Burke puts Kaberle on auction block

Any pretence that the Maple Leafs are not looking to trade Tomas Kaberle has evaporated.

It can’t be done until the entry draft in Los Angeles on June 25 — well, technically it could be done before if Kaberle were to waive his no-trade clause — but it’s clear GM Brian Burke and the Leaf brain trust will be disappointed if they can’t move Kaberle for something substantial over the coming weeks.

Since the Leafs again missed the playoffs, Kaberle’s no-trade clause is temporarily voided between the beginning of the entry draft and Aug. 15, giving the Leafs a 51-day window to move the veteran defenceman without his consent.

Kaberle has one year remaining on his $4.25 million (all figures U.S.) per season contract and will be an unrestricted free agent after next season.

“The biggest issue we have is obviously Tomas Kaberle’s status,” said Burke after the GM meetings in downtown Philadelphia on Wednesday. “We’ve informed the teams how his no-trade works. (Former Leaf GM) John Ferguson rigged that very cleverly, that if the team didn’t have success (the no-trade clause) went away when the draft began.

“So we’re listening. We need to add a winger that can score, preferably with some size. And we need some secondary toughness. So those would be the areas we would try to address.”

Burke sent out emails this week to several teams ostensibly to explain how Kaberle’s no-trade rights work. That said, he’s now clearly in the business of trying to create a market.

“A couple of teams asked how it works, so we made sure everyone understands it,” he said. “Based on the interest already, I’d say there’s significant interest in Tomas Kaberle . But it goes back to the fact that we like him. He’s a good player, he wants to stay in Toronto, he’s a good person and he’s at a good wage.”


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  1. number15 says:

    Toronto Sun reports that 6 teams have shown serious interest now.

    my idea…… Jason Spezza is apprently unhappy in Ottawa and they r about to sit down with him to discuss his future before his NTC kicks in. How about Tomas Kaberle for Jason Spezza, straight up.

  2. albertateams says:

    No, the leafs would have to add to that deal, Kaberle only has one year left. Even if a contract extension is negotiated the leafs would have to add something.

  3. TmLeafan says:

    I disagree I think Spezza is overpaid at over 7 mil his value isnt that high.

  4. mojo19 says:

    That's a bad trade, Spezza is an overpaid flake. You don't want a goober like him on your team.

  5. albertateams says:

    I agree Spezza is overpaid, but Kaberle only has one year left on his deal. Even if Ottawa could resign him its going to be for 5.5-6.5. So your difference in money really isn't that much. Spezza's 26 Kaberle's 32. No way Ottawa goes for a straight up swap.

  6. nordiques100 says:


    Boston – They may have interest. Right now they have some solid, physical, strong defensive blueiners in Chara, Stuart and Boychuk. Ference is a fiesty guy too and more of a defensive defenceman. They have Wideman who can move the puck but he has not been very consistent.

    The team has had trouble generating offence. A player like Kaberle is someone they could have interest in. He would make a nice duo with Chara with Chara the big booming shot and Kaberle the slick puckmover and passer. He is one of the best at making outlet passes to break out of the zone and that may be something that helps the team score some goals. The B's struggled last year and perhaps more chances off the rush, something Kaberle creates quite a bit with his passing, his ability to jump in, that would be a big boost to the club.

    The team could offer up Mike Ryder, Joe Colborne and the 15th overall pick. Ryder would be to balance out the salaries. The B's only have $8 mil in cap space. While a 1st and a good prospect like Colborne seems like a lot to give up, factoring in the taking on of Ryder's salary and the fact they're division rivals, Burke may be asking a slightly higher price.

    Buffalo – They too could have interest as they could use a PP QB. Granted, he led the leafs to a 30th overall PP, but the Sabres are a bit deeper with more weapons at their disposal like Vanek, Roy, Pominville and Ennis.

    The PP struggled badly in the playoffs and could use a boost. They are one of the few teams who would play 5 forwards on the PP. Kaberle would be an upgrade over their other options like Sekera or Montador. He and Myers, the smooth skating rookie are solid options.

    Who could they offer? They do select 23rd overall, but they do not have a 2nd round pick and thus if they gave up their 1st wouldnt be selecting until 68th overall, a worse position than the Leafs are currently. Also, financially, the team is rather conservative. They have to build through the draft and lean heavily on entry level players. They are a small market and just do not have the resources to make big splashes. While there is some benefit for Kaberle to be in Buffalo since it is so close to Toronto, the Sabres may not be one to dish out a long term deal to a veteran player. Besides, they have huge decisions already to make on Tallinder and Lydman.

    They may package someone like Stafford, a big power forward type, just what the Leafs desire plus a blueline prospect like maybe Sekera or perhaps Marc Andre Gragnani. But that may not be enough for Burke.

    Montreal – Besides being a bitter rival and having some cap issues, there are several other reasons why the Leafs and Habs do not trade with eachother. Sure we saw it with the Grabovski trade, but someone intimate with the rivalry like Kaberle who has been successful against the Habs? Almost certainly they will not talk. And besides, with Markov and now Subban, they are ok with offence from the defence.

    Ottawa – Another bitter rival, the last person Burke will talk to is Murray. The Sens anyway like Karlsson and have Kuba so offensively they are ok. They are in need of a player to replace Volchenkov who is likely gone.

  7. HABSSTAR says:

    It would seem to me that they would have to move Kaberle for a player who can make them better right now.  Trading him for a pick, like has been mentioned in previous articles, just doesn't seem to make much sense to me. 

    If they had hung on to their picks instead of trading them for Kessel then I would agree that sending Kaberle off for another pick would be wise, but I doubt it would be wise to send him to a team just to get a player who might help 4-5 years down the road, while handing another top 10 (or better) pick to the Bruins because they made their team weaker in the short term. 

    I know there's going to be a lot of people saying that the Leafs will already be better with JSG and Phaneuf and a host of young players who are going to "step it up" next year as well as Kessel playing a full season, however, a lot of those young guys were playing with no pressure at the end of the season this year and it could be a whole different story at the start of the season next year when they actually have some expectations placed on them.  Plus it's not uncommon for young players to actually take a step backwards in their second year to begin with. 

    Tough call on what to do, but maybe they could use him to pry Ryan or Getzlaf out of Anahaim, and sign Marleau? 

  8. toronto-cruz says:

    folks, think about it… a player making more than $6 mill will never get the return they deserve. this isnt >2004.  you cant trade 15 players + cash for 1.  Heater got back a bust and a knee problem (cheechoo+ michalek). Thornton went for? exactly. Gomez? exactly.

    To trade away a player of that "stature" (contract), your just looking to rid yourself of ONE contract by taking on 2-3 others.

    spezza is a whiney baby, has been since his mississauga ice dogs days, and clearly isnt burke's type of player.

    For Kaberle, burke will want a player that can contribute NOW.  stop thinking like a typical GM. he isnt interested in 3-4 yrs down the road.  He'll go to a team like CBJ for someone like Brassard (21 yr old, big body, ready to produce), or FLA for someone like Weiss or Horton (young, ready to produce) (these types of teams, need a PP QB.  for players of this type, big, ready to produce, young).
    this will only change if Burke gets in the top 5, then dont be surprised to see him move that top 5 pick and a prospect for someone like above

    remember… think of what he's done… Kessel, Phaneuf, Giggy, Gusty, Bozak, etc etc.. CONTRIBUTE NOW!

  9. toronto-cruz says:

    THANK YOU!  someone else who has a clue

    Marleau and Wilson had problems in SJ, he wont come here.

  10. toronto-cruz says:

    spezza couldnt find his own end with a seeing eye dog
    spezza is lazy, doesnt give a *^#%
    spezza is a cry baby
    spezza is soft
    spezza wont ever put up 80 points, let alone 90+ again
    spezza's contract will handcuff Ott for years to come (a la Gomez's, DiPietro's)
    spezza is making 1/8th ottawa's cap space, and isnt 1/8th of their team!

    need more points?

  11. nordiques100 says:


    NY Rangers – The blueshirts are rich in offensive defenceman. They have vets like Redden and Roszival and while they are not producing, they just do not have the cap space to add yet another player who plays an offensive game and isnt a big strong defensive defenceman which they truly need.

    They have up and comers like Del Zotto, Gilroy and Sanguenetti. So skill on the backend isnt an issue. They need help for Marc Staal and add another strong tough presence to help clear the net. And they're likely going to focus on help up front to support Gaborik one of their two 20 goal plus scorers.

    NY Islanders – The Isles have Streit who does much of what Kaberle would bring. They are not in any position to really go after veteran players to help them win now. they are in full rebuild mode and have many other holes to fill like solidifying their D with bigger, stronger blueliners, adding more offence up front and just simply adding assets to build.

    New Jersey – They arguably would have a need on defence, especially on the offensive side. Everything is based on whether they can keep Paul Martin or not. The defence as a whole could use an upgrade.

    The problem is the Devils parted ways with many assets to acquire Kovalchuk at the deadline and thus do not even have a 1st to package. While they may have a big forward the Leafs covet like David Clarkson, he isnt the top 6 one that the team truly needs.

    Pittsburgh – The pens are an interesting case. they have a ton of money tied to a handful of players. They do have some cap space opening up.

    But their preference is likely to bring back Gonchar instead of trying to trade for his replacement. Gonchar has fit perfectly with the Pens and has developed great chemistry with the core group the Pens are built around.

    He'd bring as much to the table if not more than Kaberle and wouldnt cost the Pens anything in terms of assets. The team also has the very good Letang and Goligoski as solid offensive players on D.

    Philadelphia –  The Flyers made it to the finals with a big 4 of Pronger, Timonen, Coburn and Carle. They are unlikely going to break that up. They have to re-sign Coburn and when that is completed, they could have between 15-20 mil tied to these 4 dmen.

    So while Leaf Nation is hung up on getting Jeff Carter, it doesnt seem likely at all this will happen. If the Flyers make any additions, it would probably to add some depth at most to ease the burden for their top 4.

  12. Magleaves says:

    marleau and wilson are grown men not babies like some of the people in the legue.

    to them the past is the past and i dont know how many times its been stated on this website that marleau has said that he love to play for wilson again.

  13. leafs_akiberg8 says:

    Couple possible deals.

    PHX: Turris, Upshall and a 1st or 2nd rd pick (depending on kaberle signing longterm)

    Tor: Kaberle, Stalberg

    Phx had the third worst powerplay in the league last year and kaberle would help that. Also they get Stalberg who has potential. While at the same time not giving up much depth from last years team. Also Jovo and Kaberle would make a wicked D-pairing.

    Leafs get a player with a ton of upside in Turris, who hasnt got a chance to play due to phx having a deep forward roster. A burke type player in Upshall and a possible draft pick if Kaberle signs longterm with phx.

    Tor: Kaberle, Caputi

    Van: Hodgson and Bieksa

    Decent deal for both sides swap young talent and Vancouver gets a solid PP threat and Toronto gets alot tougher.

    Fla: Horton, Bitz
    Tor: Kaberle

    Burkey gets 2 big bodies ready to step into the lineup. Kaberle and mccabe get reunited and put up numbers like they used to.

  14. nordiques100 says:


    Atlanta – The Thrashers would probably use any money they have to re-sign Kubina. They have a very good offensive blueline with Enstrom, Hainsey, Bogosian and Oduya. Lots of speed, mobility and Enstrom is turning into a fine point producer. Bogosian is likely going to be the star of this group.

    Thus, there just doesnt seem to be much sense in the Thrashers taking a run at Kaberle. Sure they have assets like a few decent young players and 2 1sts to make available, the fit isnt logical here.

    Carolina – there was a rumour earlier on about Kaberle going here in a package that would pry Brandon Sutter out of Carolina. That makes no sense for the Canes. Sutter is a key building block. As will be their top 10 pick. While they do have 3 2nd rounders, that just isnt enough to get Kaberle.

    They are weak on D, with just Gleason and Pitkanen sure things back there. But after a few years of draft busts, moving picks and going with grizzled veterans, this team isnt really in any position to part with more youth.

    Washington – They do have Mike Green, the NHL's leading scorer among dmen. But the next highest points getter on their team was over 50 points behind Green.

    They may just seek another offensive player back there and Kaberle is someone who may fit in nicely with this group.

    The Caps are super explosive up front with Semin, Ovechkin and Backstrom. Adding a guy who can make great first passes, well that could be a big boost.

    But scoring wasnt the problem. It was finding players to do the dirty work which is why many rumours say its Volchenkov whom they will target.

    They are likely going to break in Carlson and Alzner and need to re-sign Schultz, they may run out of money fast.

    but they are in a position to not only win, but part with assets to win. They could move their 1st. They could offer up prospects like one of their young dmen or perhaps forwards among them being Fehr, Flieschmann. they have other priorities and until those are address, any talk of Kaberle would be on the back burner.

    Tampa – A new owner, with money and a new GM with likely a licence to change could mean change in Tampa. But they are not in a position to part with youth/high draft picks to win now.

    This team is still in building mode. I just cant see Yzerman seeking a quick fix for this team. I see him mostly being a very patient GM and one who's going to be very cerebral and not someone ready to jump right at it like Brian Lawton did.

    And with Meszaros, Ohlund, Hedman, they have lots of dollars tied to their D. They have Ranger to think about bringing back. They have many holes to fill as well up front.

    Florida – The cats are another team in no position to think about win now. While they do want to win now, and may need to win now because of the fact they've missed the playoffs for so many consecutive years, financially they may not be in any position to jump in, grab quick fixes and part with key, young assets.

    They do have players available like Horton and even Weiss. But this was before Dale Tallon took over. They were also looking to move Vokoun for financial reasons.

    Now I am not really sure of Tallon's agenda. He did use the draft as his key building tool so that may be where he goes here. But financially, if the team is in trouble and looking to move bigger contracts, why would they then part with assets get get Kaberle for a year and not have any guarantee he'd stay?

    The Panthers and Leafs are one in the same. They've been below average teams without playoff appearances post lockout. They're going nowhere soon and Kaberle isnt going to help them.

  15. LeafsneedSteen says:

    NYR – Reasonable, they'd eat Redden's contract as there is no other alternative and Kaberle would be willing sign an extension there. Gilroy and 1st could comeback the Leafs way. Kaberle would be redundant be NYR loves to land names that have trade or UFA buzz.

    NYI – still have years of mailing it in ahead of them.

    NJ – A likely destination however the cupboards are a bit bare after the Kovelchuck deal

    Pens – yep, the possibilities have been talked to death.  Only twist would be land Staal and pick up Gonchar as a UFA.

    Philly – I can't think of a need Philly has other than long term cap relief or maybe a goaltender. Think the best possible return would be Hartnell, not that enticing.

  16. HABSSTAR says:

    Well seriously, I think Marleau could be really good for TO with Kessel, and if you have to hitch your wagon to one of the following:

    a) a player with lots of skill who hasn't taken his team to playoff success; or
    b) a coach who was able to lead a talented team to regular season greatness but couldn't find a way to translate that into playoff succes.

    Who would you take a gamble on.  Personally if Wilson is the only reason Marleau wouldn't come to Toronto he'd have pink slip within five minutes.  Coaches are a dime a dozen and I've yet to see one score a goal. 

  17. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Boston – They'll never win with Chara, trading for Kaberle and extending would denote a necessary culture change. Burke could ask for their 2011 pick back.

    Buffalo – Desperate for a puck moving defenseman, can't solve their shortcomings through free agents. Kassian plus a 2nd 2011 and 3rd 2010

    Montreal – too many of there own UFAs and RFAs to deal with before tweaking

    Ottawa – Kaberle would be a good fit, unfortunately they don't have expendiable top six forwards.

  18. hockey_lover says:

    Im not sure how many Pens games you watch but saying Goligoski is solid is a bit overstating.

    Yes, the kid has buttloads of talent but is so WILDLY inconsistent.

    Can he put it together as the years go? Hopefully. But as of right now, today, I wouldnt call him solid at all.

  19. mojo19 says:

    Byron Bitz is 26, has only been in the league a couple of years and hasn't really established himself as an NHL regular yet. He's a decent plug and I guess might push the likes of Hanson and Irwin etc. in camp, but that's about it.

    Horton on the other hand is an interesting player. Although I don't think he'll ever be a star or score at a point per game pace consistantly, I do think he could be a 30-30 guy for a long time. He reminds me of Scott Hartnell, but I don't know if this would be enough for Kaberle.

  20. mojo19 says:

    I have to agree. Goligoski was brutal against the habs and pretty bad against Ottawa, I was not impressed at all with this guy in the playoffs.

  21. nordiques100 says:

    A rookie. plenty of time to develop into something good. offensively he is. defensively he still needs work. what under 25 dman not named drew doughty doesnt?

  22. TheLeafNation91 says:

    If the fourth pick does go to Toronto somehow…I don't see Burke using that pick and trading down to get more assets as he has tons of quiality d-men (Gunarsson, Komisarek, Beauchemin, Phaneuf, Gunarsson)

    Maybe thats how he could pry Neal or Benn off Dallas as they need another d-men to build around now that Zubov is gone, also, they have tons of young forwards as well



    11th pick, Neal or Benn


    4th pick, Hayes, Reimer

    Then I see them flipping tp the 16-18 area and try to p[ick up a second rounder they gave up for Kessel

    For example:


    17th, secound rounder



    So…In a day of trades We lose


    Pick up

    Neal or Benn
    A first rounder
    A second rounder

  23. albertateams says:

    So you don't like Spezza's game?

    You are obviously a Spezza hater and thats fine but any Kaberle hater (I am not a Kaberle hater) would put his name where Spezza's is minus the contract part, but after this year who knows where that will be.

    He is still a decent offensive center  and creative with the puck  put him with a bona fide sniper  (Kessel, Iginla) and he gets 75-85 points in a season he is only 26. Sure he is overpaid by a 1-2 million but there are alot worse contracts and nothing compared to Gomez or Dipietro's.

  24. Kyleton says:

    Spezza is unhappy about being the whipping boy in Ottawa and all the negative media attention he gets. Therefore he is a no go for Toronto.

  25. Boston_Bruins says:

    I think the Kaberle to Boston ship has sailed. As bad as Wideman was this year he could still be relied on to move the puck. They also signed Alexandrov who is known for that as well. If/when they sign Seidenberg, he's shown he can do it too and also proved to be a perfect partner for Chara.

    That deal seems like a big overpayment too. Colborne has star potential if he develops correctly and the 15th pick isn't exactly low. As for Ryder he has one year left on his deal with the cap going up this year. It isn't really all that necessary to dump him. He also improved towards the end of the season and should at least bounce back in a contract year. 

  26. Boston_Bruins says:

    Watching Bitz in Boston I wouldn't exactly call him a plug, but he isn't too far off from that. He won't put up numbers but he's a beast down low.

  27. leafy says:

    See?  It's not just in hockey where idiots run the league (eg, Bettman, Colin Campbell, etc). Morons are also in charge of major league baseball as well!


  28. Boston_Bruins says:

    That was brutal. You gotta feel for the ump too. He was pretty torn up about it.


    How about Spezza to SJ for Joe Thornton.. or Kaberle to LA for Moller, Frolov, 2010 1st round pick, conditional pick if Frolov leaves for the KHL….

  30. reinjosh says:

    Its not worth it. I would rather spend that money on someone within the organization (if someone stepped up) or Kovy this offseason (if we can get him) or someone next season and use Kaberle to get some nice future pieces.

    A big reason these rumors are coming out is that apparently Spezza cannot deal with pressure. Do you really think coming to Toronto would help that? Granted he could see it as a way to screw over Ottawa fans but thats highly unlikely.

  31. reinjosh says:

    The second one doesn't really work though. All the evidence points to it being solely the players fault. Number one, a he got the most out of his players in the regular season. They disappeared, not him. That kind of disapearance isn't on the coach because its not possible that he is the only problem. He also brought them to a conference final. Number two, the fact they still continuously fail proves it wasn't Wilson at all and in fact only the players.

  32. reinjosh says:

    He isn't actually a rookie and he has a very long way to go.

  33. reinjosh says:

    The Maclean interview yesterday was brutal. Every conversation Bettman has is a battle he needs to win. I cannot stand him.

  34. albertateams says:

    It's not worth it for the sens. Its not a great deal for the leafs either though. Plus its very unlikely the two teams make a trade. Of course any team would rather get someone for free but a lot of those deals rarely pan out.

    I don't buy the pressure argument. I do agree that he shouldn't be the face of the franchise though. How about a deal with Calgary? 
  35. reinjosh says:

    Thats a deal that has been talked about for a while (the Calgary one) and I think it could work. Its would have to be done without Backlund and it would be a make or break move for Sutter. And it wouldn't be for a huge package. Spezza's value is down a lot. Maybe Bouwmeester and a forward for Spezza and a prospect.

  36. leafy says:

    Bettman is a professional liar and the epitome of arrogance. In other words, an asshole of epic proportions.

    I commend Ron Maclean for that interview. If it was me, I'd wring Bettman's scrawny little neck.

  37. leafy says:

    A very unfortunate situation. At least the ump is only human.  But what bothers me is that Bud Selig can't even take charge of a no-brainer situation to so the right thing.

  38. leafy says:

    The Fourth Period reports that Kaberle will definitely be moved. Now if somebody reports a rumor with actual players names, that would be a significant upgrade on all the hollow rumors that have been reported thus far.

  39. leafy says:

    By hollow rumors, I'm referring to the media. Not the fun rumors on this site.

  40. turdfergusson says:

       Tomas Kaberle is not enough to land a 1st rndr. He's a fine player but he's aging and arguably his best days are behind him. Also, he'll probably want a raise and could walk via UFA at the end of the 2010-11 season. This is the kind deal that gets GMs fired.

       Though Burke has the Leafs pointed in the right direction let's not forget he pretty much traded Taylor Hall or Tyler Sequin for a modern day Cliff Ronning : (

       Any armchair GM who thinks giving up your team's 1st rounder for Kaberle should look here: http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/draft/index.html , to see what your team could potentially have for a fraction of the cost in a salary cap market place.

  41. HABSSTAR says:

    Well I guess if you wanted to not consider any evidence of his coaching in Toronto then yeah you could say it was all his players fault.  

    So you'd sooner keep Wilson?   

  42. nordiques100 says:


    Chicago – they need to get out of the mess they have with the cap. at the maximum now, with just 14 players to sign, its not plausible for them to acquire Kaberle. They would have to find a taker for Campbell and thus Kaberle then could easily replace him at a much cheaper price.

    Detroit – they just brought back Lidstrom and have one of the best top 4s in the NHL. they're ok on D and have no need for Kaberle with Lidstrom and Rafalski already dominant offensive players on the backend.

    Nashville – They will probably lose Hamhuis and could possibly lose Grebeshkov. The issue with them is that they are not big suitors for free agents and the chances of Kaberle staying with them is slim to none. Would he really be a big need considering they have Weber and Suter? Probably not. And they really do not have the resources other than Radulov to move. And the Leafs will probably not offer Kaberle for just Radulov.

    St Louis – Here is a team that has a few needs….everywhere. Goal is top priority and they have big forward skates to fill with Tkachuk retired and Kariya likely gone. But on D, they could use another offensive defenceman to help Eric Johnson. They do have a few good young players on the way who may help in that regard, but immediately the Blues are without a PP QB.

    The team has some young players that they could offer up. The player the Leafs would probably want the most, Backes, is probably the player the Blues would trade last. They themselves need that kind of size and scoring up front. It would probably centre around players like Boyes or Perron or someone like that rather than Backes or Oshie.

    And they may move one of their young dmen too in the package. But at the same time the Blues are a team that will be conservative in spending. They've built a fine young team but are not quite ready to contend and thus may take a pass on adding high priced veteran help.

    Columbus – biggest rumour to spark all of this was the jackets moving the 4th to get Kaberle. While some fans feel that is not enough, the reality is, its way too much. Yes the jackets are desperate, but that desperate?

    They do have interest in Kaberle. And they have a pressing need for a top offensive blueliner to spark an attack that is ordinary. Their PP could use a boost and they've never had such a player on their backend.

    Instead of the 4th overall though, the team may prefer to package someone like Filatov or even Brassard and perhaps a young Dman like a Golubef or even Russell. They do have 2 2nds and may be willing to part with their 2nd which will be 34th overall.

  43. nordiques100 says:


    Calgary – The Flames have too many Leafs as is and are tapped out cap wise. They have more pressing needs like offensive help up front. Their D is fairly deep and very expensive as is with Ian White still in need of a contract. They are likely not suitors for Kaberle.

    Edmonton – They are a rebuilding club so probably not a team ready to look for immediate short term help. But, Kaberle did play for Quinn and had great years under the former leaf coach. The Oilers wont trade their 1st, but have lots of good young assets to potentially package. They probably could use an offensive QB on the backend and have someone get the puck to what looks like a very good group of forwards. They have a ton of free agents to bring back and they'd almost certainly want to make the Leafs take back some contracts to fit Kaberle in their cap.

    Vancouver – The Canucks have been interested in Kaberle in the past and may still be. While Ehrhoff was a productive player and Edler has shown flashes of offence, they really could use a top end offensive player. The thing is, the Canucks may be looking instead for more guys with grit, character and less of a Euro influence. While many have stated that with Sedin and Kesler locked up long term, there isnt a need for a player like Cody Hodgson. But, wouldnt he be the type of skilled but game player to add to their lineup? Him and a 1st are what many in Leaf Nation want. Would the Canucks bite? My guess is no.

    Minnesota – The team has a fairly strong D offensively with Barker, Burns and Zidlicky. Their needs are more skill up front. Thus, they'd probably take a pass on Kaberle. They have some assets but are likely trying to find pure goal scorers and help at centre before adding yet another offensive defenceman.

    Colorado – Kaberle would be an upgrade over what they have now. Liles is ok but Kaberle is much better. They do have kids like Quincey and *****insky who are puck movers, but Kaberle could be the guy who helps spark an attack that features several good, young, fast forwards. Throwing the puck up for players like Duchene, Stewart, Mueller, there are plenty of weapons there. The issue is what could they offer. The Avs may not yet be in a situation where they dip into their organizational depth and move out prospects and 1st rounders. They're probably a team that overacheived. But, if they packaged their 1st along with a prospect like Ryan Stoa, a big forward prospect with lots of potential, then the Leafs may get interested.



  44. hockey_lover says:

    I agree with you guys.

    The guy DOES have the skills to be a monster offensive guy but lacks the defensive side big time. He gets WAY to nervous. He needs more composure and needs to relax a bit.

    Again, will he put it all together? Who knows .. he IS still young and having a guy like Gonchar around (if he doesnt leave) will help him. But he is quite a ways away from being a #1 or #2 guy.

  45. reinjosh says:

    The Toronto isn't something you can judge on him yet. When he was hired, it wasn't expected he would make the playoffs and any expectations for the playoffs this year should have been foolish (although many of us didn't see that). With the team he had, he wasn't at fault.

    And yes I would. I'm not a huge Marleau fan.

  46. nordiques100 says:


    San Jose: With Boyle, they have already an elite offensive defenceman. Their main priorities are re-signing Marleau, Pavelski and a goaltender if no Nabokov. And, this is a team that still didnt quite make it all the way. There is lots to improve, but after those re-signings, little cap space to maneuver. I doubt the Sharks show any interest. They'd only do it if they didnt have to give up any roster players.

    LA: The Kings are in a unique situation. They're young, they're up and coming, they're looking to make a big splash. The first dive in will be in the Kovalchuk sweepstakes, but its unlikely they'd be able to do any more than that. They have the resources to trade for Kaberle and adding a veteran to the mix on the backend to support Johnson and Doughty would be just fine. But they have to worry about re-signing those two next year along with Simmonds. it would be tough to fit that all in. Plus, they cannot part with their 1st as the draft is in LA.

    Anaheim – them acquiring Vishnovsky takes them out of the running. They need decision from Nieds too. if he comes back, there just isnt room for a 4 mil blueliner. Besides, they may seek instead a more physical presence. They're going to need cash to bring back Ryan and Selanne and Koivu if they don't retire. Forget Kaberle for Ryan. That's just Leafs Nation pure wishful thinking.

    Phoenix – its too bad they're in a place with so much uncertainty. Given that, there would be no way Kaberle re-signs there. Thus what they'd probably offer would be lowball. The leafs need to maximize that return. The yotes too would have lots of youth to offer. But they're not going to get a big fish. With the status of the franchise unknown, its likely Doan, the kids and a bunch of stop gaps until everything settles…..hopefully back in the Peg.

    Dallas – The interest is there, the need is there, the assets to move are there, the money is not. The owner is in the middle of some bankruptcy issues. While they did re-sign Lehtonen and ott to rich deals, players like Richards and /or Ribiero could be forced out.

    They really need an offensive catalyst on D. its been missing since Zubov left. While they have some good skaters back there like Niskanen and Daley, they do not have a pure offensive guy.

    They have some intriguing names to offer. Neal, Brunnstrom, Grossman, Niskanen, Daley, Wandell, their 1st, they have a varying group of assets to offer up.

    if they could pry neal, that would be the ideal player for the leafs. But my guess is a contract or an ok youngster needs to go back the other way to Dallas.

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