Burke will not blow up Leafs but will make about 2 or 3 major moves

When rebuilding a team it is better to have a competitive team atmosphere for incoming players. So you will see moves but not the whole team.

Kaberle is there best asset and he will be dealt before the trade deadline as he is already reportedly looking at other teams. Toskala may get dealt but only if his stock rises before the trade deadline. Antropov may be dealt but don’t count out him being signed.

Nic is under rated and the Leafs desperately need his size. As a team you need both speed and size. Some nights speed wins, and some nights size and toughness wins out. The refs call games differently on any given night and each team presents different challenges. Antropov is only 28 and has shown himself to be reliable. His numbers are comparable to Sundins (point a game) and he does much more away from the puck. Antropov’s trade value is very high, especially in a sign and trade. The only way Burke trades a guy like Antropov is if he gets back the same qualities in a solid prospect. Someone like Bobby Ryan in Anaheim or Kyle Beach from Chicago would need to come back to Toronto. It is true that some Leaf players like Sundin have been over rated over the years but it is just the opposite with Antropov. If he is moved the price will be high. If I’m a GM and I want to add to my scoring and toughness and I could get Antropov now at 28, I would pay.
Ponikarovski’s value would seem to be at it highest right now, so look for him to go in a less significant move. Another player who might be moved is Kubina at the deadline if the offer is right.
Here are a list of players that I do not expect will be traded. Luke Schenn, Mikhail Grabovski, Ian White, Jeff Finger, Mike Van Ryn, Nicolai Kulemin, Mat Stajan, Nic Hagman, Jiri Tlusty, Anton Stralman and Justin Pogge.

Here are some potential trades that I think are possible.
Tomas Kaberle to:… Ottawa for the two first rounders they hold in ’09 draft (their own and SJ’s)… Washington for Alzner and their first rounder ’09… Edmonton for their first rounder ’09 and first rounder ’10… Vancouver for Cody Hodgson and their first ’09…
(I know that Ottawa and Edmonton are not really in the running but both have stated they want to make a big trade for a puck moving defenceman. If Ottawa were to take Kaberle the Leafs would have to take back some salary, maybe Gerber as he comes off the books this year and his cap hit is comparable to Kaberle). The Kaberle trade is key because it allows the Leafs to add at least one major peice moving forward, either a top 10 pick or a top prospect. The most likely of these deals may be Vancouver.

Vesa Toskala to… Which ever team in the running suffers an injury. Otherwise Ottawa might be a destination with Gerber or another salary dump coming back. The Leafs would want a first rounder back. Otherwise keep Vesa.

Nic Antropov to:… Chicago for Kyle Beach and Chicago’s first rounder ’09… Anaheim for Boby Ryan… Nashville for Colin Wilson and a pick… Buffalo for Tyler Myers and Buffalo’s first pick ’09.

Some People will criticize these deals as slanted but these players Kaberle and Antropov are still young and have several good years ahead.

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  1. CoachGilmour says:

    I think the return on Antropov and Kaberle will be surprising. Especially if Antropov goes in a sign and trade. The Leafs are also in a position to take back salary to sweeten the offers coming back.

  2. CoachGilmour says:

    Deals like that would get Burke fired!!!

  3. CoachGilmour says:

    Time will tell

  4. leafy says:

    Oh no….

    Here's the bottom line Mojo.  Yes, this is a decent Leaf team, you're right about that.

    However, we don't just want a decent team.  I'm sick and tired of just having a decent team.

    We want 2 things: A) a powerhouse team, and B) a team that is great for more than just 1 season.  Do you honestly feel this team fits that bill?

    But let's face the facts, the Leafs haven't rebuilt a team the proper way from the ground up since 1967.

    Wouldn't you like to see the Leafs rebuilt slowly through the draft?  Maybe get a shot at Hegman or Tavares?

    The Leafs will win the cup ONLY when they decide to rebuild the team properly.  No more rush jobs.

  5. CoachGilmour says:

    Time will tell about whether or not someone wants Antropov or not. Regarding the comparison to Sundin it was simply a comment that his points per game are similar at this time. Antropov is having a good year without Sundin as his centre. Stajan and Ponikarovski are clearly having their best years playing with him. Keep in min that Antropov is facing the other teams best defensive pairing every night. His numbers are not inflated because he gets crazy ice time or because he plays with a super star. Antropov has tremendous size and he knows how to use it. Antropov is not some amazing player, but he gives a team some very essential ingredients in one package. I think someone will pay big in a sign and trade deal. Antropov has not been in the playoffs for years so it's hard to use numbers from when he only played 4 minutes a game, or was recovering from injury.
    Regarding Ponikarovski you are right, he is not that good. I never said he was. I said his value has never been better.  I said he might be traded in a less significant deal.
    If all you do is watch hilites of a game you might think Sundin is wonderful. But when you've watched him for over a decade night in and night out I will tell you my observations. He has skills, but often his work ethic has been half hearted. He was always good in the third period but the first two he was often invisible. The last 5 minutes of a game were always his best. On the power play he was way to perimetre, and he made alot of bad decisions. The Leafs don't seem to miss him to much. And speaking of the playoffs, Mats was never a factor.

  6. nordiques100 says:

    it was actually 2 blow outs. 🙂

    the leafs are just not good period. good in terms of what leafy said. competing for the cup, contending year after year with a team not only constantly challenging for the division title but the conference title as well.

    to do this, drafting in the top 5, getting some top end talents like the hawks have then pens and caps too, will really be the catalyst to turn this around.

    and same to u! 🙂

  7. cam7777 says:

    Although I'm not so interested in getting a package for Antropov as in getting something good, and then resigning him in summer.  I'd rather trade him to Pittsburgh for their 1st round pick, and a throw away prospect because there'd be a very high chance of resigning him.  No way that Pittsburgh could afford to keep him, but he's a right winger who would look great next to Crosby for a playoff run. 

    That said, I do like the idea of packaging him with Ponikarovsky for someone good, or someone with a lot of potential.  Any one who has a lone center and needs some wingers (Crosby, Drury…maybe even Sundin) would be eliglble.

    Antropov and Ponikarovsky TO NYR for Brandon Dubinsky and a 2nd
    Antropov and Ponikarovsky TO PIT for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd in 2009
    Antropov and Ponikarovsky to VAN for Bernier, and a 1st

    All of these teams will have their hands full in summer trying to resign the likes of Jordan Staal, Henrik and Daniel Sedin, Mats Sundin, Nikolai Zherdev, Nigel Dawes, etc… Very good chance Sundin would hit the market on July 1st, or that one of these teams would except a 6th round pick for negotiating rights.

  8. Habroller says:

    To me, a 2nd rounder + a mid-level prospect would be more than decent and also a good reconstruction move from an organization that deeply needs it.

    If you get more than that, it'll just be icing on the cake.
  9. RealisticNick says:

    "I understand you're a little upset because the vaginal cream for your yeast infection isn't working, but calm down.

    Oh you are hilarious, any other gut busters for me?  That one is so new and funny.  Can't wait until I hear your next one.

    "The proposed trades are just transactions that I believe to be fair but unlikely to happen."

    Well you got one part of that correct, and its not the fair portion.  If you don't think they are not likely to happen, then what is the point in even posting them?

  10. RealisticNick says:

    Name one of his that has come true.  Please post a link, if you can provide this I will lay off in the future as he would have a shred of credibility.  As for the UFA part, its always ridiculous, he just states that every UFA he wants will sign there.  If you have his back on those too it would just show your level of thinking when it comes to hockey.

  11. cam7777 says:

    why does everyone still talk about the leafs like there is no one worse they are, and they are in such dire need of help that they should just get what they can take and start over asap….

    this is a team that is playing 500 hockey while playing an offensively minded game (albeit, in an attempt to determine who has scoring touch, and not in an effort to win) who also has no real stars or quality veterans/leaders.  They are young, and inexperienced, and they are winning without resorting to playing the trap, or being extremely boring.

    I really don't think the situation is that dire.  They need a superstar, they need a top draft pick, and they need to start getting some quality free agents over the next couple seasons.  they don't NEED to trade anyone of value for whatever someone is willing to sacrifice vs. something we actually want.  All of the things they want are easily within their grasp without giving away what they have for whatever they can get….

  12. mojo19 says:

    When Luke talks about his 'restructuring the leafs' plans. It's always outrageous and we always land lots of quality UFA's in those scenario's. Take it for what it is, he's just having fun you're getting way too worked up about it.

    And I believe it was Lukeleim who said last January that Hal Gill would be traded to Pittsburgh for a 2nd round pick. All the haters said that was too much for Gill and that Pittsburgh would have no interest. A month and a half later he went for a 2nd and a fifth. That's the only one off the top of my head I think there were a couple other deadline deals he was close with last year.

    Im not gonna post a link but if you're really interested look up some leaf articles from last december-January, you'll find it he posted it all over the place.

  13. mojo19 says:

    RealisticPrnickto answer your question "whats the point of even posting them". There is no point, but there are dozens of guys on this site who draw up plans of what their team should do (mostly leafs and habs fans) even a lot of articles on this site are just "what I think the leafs should do" or "the habs should target so-and-so" etc. You've been around HTR long enough to know this so don't get mad whenever you see someone posting shit like that it happens every day. Its an armchair GM site, deal with it.

    You're still my boy Luke

  14. Kramer says:


    Watch Tie Domi show his big skills. And he could fight too you know.


  15. Habroller says:

    I actually think they're playing a bit over their head right now due to a good coaching system and a very decent D corpse.

    The last thing you need right now is to continue playing slightly over 500 hockey and finish the season in 9th position. You say you need a top draft pick, which you won't receive for anything you are willing to part with. The only way to get that top pick is tanking (or if you prefer, the "Pens way"), and nothing is looking that way right now…
    What you need the most is to spend more energy on drafting, and get the most early round (1 to 3) picks you can get. That is reconstruction. If you are not willing to do that, you'll continue flirting with the 8th spot for years to come, and that is not exactly the most reliable way to end a 40+ years drought…
  16. Kramer says:

    Somebody make a trade already!!!!! I got nothing interesting to do or think about during these holidays.

  17. KingCanada says:

    Im sorry but I really dont care.  NYI's best prospect maybe but thats just a reflection of how BAD NYI was at drafting.  They should of done better with their scouting…the guy never amounted to ANYTHING in the AHL even and was playing in the ECHL the next year.

    I just think that Antropov will go for the first round pick alone, unless of course he is re-signed.

  18. cam7777 says:

    yea, I'll agree with that.  I expect the Leafs to have a very high draft pick this year, but not because the team on the ice is so terrible, or because Wilson has saved the day with his new system.  Wilson himself has said he's not playing the type of system he intends to play when the team gets better…he's playing a system that allows each player to show him what they have to offer.  he's basically running a tryout, so i don't think the system is the reason for their play.   but no, if we finish closer to last, it will be because Burke moves some huge players.  I can see him making two or three major deals, and looking for draft picks, or guys who won't be ready to help out this season in return.  that way the team tanks…

    i'm just saying, the team may not be a Cup contender out there right now, but they certainly aren't the Tampa Bay Lightning, or the New York Islanders.  They aren't really all that desperate.  I think they're on the right track right now….finally

  19. lukeleim says:

    I enjoyed how Realistic Nick changed you're name for mojo to hojo. You see what he did there is he changed the first letter "m" to an "h". Implying mojo is a ho…. great stuff.

    Anyway, always enjoyed your articles mojo keep it up.

  20. Rickler says:

    Alzner isn't going anywhere.
    He and Schenn play a very similar game. Washington isn't desperate enough to give up a future cornerstone defender. They have good talent in the ranks, that should be ready to contribute in the NHL in the next few seasons.
    I think you can expect Mike Green, Karl Alzner and John Carlson to be running the show from the blueline in the Caps future.
    That being said Washington does have OTHER prospects that have potential that I could see being moved if they did in fact decide to go after Kaberle.
    I could see a prospect like D Josh Godfrey and a first.
    I think Alzner would be great on the Leafs.
    But he's not going to be moved for the same reason you're not going to see Luke Schenn moved.

  21. RealisticNick says:

    Way to point out the obvious reply to "RealisticPrnick."  Nice to see you are able to read better than you can write.

  22. mojo19 says:

    Ryan O'Marra was expected to be good, like better than he is. He's been a bust.

  23. drive425 says:

    wow gilmour would be embarassed to have his name attached to these articles, this guy should really spend more time learning about hockey.


    Leafs signed Jeff Finger to a 4M contract.

    Oh by the way, I was at a golf tournemant last summer in Vancouver, and your former captain was there….he agreed with me that the Leafs suck!

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