaheim, and could be forcing himself into restricted free agency (like i've been saying all along).  He could be had, perhaps not for Kaberle, but for a package involving other players.  They've missed Beauchemin, so perhaps you start there.

    Still not understanding the insane James Neal love. Are we all aware that Mikhail Grabovski has out performed this guy over the last two years, and yet Leafs fans would toss him away for nothing?  I mean really, the guy put up good totals on a great scoring line with a top notch center and even better opposite winger.  Yes he hits, but is that worth selling the farm for?  Obviously if Dallas traded for Kaberle, they'd be looking to sign him long term.  In fact, it's almost ridiculous to suggest that any of these teams would be looking at Kaberle as a rental.  All of them are going to want to resign him if they trade for him.

    I don't mind the idea of Kaberle for Radulov + Blum + pick, which is really more like Blum + pick for the Preds since Radulov is worth absolutely nothng to them.  Of course, Burke would have to know that Alex would actually play for the Leafs.  Problem is, that for the Preds, Kaberle probably would be a rental player, as who resigns in Nashville?

    As for LA, having Johnson and Doughty doesn't mean a whole lot.  Doughty is obviously the complete package, but Johnson is a guy with one skill – a booming shot from the point on the PP.  Hmm, as I recall, Kaberle has some skill at feeding people like this.  Of course, like Anaheim, the Kings would probably be looking for defensive presence on their back end.  They seemed to panic a lot this off-season, so again, perhaps Beauchemin has more value to a team like Los Angeles.

    Keep Brad Boyes in St.Louis, the guy is a defensive liability of epic proportions.

    I honestly think we should just resign him unless the return is insane.  I'm not interested in helping Dallas out of their cap/salarry nightmare, I jut want a solid return on the 2nd highest scoring defensemen since the lockout.  I don't give a shit what they want – they think they need a puck-mover and have identified Kaberle.  Why in the hell would we cater to them endlessly just to move our very, very skilled player who wants to stay here, and would probably do so at a discount?    I'm very okay with Kaberle in a Leafs uniform.

    People need to look at the big picture: even if Burke can't land any big UFA's this summer, he will be able to eventually – it's what he does.  So if you look two years down the road, and we still have Kaberle, plus Burke has pulled off another big trade, and signed a free agent in two consecutive summers, it turns out we don't NEED to trade Kaberle.  Patience.

  7. nordiques100 says:

    in the east….

    pit – Gonchar is a UFA, but he is such a perfect fit for that lineup and such a key cog that i doubt he leaves. And with Letang and Gologoski, they have lots of offence from the defence. they will not be moving Staal.

    Phi – They have had interest before in Kabby. The thing is, they have Pronger, Carle, Timonen on the payroll with Coburn needing a contract. defence isnt a problem. Getting a top goalie is.

    NYR – they'd have interest, if they didnt commit 11 mil to Redden and Roszival.

    NYI – they have streit, they are not interested in spending too much money and right now do not have the assets to make a very big splash.

    NJ – They 1st need a coach. then from there, we'll see what they do. But for sure an upgrade on D is a necessity in jersey. problem is they put all their eggs into the Kovalchuk trade and dont have a ton to offer.

    FLA – a package in trying to pry Horton out of FLA would be nice. it would reunite Kaberle with Mccabe. problem is financially the cats want to move out salary and not take any on. This is why guys like Horton, Vokoun, maybe even Mccabe will be available as they try and pare costs down.

    TB – new owner, so we will see. but, not sure if he is willing to spend any more than what is being spent. would they offer up their top 5 pick? that would be very interesting. but its doubtful. financially it makes way mroe sense for them to build from within.

    Car – rumoured to have interest but i cant see the leafs do what the rumours say and package both schenn and kabby for sutter.

    Atl – enstrom, hainsey and bogosian seems to be enough for offence. they need more grit and toughness among their top end guys.

    wash – kabby would fit their high octane offence. but do you think they need to get more "Canadian" in thier game to support the plethora of euro's they already have?

    bos – had interest b4. have a 2nd first rounder to offer up. perhaps that with a prospect like Colborne could get it done.

    buf – another team that has interest. with tallinder and lydman set to be UFAs, they may need help back there. but what to give up? and would the sabres be willing to trade with a rival? would they too be willing to get someone for just a year? risky.

    mon and ott – two bitter rivals. i cant see burke making a deal with these two.

  8. nordiques100 says:

    we're talking about upside here with Neal.

    he is a budding PF. combination of size and skill is more than what Grabs could provide. you're leaning way to heavily on stats. Neal is a terrific player and with Grabs, well we have a player replaceable with Bozak and Kadri in the fold as centres.

    like i said, kaberle to a 3rd team involving Nashville. and no. only one of rads or blum, not both. kaberle isnt worth THAT much.

    we have been patient with kaberle. but he is no guarantee to stay here. and right now, its the perfect time as he isnt committed long term to a hideous deal and he is still young enough at 32 to have a few good years to help someone.

    the leafs have a ton of needs and a lot of money invested in their D. kaberle being moved is ideal.

  9. reinjosh says:

    How much value does Radulov have though? He isn't coming back to Nashville and he hasn't made any attempt to. He made it quite clear it was about money and he still has a year left on his entry deal, so it wouldn't be much (relative to what he has). There is no guarantee he comes back to any team either. Teams know that and they are not going to offer much for Radulov at all. The best I could see Nashville doing with him, is getting a top prospect that has fallen in an organization. Like Turris. Maybe. 

  10. reinjosh says:

    Gudbranson and Forbort are going to be the two best defenseman drafted out of the first round.

  11. DannyLeafs says:

    Neal has been dangled as trade bait already, I really don't think it is unrealistic at all that the Leafs could get him in a deal involving Kaberle. Maybe it is Toronto that has to give a little extra, but I don't see it being an impossibility. I honestly think there is a very good chance of Neal being dealt. He is going to want a contract in the 4 million vicinity, and I am not sure Dallas wants to spend that much on him considering their depth at left wing. I think they hold Benn in higher regard, and I think he makes Neal a little expendable. Toward the end of the year, Benn was getting more ice time then Neal, and out scoring him, so I honestly believe that Neal could be on his way out of Dallas.

    Neal would be a great fit in Toronto, and I would love just about any deal that brought him there, even if we ended up shipping the extra pick.

    Also, I don't see Toronto moving Kaberle in any package that doesn't bring back at least a prospect with top six potential. So, I just don't see any of  the deals where you have Kaberle being moved for other defensemen as being very viable.

    I also don't think Boyes will be likely unless it comes with something else that is pretty substantial. It seems that Boyes has very little value at this point, and I don't see St.Louis getting a big return for him. St.Louis will want to make big changes, and if they are only willing to part with Boyes and Berglund, then I just can't see them accomplishing that. I would be fine with a deal that involved Backes and a pick or Backes and Berglund. He only has one year left before becoming a UFA as well, so his value is not as high as the other young players on the team, and is not as high as Kaberle's.

  12. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I'm just saying something I heard…

    I heard a possible trade Schenn for Eberle?? Did anyone hear this trade as well??

    Also heard the Leafs might be the most active at the draft, even with no picks…

  13. reinjosh says:

    Interesting. I'm not sure I like it. Where did you here it?

    I do like the fact that we might be the busiest team at the draft even with LIMITED picks.

  14. Magleaf says:

    what about fowler?

    I never saw him play but i always thought his ststs were probably missleading since he was surrounded with talent

  15. reinjosh says:

    Well, I just think that the talents and the size that the two I mentioned have, give them greater ceilings that Fowler or anyone else.

  16. TheLeafNation91 says:

    I heard it on hockeybuzz, true some of it is wrong, but somethings they have posted been dead on about.

    I'll see if I can find it.

    I'm actually not a fan of it, Schenn was really improving at the end of the year and looks like the sophmore slump bit him this year, but I wanna see him next year before we dedcide to possibly deal him

  17. cam7777 says:

    Eberle could be a total bust in the NHL.  No way this deal gets done.  Schenn and Phaneuf are the future of the back-end.

  18. cam7777 says:

    Why on Earth would we trade Kaberle for just Radulov?  that's laughable.  They'd take whatever they could get for him.  Rumors have speculated they've tried to get rid of him as a throw in on some trades.  The guy will never play for that organization again.  He is nearly worthless.  And Blum is an unproven prospect who had a decent year in the AHL buried behind one of the deepedst defensive groups in the league.  Even getting both of them makes little sense for Toronto, much less giving up Kaberle in the process.

    Of course Neal has potential on Grabovski, but that completely ignores Grabovski's own potential.  You need both offensive centers and power-forwards.  One without the other is not very helpful.  While we see a severe shortage of powerforwards, other teams may see severe shortages in offensive centers (Anaheim for one).  It's just typical Leafs pessismism to assume that every player we might want is completely unattainable based purely on the fact that he's not a Leaf.  And Since Grabovski is the latest whipping boy, of course he's now worthless also.

    I understand that Grabovski may be expendable because of the fact that we have Kadri and Bozak, but one of these guys isn't proven, the other has played less than 40 games.  Even if they both work out well next year, and I think they will, that doesn't mean you just toss Grabovski away like so many here suggest on a daily basis.    It's just hysterical that our young players are always shit, even when they outperform others, but anyone elses are "the future".  If we got Neal, and he didn't immediately become a 65 point power forward, he would then become worthless in Toronto.  We just set the expectations so high.

    Let's say the Leafs don't trade Kaberle, or Grabovski.  Let's say they use late picks, and some non Burke drafted prospects (Hayes, Stefanovich) to upgrade the third line with a player like Clarkson.  Let's say they sign a couple free agents, or maybe take back some salary for a player like Ben Eager.  Then let's say we shop a package of Beauchemin, Paradis and a 2nd around the league for a very good forward.  All needs are met, and Kaberle is still here.  Then at next year's deadline, Burke puts together another big trade for center for Kessel (Grabovski + Sjostrom + prospect + pick), maybe someone like Brad Richards.  Wow, suddenly, the team is coming together.  After another free agency next summer, we have all the pieces, and we still have Kaberle, and he can help OUR team move forward.

    Moving him is not necessary, and doing it jsut for the sake of moving him is absurd.  I understand that he may want too much money on an extension, and then you may HAVE to move him, but until then, we can explore our options.  We certainly don't have to take other team's left overs though, or beg for whatever scraps they are willing to give.  I expect a solid return on him, and so does most of Leafs Nation.

  19. 93killer93 says:

    I didn't mean just take Sharp off their hands i was talking more about his contract. Sharp has a cap hit of 3.9 mil. Byfuglien comes in at 3mil and Sopel is 2.333 mil. So the Leafs could send them Kaberle and they would save around 5 mil. Which would help considering they have around 57 mil spent with 9 forwards 5 defence and 1 goalie. They still have to resign Niemi.


    2nd 2010

    2nd 2011

    Sopel (2.333)
    Bolland (3.375)
    Byfuglien (3)
    Sharp (3.9)

    Kaberle (4.25)
    Mitchell (RFA- 500k)
    Stalberg (785k)
    Ana 2nd 2010

    Bolland makes 3.375mil and put up 16pts in 40 games which makes him pretty much even with Mitchell at points per game. Chicago gives up 12.6 mil in cap savings and only takes back around 6mil. So they get an upgrade in defence, 6 mil in cap room, a prospect in Stefanovich and 2 cheap forwards in Mitchell and Stalberg to help fill out their roster.




  20. cam7777 says:

    Let's just keep Kaberle and end all the speculation:

    After the Trade Freeze Lifts:

    to njd: jimmy hayes, 5th in 2010 (njd)
    to tor: david clarkson (rights)

    -sign david clarkson, 3 years, 6 million (2.0 cap hit)

    to chi: jay rosehill, 5th in 2010
    to tor: brent sopel, 2nd in 2010

    (obviously a salary dump trade for the hawks.  saving that money on sopel convinces management to bury huet's contract)

    At the NHL Entry Draft:

    to nyr: john mitchell, 4th in 2010 (nyr)
    to tor: 2nd in 2010

    -select kirill kabanov 40th overall (he will fall far)
    -select teemu pulkkinen 56th overall
    -select jarred knight 62nd overall (kadri's winger)

    Free Agency and Summer:

    sign paul kariya, 2 years, 5 million (2.5 cap hit)
    sign matt cooke, 2 years, 4.5 million (2.25 cap hit)
    sign mike vanryn, 2 years, 1.5 million (0.75 cap hit)

    to lak: francois beauchemin, phillipe paradis, 2nd in 2011
    to tor: dustin brown

    Roster 2010/2011:

    L1: Kulemin, Bozak, Kessel (we know this line works well enough)
    L2: Kariya, Kadri, Brown (good mix of everything)
    L3: Stalberg, Grabovski, Clarkson (fast, offensive, but capable on D)
    L4: Cooke, Hanson, Orr (frightening 4th line)

    Ex: Sjostrom (having a quality player like sjostrom looking in will keep everyone honest)

    D1: Phaneuf, Schenn (the future of the Leafs D)
    D2: Kaberle, Komisarek (we keep our puck-mover, Komi nudges Beauche)
    D3: Gunnarsson, VanRyn (could be huge if vanryn can still play)

    GT: Gustavsson, Giguere (should be 10 times better than toskala/gus)

    CAP HIT – 57.7 million

  21. 93killer93 says:




  22. Magleaf says:

    I thought id look and see if jared knight was on youtube at all and all i can find are videos of him getting beat up.

    Have you seen him play is he any good?

  23. cam7777 says:

    He and Kadri were lighting it up in the OHL playoffs, and I saw some of that.  It's a pretty limited sample space though.  If there's a top notch defensive prospect available there, I might take him instead, or maybe Christian Thomas.  17 points in 12 games though in this post-season, so he's pretty solid.  Who knows if he could do that without Kadri though…

  24. lafleur10 says:

    eberle won't be a bust, he'll be a joe mullen type player infact, no offense but he's twice the prospect and player that kadri is or will be

  25. leafstime says:

    Grabovski, Exelby and a third round pick for Bobby Ryan. Burke pick up the phone right now.

  26. cam7777 says:

    haha, yea, i'm sure.  what exactly are you basing that on?

  27. mojo19 says:


    Time will tell with Eberle. He's definitely got the hands but he's a little guy and not feisty.

    I'm not even gonna comment on the Kadri remark.

  28. mojo19 says:

    Get the Ducks to throw a pick back, and maybe a high end prospect.

  29. Boston_Bruins says:

    Really? I get taking Gudbranson over him, who's a guarunteed future captain in my opinion, but Forbort over Fowler?

    Even if Fowler's point totals weren't exactly mind-blowing on a stacked Windsor team his skating ability alone pretty much assures him a top 5 pick and makes his ceiling sky-high. Skating isn't everything but he can do pretty much everything else at this point in his career as well.

    Forbort on the other hand I'm just not sold on. Yeah he has size which scouts love and he looks solid all-around, but seems to be too much of a late high-riser to feel comfortable picking him in the top 10. I think he's more of a pick based on potential as opposed to how good he is now, which would go along with what you're saying about his ceiling, but defensemen that skate like Fowler and who have proved to be a big-game player don't come around too often.

  30. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Not enough talentless garbage going anaheims way. Better throw in Finger while your at it, and i'm sure the Ducks might throw in Getzlaf aswell (don't want it to seem too lobsided in Anaheims favour)

  31. albertateams says:

    Hockey futures does have Kadri ranked 13 and Eberle 14. Although given Eberle's size he will have a harder time transitioning to the NHL. I do love Eberles drive & intangibles I wouldn't bet against him becoming a very good NHL player.

  32. reinjosh says:

    Oh, I get why Fowler is ranked higher, I just see Forbort as panning out better than Fowler. Call it a hunch more than anything based on the way he plays, the team Fowler plays for and the USHL becoming a pretty good league for developing players.

    If given the 4th pick, I would definitely pick Fowler before Forbort, but I just think Forbort will turn out to be the better pick. Nothing against Fowler, he will be a good dman too.

  33. reinjosh says:

    Getzlaf and Perry would have to be thrown in for the Leafs to even consider that deal.

  34. reinjosh says:

    Add Scrivens to the Leafs goaltending prospects. Burke is really beefing up the depth their and Allaire really seems to be helping. Score another for free agent prospects.

  35. Boston_Bruins says:

    Fair enough. It's tough to argue about prospects potential (especially in a wide-open draft like this) and Forbort does have a high ceiling if he reaches it. Personally I'm just blown away by Fowler's skating though. You should check out thatvideo on youtube where they're testing Hall and Fowler's skating at some prospect evaluation camp.

  36. reinjosh says:

    Oh, I completely agree. Prospects are a crap shoot and especially so in a draft like this with players moving all over the board. Fowler's skating is impressive, no doubt. I hadn't seen that video yet, thanks for that.

  37. nordiques100 says:

    well he did create this situation in Anaheim where they ended up with a real find in Hiller.

    Building from the Goal out. That's always been his mantra. Good for him on having a plan.

    I think thats one of the things we tend to forget about Burke.

    He gets slammed for being a big mouth
    He gets slammed for frittering away picks
    He gets slammed for not signing top forwards.

    but all in all, he had a plan. Get deeper and stronger in goal.

    Well he has 3 goalies now, Scrivens, Rynnas and Reimer who will battle with the Marlies. And he has Gustavsson up with the big club, possibly the number 1 battling Giguere.

    Not long ago it was Raycroft, Aubin, Pogge. or even worse, Raycroft, Toskala, Pogge. Instead of one young goalie prospect, there are now 4 battling it out. its nice.

    The D still could use some work but they do have 7 players under contract with the big club.

    The team does need to get deeper back there, they do have Mikus, Aulie, Blacker, Oreskovich waiting in the wings but surely they must get better here.

    But he is working on it. Time is needed for Phaneuf, Beau, Schenn and Komi to put it all together since they havent all played together for a long stretch. Hopefully it works, but all i can say is its better than the top shutdown pairing of Gill and Wozniewski.

  38. reinjosh says:

    Well it stands to reason that if he is building his NHL roster (the Leafs) from the goalie outwards, he would do the same for his AHL roster (the Marlies). He has done it for the Leafs (arguably) and now he is moving his focus to doing that for the Marlies.

    His next plan of attack is to beef up the bottom 6 and get a top 6 forward as well as building the marlies team, specifically the defense (the forwards are going to be getter a lot of players from the Q and other areas, players like Ryan, Paradis, Stefanovich, Hayes etc) which is very weak.

    While Burke may not be interested in lengthy rebuilding plan, it seems like he is making sure that the system is still ready when it needs to be and isn't lacking, something that has become of vital importance in the Cap Era league.

  39. cam7777 says:

    Apparently Bob McKenzie was on a radio station in Vancouver, and said he is 80% sure a deal like this will go down at the draft:

    To Washington:

    Tomas Kaberle
    Jesse Blacker
    Jimmy Hayes

    To Toronto:

    Alexander Semin
    2nd round pick

  40. mojo19 says:

    hmmmm……… Blacker and Hayes were both 2nd rounders in the past two drafts. Would be more worthwhile for the Leafs to keep one of them and forget about that 2nd rounder coming back.

    Also I don't know how I feel about this trade. I mean there's no denying Semin's talent, but is he one of "those guys". Maybe if he were the go-to guy on another team he would be better? Or maybe he'd be exposed even more.

  41. cam7777 says:

    I like Semin, but worst case scenario, he gives us the oppurtunity to trade him whenever we want next year, instead of being hand-cuffed by Kaberle.  Again though, I'm happy to keep Kaberle.

    It might all be a moot point anyways, because McKenzie is now saying he never actually mentioned Kaberle during this discussion.  So who knows.

  42. albertateams says:

    I don't really like the trade for either team. Semin is like Kovalev you marvel at his talent some games and then he decides to not show up for a week.

    Washington needs more of a shut down d man Kaberle would help, but they already have Green and Carlson.
  43. cam7777 says:

    Sounds like it could be Beauchemin in the deal, which would make more sense for the Caps.

  44. DannyLeafs says:

    It's funny because I have no idea what some Leaf Haters are basing their "Kadri will be a bust" statements on. He was arguably the most skilled player in the 2009 draft, and he has done nothing but take huge steps forward every year of his Junior career. I am not saying I think he will be the best player out of that draft or anything like that, or even that he is a sure fire superstar, but he really has never done anything that could make someone think that he won't be a very good hockey player.

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