Burke still after Schenn

Burke made it clear he wanted Brayden Schenn in a leaf uniform in the next couple of years. TSN even caught his disgust on camera when the Kings drafted Schenn this year, but Burke hasn’t given up on the Schenn brothers in Toronto. Rumor is Burke is currently working out a deal which would see Toronto send Tomas Kaberle and Jiri Tlusty to Los Angeles in exchange for Alexander Frolov, Brayden Schenn and the Kings 1st rounder. Frolov put up 59pts in 77 games and has been on a decline in the past couple years. In the WHL Schenn put up 88pts in 70 games. The Kings hope to make the playoffs next year meaning their pick will likely be in the 10-16 category. In Return they recieve a top 2 defenceman in Kaberle who usually puts up at least 50pts and a promising young forward in Jiri Tlusty who put up 66pts in 66 games for the marlies and added 4pts in 14 games for the Leafs this past year.

Frolov is set to make 4mil next year which makes him and kaberle pretty much an even swap. The kings would still have roughly 10million in salary to bring in another forward. Kaberle would greatly help the Kings offence and could be great for youngster Drew Doughty.

What does everyone think. Should the leafs throw in a Ponikarovsky or stajan type player or should they take someone other than Frolov?

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  1. Kenny878 says:

    I hope you're not trying to get my hopes up. I think Brayden Schenn is the next star of the NHL! I'd do that deal in a heartbeat. I'd even throw someone else in. Please tell me this is real!

  2. AJ23 says:

    I say through Poni or hagman in and change frolov for brown….that would be sweet… and mess around with the picks abit

  3. Kenny878 says:

    That would be a good trade but i cant see L.A. trading thier captain. I WANT BOTH SCHENNS WEARING THE BLUE AND WHITE

  4. ginomarco69 says:

    I hear rumblings of this as well..apparently Lawton didn't take Schenn to piss Burke off, rather but to ensure he has a trade partner .

    Sounds as thought if anything is going to get done it will be as follows:

    Kaberle, Kadri and Tulsty for Brown, Schenn and LA's 1st round pick 2010. Burke wants this package, but Lawton is looking at getting Kaberle and having Toronto take back some salary. Possibly Kopitar, Handzus or Stoll.

  5. Kenny878 says:

    I love that trade. I don't really like the thought of trading Kadri but to get SChenn is a good trade. Although i can't see this going down because I think L.A. likes Dustin Brown. Correct? Anyway where did you find this piece of news?

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