Burke : Year One

The acquisition of Phil Kessel puts the stamp on the team that Burke has been looking for, and officially concludes the first year of Burke as General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs. With the new season starting very shortly, and no more moves likely to take place between now and then, perhaps it is time to look back at Burke’s work over the last year. Here is the list of major Maple Leaf transactions:


-Trade a conditional 6th round pick to ANA for Brad May
-Trade Dominic Moore to BUF for a 2nd round pick 2009
-Trade Nik Antropov to NYR for a 2nd round pick 2009, 4th round pick 2010

-Sign college FA Christian Hanson, 2 years, 1.75 million
-Sign college FA Tyler Bozak, 2 years, 1.75 million (+ Bonuses up to 3.725)

-Select Nazem Kadri
-Select Kenny Ryan
-Select Jesse Blacker
-Select Jamie Devane
-Select Eric Knodel
-Select Jerry D’Amigo
-Select Barron Smith

-Trade Pavel Kubina to ATL for Colin Stuart and Garnet Exelby

-Sign Colton Orr, 4 years, 4 million
-Sign Mike Komisarek, 4 years, 18 million
-Sign Jonas Gustavsson, 1 year, 900k
-Sign Francois Beauchemin, 3 years, 11.4 million

-Trade Anton Stralman and Colin Stuart to CGY for Wayne Primeau and a 2nd round pick 2011
-Trade 2nd round pick (CGY) 2011, 3rd round pick 2011 to CHI for a 2nd round pick in 2010 (TOR)
-Trade 1st round pick 2010, 2nd round pick 2010, 1st round pick 2011 to BOS for Phil Kessel

-Sign Phil Kessel, 5 years, 27 million

In hindsight, virtually everything Burke did was a total win. This list does not even take into account finding some great minor league talent like Mitchell, Greenop, Slaney, and so on. The marks on his record so far would be blabbing about wanting a 1st for Antropov and scaring off any market for him during an already dry trade period, and then again blabbing about how he would move up in the draft to select Brayden Schenn or John Tavares.

As it turned out, the return on Antropov was still pretty solid, and the moving up in the draft was a bluff. Burke has always intended on drafting Kadri, but wanted to outright take a second top 5 pick (from LA). He might have traded the 7th overall if Tavares was available, but even that was hard for him, as he knew he was giving up Luke Schenn to do so. The draft was a bit of a debacle, but basically, it turned out alright. Kadri looks fantastic in a Leafs uniform, and looks like he will grow into the perfect compliment for Phil Kessel.

Of course, everyone on here knows the Boston trade is still up in the air. Certain members of this board believe that Burke was destroyed in this trade, and that those 1st round picks were far too valuable to spend on Phil Kessel. Still, it’s clearly not a trade that has a definite winner just yet. Kessel will be a solid NHL’er at worst. Those 1st round picks may never play in the NHL. Burke took the sure thing over the gamble in a certain sense. It is also my opnion that at least one of those picks, if not all of them, will be used to Boston to acquire big-name talent at the deadline. If that is the case, then that should void any chance of those picks coming back to bite us within our own division.

I give Burke an ‘A+’ for completely remodelling this team in such a short time. He addressed every major issue the Leafs had last year:

Poor Starting Goaltending = surgery for Toskala
Terrible Backup Goaltending = Jonas Gustavsson
Worst Defense in the League = Komisarek, Beauchemin, Exelby
Worst PK in the league = Wallin, Orr, Komisarek, Beauchemin
Unable to score 1st goal of game = Phil Kessel
No Star Power = Phil Kessel
Poor in Shootout = Phil Kessel
Grit either old or untalented = Orr, Exelby, Komisarek, Primeau

So with all that in mind, I pose the question, what is in store for Year Two with Brian Burke. Will it be just as active? Can we expect a second drastic change to the roster by next October? How does he intend to recoup all of those lost picks? If Bozak and Stalberg make this roster, who is on the way out? What does the transaction sheet for the Maple Leafs look like during the 2009/2010 season? I will submit my own in a bit…

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  1. bbruins37 says:

    being a bruins fan and watching tons of games i can tell you that savards playmaking ability goes beyond the stats. id consider him the best playmaker in the league or at least 1a-1b with thornton. he is an absolute genius with the puck

  2. Kyleton says:

    Some football though

  3. bbruins37 says:

    1st time in a long time both my teams have legit chmpionship aspiritions. vikings and bruins '10!

  4. Clarkie17 says:

    well poni had 61 points last year and stajan had 55 i might be wrong but i dont think any two rookies could have those types of point totals just yet kadri will probably spend a year in the minors i just feel the leafs need a number one centre and acouple bottom six players………….i wonder what people think about burish or tootoo being a part of the leafs

  5. leafy says:

    I was a Leaf fan even before birth.

  6. leafy says:

    If the Leafs get 95 points, I'll take back all the bad things I said about Burke and buy you a beer!

  7. Magleaf says:

    you were a fetus leaf fan too

  8. leafy says:

    I'll say this much, if the defence stays healthy and the goalies perform, the Leafs should be in most games. But the goalies need to stop the puck.

    The forwards are the big question mark. I'm looking for Tlusty to break out. If Burke traded him, I'd jump off the bridge. I'm also high on Mitchell and Kulemin.  Too bad I haven't seen much of the exhibition, but everyone is saying the young guys are pretty good.

    Actually a year ago wasn't that bad. I still remember 1996 when the Leafs had Sundin, Schneider, and Potvin.  And that's it!  Things looked pretty bleak back then.

  9. Magleaf says:

    im going to have to watch him this year..  i was working too much last year too watch much hockey. All i ever saw was who won the game and the stats and usually only checked up on the leafs (boy did that suck) loss loss loss loss

  10. leafy says:

    It would be nice to unload Van Ryn. He's actually a pretty good player, but he gets injured and we don't really need him for that salary. There's always a team like Columbus that's starving for defencemen.

  11. nordiques100 says:

    before that, i think it was back in the early 80s where things were terrible. When Imlach came back and bleeped the team moving players like mcdonald and tiger out, it just ruined what was a team on the rise i thought.

    and in the 80s we had clark, courtnall, leeman, olcyzk, damphousse, iafrate, wregget.

    its too bad we had a terrible gm back then. i think something could have been salvaged.

    i think we're in great hands now with burkie.

  12. bbruins37 says:

    yeah. people usually say i only go by stats, but watching how a player plays is huge to me as well. one thing you are getting with kessel is the most electrifying player on either the bruins or leafs. i like watching savard the most because im a sucker for nice passes but there arent too many better to watch than kessel with his skating/scoring ability

  13. Magleaf says:

    tsluty did awsome in the ahl but didnt he have a chance in the big legues and just couldnt cut it. Whats chaged? Im not bashing him i literally dont know

  14. Magleaf says:

    tlusty not Tsluty haha

  15. cam7777 says:

    I won't claim otherwise now.  I still don't like Kessel.  I would have preferred Burke spend 5 first round picks on Bobby Ryan.  He's not the kind of player I like.  He has one move, and his defensive play did go a bit unnoticed because of the team he played for.

    It's clear now with the media in Boston that Kessel was a problem behind the scenes.  He had never really intended on rejoining Boston.  Now, though, I am willing to give Kessel the time of day to prove that he wasn't so much a cancer, as that dressing room just wasn't a great fit for him.  After all, Mark Recchi got kicked out of the Pittsburgh dressing room for being a cancer to Crosby.  Because he is a Leaf, I am not forced to at least explore the possibility that his rap was ill-deserved.

    The two things I will say in my defense are this : 1.) A lot of that was said in a heated argument, where you were saying that every Leaf player in history is garbage, and that basically, Byron Bitz would be the Leafs best player.  It's not surprizing giving your ridiculousness that I replied with an exagerated response.  2.) Since then, as I mentioned a few days ago, I did go through and check the stats on Kessel.  It's true most of his goals come from Savard (20 of 36), but I did notice specific positives for the Leafs (ie. he frequently breaks the ice).

    What can I say?  I hope I was wrong.  Kessel is not one of my favorite players, and not the guy I would pick to "stamp" my rebuild.  Regardless of what I think though, the hockey community seems to think this was a great move.  In the end, my confidence in Burke outweighs my dislike for Kessel.

  16. nordiques100 says:

    ha i am surprised that wasnt *** out.

    tlusty had a great season in the A. he just needs to find someone to mesh with. its not quite working playing with Allison. maybe he could play with grabovski?

    he is still high on the leafs radar. he isnt showing as much in camp though. neither is kulemin.

    stalberg, bozak, hanson and kadri have played better. even mitchell has been better.

  17. bbruins37 says:

    yeah i never said bitz was better than any leaf or anything close to that. if you want to say that to try to earn some dignity out of this or to feel better about yourself then go ahead.

  18. Magleaf says:

    who did you say was then?..  i dont feel like looking through the arguments to find the answer cause you guys have looooong disputes.

  19. cam7777 says:

    Burke : Year Two
    (pure fantasy)

    -Trade: Toronto sends VanRyn to CLB, Columbus sends Torres and a 4th to NSH, Nashville sends 2nd round pick to TOR
    -Jamal Mayers placed on waivers

    Trade Deadline:
    -Trade Lee Stempniak to TBL for a 2nd round pick 2011, 4th round pick in 2010
    -Trade Vesa Toskala and a 3rd round pick 2010 to CHI for Akim Aliu and a 3rd round pick 2011 (TOR)
    -Trade Matt Stajan to NJD for a 2nd round pick in 2010 and a conditional pick in 2011*

    *conditional based on his resigning in New Jersey

    -Sign free agent out of the college ranks, 2 years, 1.75 million
    -Sign European free agent out of the SEL, 2 years, 1.75 million

    -Trade MikhaiL Grabovski, Jiri Tlusty, Nikolai Kulemin to LAK for Brayden Schenn
    -Keep all other draft picks; select defensemen and goaltenders for the most part

    -Sign Patrick Marleau, 5 years, 27 million
    -Sign Brett Lebda, 2 years, 2 million

    -Trade Jason Blake to NSH for a 2nd round pick 2011
    -Trade Ian White, Jimmy Hayes, 3rd round pick 2011 to BOS for Blake Wheeler

    Marleau – Schenn – Kessel
    Hagman – Kadri – Wheeler
    Stalberg – Bozak – Hanson
    Primeau – Mitchell – C. Orr


    Kaberle – Komisarek
    Schenn – Beauchemin
    Exelby – Finger


    Gustavsson – MacDonald

  20. Magleaf says:

    well i guess what ment was being on defensive teams and growing up on those teams he will learn. But your right in the way that if he can learn on the team with the fewest goals against how can he learn on a new team, My answer is ron wilson is an asshole that will make him learn (i hope)

  21. cam7777 says:

    I know I'll get a lot of flak about the trades, so I'll explain some of the logic here.  The first one makes perfect sense.  The Predators want a scoring forward at an affordable price (as far as the acquisition goes), and the Jackets want a right-handed, offensive D-man, but they want to trade salary for him.  So the Jackets swap Torres for a player they want/need at the cost of a 4th round pick.  The Predators acquire Torres at the price of swapping a 2nd rounder with a 4th rounder – not the end of the world considering their prospect pool is pretty solid.

    At some point in the season, we are going to have to decide whether to get something in return for all the expiring contracts, or keep forging ahead in an attempt to make the playoffs.  Wouldn't be surprized at all to see Stajan, Stempniak and Toskala shipped out, and Bozak brought in.  If this team does well, I wouldn't be surprized to see Mats Sundin on a farewell tour either.  I don't think any of the returns in the Deadline trades are unrealistic.  New Jersey wants a center – Stajan is solid.  The Lightning will want to round out their top-six, and Stempniak looks poised to have a rebound year.  The Hawks have a stacked prospect pool, and judging by the general lack of confidence in Huet, could use a 2nd quality goaltender on an expiring contract.

    The real big fantasy trade comes in the form of that draft day trade.  I asked some Leaf fans yesterday what they think it would take to acquire Brayden Schenn, and no one really responded.  I really don't think this kid ever fell off of Burke's radar.  It's possible that by the end of the season, Kulemin, Tlusty and Grabs all look like legitimate top six forwards (or like they will be soon).  If that's the case, is that enough to pry Schenn away from Los Angeles?  I really don't know if that's too much, or too little, so please, anyone besides bbruins, feel free to let me know what you think….

    Jason Blake going to Nashville makes a lot of sense.  Nashville will never be a cap team, so Blake's 4 million dollar hit won't be an issue.  What they will see, is a 60 point player signed for 2 more years, for a combined six million.  That's a bargain for the Preds who can't attract help in the free agency market.  Burke will have set the groundwork for this trade with the VanRyn, Torres deal 10 months previous.  Maybe we also ship them the rights to Ponikarovsky (who they have expressed interest in) to further entice them.  They would presumably have a better chance of signing him if they can talk to him before the bigger markets get their say.

    Finally, as even bbruins has pointed out, Blake Wheeler is probably the odd man out in Boston next summer (if there's only one).  He was a guy they acquired for free, so the loyalty should probably lie with Savard, Rask and Lucic who have come up through their system (and are less replaceable than Wheeler).  Perhaps this deal takes a 2nd rounder instead of a 3rd, or an additional prospect.  Perhaps it takes less as Boston will be getting raped by the cap again next year.  Who knows.  But Ian White in any package isn't a bad deal at all.  White's raise won't be nearly as substantial as Wheeler's.

  22. cam7777 says:

    he said sturm was.  it's not important.  i don't care anymore.  i posted those things on the internet.  i don't care if people read them, or i wouldn't have posted them.  obviously i said them from the point of view of trying to dissaude a delusional bruins fan, and now am being forced to wear the shoe on the other foot. 

  23. Magleaf says:

    Stalberg has really showed some speed out there

    I think bozak is showing hes got what it takes to make it (maybe even this season)

    Ive been watching most of theese pre-season games and i keep seeing
    Kadri pass or give away the puck, i guess at least he's passing because i herd a lot of people complain that he would hold onto the puck to long.

    Hanson shouuld play in the NHL IMO, i think hes ready, hes like an improved mitchell to me

    I was hoping allison would do well but so far i say send him home.

    and didntnt tlusty play like 50 something games on the leafs and didnt do well, who was he playing with?

  24. bbruins37 says:

    It was my article and i said the following regarding kessel for my plan for the bruins. This is when they had like 2.666 mil in cap space:Trade Phil Kessel. I don't want this to happen but one could get a huge return for a 21 year old that just potted 36 goals. The Bruins don't really need to bring back more offense as they arguably have 9 top 6 forwards outside of Kessel. Still, it would be nice to bring back Kessel as he has that starpower.

    The Kaberle deal seems to be gone as the Bruins don't have the cap space. I wouldn't mind a trade that would see Ryan Suter coming back the other way. Salaries might be a problem though.

    Cam had the first comment on the post saying:If I was you, I would absolutely want Kessel out the door.  The guy is so over-rated because of his 36 goals at 21 years old.  He's streaky, has almost no defensive skills, and isn't physical.  He scores because Marc Savard makes it possible, and he has an amazing shot.  He's not worth the 5 million + he's asking for.  If it were me in Chiarelli's shoes, I would ship him to Edmonton, and ask for Cogliano and a 1st round pick next year.  The pick will be high, Cogliano is super cheap, and really, you can plug in any UFA right winger on Savard's wing and get great results.  Sign Sykora or Bertuzzi for next to nothing. 

    I said this later on in response to one of his comments saying that he would take kadri and kulemin over kessel (he meant kaberle):kadri and kulemin over kessel…you are the most biased fan i have ever seen. how could you honestly take an 18 year old 7th overall pick over a guy that was 5th overall (and was projected 1st before) and also potted 36 goals last year? he has also progressed very nicely since coming into the league 3 years ago, and has had to battle cancer and mono.

    kessel is 21 years old; you have to realize this, and all this BS about you saying you wouldn't even take kessel straight up for kaberle; you obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

    i personally don't think kessel should be getting $5 million, especially because i think krejci is a better player and he got 3.75, but it's not unreasonable to give him that much.

    Thats when he said:I don't give a crap how old Kessel is, I don't want him on my team.  Just honestly step back from the situation and ask yourself why he's been on the trade block, and why he wasn't resigned first?  It's because Chiarelli knows that Kessel is a one-dimensional player.  If you put Petr Sykora on Savard's wing, he will score at least 25 goals, and cost 1/5 as much as Kessel.  He'll also back-check. 

    Later on blaze said:Kessel has 50 goal potential, unlike anyone on the Leafs.

    Cam:not on his own he doesn't.  he would be on his own on the leafs.  acquiring him now is pointless.

    Blaze:Yes he does, maybe not this year but even still he would be by far and away the most skilled Leaf, lead goal scorer and likely lead point getter.

    Acquiring a 21 year old future star could hardly be considered pointless, especially on a rebuilding team with no high end talent up front

    Cam:when you're rebuilding, you make moves for guys like kessel towards the end.  maybe two years from now, kadri is a quality play-making center, and tlusty is a legit top line winger.  acquiring kessel makes a lot more sense at that point.  right now, the young guys on the team are better served having a proven, consistent all-star on defense, than a one year 36 goal scorer who many think will be a great scorer for years to come.

    the only way you go after someone with a big name right now is if a.) the price is right, and b.) he makes the team better immediately.  kessel doesn't make our team better.  someone like getzlaf would make our team better, but kessel is just a pure sniper.  

  25. Magleaf says:

    o ya and i was going to say im no hockey analyst so if im wrong on these tell me, id like to pick up more insight on how to judge a player

  26. bbruins37 says:

    nice try. read the comment below. not one mention of saying anyone on the bruins was better, not even sturm or bitz. and your comments werent all in response to me either. funny how its so easy to catch your bullshit isnt it?

  27. nordiques100 says:

    well see if tlusty is willing to go into traffic areas. i think thats what has been the difference. he's playing on the outside compared to the others.

    stalberg has engaged himself, bozak, hanson, even kadri has been willing to get into traffic areas.

    the only way tlusty is going to score here is if he is willing to fight to the net. he isnt small so he should be big enough to battle. is he willing? dont know yet.

    and he has tremendous speed and better start using it.

    kadri will eventually learn to not overpass. he will be back in jr. his body and mind i dont think are ready. in a yr perhaps. love to see him go back to jr and make team canada. he should have a good yr on a very good london team. 

  28. mojo19 says:

    Poni and Stajan are definitely solid support players. Poni is like a Marty Erat or Fred Modin.

  29. Magleaf says:

    my apologies. Im just trying to get in on all the fun

  30. mojo19 says:

    Thank you Nords. And good point about the College players. Its not like he's signed Bozak and now will never find a gem out of NCAA ever again. Ditto for The Monster, and other undrafted guys from Europe.

    With Burke in control we have an edge in luring players in unconventional ways. These two first round picks for Phil Kessel is not going to set the franchise back for years to come!

  31. bbruins37 says:

    Another topic.
    I said: kessel and a 1st for kaberle… there is no way possible that you think that that would be a fair deal. if burke was indeed offered that there is no way he is turning that down. yeah phili was willing to go hard BUT kessel AND a 1st? absolute insanity if burke doesnt jump all over that. say that im undervaluing kaberle all you want but that trade proposal is nuts. i still wouldnt have been sold on the kaberle + a 7th deal.

    He said: well, the reality is that players like Kessel are turning up in the top 10 picks of the draft every year now. players like Kaberle are not. It's no longer a situation where you hope the players you draft turn into something like what Kessel has become, but rather what you expect. That's just a product of the game's evolution and the improvements in scouting and so forth.

    I said: "players like Kessel are turning up in the top 10 picks of the draft every year now" kane, toews, backstrom, crosby, ovechkin, malkin since the 04 draft. those are the players that look to be better than kessel that were chosen in the top 10. we will see about stamkos and ryan. youve got 3 generational talents, and 3 first overalls there. sure the first overall pick will usually turn out to be pretty damn good, but outside of that youve got countless players that LOOK to be busts at this point in there careers: brule, pouliot, etc. sure scouting is improving but its far from an exact science. a guy who puts over a goal every two games doesnt just "show up" every year…
    He said: Bobby Ryan, Devin Setoguchi, Anze Kopitar, Steven Stamkos, Jordan Staal, Derrick Brassard, Peter Mueller, Kyle Okposo, James vanRiemsdyk, Sam Gagner, Kyle Turris, plus all those guys you mentioned are all looking like they could be, or in most cases, already are on par with Phil Kessel. I'm pretty sure Bobby Ryan has already become more than Kessel. He scored almost as many goals in his 1st year, not his 3rd, and plays both ends of the ice, and a physical game. This doesn't even take into account guys like Claude Giroux, and Bryan Little, who are making it big under the radar, and weren't even in the top 10. The point is, every year a greater proportion of the top 10 makes it as a star. That's not me distorting facts, that's just reality. It's a pretty solid bet that Nazem Kadri will turn out to be a very good offensive player, just like everyone else taken in the top 10 the last few years. So yea, someone has turned up like that, every year.

    I said: peter mueller, sam gagner, brassard, okposo, turris, little, giroux. id really like to hear about why they have 1. shown they are on par with kessel. 2. have more potential than him. im very interested in your argument. if you want to give it to JVR based solely on potential, i guess that up to you. but kessel is a proven 35 goal guy (in 70 games). setoguchi? nope. not completely crazy like your other ones but 65 in a full season. 17 in half the year before that. stamkos, we will see. hes a 1st overall pick so hes got potential and had a good end to last season. but for some reason i just see bust in him. i always have. but again we will see. you did say top ten…but yeah ill admit kopitar does have it over kessel…for now. hes been great for all three seasons. kessel has a huge ceiling. then again kopitar probably does too. jordan staal? you can argue the two way player thing. but he obviously has nowhere close to the potential that kessel has. current offensive ability? no comparison.

    He said: Okay, for starters, you have to put Kessel's performance into perspective : 1.) He scored 35 goals once, 2.) He has been highly inconsistent over his career, 3.) He played on what I consider to be the best regular season team in the league last year, and was playing with the top 1-3 set-up men in the league on the best powerplay in the league. He's not as useful to any other team. Do you think Phoenix would rather Mueller (slated to be a 30 goal guy, had an off year this year, but still a force out there) who does absolutely everything and scores a few less goals, or Kessel? Little scored 31 goals this year in his rookie campaign. Setoguchi was far more dominant in every other aspect of the game for the few goals he gave up on Kessel. Giroux became the heart and soul of the Flyer's in the playoffs last year, and they expect a break-out year from him this year – he is again, a complete player. Wayne Gretzky, the greatest hockey player of all time, thinks Turris will eventually dominate this league. Kessel, for all his goals, doesn't dominante shit. He's just a better version of Jason Blake. He's not a game changer because he needs Chara to back-check for him and Savard to feed him the puck. I'll give you Gagner and Okposo, but I'd take any one of those other guys over Kessel. Stamkos lit it up as the year went on last year, and Staal is a champion – I don't care about goals I care about winning.

    I said: you cant get a +23 by just floating all the time. he backchecks. he bought into juliens system. im not saying hes amazing at it but hes more than capable. we all know about the cancer and mono. this guy has improved every year despite those setbacks. he was nearly a 20 goal guy the year before last, and had his coming out party against the habs in the playoffs that year. and would you rather have sykora then kessel? hes a winner so you must. you have this insane slant on kessel. he cant dominate, he cant do anything. 36 goals sucks. if he does it again its because he gets lucky. hahaha if gretzky says his player is goin to be the best then we better give it to turris over kessel. i mean what does 36 goals mean anyways? Nothing

    he said: No, Kessel had the Vezina and Norris behind him, his plus/minus is the myth. The evidence is in the fact that no one seems to want Kessel. If he was really all you think he is, than someone would have given him an offer sheet. Like I said, it would only cost a 1st and a 3rd in all likelihood. If you replaced Kessel with Sykora, Sykora would still put up 25 goals and you wouldn't lose much, if any offensive production on the whole. And it cost you abuot a million bucks instead of five. I don't think Kessel sucks, I think he isn't the answer for the Leafs, and he isn't worth Tomas Kaberle. I've explained it inside out, but if we wanted him, we could just offer him the contract he wants and give you guys a 1st and a 3rd and still have Kaberle! Chiarelli can't match any offers in the 5 million area or higher, and still keep his team together. If Gretzky says Turris is going to get there, then I have a good feeling about him. Phoenix hasn't tried to trade Turris 3 times and then left him out to dry. Good question, what does 36 goals mean? What does 36 goals mean to a team that allowed fewest goals in the league but scored the most? It means a lot of the goals scored were not crucial; just like Kessel's presence on the team…

  32. Magleaf says:

    what happened to wallin, wasnt he suposed to be good. I ahvnt seen him on the ice much (although ive been watching the games at work so miss a bit)

  33. mojo19 says:

    Grabovski, Tlusty and Kulemin for B.Schenn! No way! And then you appoint him first line centre. Come on! I love Luke Schenn as much as the next guy but I don't know what his brother is yet and I definitely wouldn't move a package including Nik Kulemin for him.

    But I like what you're going for.

  34. mojo19 says:

    He hasn't had much ice time. But he seems like a great guy, in his interview between periods with Paul Hendrick he said he was never so proud to put on a jersey as he was when he became a Leaf.

    Wallin might not make the team, we'll have to see, but I think he's supposed to be a great penalty killer, a physical backchecker, and a character guy. Maybe even a leader in the room as the year goes on as he was captain of the SEL championship team, Farjstad.

  35. bbruins37 says:

    right his claim that i said sturm was better out of his ass trumps my huge two post message proving that he is a hypocritical flip-flopper. that would make sense

  36. blaze says:

    The Leafs lost a shot at a top 5 pick as soon as Burke signed Beauchemin and Komisarek.

  37. cam7777 says:

    I watched him playing for the Kings the other night.  I would love to have the kid.  He impressed me every bit as much as Kadri, and scored a pair of goals.  Like I said, I'm not sure what we'd have to give up, but I thought this was a substantial enough package that no one could really say "No way, you have to add at least 4 first rounders!!"

    And yea, he's first line center, with Marleau and Kessel on his wings.  Same with Kadri – second line center, but with Niklas "Dangles" Hagman", and Blake Wheeler on his wings.  They would be surrounded by talent.  I really think signing Marleau and trading for Wheeler are distinct possibilities. 

  38. Magleaf says:

    i didnt say he was or wasnt a flip floper i just apologized for coming in and getting you to dish up all this dirt on him. All i asked was for the player and you just went haywire, i dont need to know your whole lifes story with Cam

  39. cam7777 says:

    i have said repeatedly that i do not like kessel, and that he will have to win me over.  i am happy the leafs have star power, and i have faith in burke's vision, but i personally wish it was another young star.  during one of our arguments, you did say sturm would be our best forward.  i am not going to find it.  you said it, you know it. 

    at no point have i said "KESSEL SAVES THE MAPLE LEAFS!! HURRAY FOR KESSEL!!"  I really don't understand how i've flip-flopped.  I've lightened my stance, but that has been gradual, and not over night.  I am still highly concerned about Kessel.  His back-checking might be an issue, and that shoulder should be shooting up red flags.  i hope and pray he isn't a dressing room cancer as rumored.

    if i were to judge him based on his introduction video with burke, i would say that any marks on his character come from the fact that kessel appears to be a loser.  and i don't mean that in the sense that he sucks at hockey, i mean, if he was at your high school, it seems like he would be a real tool.  i could actualy see the guys in the bruins dressing room, and, i feel ridiculous even saying this, but i could see them 'bullying' him.  he's just socially awkward.  painful to watch his interview.  so yes, on the character issues, and contract stuff, i will flip flop, but all my other concerns stand.

    if kessel is everything you say he was, we win the trade.  if he is everyting i thought he was, you win the trade.  i hope that you are right….

  40. Magleaf says:

    hahaha i thought was the only one who saw him as a looser, thats funny.

    And i completly agree about the shoulder thing..  thats one of the biggest reasons i ddint want him on the team, anyone comming off an injury i a liability.

    Like MVR, nobody wants him cause he gets hurt, what if kessel just keeps getting hurt.

  41. bbruins37 says:

    that was the whole point. at no time did i ever mention a player was better than another. the conversation was strictly about kessel and that was what i was showing you

  42. mojo19 says:

    Well I would definitely consider those three players, all under 25 (Grabs is 25) to be a pretty substancial offer. But I wonder if it would be in the best interest for the Kings to move Schenn for 3 guys? Would all three make a big enough impact on their roster to warrant moving the best player in the deal?

    I'm just writing this assuming he's as good as you say and that next year he will be good enough to have a chance to be a 1st line centre. If that were the case then LA would probably not bite.

    But again I like your idea's I definitely like Blake Wheeler, and I could see Burke targeting Patrick Marleau too.

    For the record I would give Kovalchuck 8 years, $80 million, if he's not signed to an extension by Hotlanta

  43. bbruins37 says:

    lol you can say that about sturm all you want. i know i never said it. how many times is that now that you said i said something and i never said it? its been alot now.

    you did say that everything had been a win basically for burke this offseason. you said that right after you said the trade was brutal for the leafs right off the bat. after is started making fun of the leafs for the trade you did "overnight" flip flopped

  44. Magleaf says:

    for some reason im thinking somewhere somtime you said something along those lines, maybe im wrong, but like i said i didnt want to read all thoes threads (not then or now) from back then. Ive probably read them bfore i made this account

  45. the_word says:

    Lol, wtf Leafy? Support the troops.

  46. the_word says:

    Chiarelli is going want at least six first rounds picks for Wheeler.

  47. cam7777 says:

    yea, that's exactly the question; is it the right deal for the kings?  and if it isn't, then that's why we need to overpay to land the best player.  the deal might have to be substantial enough that it becomes a no brainer for them.  a lot depends on grabovski's season.

    someone in another thread mentioned that kadri would be more suited to play the first line role with his purely offensive style, and that schenn would in fact be a better 2nd line center.  Still, can you just imagine Schenn, Kadri, Bozak down the middle?  And Mitchell is no slouch either – I predict 18 goals and 17 assists from Mitchell this year.

    Personally, that's too high a price to pay for Kovalchuk.  I would be highly concerned about the fact that he's never been able to pull Atlanta over the hump, even when they've iced decent rosters.  And from what we've seen of Burke and Wilson so far, is it more likely they spend 10 million a year on a Russian sniper, or 5-6 on a Canadian captain whom Wilson has experience with?

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