Burke up to something?

As a blurb at the bottom of the Jamal Mayers to San Jose story on Sportsnet.ca they mention that Brian Burke has cancelled his charity lunch this week in order to fly to Europe “in order to negotiate a deal with a prospective player”.This is most likely going to be another signing similar to the Marcel Mueller signing of a couple weeks ago. However its possible that Burke is negotiating with an NHL player who resides in Europe in the summer. Some notables include Fred Modin, Slava Kozlov, Teemu Selanne, Jere Lehtinen, Ruslan Fedotanko, Miroslav Satan. All of these guys are over 30 (or even 40), and given the way Burke has been building this team I would be pretty surprised if it were one of them.

There are a few under 30, European free agents, Evgeny Artyukhin for example, but this list makes me think that its another prospect Burke is going after.

Some people are saying its Peter Forsberg, but that sounds like internet rumorus to me.