Burke Quashes recent rumors

Terry Koshan of the Toronto Sun is reporting that Maple Leafs G.M. Brian Burke is calling the recent trade rumors between the Leafs and the Lightning regarding a possible trade up to acquire the second overall pick.

It is reported that “In a flash, Brian Burke squashed trade speculation involving the Maple Leafs and the Tampa Bay Lightning yesterday.

Toronto’s general manager didn’t pull any punches — not that he ever does — when asked about the Lightning’s request for defenceman Luke Schenn and Tomas Kaberle and the Leafs’ first-round pick, seventh overall, in the NHL entry draft in exchange for the second pick overall.

“The concept is absurd,” Burke said in an e-mail. “I have said so to Luke, and am trying to reach Kabba to tell him the same.”

HTR believes that while the package deal may be a little generous in order to land the second overall pick Brian Burke will try very hard in order to land the pick. Tavaras would be a huge prize for the Leafs and someone who they would be able to build around for years. Also, does anyone really believe that Burke would admit to such a deal before hand.

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  1. the_word says:

    What do the Leafs being or not being 'elite' in the last 40 years have to do with
    what I posted? I get it you don't like the Leafs.

    Muckies I have grown to enjoy your post as you do well to stir pot and not simply by means of the tired, obnoxious cheerleading that the habs trolls offer up. But the 40 years and anti european angles are cliche and uninspired. You could take anti european and apply them to any market in Canada. I do recall plenty of talk that the Senators needed to adopt a 'North American' flavor after the playoff struggles in the past, but I beating that horses is uncritical and hackish.

    You're going out of your way to get a reaction out of the Leaf posters here while whining 'nah nah nah' when its pointed out to you. I'm not above name calling, I use it when I see it appropriate. For instance when someone delibrately looking to incite contrived conflict.

    I also didn't say you're classless or an idoit or all of the above. I said, you're acting liking an ass. So feel free to jump to conclusions try to convince yourself you've gotten the better of me or anyone esle here.


  2. hockey_lover says:

    *psssst*  Not to mention the uber classy Alfie redirecting a slapshot at Neidermeyer in the Finals.

    Alllllllll class.

    And Im a fan of the sens too …

  3. arigold says:

    It's quite simple really.  The Leafs right now are the only Canadian franchise that has accepted the fact that they will need a complete overhaul to build a competitive club.  With the exception of possibly the Oilers, all the other Canadian teams seem to have the mentality that they are just some short tinkering away from a cup final, and they couldn't be farther from the truth.

    Ottawa is a disaster right now.  Too much $$$ wrapped up in guys that will no longer live up to their billing, not to mention the worst defence in Canada hands down.

    Montreal is in a no win situation.  I don't see them attracting any quality free agents, and if they resign their current players, they'll have the same crappy team they had last season.  Not to mention that we now know that Carey Price is new Jim Carey of goalies, they're basically screwed.

    Vancouver just got smashed by a bunch of kids, and despite the fact that they just realized that their lineup is inferior, they don't really have a lot of room to change it up.  They should start over this summer, but they won't.

    Calgary will have this same boring team forever, and will forever be the 4th or 5th best team in the conference, no matter what.  A decent backup would really help them, but they aren't easy to come by.

    The Leafs however have lots of available options to overhaul their current lineup.  They acquired a building block stay at home defenceman in Schenn, and one of the better GM's in hockey last year, and thats a good start.  This team is going to be competitive quickly, and could quite possibly be better than any other Canadian team next season.

  4. the_word says:

    Welcome to the internet asshole.

  5. arigold says:

    It's official.  You are a moron, and a complete waste of time.  Spezza took such a heavy media beating this year it isn't even funny.  If he wasn't so expensive he would have been gone.  How you can deny that is astounding.  Then to turn around and accuse Leaf fans of mistreating players, what an f'n joke you are.  Like i said before, you have no right to talk about history.  Your team has none.  You guys are small time.  If you guys try really hard, maybe you can bring Hasek back for another run.  Hey I hear Petr Bondra isn't doing anything these days, maybe he can straighten your team out.  Say whatever about the Leafs, I totally admit the last 4 years have been horrible, but at least we're comin out of it.  With the piss poor decisions your management has made, your team is going to suck for a much longer time.

    Enjoy douche.

  6. Hatyfranco says:

    Thanks pezzz

    Not sure why I should beware of the mentioned names,  but you being the king of the world just doesn't work for me!
  7. goose says:

    i cant wait till the playoffs to end,
    and the draft!
    Cant wait to see what Burke has up his sleeves!

  8. DandoEagle says:

    FACT – Burke say's all over the place he's going to move up and draft Tavares.

    Fact- he said this so many times that most of the Loafsnation got erections ovr it.

    Fact – a good portion of the Loafs nation think taht a batterd up d-man and an above average AHL playr are going to be enough to get the most overly hyped draft pick since Lindros – I'm nto includingCrosby becasue we all know Crosby was good and we didn't hear n e thing about how so and so willl move up.

    Fact – Burke realizes taht he doesn'thave the assets to make a trade ith Tampa after Lawton called his bluff Burke has to back down.

    SO put that in your pipe and smoke it. How do u think if the Habs are in worser shape? They hav a cupborad full of prospects while the Loaves are finally putting some in their cupboard.

  9. DandoEagle says:

    y group me with a homophobe and an arsehole dude?

  10. codyducharme says:

     what about this possible scenario?:

      to atlanta:     martin st.louis, 2nd round draft pick in 2009 (from maple leafs),2nd round pick in 2009 (from lightning)

      to toronto:     4th overall selection in 2009 draft

      to tampa bay:  tomas kaberle,2nd round pick in 2010 (from maple leafs),eric boulton

     you can say what you will about this scenario, but this may make sense for all 3 teams. yes, atlanta dumps their pick in the draft, but they get a superstar winger to play alongside kovalchuk,without having to develop him and wait for him to mature,as well as 2 draft picks to compensate the 1st rounder. the leafs get the coveted top 5 pick, possibly to take brayden schenn. the lightning get an all-star defenceman, who the lighting haven't had since dan boyle, as well as a second rounder and a 3rd or 4th line body to fill out their roster.

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