Burtuzzi and Brashear

In light of the suspention of Donald Brashear for his hit on Darius Kasparaitis it got me very steamed over people reactions to that incedent. What Brashear did was as brutal in action and even less motivated than the Burtuzzi hit on Moore.

Brashear went after Kasparaitis because of the hit on Gagne during the Olympics and the attempted hit on Forsberg during the game. This is essentially the same reasons that Burt went after Moore. Brashear laid a sucker punch and even kept pummeling after Kasparaitis was laying on the ice….Also similar to the Moore incident.

The only real difference I can see is that in this case no one got hurt. But does that make the incident any less offensive.

I say this not as a condemnation of Brashear or even a defense of Burtuzzi, but simply to show the double standard that is being used. We all know what punishment was given to Burtuzzi, yet Brashear gets suspended only one game. Considering the very similar events, I find this odd.

So I ask again, what is it that outraged us about the Burtuzzi incident, was it the hit, or what the hit did. If it was the hit, than Brashear should have been punished more. If it was the resulting injury, then the dicipline that was handed out is fine, but peoples attitudes need to be adjusted. If only the outcome of the hit offend someone, than they cannot get mad at the person who inflicted the hit, because it was not the action which was offensive, but merely the cir*****stances that turned the hit into a crippling one.

99 times out or 100, Burtuzzi hits Moore and nothing Happens; just like what happened the other day with Brashear. But this was the One time that someone got badly injured, and now, because of that, the league has a walking leopard named Todd.

Todd Burtuzzi not only ruined Steve Moores career, but also his own. Because he, for many reasosn, will never be able to regain his physically domonant possition in the league again.

I’m not really sure why I wrote this rant. I’m sure that everyone is sick of talking about this incident that happened two years ago. However, Brashear sucker punching Kasparaitis forced me to think about it a little more. Is it the ends or the means that make an offense bad? And if it’s one rather than the other, what implications does this have?