Burke up to something?

As a blurb at the bottom of the Jamal Mayers to San Jose story on Sportsnet.ca they mention that Brian Burke has cancelled his charity lunch this week in order to fly to Europe “in order to negotiate a deal with a prospective player”.This is most likely going to be another signing similar to the Marcel Mueller signing of a couple weeks ago. However its possible that Burke is negotiating with an NHL player who resides in Europe in the summer. Some notables include Fred Modin, Slava Kozlov, Teemu Selanne, Jere Lehtinen, Ruslan Fedotanko, Miroslav Satan. All of these guys are over 30 (or even 40), and given the way Burke has been building this team I would be pretty surprised if it were one of them.

There are a few under 30, European free agents, Evgeny Artyukhin for example, but this list makes me think that its another prospect Burke is going after.

Some people are saying its Peter Forsberg, but that sounds like internet rumorus to me.

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  1. Leafs_the_word says:

    Just like the good ol' days when Domi, Tucker, Corson, Green and Roberts would do anything they could get away with in the playoffs, I'll endorse the 'cheat to win' approach.  If others team are making a habit of these deals, then it's fair game IMO.

  2. mojo19 says:

    I loved that group and it perfectly complimented our skilled guys like Sundin and Mogilny, and to a lesser extent Reichel and Renberg, who had their moments too.

  3. DannyLeafs says:

    Don't get me wrong, I am not against it because I think it's cheating. I am against it because it's like cheating and still losing. I don't like other teams doing it because it locks up talent for too long, and it also seems to hurt the players value. It hasn't really seemed to work out for any team that has done it. I think Chicago could have won the cup without Hossa, and iced a better team for next season. And that's probably still nothing compared to how much that contract will likely hurt the team 5 years from now.

    I am all for doing whatever is within the rules in order to succeed, I just don't like these contracts from a standpoint that I don't think they work out well for the team that signs a player to them.

  4. leafy says:

    I think they're both good solid players and are known for their hockey sense and playing well defensively. Belanger I would try to sign for sure; solid player. Kennedy has a reputation of playing with a lot of energy and is a good passer.

    They downside is that both haven't put up great numbers, which is why they're cheap. But they're still solid.

    I don't know, I guess you gain as much as you lose, and you'll shave $2M off the cap. It's a good point.

  5. leafy says:

    According to "NHLRumor" Twitter, 60 percent chance Kaberle will be traded, 40 percent he'll stay a Leaf.

  6. mojo19 says:

    Ya of the four guys mentioned Grabovski has the most potential to put up around 50 points or better, but on the other hand Belanger is almost a lock for 35 points and he's very solid defensively and can be used in PK's. That extra production could be worth the gamble seeing how our PK was dead last in the NHL last year.

    Although I believe Versteeg is known for his work on the PK and thats a big reason why we brought him in.

  7. mojo19 says:

    where do you find these twitter accounts? I honestly start following shit on twitter that you post.

  8. mojo19 says:

    Well he didnt sign a prospect, sign a Euro free agent, or announce any Kaberle extnension (1-3)

    He may have done #4 or 5

    6 is possible but probably wishful thinking. And 7 is a real long shot.

  9. mojo19 says:

    Would you sign Kennedy on a two way deal?

    Also Tyler Arnason is kicking around, I'd give him a two way deal if he'd take it, he'd be a good Marlie and a decent call up if necessary.

  10. mojo19 says:

    I predicted that contract was not right before it was even announced http://www.nhlkvasni.blogspot.com check it

  11. mojo19 says:

    I disagree. I don't think Chicago would have won without Hossta in that line up. As good as they were, he was there best player on many nights.

    They definitely could have won without other big time free agents Brian Campbell and Cristobal Huet, however. In fact, not signing Campbell would have allowed them to just keep Cam Barker who was just as good.

  12. mojo19 says:

    haha, aw its okay Cam is cool you can say it.

  13. mojo19 says:

    Thats not the case at all. Although traditionally speaking, most draft picks don't turn into anything.

  14. mojo19 says:

    typical leafs hate

  15. mojo19 says:

    Nice game to go to. I wanna go to at least 3 or 4 games next year

  16. mojo19 says:

    Maybe not even

  17. mojo19 says:

    No I think they're doing things right now. The Kessel trade coudl be debated for long time but otherwise I love the style of rebuild.

    Bozak and Gustavsson are great free agent pick ups, the type that you can look back at and be happy.

  18. mojo19 says:

    I'd move Grabovski for a 3rd round pick in heart beat.

    both times moore was dealt for a 2nd round pick he was on a nothing contract, where as Grabovski still has 2 years and close to $5 mil remaining on his deal so a 3rd rounder is fair value for both sides.

  19. mojo19 says:

    thanks to Leafy, nords, Cam7777, the-word, reinjosh, and Boston-Bruins for making this one of the top 11 all time most commented on articles in HTR history.

    I've been a member since '03 and this is the most comments I've ever got on a story. (I believe 2nd most actually although all the comments on a previous article i posted were removed and it sits at 0 after being up around 400, this was before the filters and censors were brought in).

    GLG, I HEART 80!

  20. leafy says:

    It's really easy. All you need to do is, firstly, get into Twitter and pull up the page of any one high profile hockey media person, such as Bob Mckenzie for instance.

    Then on the top right hand corner of their page, click "following".  This pulls up all the people McKenzie's following.

    From that list, just cherry pick the people you know (eg, Kyreos, Dregger, Cox, etc) or what looks promising and add them to your followers. 

    Voila. You'll automatically get anything they post in real time.

  21. leafy says:

    Any time. Let's see if we can get this article in the top 10.

    About 2 years ago, there was one article that reeled in about 700 comments. It was around playoff time in 2008.  But then the site crashed and all the articles that entire week were lost.

  22. leafy says:

    Grabovski can be a good player. I'm sort of on the fence with him. On the one hand, he looks like all style but no substance. But on the other, there's no denying he has some impressive skills and speed.

    Hanson is hard to figure out as well. He's been a bit of a disappointment, but he's also got some good size and maybe he just needs seasoning. Sometimes those bigger guys take longer and can turn into good players.

    I'd really be glad to get Belanger. With him and Versteeg and Armstrong, you could see that Burke is going after players who have great hockey sense, play good D, and play hard.  I still wish we could get a scoring forward though.

  23. leafy says:

    My apologies to Nords. That comment was meant to be humorous, but comes across as mean. Sorry Nords.

  24. leafy says:

    Now that was one entertaining exchange. There should be more fights more often on this site.

  25. leafy says:

    Now only 4 days to go. Still hoping for a scoring forward.

  26. leafy says:

    Clowe and a first pick looks like the offer to beat.

  27. leafy says:

    Mind you the first pick could be number 30 overall.

  28. leafy says:

    Now that Stempniak is gone, I want him back. When he was here, I wanted him to be the first out of town. LOL

  29. leafy says:

    In retrospect, he wasn't a bad fighter. We just got so used to watching Domi dominate fights, we became spoiled.

    I'll never forget the playoff goal Belak scored against the Isles in '02.

  30. leafy says:

    Many people don't realize that he ended up with 28 goals!  The most of any UFA this year, after Kovalchuk.

  31. leafy says:

    Whatever happened to BBruins?

  32. DannyLeafs says:

    Don't get me wrong, I think Hossa was solid, and I don't think they would be as good a team by simply removing him. What I do think is that they could possibly have used that cap space in a different way and still won the cup without having to be tied to Hossa's ridiculous contract.

    I agree about Campbell and Huet, but they are just plain bad contracts, they aren't cap cir*****venting retirement deals.

  33. mojo19 says:

    Oh really? Ya that has happened a couple times.

  34. mojo19 says:

    Its weird because Lee was red hot in St.Louis when we traded for him, then didn't ever get hot for any significant stretch for a year and a half in Toronto, then was red hot in Phoenix when we traded him.

    Maybe he doesn't mesh with Wilson? Not sure. But I agree, at the right price Lee would be a solid veteran to bring in, and I would hope that he could play at that level he was playing in Phoenix.

  35. mojo19 says:

    Ya, we need a scoring forward, or else we need everything to go right for us. If we don't land a good forward, with the team we got, we'll need Kadri and Bozak to really step up and make a difference, and we'll need Kulemin to have a big time breakthrough offensively, like at least 50 points.

  36. mojo19 says:

    ah, good call, thanks leafy. I'm not too great with technology haha

  37. LeafFansAreGay says:

    Seguin is way better than Kadri. Kadri is over rated.

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