Burke waits, but the end seems near

More and more, this is looking like the end.

There are only so many bullets you can dodge. And with the deadline on his no-trade clause fast approaching, it is becoming increasingly evident that Tomas Kaberle will not be continuing his career with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Of course, this is all speculation. But the trade offers — six teams reportedly remain interested — are coming in almost daily now, each one seemingly better than the next. So while Brian Burke continues to say, “this is not an auction” and that he “has no problem keeping the player,” what are the chances that the Leafs GM actually allows this window to close for good?

Because if the Leafs do not move Kaberle before Aug. 15, when his no-trade clause goes back into effect, then Burke risks losing his biggest asset.

From Aug. 16 onwards, Kaberle gets to call the shots. If he wants, he can play out the entire season, become an unrestricted free agent, and leave the city in a similar fashion to what Mats Sundin did a few years ago.

That is the reality of this situation. Burke knows it. And the league’s 29 other general managers know it, too.

This could be the reason why the offers have yet to entice Burke enough to make a move. Or it simply could be he is asking for too much.

“We’re not asking for anything,” Burke said. “We’re fielding offers. We’re either going to get an offer that makes sense for Tomas Kaberle or we’re going to keep him.”

The difficulty is figuring out what offers might make sense.

It is no secret the Leafs, who appear to be starting the season with sophomore Tyler Bozak and rookie Nazem Kadri as their top entres, are thin up front. The team needs players who can put the puck in the net. So any deal would have to include a top-six forward.

But with 180 top-six forward positions in the league, the quality varies.

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  1. pensrulebonesy87 says:

    fair enough, however i think its arguable that ellis is better. And the last thing i want is Washington to pick up Niemi, and those calgary rumours are bogus. If philly were to want a goalie, they would sign niemi themselves. They wont take kiprussoff who does not have a stanley cup. I like the comments about how goalies arent as vital. But there are some goalies who are and those would be halak miller and brodeur. Maybe anderson last season. I was quite surprised to see that colorado did not make a splash this season.
    However, Niemi is worth 3 mil a season, he may not be elite but his stats speak for themselves. The team took turco because of the price. But many teams will benefit greatly by adding a young tender like him to there roster. Hell i would even say that if this calgary bs about kipper to philly, pitts should trade fleury to philly, if it means they get carter and niemi. people dont realise that many teams would do that but philly wont. Carter is philly's best offensive player, and they just lost gagne. Carter is staying so get over it!

  2. TimTheBone says:

    what cliche are you talking about…. you completely missed the point…. stop thinking that everyone wants to bad mouth leaf fans…. im not insulting you… all i said is this is a hockey forum not a leaf forum… now yes that may seem like im trying to say something about leafs fan or the leafs… but if it was the coyotes ppl were consistenly talking about id say the same thing with the respective names switched…

    look, what im saying is that on a hockey forum where articles are posted about various teams, and trades around the league, there should be a more rounded interest…. you may not give a sh*t about anything other than leafs… which to me isnt really a "hockey" fan…. i mean i love the jacksonville jaguars, but ill be the first to tell you im no football fan….. I enjoy everything to do about hockey whether its my favorite team or my rival team or the blue jackets or the Rockford Ice Hogs……

    Leaf fans dont have to care about other teams but hockey fans should……. you found this little community didnt build it…. and half the people you talk with here arent Leaf fans anyway…. they just like talking about hockey… like me….

    I've posted many times on leafs articles despite not being a fan of the leafs…. im trying to bring light to the fact that ppl always post on these articles which just keep stating the same damn things over and over…. lets get some fresh news and talk about that …. shall we?

  3. reinjosh says:

    Actually HTR is more commonly known as LTR because of the greater number of Leaf fans on here. That has nothing to do with anything your saying just that more Leaf fans are a part of the site than any other team fan.

    You will find most Leaf fans here do indeed try to comment on other teams. Don't ignore it because it doesn't prove your point.

  4. Leafs_the_word says:

    I never said you were insulting me.  It is tiresome to read people say 'I want X and Y from HTR' while ignoring the reality that this is a community run website, you can write articles yourself rather than ask others to do it.  Be interesting and people will respond, period.

    Don't expect anyone to indulge a polemic on who is a 'real' hockey fan, hockey is about leisure and entertainment, period.

  5. leafy says:

    I like football just as much as I like going to the dentist.

  6. mojo19 says:

    This just in: Maple Leafs are popular hockey team! Spread the word!

  7. Leafs_the_word says:

    Heh, but only super knowledgeable people should post here, so new rule: You can't say anything unless you have at least three years of coaching experience in the LNH.

  8. TimTheBone says:

    alright I'm sorry i tried i guess…. you guys seem to not realize my point or just simply enjoy hearing about how long Burke's sh*t took today……

    all i'll continue to get from you guys is condescending remarks….

    you can't tell me you don't get tired of hearing the same things over and over…. how many ways can you say Burke is looking for kaberle suitors… its never anything new…. but you boys seem content!…… who am I to want something more!….

  9. Leafs_the_word says:

    Good luck in life.

  10. mojo19 says:

    "you can't tell me you don't get tired of hearing the same things over and over"

    This is where you're wrong, I eat up every Kaberle blurb I come across.

    "but you boys seem content!…… who am I to want something more!…."

    Now you're making some sense Tim.
    PS, Leafs are popular team! Spread the word!

  11. 911Flyers says:

    While I agree with your thinking on Burke, I wouldn't say the Leafs have the best D in the conference. Don't count your chickens before they hatch, people were saying Calgary defensemen would potentially lock up 3 of the 7 spots on Team Canada and in the end none made it. J-Bo scored 3 goals, Regehr was average and Phaneuf was outscored by White as both a Leaf and a Flame.

    No doubt, on paper Toronto's D looks solid, but is a top 3 of Kaberle, Phaneuf and Beauchemin really better than the top 3 of Kaberle, McCabe and Kubina that we had a few years ago? Remember that Kaberle and McCabe were consistent top 10 (and top 5 in 2006) scorers among Dmen back then. Without a doubt, on paper, Komisarek, Schenn and Gunnarsson give the Leafs the best 1 through 6 they've had in a while, but these guys haven't really accomplished anything as a group yet. Don't mention the late season swing, the Leafs have a good finish every year and if they were a reflection of true worth, JS Aubin would be a #1 netminder.
    With a forwards core that thin this team will be hard pressed to have a top 10 finish in the conference given how close the Rangers were last year and the improvements Tampa has made. Even when Burke won with Anaheim, they had Getzlaf, Perry, McDonald, Lupul, Penner and a 48-goal scoring Teemu Selanne in the lineup. Defense may win championships, but without some offense, it doesn't get you very far.
    So who cares? If you want the Leafs to make the playoffs, you should.
    Oh and the defense of the Philadelphia Flyers is better than the Leafs by a mile. The Flyers came a goal and a game from the cup effectively playing 4 dmen and now they have added Meszaros, Walker and O'Donnell.

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