Burke vows to make more roster moves

He was never going to fill the needs in the entry draft and the chances were remote that a big, first-line centre and an experienced goalie from the early days of free agency.

But that doesn’t mean Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke plans to head to training camp without acquiring either big ticket or both. Whether realistic or not, Burke vowed on Tuesday that there is plenty to be done over the next two-plus months.

“I would say that’s not a real possibility at all,” Burke told Sportsnet 590 The Fan radio when asked if the current roster will be the one that reports for camp. “That’s remote. We need to do some more work.

“We believe we can upgrade at those positions, yes.”

Burke acknowledged that the requirements of new coach Randy Carlyle will be different than those of Ron Wilson which is why size will matter in whatever shopping happens. He believes he answered that in part by acquiring big (but not necessarily nasty) winger James van Riemsdyk in the draft-day trade with Philadephia but more needs to be done.


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  1. HABSdomination says:

    Hey Burkie, on my mark…..ready……set……..TRADE!

  2. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    I wrote this before seeing this post.lol
    There is not much in the cupboards that the Leafs need via free agency…beyond the obvious usual suspects. Trade would seem to be the route Burke must be looking. Size in the top six is a big need and a veteran goalie to pair with Reimer.

    Players Burke would likely be willing to move IMO. Kessel (I believe he will be the major piece in a big trade), Connolly, Lombardi, Kadri, Gunnarsson, Liles, Komisarek, Scrivens, MacArthur, Bozak, and some prospects as well.

    Some players Burke may be eyeing and in order that I believe would make the most sense or probability of being available.

    Bobby Ryan – rumored to want a trade. Burke knows him well. A Kessel for Ryan type trade is not out of the question. Bozak between to power guys like JVR and Ryan may work.

    Rick Nash- A power forward on the right side that Toronto could really use. A Nash and Mason package may be available…the cost would be large to Toronto. Think along the lines of Kessel, Kadri, Scrivens for starters.

    Patrick Kane- Rumoured to be available- Hjalmarsson also being offered as he hasn’t lived up to expectations. Would a Kane, Stalberg, Hjalmarsson for Kessel, Gunnarsson, MacArthur type of trade be possible?

    Ryan Kessler-Coming off a poor season and the type of player Burke would covet. Not rumoured to be moving…but Burke pulls trades where you least expect them.

    Mike Fisher-one year left on his contract. If Suter signs elsewhere, Toronto may have some assets that Nashville could use.

    Johnathon Bernier- Burke may roll the dice on an unproven starter if nothing else materializes.

    Ryan Malone-Big centre/winger that Tampa may be willing to move. Toronto has D-men to trade back.

    Brian Boyle-Was strong for NYR during the playoffs and has the size and versatility that Burke may want. Maybe a Boyle with the struggling Dubinsky trade could be worked.

    Blake Wheeler- is a consistent winger with decent size on a team way below the cap floor. Winnipeg may be willing to take value plus contract back.

    Roberto Luongo-I doubt it and believe he is overrated, but the pressure may get to Burke and he goes for it. Maybe the big trade is Kessler and Luongo for…

    • LN91 says:

      I’m actually very intrigued on how the Kane situation pans out. I like him and his versatility a lot,who gives a crap if the guy parties? He’s young and still shows up to play each night.

      A package would most likely include Grabovski…Since they believe he would be a nice fit with Hossa at the deadline and they need a second-line Center.

      Do you do it? 100%. He’s a franchise player.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        Not sure if Burke will move Grabo for a winger. Leaves hime with a huge hole at centre. I actually think Kessel and Toews would be a very good combo and may interest Chicago.

        • reinjosh says:

          What would be the point of trading Kessel for Kane or vice-versa? They are essentially the same player, except one scores more than the other, and one has a propensity to party a little harder.

          • realistic_leafs_fan says:

            I disagree that Kane and Kessel are the same players. One competes harder than the other and most likely always will. I don’t mind Kessel, but as I have said for awhile, he is not the player to build a team around. He is a goal scorer who would be even more deadly if the NHL was non-contact. Unlike Kessel, Kane does not shy away. I am tired of watching Kessel back down in the corners or not compete for loose pucks. Kane is not my first choice, Nash is, then Ryan. Move Kessel for a talented forward that his teammates will respect him for how hard he competes.

            • reinjosh says:

              How often do you get to watch Kane? I suspect that many of the same feelings you have for KEssel would be felt for Kane. Kane is lighter than Kessel, by like 20 pounds, and like 2 inches shorter. He’s not the type of player that goes into the corners anymore than Kessel does.

              • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                I agree I have not watched Kane play a lot of regular season games, but I have Kessel:) I know Kane is smaller on the overall and lighter, the lighter could be because of Kessel’s (lack of) conditioning.lol I like what I saw from Kane’s compete level on the many playoff games I have seen him play. His playoff stats are pretty good and he will fill-out, so I’m not worried about that. I know a lot of guys love Kessel and that’s fine, I don’t hate him, I also don’t believe he is the guy to build around. He is a good support guy if all the pieces are in place…size, power, goaltending, solid D etc. to surround him with. I see more upside in Kane.

      • lafleur10 says:

        marc bergevin will jump in there and steal patrick kane away from burke………i could see it happen too

        • LN91 says:

          And what does Bergevin have that Burke cannot offer Chicago?

          Enlighten me. In terms of prospects, they can offer the same thing…In terms of NHL talent they’re willing to offer. The same thing.

          I’m assuming that the likes of Galchenyuk, Subban, Gardiner, Price, Lupul, Pacioretty, Reilly, and Kessel might be untouchable in this situation.

          • lafleur10 says:

            alot more than the leafs could offer!

            • LN91 says:

              Give me names…And separate your paragraph please.

              If you want to make statements like that, back it up.

              • lafleur10 says:

                ok this will never happen(this is just hypothetically) and for this thread and arguement sake:

                plekanec,galchenyuk tinordi,/beaulieu(their choice) 1st r.d pick that is a serious offer
                and i have doubts that the leafs could offer
                that kind of package

                • LN91 says:

                  Yeah. That would be hard to beat…But is that the offer you want to see?

                  All those guys for Kane?

                  • lafleur10 says:

                    no i just used it as a point for the arguement sake i’d hate it actually! like i said it wouldn’t happen,

                    you said to include names when i said we could outbid the leafs easily so i did
                    what would you offer be ln91?

                    • reinjosh says:

                      Well we wouldn’t include guys like that because it would be idiotic. So if you want to outbid us with that go right ahead…

                • ZillyHoo says:

                  Galchenyuk? I’d rather throw Subban in there if I were you… But… he’s generational talent.

                  • lafleur10 says:

                    if you thread the post which you obviously haven’t because your probably illiterate i said hypothetically and wouldn’t happen but i was replying to the question that ln91 asked who’d i’d include in t a trade that could top the leafs offer so i put those in therie but i can see that you have a hard time understanding english and reading go baack to grde school son1

                    • ZillyHoo says:

                      You’re instructing me on understanding English when you cannot construct a paragraph, distinguish your sentences and have the worst typing I’ve seen. At least proof read what you’re saying before you criticize me.

                      “go baack to grde school son1”

                      You’re funny.

    • nordiques100 says:


      Nik Backstrom – now thanks to those big signings the Wild may need to clear cap space.
      Luongo – not at that price Gillis wants: A 1st, A top prospect, A young roster player
      Bernier – best of the lot IMO. young, tons of potential.

      Bouwmeester – expensive, but with Giordano/Wideman, maybe a worthy dump for some younger, cheaper talents
      Regehr – him and Dion don’t get along. who cares, he’d help with the PK and add toughness.
      Hjalmarsson – I think he and Gunnarsson would make for a great shutdown pair.
      Tyutin – I think he and Dion would be a great pairing together if the Leafs insist Dion is the shutdown guy. Tyutin is underrated.
      Theo Peckham – good depth guy if Franson and maybe others moved out.
      Shea Weber – why not? no way he stays in Nsh

      Clutterbuck – what toronto needs
      Clifford – big and young but concussions the issue
      Clowe – a true grinder and leader.
      Morrow – same as Clowe
      Brouwer – big and can score some
      Kyle Beach – still a project and a prospect. Leafs could use his toughness

      Kane – the best man to get IMO
      Chris Stewart – big, skilled but really inconsistent
      Bobby Ryan – doesnt get along with Carlyle but BB loves him
      Paajarvi – i like him I think he’d fit in Toronto well. big and can skate
      Rick Nash – i’d absolutely love to see Nash in Toronto which is why it will never happen.

      Stastny – IMO another Connolly
      Gagner – a bit small and soft
      Getzlaf – no likely though if they trade Ryan
      Pavelski – strong two-way centre great add to any team
      Marleau – pure offensive threat, but prob doesnt want to leave west coast (has NTC)
      Dubinsky – versatile player who is strong on both sides.

      • DannyLeafs says:

        I don’t really get the comparisons between Stastny and Connolly. Statsny has missed 12 games in the past 3 years combined. He doesn’t play a soft game, he is responsible in his own end, and despite a couple of downer seasons he still has put up 20+ goals and 50+ points despite playing with supbar wingers for the most part.

        Also, while he isn’t a big guy, he is around 200 lbs and does go to the hard areas. I have watched colorado play a fair number of games last year, and while he is no generational talent, and isn’t as dynamic as Duchene, he is a solid 1A type center. Actually he plays quite a bit like Pavelski.

    • toronto77 says:

      First of all, the day we trade Kessel is the day we regret trading him. Even though this team sucks we do not realize how extremely lucky we are to have a scoring winger like him. He has had to put up with an unproven no.1 centre in Bozak for two seasons and still managed to score 30+ goals and got a bit of a break with Lupul’s bounce back season and the leafs are crossing their fingers that Lupul can maintain his previous season, but just incase he doesn’t, thank god we have JVR.


      Switching Lupul and Kessel for JVR and Ryan on the top line will not solve anything. Bozak is the problem!!! On no team in the league, should he be a number one centremen, regardless of how talented the wingers are.

      Bozak is at best a third line centremen, which isn’t a bad thing, but with the signing of centremen McClement, I think this starts a Bozak trade.

      I would love to add Patrick Kane to play centre, love his swagger and is great in both ends. Not a big guy put with his speed and stick handling it’s hard to strip the puck off of him.

      Doubt Burke adds Ryan after acquiring JVR unless he trades either Lupul or Kulemin. Like I mentioned before, I don’t know how many more trades Burke is going to make with Anaheim after hiring Carlyle. Unless Burke trades for Getzlaf and forces Carlyle to make ends meet.

      I’ve been saying all along that Bernier should be our no.1 priority.

    • toronto77 says:

      and…..who made up these Nash and Mason trades???? for months now on every single leafs article ppl are posting this trade proposal. Mason will not do any better than Reimer or Scrivens, but Bernier will!!! Unless Nash can play centre there is no need to trade for this guy, we already have Lupul, Kulemin and JVR.

      and….if we do trade for Nash, the key would have to be to trade for him without including Kessel in the package. So we can have a Nash and Kessel combo, subbing for the two will not make the team any better.

      The most repeated trade on this site is a Nash and Mason package trade to the leafs, it’s been two months, can we get some new trade suggestions already?

  3. nordiques100 says:

    So it appears Burke is not done based on his conversation yesterday on the Fan 590.

    Goaltending, Centre, getting grittier are the 3 main things he is looking for.

    Some players of interest:

    Ryan Getzlaf – I just dont see a scenario where Getzlaf is available. They’re probably going to be trading Ryan, so I dont see how they could move both guys. He is exactly who the Leafs need. There has been talk of fans hoping he is available as a UFA, but the track-record is poor when it comes to UFAs and the Leafs.

    Bobby Ryan – He had problems with Carlyle so who knows now if Burke would be interested. But he is big, can play centre but more suited for the Wing, and he is skilled. He’s a player Burke has liked a lot, but with his clash with the current Leafs coach, I dont know if Ryan will be all taht interested coming here.

    Jay Bouwmeester – 2 years left at 6.8 is a hefty price. But, I wonder in that case if he could be acquired for peanuts.

    Defence is a lower priority to upgrade, but there still may be a need to upgrade the blueline at some point.

    Nik Hjalmarsson – another defenceman who I think could really help add a more steady presence on D. Him and Gunnarsson would make a fine shutdown pairing.

    Kyle Beach – He’s young, and inexperienced, but he is big and tough. He’s already 22, and with a glut of forwards the Hawks have, he may be better served somewhere else. He’s the kind of big, rugged forward the Leafs could use on the 4th line. He has some potential too.

    Paul Stastny – He is a skilled, playmaking centre who could fit in nice with Lupul/Kessel. but he is soft, weak defensively and injury prone. Sounds like Tim Connolly doesnt it?

    Rick Nash – I am a huge fan of Nash. Its too bad Burke isnt. Its the contract he isn’t a fan of. But in today’s NHL, you won’t really be competitive without competing with that kind of money and term. Especially when you can afford to pay salaries for 10 franchises and still turn a profit.

    Brendan Morrow – with their recent acquisitions of Jagr, Roy and Whitney, is there room in the top 6 for their captain? He’s the kind of grinder and leader the Leafs need.

    Sam Gagner – He is a flashy, skilled centre still looking for the elusive consistency. He isnt big though and quite soft, which is what Toronto is trying to avoid. But, surrounded by big wingers, this guy could succeed. He has a great skill-set.

    Theo Peckham – he’d be a decent depth guy in case they decide to move Franson. Him and Holzer can battle it out for the 6th dman role.

    Kyle Clifford – Concussion issues aside, he is what the Leafs need in the bottom 6. he’s also young too, so could help the Leafs long term. he hits, he fights and has some potential. Its just that concussion he suffered in the playoffs. Its a concern.

    Jonathan Bernier – he’s the best option in goal IMO. He’s young and needs a chance. He has a high ceiling. The problem is that he’s a goalie, not a blocker. Not sure our goalie coach would like that.
    Cal Clutterbuck – I am a huge Clutterbuck fan. He’s a big hitter, but with some scoring ability and defensive acumen. I think he is exactly what Toronto needs to get grittier and tougher. He’d be a huge fan favorite being an Ontario guy and with his love for physical play.

    Colin Wilson – Its an intriguing choice wilson would be for the top line centre role. He has skill, he has size, but he hasnt found his game quite yet. Perhaps with opportunity and better players, he could start to succeed. He has good bloodlines. He was picked 2 selections after Luke Schenn in 2008.

    Chris Stewart – A local product, Stewart would add size and skill on the wings. Its consistency that is his worst enemy. Not sure if there is a strong need for another RW, but he could help for sure.

    Joe Pavelski – A skilled two-way centre, I think Carlyle would have some input here having his former Ducks face him many times. Pavelski is one of the league’s most versatile players. He is small though, so is that the fit Burke wants at no. 1?

    Patrick Marleau – Marleau brings more size and would be given a chance to play centre again after the last few years as Thornton’s winger. He can score, he is decent defensively and can skate really well. But does he want to leave SJ? He has a NTC.

    Ryane Clowe – Clowe brings much needed size, a nose for the net and a lot of grit and leadership. These are qualities the Leafs need in abundance.

    Roberto Luongo – if the price of:
    A 1st round pick
    A top prospect
    A young roster player
    is what Gillis wants, then good riddance.
    He would though instantly solidify goal for the Leafs and give the team the backbone back there since pre-lockout.

    Evander Kane – he isnt a centre, but he is a powerful scoring winger with lots of upside. I think he’s a stud, and would be great for the leafs. he’s a big building block, and could be had in a Kessel like trade. Would the leafs do that again? This time may be worth it.

    Troy Brouwer – if the Caps are more interested in skill, then they could flip Brouwer who’d be a nice, big body forward with some scoring ability for the Leafs.

    Brandon Dubinsky – He has good size, skill and is versatile. he had a bad season last year. He could be a centre option for toronto. Just not sure if Toronto has what NY would be interested in return.

    Robyn Regehr – He didnt get along supposedly with Dion, but its not about friends, its about winning. He’s on his final year of his deal and would be a nice rental having played with Dion and giving Toronto a big physical presence.

  4. HABSdomination says:

    Realistic fan:

    Who in their right mind would take Grabo’s contract? This is not to knock the Leafs because even if he were still playing in Mtl with THAT contract, i would be mega-pissed. I would never have signed him at that price. But that’s just me, i kind of dislike the guy due to his attitude when playing here, so i guess i’m biassed. I just couldn’t help myself when i saw that you mentionned him in your post!!

    As far as the Kane situation, oof….. that’ll be a nice one to follow. I mean, the guy is such a remarkable player but off the ice? How can you beat up a cab driver when you’re a multi millionaire? Dunno, just doesn’t make sense in my decent, hard working mind….

    And as for the rest of your scenarios, Nash, Kane, Ryan: by the looks of things and based on previous trades, O’l Burkie would probably give up about 57 1st picks for these guys so, are you sure you want those trades?;)

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      Grabo’s contract is fine, maybe $0.5M more than it should be but with a 70M cap it is a decent contract for a top 6 forward. I don’t know how much trade value he has, he definitely wouldn’t get us Kane unless the other pieces are solid though.

      • lafleur10 says:

        i still don’t think the leafs have enough to get kane unless kessel + is going the other way

        • LN91 says:

          The Leafs could create a package surrounding Grabovski. He was a player they wanted at the deadline.

          And why would it he Kessel+…It would most likely be straight up. Maybe Kane+?

          • lafleur10 says:

            come on ln91 grabovski is veruy ovverrated and simply not that good ! the blackhawks wouldn’t take him in any deal for kane and kane is better than kessel is younger won a stanley cup is more productive than kessel up until this past season kessel was a career 60 point player that’s why it would take kessel + kessel had a career year and likely won’t repeat what he did last year he might but it’s doubtful kane had an bad year in terms of production he’s a 88-90 point player imo and had had 3 70+ point season already with an 88 point season he’s a franchise type player and you trade those guys for grabovski’s or kessel’s straight up like it or not it’ll cost you keseel plus! if that was the case burke would’ve had a franchise guy already if teams wanted grabovski! plus if kane is available i’ll almost gaurantee that marc bergevin will be bringing to the habs since he was part of the group that drafted him and toews for the blackhawks plus he wants to make a huge splash as g.m. for the habs so i think kane will be with us at some point

            • lafleur10 says:

              and we have the assests to acquire him…. we could easily outbid the leafs for kane

            • HABSdomination says:


              Dude, your nickname is Lafleur, so obviously, i love you no matter what but hey: ever heard of a paragraph?

              And by the way, as much as i’d love to see Kane in “Le bleu-blanc-rouge”, the chances of this trade happening are like a beer can after Bufyglien steps on it: slim.


              • lafleur10 says:

                Hd don’t be surprised if bergevin does a deal at some point involving patrick kane there is a very good chance he could do it at some point like i said he knows what kane is and what p.kane can do he was there when they drafted him i could see it down the road kane and galcheyuk as our 1-2 centers it might not happen like you said,but like i said my fellow habs bro don’t be surprised either if it does!

            • ZillyHoo says:

              The only invalid arguement here is Kane’s stanley cup year in which the Hawks were stacked top to bottom. Winning a cup doesn’t make you the best player ever… Penner’s won like, three and he’s still just a 2nd-3rd line guy.

              • lafleur10 says:

                he’s 1 of the hawks best players him and toews are the 2 top forwards on the blackhawks!

                • LN91 says:

                  With a team consisting of Hossa and Sharp as well.

                  Enlighten me, whose Kessel’s supporting class?

                  • lafleur10 says:

                    kane and toews are the best players on the blackhawks hossa and sharp are there wingers but if those guys were on any other team they wouldn’t get you a kane kessel suporting class isn’t as good as those guys either sharp is twice the player that lupul is and hossa is a better winger than kulemin so it’s not even close

                    • LN91 says:

                      So…You just proved my point…

                      Kane would not be able to do what Kessel has done in Toronto.

                      Now tell me, how many wingers in this league can put up 80 points with Toronto supporting cast?

              • lafleur10 says:

                and that’s why penner would be a perfect fit on toronto he’d be another 2-3rd line guy to add to the surplus they already have lol!

              • HABSdomination says:

                Invalid argument? Even if i am not the one who made that argument, let me go ahead and back the guy who did:

                While i agree with the Penner situation(i wouldn’t even sign that bum for 700,000$ per), i have to say that, when you look at Kane, he DID score the winning goal to win that cup and he did have a nice playoff run. Basically, he showed that he could show up and perform when it mattered the most. Scratch that; he shows up always.

                So, i think that for Kane, the cup argument is pretty solid.

          • HABSdomination says:

            Kessel for Kane straight up? Any day of the week, twice on sundays. No matter how much of a dick Kane is, you can’t compare the 2 players.

            Bowman would never do that though. It would be Kessel + + + + + + + and +. He’d just try and rob the Leafs. You can’t just go ahead and trade Kessel straight up for another player, you just can’t. Kessel is fine where he is. All the Leafs need to do is find a partner for the kid. Nash, Getzlaf, Ryan, any freakin’ one but for the love of god find someone to complete that 1-2 punch!

            Going back to Kane though, here’s my take on it:

            Hawks: Kane, Crawford


            Kings: Bernier, Williams, Gagné, 2nd

            After that trade, the league could just go out and carve the team’s name on the cup for the following 7 years, therefore skipping the playoffs for that period of time and having every fan commit suicide due to post-regular-season-depression.

            Now that takes care of the Kane situation. Hypotheticaly of course…..

            • reinjosh says:

              Of course you can compare them. They are actually similar players. Small, speedy with great offensive skill.

              Kane arguably has more to work with and has for his entire career. Thus he’s been abl eto average 70 points because he has players to pass to. Talented offensive players to pass too mean more assists. Kessel hasn’t had that until this year when he finally got to play with a talented top 6 player in Lupul, and look what happens. Magically his assist totals shoot up to a level similar to Kane’s.

              Kessel is and always has been the better shooter too. Kane’s good but he’s only hit 30 once (a year he tied Kessel in goals). Kessel hasn’t been lower than 30 in the past 4 years. Kane hasn’t been higher.

              So it’s easily arguable they are comparable players in value.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      I actually said it would be Kessel most likely in a deal for Kane. I said I would doubt Burke moves Grabo, so I am not sure what you are referring to.
      Anyhow, to answer your question. I would say you must be very biased. I could name many players with similar talents and pts that have similar cap hits. $5.5 mil for a 55-70 pt “second line”(as he is referred to) centre who is entering the prime years of his career is not a bad contract. A little high, but not bad.
      As for Kane, on ice he competes (as well as off apparently.lol) which is something I would prefer over Kessel, who yes can score but doesn’t always compete. A young player can learn to be better off ice but it’s harder to teach a compete level.IMO
      Since I already gave my thoughts on what it will take to land any of the three you mentioned, do you really want me to repeat myself?;)

      • HABSdomination says:

        No need for that. Man, you can keep dreaming on that triple scenario though.

        ….but i have to say, if Burke could pull just 2 of those players, that would make for a sweet ass hockey club, just like you guys deserve. As much as i hate those damn Leafs, they are a prestigious hockey club and the entire league would benefit from a strong Maple Leaf team. Plus i’d love to see the habs kick their ass!!!!;)

  5. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    LOL, I never said I expect we get all three.lol I’m thinking of getting one of the three. BTW…If we got 2 of the 3, how are you going to kick our ass!!!LOL

  6. nordiques100 says:

    Suter’s old D partner in college was…Tom Gilbert, of the Minnesota Wild. They’re back together again.

    Too bad Gardiner couldn’t convince Schultz to join him.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      It would have been sweet.
      Although, I tried to make the following point before the signing but not many agree, which is cool. I believed Gardiner wouldn’t help Tornoto’s cause of getting Schultz. Gardiner and Schultz play a similar style, add Phaneuf, Liles and Gunnarsson in the mix and Schultz sees a lot to leapfrog to get into the top 4. Schultz and Gardiner would not be a goood pairing in the NHL at this point. Had Gardiner been traded, Schultz moves into his spot and instant top 4 minutes and powerplay time. I’m not saying the Leafs should have traded Gardiner, but I don’t think Schultz wanted to battle his former teammate for top minutes.

      • nordiques100 says:

        Honestly I believe its Liles. Had they not re-signed him, there’s those 20 minutes, especially the top PP unit that would have worked out for him.

        Dion is going to play a ton, 25 minutes at least.

        Gardiner and Schultz could have been at least 20.

        Franson and Komi at the low end, Gunnarsson anywhere from 18-22 minutes.

        With Liles, Schultz was going to get about 15 minutes maybe, a night, should he be in the lineup.

        • Shoelesshobo says:

          The thing is though the stats don’t like When Healthy our team with Liles was doing amazing. He was a difference maker don’t believe me see where our PP was when he was not out with a concussion.

  7. MPA says:

    Firstoff, Kessel isnt going anywhere not for anyone unless its john tavarse.

    Gunnersson can give us a good return if packaged with franson or komi

    If i were the leafs i would offer colborne Kadri gunnerson komi franson and a pick for tavares not saying they would consider it butt know one is untouchable.

    another choice would be sign stasny give up gunnerson komi franson if for duchene send kadri and a pick in addition to what would be offered for stasny.

    All in all i feel we arnt to far from being a contender.

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      that 3rd paragraph I did not understand at all. lol

      I agree about Kessel, he isn’t moving unless someone overpays big time. Tavares fits the bill of an overpayment.

      That offer for Tavares is very interesting, on the one hand Tavares is the best player and the Islanders might regret moving him for a long time, on the other hand that kind of package can make you so deep in every position that they could be counting the legit cup runs on both hands. 😛

    • HABSdomination says:

      Are you kidding me?


      “i would offer colborne Kadri gunnerson komi franson and a pick for tavares”

      I know Garth Snow’s an idiot but jeez, not even a 2 year old retarded Leaf GM would even PROPOSE a trade like that to another retarded 2 year old GM…..

      On top of that, you propose the same trade but still offer even less for Duchene????

      Bro, no offence, but stick to soccer 😉

  8. dumbassdoorman says:

    Anyone see the interview with Burke on PTS? I am not defending him here, however he seemed pretty sure he would have made a moves and the team would have a different look by camp. Here’s being cautiously optimistic that he can pull something off.

    • dumbassdoorman says:

      lol, I should note that I do realize that is what this thread is about, however, I sawe the interview after reading and had a different view from it.

      • reinjosh says:

        What exactly did he say?

        • dumbassdoorman says:

          Said he was confident of being able to do a few things that they want to at a reasonable price. Also stated he wasn’t gonna clean out the now stocked cupboard for the sake of making a trade. I liked that as, I for one hated seeing 1st rounder dealt one after the other and seeing the future look bleek. I am probably older then most here and let me tell you the 80’s sucked watching pick after pick get rushed or dealt away….in bad trades like Courtnall for Kordic….lol.

          • reinjosh says:

            Good. I’m glad to hear he’s sticking to building the team for the future and won’t risk trading prospects/picks just to get us into the playoffs.

            And hopefully that confidence in getting something done isn’t the usual Burke bluster.

    • Schneidfeld says:

      Agreed. His caution won’t make him popular with Leafs fans who’ve had enough of waiting, but his job isn’t to be popular, it’s to do what’s best for the team. He might get canned this year if the Leafs miss the playoffs, but I’ll forever respect him if he resists being selfish & trading away a ton of valuable future assets to try to save his job. I’m hoping he can find a middle ground…

      • Schneidfeld says:

        P.S. Nobody seems to credit Burke for the collection of assets he’s accumulated over his time here either. I remember the state of things when he walked in. He may not have brought us glory (yet?), but he has restocked the cupboards and the future looks better because of it.

        • reinjosh says:

          That’s because they are acting like petulant children and can’t see 5 feet past their faces. They don’t seem to realize that Burke stopped playing the “quick rebuild” about two years ago and is now looking to build a strong team with strong assets, all while being young.

          Granted I’ll give them that Burke’s propensity to say the they will make the playoffs, and do a rebuild on the fly didn’t really help him out.

  9. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    We finally agree on something…more or less,lol not the petulant children part,:) but on Burke in general.
    He has not mortgaged the future to try a quick rebuild, but has stocked some good assets from a cupboards bare situation.
    That said, I do feel a big trade is coming that may use one or some of those assets for an immediate need.
    Since the assets now exist and can bring immediate help, the timing is appropriate.

  10. hockey_geek-squad says:

    what do you guys think about this:
    To toronto:
    Rick Nash
    Conditional 7th round pick (if he plays less than 60 games)
    Conditional 6th round pick (if he gets less than 65 points)
    To Columbus:
    the right to RFA Cody Franson
    Matt Frattin
    Carl Gunnarson
    Kenny Ryan
    Next years 1st round pick
    Conditional 3rd in 2 year (if less than two of those players are not playing in the NHL.
    I think this would be a good move for both sides columbus gets solid temporary defenceman intell young defence like Ryan Murray get in the NHL. They get potental lodded wingers Kenny and Matt and always good to have picks. Toronto gets a big winger who is bouned to deliver in a new seting and a little insurance that he plays a solid amount of games. Thx for your time comment your opinions!!!

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      I don’t think your offer is enough to get Nash. IMO, The offer will have to have a proven top player(ie Kessel), top defencemen or top prospect(ie Gardiner, Reilly, etc) + a first rounder, a prospect (ie Kadri, Colborne, Ashton) and a roster player (ie MacArthur, Bozak, Kulimen). At this point it will take a significant offer to land Nash who ultimately decides where he will go. The price may go down as time goes on and the season draws near, but right now, I just don’t think what you offered is enough.

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