Burke will not blow up Leafs but will make about 2 or 3 major moves

When rebuilding a team it is better to have a competitive team atmosphere for incoming players. So you will see moves but not the whole team.

Kaberle is there best asset and he will be dealt before the trade deadline as he is already reportedly looking at other teams. Toskala may get dealt but only if his stock rises before the trade deadline. Antropov may be dealt but don’t count out him being signed.

Nic is under rated and the Leafs desperately need his size. As a team you need both speed and size. Some nights speed wins, and some nights size and toughness wins out. The refs call games differently on any given night and each team presents different challenges. Antropov is only 28 and has shown himself to be reliable. His numbers are comparable to Sundins (point a game) and he does much more away from the puck. Antropov’s trade value is very high, especially in a sign and trade. The only way Burke trades a guy like Antropov is if he gets back the same qualities in a solid prospect. Someone like Bobby Ryan in Anaheim or Kyle Beach from Chicago would need to come back to Toronto. It is true that some Leaf players like Sundin have been over rated over the years but it is just the opposite with Antropov. If he is moved the price will be high. If I’m a GM and I want to add to my scoring and toughness and I could get Antropov now at 28, I would pay.
Ponikarovski’s value would seem to be at it highest right now, so look for him to go in a less significant move. Another player who might be moved is Kubina at the deadline if the offer is right.
Here are a list of players that I do not expect will be traded. Luke Schenn, Mikhail Grabovski, Ian White, Jeff Finger, Mike Van Ryn, Nicolai Kulemin, Mat Stajan, Nic Hagman, Jiri Tlusty, Anton Stralman and Justin Pogge.

Here are some potential trades that I think are possible.
Tomas Kaberle to:… Ottawa for the two first rounders they hold in ’09 draft (their own and SJ’s)… Washington for Alzner and their first rounder ’09… Edmonton for their first rounder ’09 and first rounder ’10… Vancouver for Cody Hodgson and their first ’09…
(I know that Ottawa and Edmonton are not really in the running but both have stated they want to make a big trade for a puck moving defenceman. If Ottawa were to take Kaberle the Leafs would have to take back some salary, maybe Gerber as he comes off the books this year and his cap hit is comparable to Kaberle). The Kaberle trade is key because it allows the Leafs to add at least one major peice moving forward, either a top 10 pick or a top prospect. The most likely of these deals may be Vancouver.

Vesa Toskala to… Which ever team in the running suffers an injury. Otherwise Ottawa might be a destination with Gerber or another salary dump coming back. The Leafs would want a first rounder back. Otherwise keep Vesa.

Nic Antropov to:… Chicago for Kyle Beach and Chicago’s first rounder ’09… Anaheim for Boby Ryan… Nashville for Colin Wilson and a pick… Buffalo for Tyler Myers and Buffalo’s first pick ’09.

Some People will criticize these deals as slanted but these players Kaberle and Antropov are still young and have several good years ahead.

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  1. nordiques100 says:

    ugh 7-2, this is why i choose to be "negative". i just will not allow 4 or 5 good games to make me forget 42 years of losing.

    i hope burke doesnt drink leaf nation koolaid and indeed blows it to bits even if the leafs play decent hockey.

    they have surprised, but clearly, this team is nowhere near good enough to compete or even talk about contending.

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

     What lines are you referring to? man

  3. reinjosh says:

    wow some people are truly retarded
    yes this article may have overvalued some players but he made good points
    antropov is a great player and a true top six player and hes succeding without sundin
    he is the type of power forward every team wants and will, if traded, get a first rounder and a mid level prospect, GM's will overpay for players that will help them in the playoffs regardless of there contract status (see Gaborik though i am not saying he and antropov are the same)
    this is also what makes poni valuable as well. He is a good solid two way player who may can score (though in bunches) and is a big physical presence who is signed after this year.he will get a first rounder at the most but likely a second rounder and mid prospect

    and now to the biggest one of all
    earlier someone said the trade proposed for Kaberle was not going to happena and you should only expect that on players like BOuwmeester (he also said Kovy and Gaborik but they are irelevant). that fact is you just seriously undervalued Kaberle. Since the lockout, Kaberle is in the top three in defensive scoring behind only Gonchar and Lindstrom. HE is also very responsible in his own end and plays well defensively. Now it could be argued that he is one of the top 5 best all around defenseman in the league along with Pronger, Lindstrom, Gonchar, and Phaneuf. HE is also signed at 4.25 million for the next two years after this. That is an astounding for his value and if you consider Campbell signed for 7 million for one season of 60 plus points (before then he only had 44 i believe) and isnt very good on defense then you know how much Kaberle is worth. And to suggest that he is worth less then Bouwmeester (who is a UFA and good sign for 7 mill or more) who frankly is not as good as KAberle is almost insulting. Kaberle will garner a huge take should Brian Burke choose to trade him and many GM's in the league would love to have him on their teams.

  4. reinjosh says:

    you truly dont understand the logic behind trades do you
    its to make your team better now if you are in place for a playoff run
    and seeing as washington is then yes this trade would work
    yes alzner is a great player but hes not ready now, Kaberle is and hes very good and cheap
    and your defenitley undervaluing him
    washington needs someone to quarterback their powerplay and hes definetely worth alzner and their first (and maybe another prospect)
    and if you use the stupid Campbell for a first and bernier, look at the fact that kaberle is more consistent and he is signed for 2 more years unlike campbell at the time

  5. papichulo71 says:

    two years ago he was Antropoof getting booed even at raptor games.

    If you're giving up this much for an Antropov rental you may as well target an RFA in the summer.

  6. pezzz says:

    I'm here!! so far, it's been 3 in a couple days, so it's ok. Another one, and  I'll probably blow up lol.

  7. Habroller says:

    Not to be overly homeristic here, but Markov is really the best all-around of the 2 because he's more effective in his own end and harder to beat 1-on-1. I can give the offensive edge to Kaberle though, but it is not that huge.

    But that subject is so old, I remember debating this 3 years ago on HTR. Three years ago everyone knew how good Kaberle was but Markov was very underrated and I got so much heat from Leafs fans (it was fun though). Time has been pretty good to prove my original statement.
  8. cam7777 says:

    you are right for the most part….over valued poni, but otherwise okay…

    Every one here tends to massively over value prospects and picks.  No one seems to realize that contending teams have no use for those guys in their immediate future, and that their primary goal is win NOW.  The Dallas stars once traded away Jarome Iginla for a shot at the Cup, and they don't regret it now, because they won it all.  Point and case.

    Not every prospect is going to turn out to be the next Pronger on defense, or Crosby on offense.  These are all unproven commodities that, for contending teams, can be replaced closer to a rebuild, or tuneup phase.  Certain teams are really in a bind to win now due to the cap problems.  Philly is absolutely screwed two years down the road with Gagne, Briere, Carter, Richards, Timmonen and Lupul eating up more than half their team's cap (over 33 million on 6 players).  Washington too is not going to be able to afford to resign Semin and Backstrom, and keep adding to a team…they need to win now.  San Jose is on fire now, they will sacrifice some of the future to win it now.  They don't look and say, jeez, Antropov only had a couple good seasons, and it might not be a good trade in the long run, because one day this pick and prospect might be something.  You can't think like that, or you won't win, plain and simple.  They ask, "can this guy help me now?", and if the answer is yes, how much is he, and can I afford him. 

    For these reasons the Leafs are in a hugely advantageous situation, because their players are highly affordable, and, as they are showing now, quite capable of helping a good team. 

  9. cam7777 says:

    I find them to be almost indistinguishable to tell you the truth.  You're probably right about your points though, I'll have to watch for that 1 on 1 with Markov.  Still, if they are that similar, than Kaberle is the better deal at 750k less.

  10. cam7777 says:

    yea, except you might not be the GM in the summer because you blew your chance at a solid playoff run and didn't acquire someone who could help you when you had the chance. 

    the whole point of trading at the deadline is to make a run at the cup.  you give up whatever you have to in order to win. 

  11. cam7777 says:

    Indirectly it certainly does.  Look at the teams who might want his services come March, and you'll find most of the contenders are very cash strapped, and a true game breaker (like Gaborik, or Kovalchuk) is not realistic given the cap.  it will create a bidding war for affordable contracts like Kaberle and Antropov….

    I'm not saying he's worth an arm and a leg, but I'm saying, if they go, I think we'll all be surprized by how much they go for.  Everyone thinks they are a contender this year.

  12. cam7777 says:

    You're forgetting Kaberle's contract.  First of all, he's better over all than Campbell, and he's signed for TWO MORE YEARS, at only 4.25 million (versus 7 and a bit which Campbell now commands).  Whoever trades for him has him for a Cup run, and two successive Cup runs, without having to risk losing him to free agency.  If Campbell, who is worse, is worth a 1st and a solid prospect for only a couple months of service…how much is Kaberle worth for 2 years, and a couple months of service?  A hell of a lot more….

  13. Kramer says:

    The mob ordered the Leafs to throw that Dallas game!!!!  With men going home to their wives for the Holidays, a lot of "homer" bets were placed in the last few days and the bookies were facing a heavy hit at the till.  Also the Leafs were winning too much in the past little while, so there had to be a correction sooner or later to even out the odds for future games.

  14. cam7777 says:

    Depends on the team who's trying to acquire him.  Pittsburgh would be willing to cough up a 1st round pick and a prospect for him.  They have a revolving door of prospects set up as it is anyways, and their 1st round pick will be so late it's of no value to them anyways. 

    To San Jose, Antropov is worth only a 2nd round pick and maybe a prospect (if that), because they don't really need him as they are already the most dominant team in the league.  Columbus on the other hand might be willing to give a 1st and a solid prospect for the guy, if they believe he makes playoff revenue a real potential.  Same goes for Phoenix (who has young talent to spare).

    Vancouver also would have to pay a premium to land Antropov, if they were so inclined, as Burke would be dealing from a position of strength.  He is obviously very valuable to their team as Gillis has a clear mandate not to allow the team to miss the playoffs due to poor offensive performance, and Antropov is a proven linemate of Mats Sundin….

    It's all relative

  15. TheStryker says:


    Kaberle is a good pp and puck moving D-man, but he's not physical or that efficant in his own end, he's not bad but not great, average in his end.

    Ottawa is going to be blowing it up soon too, so they won't be trading any pics so forget them.

    The Caps don't need Kaberle, they use Ovechkin and Green on the point on the PP.

    Teams that could use Kaberle include: Devils,Penguins,Flyers,Canadiens

    To Devils for
    Bergfors,Halischuck,2nd round pick

    To Penguins for

    To Flyers for

    To Canadiens for

    Antropov is a good 2nd line player, but he won't fetch you as much as you would like, he's going to be a UFA. He also doesn't have the pedigree as players you have mentioned i.e Smyth,Guerin and so on

    Teams maybe interested in Antropov: Avalanche,Blackhawks,Sabres,Rangers

    To Avalanche for

    To Blackhawks for
    Skille,3rd pick

    To Sabres for
    Macarthur,3rd pick

    To Rangers for
    Dawes,3rd pic

  16. the_word says:

    At what point did I claim my perspective is objective? The majority of my posts are tearing apart the Leafs. Yeah, I'm a huge homer. You've got me peg. Markov and Kaberle are pretty much identical statisticly over the last few season (I believe Kaberle has the edge), about the same age (Markov takes this one), there development arc as players are pretty much the same (both players developed from rather humble young careers to breakout in their late twenties) and have similar contracts (edge again, Kaberle). The major difference is that Kaberle doesn't have the luxury of being insulated with surronding talent that Markov does. But that just me talking out off my ass, huh. Anzler is untouchable, as was Edler and Hudler, blah, blah, blah. HTR readers constantly over value young talent and are routinely surprised to see GMs over pay at the deadline as they are surprised by how much UFA land in the off season. Bottom line is Washington's window is open. Anzler isn't untouchable. At late 1st round pick is an after thought.

  17. leafy says:

    You're not negative, just realistic and accurate.  Let's not forget, there's only one truth, even if we don't like to hear it.

  18. leafy says:

    Will you cool it!  It's only a one-game losing streak.

  19. RealisticNick says:

    Sorry, I should have said "High-End" prospects, because O'Marra and Nilsson were some of the Isles best prospects, but they were not high end.  Its like if the Canes gave up  Justin Peters, Bobby Hughes, Harrison Reed and Jamie McBain.  They are 4 of their top 5 prospects, but aren't really worth a whole lot on the trade market.  PLUS all of the players you have listed are better and or were better/consistent at the time.  Smyth including that season, had 7 50+ point seasons in a row, Guerin had similar numbers.  Antropov, 2 seasons over 40 points Total.  So it really doesn't matter who got what, or who would have gotten what (Kaberle won't get Carter and a 1st now will he), because all of your proposals are rediculous and your article is still garbage.

  20. RealisticNick says:

    "Antropov is a good 2nd line player, but he won't fetch you as much as you would like, he's going to be a UFA. He also doesn't have the pedigree as players you have mentioned i.e Smyth,Guerin and so on"

    FINALLY someone else says it.

    Also as much as I hate trade proposals, those are decent.  Again all those teams don't really need those players, but the offers are more realistic than the articles.

  21. RealisticNick says:

    6 points in his last 12 games, he is not tearing it up but that is no reason they will trade him especially with a first round pick.  Vancouver has Sundin, Sedin, Kesler and Wellwood.  Why in gods green earth would they want Antropov and for that much?  Give your head a shake, or even better, go run head first into the guy who wrote this article and maybe you could accomplish something more productive than your posts.

  22. RealisticNick says:

    Are you just posting this everywhere?

  23. RealisticNick says:

    Ville Nieminen, Jay Barriball, Ryan O'Marra, Robert Nilsson, Jiri Novotny, Kris Beech were all mid to low level prospects, and have really accomplished nothing.  Hence why they were given up so easily with the pick.  The prospects you have listed are high end.

  24. Habroller says:

    I agree Kaberle's deal is ridiculous, really one of JFJ's rare "bon coup".

    He's also signed for another 2 years after this one, right? So both Markov's and his finish in 2011. I assume Kaberle's agent has been fired in the past year or so…
    Even Markov was signed below his market value when you consider guys like Campbell and Timonen make more than 6 millions. But 5.75 is still a lesser deal han 4.25 for the same number of remaining years…
    I'd still say Markov's value is not lower than Kaberle's (even when considering their contract status and the fact they're identical twins) for the sole reason he's the QB but mostly the team's #1 TOI logger (EV, PP and PK) of a playoff-bound team that also had a lot of success on the PP in the last few years, which was mostly because of him. If Mtl's PP continues to struggle this year though, that argument might falter a bit…
  25. Habroller says:

    1) The Canadiens don't need Kaberle because they already have his identical twin. Though that may sound weird, the could probably use McCabe's point shot more than Kaberle's passing skills and on-ice vision at this point. Kaberle on Mtl's PP would look good, but it'd probably become a loop of perpetual passing with no shooting. I really like the Czech, but I feel if we'd get him, Markov would become expandable, and obviously vice-versa.

    2) I know some Leafs fans are a bit delusional on this thread (especially the original poster), but really, the Canadiens would have to give more than Chipchura, Trotter and Fisher for the Leafs QB. Switch Trotter by a 2nd rounder but more likely a 1st, then you might be on to something. But even then, why wouldn't Burke ask for one of McDonaugh, Subban or Weber when they all are much more valuable D prospects than Fisher? I know Fisher is having a decent campaign this year, but in his 3rd year in the NCAA, it's about time!
    The fact that Kaberle is signed for another 2 years at 4.25 is no small detail. Not enough to get you Alzner and a 1st, but still, definitely more than your propositions. I tend to agree with your Antropov trades though, especially the Avs one which would be tremendous for the Leafs.
  26. dannyd98 says:

    these trades r ridiculous. i would never trade my top prospect for antropov. the only person that is worth a frist round pick on this team is kaberle… give me a break man, hes not that good, he would be no better than a 3rd line center on any playoff team. so theres no way hes worth a first round pick, or a high end prospect. im a leaf fan and ill admit to it,

  27. cam7777 says:

    yea, I would also argue that Montreal has a system that helps a guy like Markov or Kaberle a bit more. Toronto is finally starting to use speed and stuff, and that’s why Kaberle’s starting to put up big points. He wasn’t a huge help to Sundin’s line the last few years, who just worked it around in the corner and played a cycle game. Puck moving defensemen help rush offense the most. That’s why Philadelphia is an ideal place to trade Kaberle.

  28. Kramer says:

    I saw the new Batman movie. I don't like it.  I prefer this.


  29. reinjosh says:

    someone who actually understands what teams will give up for a shot at winning it all
    sometimes the future is worth giving up for a chance at it all now (like montreal right now)

  30. nordiques100 says:

    i like you am antsy a bit since it was waaaay back in 2004 when JR ended our last playoff game, but we do have to be realistic.

    unfortunately we have a long ways to go. it will turn around faster though with another top 5 pick a la the hawks, pens and caps. i cant use those teams enough.

    sure, we could model the wings, but i dont think anyone can. they are so efficient and it took them years to get to that level.

    we have to go the way of the teams i mentioned. otherwise we'd end up like the jackets who have one top guy in nash, but have been up and down with all their lottery picks and its why they've not made the playoffs ever.

    we have one top guy in schenn, we need 2 more major building blocks and if we land one with our own pick, and burke muscles his way into another with some shrewdness a la drafting pronger, drafting the twins, then i think we'd be well on our way.

    we definitely have the financial resources to be players via free agency over the next 3 yrs. if we play our cards right, we can use that tool to add to our foundation.

    i dont know about yourself but its tiresome to see leaf nation finding so much hope after 5 or 6 games, or feeling good about picking 10th to 12th because other teams do ok, or already trying to find franchise players via free agency.

    the time for that is over. burke isnt going to fall into that trap. no matter what goes on in the next 2 months, burke is going to rip this apart. and i say go for it.

  31. lafleur10 says:


  32. lukeleim says:


    Trade Deadline

    Trade Pavel Kubina to the NY Rangers for Paul Mara and Evgeny Grachev

    Trade Jason Blake and Jiri Tlusty to the Florida Panthers for Rostislav Olesz and the Panthers' 3rd round draft pick of 2009.

    Trade Mike Van Ryn to the Boston Bruins for the Bruins' 2nd round draft pick of 2009.

    Alexei Ponikarovsky – Matt Stajan – Nik Antropov
    Niklas Hagman – Mikhail Grabovski – Lee Stempniak
    Rostislav Olesz – Dominic Moore – Jeremy Williams
    Nikolai Kulemin – John Mitchell – Jamal Mayers
    Ryan Hollweg

    Tomas Kaberle – Luke Schenn
    Jeff Finger – Paul Mara
    Ian White – Jonas Frogren
    Jaime Sifers 

    Vesa Toskala 
    Curtis Joseph

    2009 NHL Entry Draft

    Trade Mikhail Grabovski to the Anaheim Ducks for the Ducks' 1st round draft pick of 2009. 

    Pick Brayden Schenn first round
    Pick Stefan Elliott first round

    July 1, 2009

    Resign Nik Antropov four-year contract $14 million 
    Resign Ryan Hollweg one-year contract $525,000
    Resign Jeremy Williams two-year contract $1.6 million

    Sign Daniel Sedin four-year contract 24 million
    Sign Henrik Sedin four-year contract 24 million
    Sign Jay Bouwmeester three-year contract 18 million

    Daniel Sedin – Henrik Sedin – Jeremy Williams
    Alexei Ponikarovsky – Matt Stajan – Nik Antropov
    Niklas Hagman  – Rostislav Olesz – Lee Stempniak
    Nikolai Kulemin – John Mitchell – Jamal Mayers
    Ryan Hollweg

    Tomas Kaberle – Luke Schenn
    Jeff Finger – Jay Bouwmeester
    Anton Stralman – Jonas Frogren
    Ian White

    Vesa Toskala
    Justin Pogge

    2009-2010 Prospects 

    Evgeny Grachev – Brayden Schenn – Jimmy Hayes
    Robbie Earl – Mikhail Stefanovich – Dale Mitchell 
    Chad Rau – Chris DiDomenico – Matt Frattin

    Korbinian Holzer – Dimitri Vorobiev 
    Stefan Elliott – Phil Oreskovic

    James Reimer
    Grant Rollheiser

  33. RealisticNick says:

    Because the Canucks are going to let the two best forwards on the team leave at the end of the year when they have a pile of cap space.

  34. RealisticNick says:

    And Grabovski goes to the Ducks because?  Of course they want to give up their first rounder for a small European center that doesn't play their style. 

    How about Boumeester, and Gaborik each sign for 950k.

    The Pens fold and the rest of the NHL passes on Crosby, Malking and Stall, and the Leafs get all them all. 

    You become a GM in the NHL and the other 29 GM's quit due to the fact they can't handle your trade requests. 

    The NHL folds and Canadians are left to watch that Road Hockey TV show where the two guys go to different towns and make teams.

    Kenny and Spenny have a bet where the winner does not actually cheat.

  35. Habroller says:

    Hudler is no untouchable. He plays 12 minutes a game on the Wings 3rd line. He's not that young either. With the Wings depth & upcoming major FAs, you can be sure they would move Hudler for the right price.

    I have heard Nucks fans talking about the possbility of moving Edler though he's a fan favorite. I think more was expected of him this season and he might be dangled by Gillis at some point, but I highly doubt it.
    On the other hand, Alzner has NOTHING to do with the aformentioned players. Hudler & Edler are respectively 2nd & 3rd round picks that paned out better than expected. Alzner is a 4th overall pick from 2007 and he's expected to become an all-around stud. GM's don't throw away players like this. Yes, steals happen, but would you see Patrick Kane traded at this point? He was drafted 3 spots ahead of Alzner…
    And BTW, I really didn't get your last sentence: "At late 1st round pick is an after thought."
  36. Habroller says:

    I agree with the relativity argument. I also believe Burke is the right guy to squeeze the most out of a deal including an underrated talent like Antropov.

    But still, I'm really not sure a UFA-pending who NEVER cracked the 60-point barrier (maybe this year though) might bring a 1st-round pick (even less a premier prsopect). If someone can do it though, it certainly is that arsehole of a GM you have.
  37. Habroller says:

    Yes, but though I agree Mtl system might favor Markov, let's not forget that Toronto's PP has been quite good in the past 4-5 years with a 1st unit anchored by Sundin, Kaberle & McCabe who really had it going together.

    I know the case is different this year, but if stating that Kaberle has been a better producer since the lock-out (heard that argument here) we also have to consider he's dealt with much better talent in previous years.
    One could argue that Mtl PP got forged around Markov. Our PP really got better over the years as Markov was getting more & more confident. I know you need more facts to make a scientific correlation, but that one still pretty darn close!
  38. lukeleim says:

    Burke said he tried to pry Mikhail Grabovski from the Montreal Canadiens while he was General Manager of the Anaheim Ducks. Because Burke is no longer in Anaheim, the Ducks are no longer interested in his services? Did Bob Murray tell you this personally. The Ducks' first round draft pick of 2009 will likely be bottom ten.

    As for the Sedin's becoming available July 1st; if the Sedin's are available July first, you can be sure Brian Burke will pursue them. He brought these young studs into the league and I assume they are grateful for it.

  39. RealisticNick says:

    "Burke said he tried to pry Mikhail Grabovski from the Montreal Canadiens while he was General Manager of the Anaheim Ducks."

    So because BURKE tried to get him before, he will trade him now?  Way to make a pile of sense.  "I tried to get a player before, now he is on the team I run, so I am going to trade him." – Genius

    "Did Bob Murray tell you this personally."

    With your dumb time lines its 99% more accurate that the trade you state will not go down if it doesn't even make sense on a message board.  Unless Bob Murray tells me its going to happen, I'm more accurate in saying its not,  rather than going on the word of a biased Leaf fan that dreams up this crap.  Even if the player ends up there (which in this case is highly unlikely) then its almost a guarantee that it is not for what you state it is for.

    "if the Sedin's are available July first, you can be sure Brian Burke will pursue them."

    If they are available every GM is going to be after them, what an assumption, so easy you got it right.  The Sedins have played their entire Career in Vancouver and have never stated they would like out.  Being they are the teams best forwards and Vancouver has lots of cap space available in the summer, there is no reason they would not be back.  Vancouver is better than Toronto now and with Roberto in net, there is no reason why they will not be for years to come.  You are basically stating "Lets leave the team we have played with for 8 seasons who is strong, to go to a rebuilding team because we like their GM drafted us."

    Its rather hard for you to go on the attack when all of your posts are pure fantasy and most not even feasable.  You can assume alot of things, but the key part in ASSume is just that, what you turn out to look like. 

  40. mojo19 says:

    Johnnygf40 you are wrong. i think Beach and a 1st is very reasonable for Antropov. He's the leafs best player, you gotta pay to get a top line guy. Nik could play on the top line of 25 NHL teams. He's a top 6 forward anywhere.

  41. mojo19 says:

    kingCanada, at the time of the Smyth deal, Ryan O'Marra was considered NYI's best prospect. Antropov (underrated) is as good as Ryan Smyth (overrated). Although a lot of dummies on this site don't recognize it I'm sure NHL GM's do realize it. I guess we'll see at deadline when all the dummies are dumbfounded by the return Burke gets for Nik. Also don't rule out an extension Nik could stay in TO

  42. mojo19 says:

    Great thread you guys. This is a group of people who 'get it'.

    I would offer Antropov around the league, if he's not gonna bring you back a high end prospect or a first rounder and a decent prospect, then you start talking extension.

    I'd hope to sign him to a 4 year deal worth around $14-18 million. I think both parties could agree to discuss a deal somewhere in this range ($3.5-4.5 per season)

  43. mojo19 says:

    hey Habroller, just because fans and media underrated Nik does not mean Burke and other GM's under rate him i think a lot of people will be surprised at how much Nik brings back if in fact he is dealt this year.

  44. mojo19 says:

    Five good games followed by 1 blow-out and mr.negative comes out to play. This leafs team is a decent team.


    merry x-mas nords 😉

  45. mojo19 says:

    You don't have a realistic look at how close you are in the summer. You have better perspective in late February-early March. Making pitches for RFA's almost never benefits the team making the offer. At the same time making deals at deadline almost never benefits the team acquiring the player for picks. But realistically which happens more often?

    Think logically, if Antropov is dealt he'll fetch a nice package and there will be 7 or 8 playoff bound GM's willing to make offers for the big, affordable C/RW. A couple of those offers will be juicy.

    thanks for coming out just send me a private message if you have any more questions about market value, trade deadline deals, etc. I'll be happy to answer your questions.

  46. mojo19 says:

    Aww, thanks bud. What a sweet heart. haha

  47. mojo19 says:

    You guys are being kind of tough on this guy. Its reasonable to believe that more people in Anaheim besides just Burke were interested in Grabovski. Grabovski is also more valuable now then when the Leafs acquired him because he's having a pretty productive season.

    And as for the guy who said they wouldn't be interested because Mikhail doesn't play the ducks style of hockey….. I think Grabovski plays the same brand of hockey that Andy MacDonald plays and so he could be a good fit for the Ducks.

  48. lukeleim says:

    Okay buddy,
    I understand you're a little upset because the vaginal cream for your yeast infection isn't working, but calm down. I'm not saying these trades are going to happen. The proposed trades are just transactions that I believe to be fair but unlikely to happen.

    This being said, the Sedin's have not yet signed a contract with the Vancouver Canucks, nor have I heard news on whether their has been any negotiations about an extension. Though I do believe Vancouver will sign these two young forwards, Toronto is probably one of their most likely destinations besides the Canucks.

  49. mojo19 says:

    luke I got your back. You've proposed a lot of trades on this site and hell a couple of them have come true, or similar deals have been made to waht you suggested which is more than most of these people can say so don't worry about it.

  50. mojo19 says:

    Oh leafy when he referred to himself as "negative" with the "quotes" around it, he was joking around with me, we have an ongoing thing..

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