Burke's Possible Moves.

With most of the big names out there taken what moves could be left for the Toronto Maple Leafs to make well lets look first at the very small pickings on the free agency list…

The first name would have to be the biggest one of this entire year being Kovelchuck, although there is thought a deal will be worked out with the devils and everyone knows Burke would never give Kovi the money he wants so I guess that moves not going to happen.
No need to get discouraged that we can’t acquire the Russian sniper but hey there is still Afinaganov on that list. Although Afinaganov is a streaky point producer he can come at a cheap price and could bolster the Leafs scoring unit, the only problem would be Burke and well the whole NHL pretty much who believe in the “Russian Factor” where with no warning then can just drop off and be invisible.
There is always the thought of acquiring Raffi Torres who not only can put the puck in the net he can also bump a few people as he is doing it, he is what you would call a “Burke” style player and is rumored that he could very well be in a Maple Leaf uniform this coming season.
Now we look at the trade factor. Seeing how the one player we all wanted being Simone Gagne is gone might as well start with the Sharks, one of the players we notice would be Ryan Clowe, A Grinder who has proven that he can score and bump but he has also been one of the brightest spots on the sharks when it comes to the playoffs. What we would need to pull him away? who knows but if the right deal comes then he would be a Leaf.
Theres always the thought of Savard and Kessel reuniting again in a Leafs uniform but the fact of the matter is what would Toronto have to give up in order to acquire this spectacular center? Maybe a 3rd team would have to come in for a deal to happen but its still a possible move.
How about the thought of Burke pulling the same move that caused the bad blood between Burke and Lowe, There is still a great deal of great restricted free agents some big names to talk about being Bobby Ryan, James Neal and Devin Setoguchi could be stolen, although this would cost Toronto draft picks they really can’t give up it would cause what Burke is looking for a quick fix and would help our top 6.
As you can see there are multiple options for Burke to take and he will most likely do something to help bolster our team before the start of the season.

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  1. leafstime says:

    My new ideas.

    Sign Torres.

    Trade Grobovski, Brown and a fourth pick for Sharp.

    Trade Hanson and Sjostrom for Savard and a fifth.

    Trade Kaberle for Neal.

    Ship Finger to Carolina for future considerations.

    Playoffs guaranteed. Don't ask questions. Just do it.

  2. mojo19 says:

    Maybe Carolina will pay our Tucker buyout for more future considerations

  3. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    i wish

  4. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    i would love for this to happen. but i also wouldn't mind keeping kaberle. and maybe signing afinogenov?

  5. cam7777 says:

    Apparently the National Post was told by a Source that Burke has turned down a top six forward and a 1st round pick.  The deal was rumored to be Derek Roy and a 1st, or Zack Kassian (who has fallen out of favor).  They also report the offers are getting better for Kaberle by the day, but that some teams that Burke is particularly interested in receiving offers from, have to wait until the Kovalchuk contract is resolved.

  6. leafmeister says:

    If Burke ends up keeping Kaberle over Roy and a 1st I will be VERY disappointed. Even Roy and a 2nd I would take. Roy and Kassian would be a dream.

  7. cam7777 says:

    Why though?  That would just force Bozak to be our 3rd line center, and Kassian is still a couple years away from the NHL.  The value's right, but the deal doesn't make any sense.  Kessel already has chemistry with Bozak, so why move him to the 3rd line so Roy can play with him.  Just what we need, s small 2nd line center.  We are really lacking the hell out of those.

  8. nordiques100 says:

    There are many options that Burke may be pondering.

    a) he's holding out on Bobby Ryan for Kaberle straight up.

    I think Ryan is exactly the player he wants. big, tough, PF, young, capable of 40 goals, a player he personally drafted.

    There is just no way the Ducks take a rental for Ryan alone. The Leafs would to include one of their young players like Schenn, Kadri or Bozak and there is no way Burke is giving into that.

    But when you look at it without the closed mind, Ryan is a rare commodity. Few teams have such a power forward in their ranks. Even fewer have one under age 25. A rare combination of size, power and skill. Its why people fell in love with Eric Lindros a couple of decades ago. Those players are treated "special" moreso than your average Danny Briere or Derek Roy who are tremendously skilled but do not bring that size and power game to the table.

    b) Burke wants James Neal, but isnt too keen on accepting Ribiero back as well.

    Neal is I guess the poor man's version of Ryan. He probably is closer to 25-30 goal potential and has the size and skill to go with it. He probably isnt as a physical brute as Ryan is and while both are not brawlers or nasty players, Neal is more finesse than rough in how he plays the game. But the size he brings and his sniper ability, that is a nice combination.

    Ribiero is a fine playmaking centre capable of 70-80 points depending on how his players around him are able to finish. But at 5 mil, i think Burke will balk.

    And while there is a need and like for Kaberle is Dallas, I wonder if the asking price is really Luke Schenn, someone Burke arguably does not want to move.

    It could be something like Kaberle, Grabovski and Hanson for Neal, Ribiero and Woywitka but a serious guarantee from Kaberle would be needed in terms of him staying in Dallas long term. Without that, i see the Stars balking at this deal.

    c) He's waiting for Kovalchuk to sign with the Devils and then he'll go after Zajac for Kaberle and take back fat contracts in the process from the Devils.

    Once Kovalchuk signs, the Devils will need cap space. now, it thus seems funny then they want to add Kaberle and his 4.25 mil, but, if it means getting a player like Travis Zajac from the Devils, i can see Toronto willing to take back the 3.6 owed to Dainus Zubrus, the 2.9 owed to Bryce Salvador or, if willing to waive his NTC, the 5 plus mil guaranteed no matter what to over 35 player Brian Rolston.

    It looks like the Devils are really in win now and over the next decade will lean on a team surrounding Kovalchuk and Parise. But to help them win immediately, Kaberle would be a huge boost on offense from the defense. No disrespect intended to Andy Greene, but he is a nobody. They need a proven, big time offensive talent to move the puck up and Kaberle is a player they've eyed on.

    I believe though Burke isnt too keen on taking on those fat contracts. But, he isnt opposed to it as he has mentioned that as an option before.

    d) He is interested in Clowe, but the Sharks are offering Setogutchi.

    And also, the Sharks may be looking at a greater return because Setogutchi is a RFA with less options and Clowe is under a multi year deal. On the other hand Kaberle is a pending UFA in a year without any guarantees he'd stay in the place he gets traded to.

    That is one thing people are either forgetting or neglecting. Its a pretty key fact. If a team who trades for him doesn't know they'd have this player beyond this coming season, you have to assume that the assets that team is willing to give up will be less than what the Leafs would be expecting.

    Unfortunately that key fact could mean something less than a talent for talent trade. Or it could mean the Leafs taking on incentives like fat contracts or the Leafs giving up incentives like more picks or more young players.

    Many people here are without a doubt expecting a talent for talent trade because Kaberle is a very talented dman who's been an allstar, been up there in scoring for dmen for several years, is one of the best first passers in the NHL.

    But unfortunately in this day and age with the cap, with all the restrictions that come with it, with so many teams in financial trouble, with NTCs and NMCs, with the value of young players higher now than before thanks to the cap and the need for affordable entry level deals, with the value of draft picks high because of that last point, 32 year old all stars are unfortunately not going to be fully maximized in a trade.

    They could come close, but back in the day with no cap a player with a full year left would probably garner two top end prospects and a 1st but right now the Leafs would be lucky to get that much. 

  9. leafmeister says:

    Just because Bozak played well at the end of last season doesnt mean he should be handed the 1st or even 2nd line center role this year, Burke is trying to make players earn their positions. Not to mention the fact that Kadri could very well be a winger next year.


    Or Bozak could be the 1st and Roy the 2nd, but the point is that the team would be able to score more.

    We handed Wellwood the 2nd line center role in 07/08 and look what happened, the players, especially rookies and sophomores have to earn EVERYTHING.

  10. mojo19 says:

    Yes, but I do understand Burke's comments about how he's looking for a winger and not a centre.

  11. mojo19 says:

    Dallas is interesting.

    Yes about Bobby Ryan, but if what you're saying is true I wouldn't make the deal either. Kadri/Bozak/Schenn and Kaberle is just too steep.

  12. nordiques100 says:

    i think another big question with Dallas is the ownership problems.

    i dont know now if they are in any position to get anyone, especially a rental.

    but a new owner though would probably be much more open to having Richards and Kaberle needing new contracts.

    i think thats a big sticking point too.

  13. mojo19 says:

    True. Soft deal for Savard looks more likely now too! Blake Wheeler's arbitration hearing earned him $2.2 mil putting the B's over the cap and if they want Seguin to play then they'll need to clear over $4.25 in cap space to do so.

    Although they could always demote Michael Ryder, Bruins ownership is notoriously cheap and I don't know how they would feel about having a $4 million player on their farm team payroll. They're next best bet would be to move Tim Thomas if at all possible.

    I would freak out if we landed Savard and moved Kaberle as part of a package for Ryan. But this is a dream I suppose

  14. Leafs_the_word says:

    Best not to look a gift horse in the mouth.  Roy isn't that sexy of a name however  he's good value at 4 million and could bring stability while Kadri and Bozak develop.  We could always dump Roy if he becomes expendable.

    Roy and Kassian is ten times the deal Kaberle for Clowe is.

  15. Leafs_the_word says:

    Then we could do a sign and trade with Stempniak for Zajac.

  16. mojo19 says:

    That's true. Roy isn't a big guy but he's got skill and is pretty good for 60+ points every year.

  17. nordiques100 says:

    math doesnt really add up for the B's even if they get rid of Ryder.

    1. 2.5 mil over the cap. with the bonus cushion its 1.6 mil over.

    2. demoting Ryder gives them 1.5 mil in cap space or 2.4 with bonus cushion.

    3. demoting Ryder leaves them with a roster of 11 forwards, 6 dmen, 2 goalies and 2 buyouts.

    4. thus, they have 1.5 to fill out 3-4 roster spots.

    5. They have Tyler Seguin to perhaps fit in this roster. Looking at Hall's contract, that 3.75 mil cap hit with bonuses.

    6. even with that signing, they'd still have 2-3 roster spots to fill to have a 22/23 man roster. and they cannot b/c they're over the cap.

    7. even throwing rookie entry level contracts on the books wont help.

    Marchand – 821K
    Hamill – 1.3 mil
    Alexandrov – 730K
    McQuaid – 575K
    Caron – 1.1 mil

    Conclusion – Ryder plus another contract has to go. Its Savard. Or else they find a home for Thomas….which is very unlikely.

    If Gagne, who had a NTC, made over 5 mil, is still a high end player with some injury concerns was worth a 6th dman and a 4th round pick, what about Savard who has less of a cap hit, but less flexibility since he has 7 yrs left as opposed to Gagne and his 1 yr deal.

    Soft deal you bet. This is why BB hasnt touched that one yet. He knows that's there any time.

    The only other option is Sturm. in that case, they'd basically replace Sturm with Seguin, use what they have left after dumping Ryder and add Marchand and McQuaid to the roster, be under the cap with the bonus cushion and expect to pay penalties next season….and basically have little flexibility during the season. 

  18. leafy says:

    Yea I like that too.

  19. leafy says:

    Our third line could use some scoring punch. Afinoganov could be what the doctor ordered. Could even be inserted into the top 6.

  20. mojo19 says:

    The only chance they have is if they could possibly move Thomas but i don't see it happening. Also I read today that they will try to at least start the season with Sturm on LTIR if he's not 100%, which is border line cheating.

  21. leafy says:

    Just curious why you picked Carolina to ship out Finger? Haha!

  22. mojo19 says:

    haha, ya leafy try to find some reason behind all that.

  23. MystifoLeafs says:

    As Much as I would love to see some form of dump on savard that would look maybe like 

    To TOR:
    To BOS:
    4th Round
    D Boyce (Or other prospect)
    Sure this would be a long shot but hey like we seen with Gagne it can happen. My only concern is that Boston would not want to give Toronto any reason for them to some how become amazing just like that seeing how they hold Toronto's 1st round pick but you never know.
    Also doing that still leaves Toronto to try and move some other players if somehow Finger is moved to a team causing us not to have to bury him then I would be happy seeing how he is not that bad of a D Man but we sort of are pretty deep down the back end and I want to see Ledba play some minutes. The only upside to have finger in the minors is he can help some of the guys like Aulie before they get to the big league.

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