Burtuzzi and Brashear

In light of the suspention of Donald Brashear for his hit on Darius Kasparaitis it got me very steamed over people reactions to that incedent. What Brashear did was as brutal in action and even less motivated than the Burtuzzi hit on Moore.

Brashear went after Kasparaitis because of the hit on Gagne during the Olympics and the attempted hit on Forsberg during the game. This is essentially the same reasons that Burt went after Moore. Brashear laid a sucker punch and even kept pummeling after Kasparaitis was laying on the ice….Also similar to the Moore incident.

The only real difference I can see is that in this case no one got hurt. But does that make the incident any less offensive.

I say this not as a condemnation of Brashear or even a defense of Burtuzzi, but simply to show the double standard that is being used. We all know what punishment was given to Burtuzzi, yet Brashear gets suspended only one game. Considering the very similar events, I find this odd.

So I ask again, what is it that outraged us about the Burtuzzi incident, was it the hit, or what the hit did. If it was the hit, than Brashear should have been punished more. If it was the resulting injury, then the dicipline that was handed out is fine, but peoples attitudes need to be adjusted. If only the outcome of the hit offend someone, than they cannot get mad at the person who inflicted the hit, because it was not the action which was offensive, but merely the cir*****stances that turned the hit into a crippling one.

99 times out or 100, Burtuzzi hits Moore and nothing Happens; just like what happened the other day with Brashear. But this was the One time that someone got badly injured, and now, because of that, the league has a walking leopard named Todd.

Todd Burtuzzi not only ruined Steve Moores career, but also his own. Because he, for many reasosn, will never be able to regain his physically domonant possition in the league again.

I’m not really sure why I wrote this rant. I’m sure that everyone is sick of talking about this incident that happened two years ago. However, Brashear sucker punching Kasparaitis forced me to think about it a little more. Is it the ends or the means that make an offense bad? And if it’s one rather than the other, what implications does this have?

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  1. shifterdarkwolf says:

    there is a difference between suckerpunching and suckerpunching, jumping on top of them and driving someone’s head into the ice. Brashear is a hardnose rabble rouser, and he is not afraid to drop the gloves or let people know when he is upset, but he never set out to HURT someone. Bertuzzi can say all he likes about he didn’t want to hurt Moore, but what he should be saying is ‘I didn’t want to hurt him that much.’ because he did intend to hurt him, it is the only reason a player would follow through on a cheap shot like that, to make sure it took him out for a game or two.

    Aside from that, unfortunatly, the result is always going to show some effect on the punishment. If you pick a fight with someone, you are going to get an instigator and maybe a susspension. If you pick a fight with someone and break their jaw with your fist, you are prolly going to get tossed for a long time. Just the way it is.

  2. SJ_Sharks_Fan_19 says:

    Whos Burtuzzi?

  3. deuceswild says:

    Hey I have no problem with what Brashear did and Im a Philly fan. Did any of you see the way Kasperitis was going after Forsberg? Also he hurt Gagne in the Olympics. SO he was basically going after our stars, which are the bread and butter of this team. If no one is going to stand up for them there could be a problem. You dont want our team letting people run all over out top players, or they could obviously get hurt. So, even though others dont think so, Im glad. That Kasperitis is a menis, he needs to be stood up to.

  4. MikeLuce says:

    There’s a difference between being in a confrontation with someone face to face, and trowing a sucker punch…and skating behind someone and throwing a blind sided sucker punch, then driving their head into the ice. All Brashear did was beat up someone that refused to fight. And he also gave him a few seconds after he hit the ground before he pounced on him.

  5. robinson19 says:

    Kasparitis is just doing his job, get guys mad, turtle, and laugh when they get suspended. Like Tikkanen, C. Lemieux, Barnaby, Avery, Ruutu and countless others, the Pest role is one of the most important roles in hockey. I don’t think Brashear could have really hurt him in this situation, it’s what happens with a guy like Kasparitis all the time. It’s different from the genuine bad blood and intent to injure that took place between Bertuzzi and Moore.

  6. poulin20 says:

    Like it or not, that is the way the world works. You get in your car and cause an accident and nobody gets hurt, you get a ticket. Someone gets hurt…probably you go to jail.

    Besides, with the injury Moore got, the league’s hands were pretty much tied. They had to do something big.

    And, if I may digress: If Kasparitis was even half a man, he would have fought Brashear. Instead, he is a hit and run coward. He is a joke and I for one would not be sad if someone took a run at him like he has done to so many others (Tim Connolly, Lindros, Gagne, McKay, Daze, etc.)

  7. Laus723 says:

    so, help me out, did brashear not intend to “hurt” kasper when he went up to him and slugged him??? i mean, whenever i went up and slugged someone, it was because i wanted to hurt them…so your statement stating bertuzzi should’ve said, “i didn’t want to hurt him that much,” is right, he didn’t! what did todd do wrong? he let his emotions get the best of him, but that happens…and i beleive everyone’s said the same, todd FELL on moore, i didn’t see him piledriving his head into the ground! (btw, i’v enever suckered anyone, but i understand the frustration of someone walking away and playing the coward, to a point, mind you.)-and its been some time since i’ve fought, lol.

    good article, and good point! thing is, some people like apples, i hate ’em, everyone has different opinions, its what makes the world go ’round!

  8. Laus723 says:

    you aren’t kidding…i hate that guy, and he’s ugly as snot, too. i remember worrell popping him and tellin him to “f off,” because kasper kept runnin around like an insect!

  9. RangerSteve says:

    Brashear is a moron. He knows the new rule is in place that you can’t drop the gloves with 5 minutes left in the game. The attempted hit on Forsberg by Kasparaitis came about 3-7 minutes into the 1st period. I know Kaspar is no saint, and I’m a Ranger fan and we all hav eseen what he does over the years. However, when you’re sitting there trying to goat him into dropping the gloves, I can guarantee you it won’t happen. He NEVER drops’em.

    If anything, how come Gretzky wasn’t suspended for Doan dropping the gloves with 5 minutes to go in their game a while back? This is where the NHL has screwed up by saying that the player will “automatically be suspended.” Colin Campbell still has the power to review all incidents.

  10. gohabs73 says:

    Good point.

    The judiciary system in most countries give sentences based on consequences of the act, not the act itself.

    It’s quite normal that the NHL hands out its own penalties in the same way.

    Think about this one too:

    Why is it a 4min penalty for high sticking only if you have a bloody face?

    I’ve seen some pretty wicked and wreckless high sticks get 2min and some purely accidental get 4min.

  11. big_booty says:

    The Brashear/Kasparaitis confrontation (if you could indeed call it that) and the ongoing muckraking that is the Moore/Bertuzzi saga are two VASTLY different situations.

    I have a huge issue with a noted cheap-shot artist like Kasparaitis going after a superstar player. Putting an enforcer in to remedy that kind of idiocy is common practice. Brashear at least had the huevos to confront Kasparaits face to face.

    One has to only hear what Kasparaitis had to say afterwards:

    “I’m not fighting Brashear. That’s not my game. I’ll get beat up.”

    Steve Moore is not a cheap-shot artist, and he wasn’t out to intentionally injure Markus Naslund. Todd Bertuzzi’s Pearl Harbor-style reaction, which occured A FULL MONTH after the fact and even AFTER Moore and Bertuzzi had fought later in the game in which Naslund was injured, was unprecedented and potentially lethal.

  12. skandelousHABSfan says:

    Kasperitis didn’t want to fight either. Brashear was suckerpunching him….

  13. skandelousHABSfan says:

    Look at the Moore hit on Nasland, and the KAsperitis hit on Gagne in the olympics. they are very similar.

    I agree that kasperitis is generally a very cheap player, but in this case he hit gagne clean. and never even hit forsberg (although it was attempted)

  14. wingerxxx says:

    Quote from Brashear published by John Dellapina:

    “This game is gay now. You can’t even do anything anymore. … They changed the game to favor the superstars. You can’t do anything anymore to set some respect out there.”

    It shows you the frame of mind of the guy. Is he ignorant? Yes. Is he a moron? Yes. Kasparaitis is no brain surgeon either, but the hit on Gagne was a clean one. If you are Kasparaitis’s size, and Donald flipping Brashear is trying to take you on…the only reason you’d take him on is if you are incredibly brave, or incredibly stupid. It’s probably the second one.

    While I can’t fault Hitch***** for sending his enforcer out there to make a statement, the last two minutes of the game are not the time to do it. There comes a time when retribution-seeking starts to hurt your team, and I think that Brashear crossed the line into that territory. All enforcers have to tread that line carefully. I go have to give Brashear a smidgeon of credit for not going after Jagr, because that could have made things very, very ugly.

  15. RaGsHoCkEy88 says:

    after hearing that, i think someone needs to pull another marty mcsorley on brashear to keep his ass in line. and ken hitch***** definitely sent him out to cause a rucus and now they will pay. not only were both diciplined, but philly got embarraced hardcore

  16. RaGsHoCkEy88 says:

    theres no need to fight, philly was embarraced enough and brashear made them look even more dumb. i laughed and laughed

  17. RaGsHoCkEy88 says:

    u have the rule all wrong. if 2 guys drop em, no one gets suspended. if someone INSTIGATES in the last 5 then they get suspended, but when 2 mutually agree, theres only 5 minute majors

  18. Dynamo710 says:

    The funny thing about it all is that Kasparaitis basically won the game for the Rangers. He took a run at Forsberg WHO HAD THE PUCK and Forsberg dodged him, and from that moment on, the Flyers, mostly Brashear, were going after Kaspar instead of playing hockey. Brashear took some dumb penalties and before you know it the Rangers are up 5-1. Even better was the fact that Kaspar was putting some good hits into Brashear during the game, PLAYING CLEAN HOCKEY, while Brashear was just trying to rip his head off, and at one point did by pulling his helmet off and actually tugging at Kaspar’s hair. Brashear is a disgrace and a coward. Instead of trying to fight and throw cheap shots, try throwing a good hit you piece of garbage.

  19. BeLEAFer925 says:

    Brasheer is a dope and the NHL (Colin Campbell) missed the mark on this one. If they want to prevent incidents like the Bertuzzi/Moore thing then they have to come down harder on similar incidents like this. Is the Brasheer/Kasperitis incident exactly the same? No, but its pretty similar. Kasperitis went after a couple of philly stars (1 in the same game and 1 in a previous game) just like how Moore got Naslund, but the difference is Kasperitis’ reputation as a cheap/dirty player while nobody knows what kinda of player Moore could have turned out to be. The only difference in “the sucker punches” was that Brasheer got a guy the players and fans hate and didn’t hurt him while Bertuzzi got a guy that nobody knew about and really got him.

    So if the NHL wants this kinda stuff to stop then they gotta comedown harder on similar incidents not just slap them on the wrist. Also take out the instigator penalty and the stupid “in the last 5 minutes” penalties and just let them fight. If you let them fight without threat of suspensions and fines then theyy’ll just duke it out like men. It doesn’t even mean Kasperitis would have had to fight. SOmebody else could have stepped in to help out Kasper. Nobody ever gets seriously hurt in one-on-one fights it’s always the cheap shots and stuff the hurts. And in my opinion a 1 game suspension to send a big message might be worth sacrificing a useless players and a little dough for one game.

  20. poulin20 says:

    Defending Kasparitis = Immediate lack of credibility.

    Sorry, Charlie.

  21. Flyer_Dman says:

    I can’t stand Brash. I find him to be useless. However, he finally did what he is on the team to do. Kasparitus was making runs at Forsberg all night. He had it coming. There was nothing wrong with what he did.

    And to compare what he did to what Bert did is RIDICULOUS. Brash grabbed him, spinned him, and punched him in the front of the face. He did not jump on his back and slam his face in the ice.

  22. mikster says:

    Kaspar is a player that hits hard and never ended a player’s career, like Scott Stevens has.

    If Kaspar is a cheap shot, then so was Stevens for intentionally trying to end Lindros’s career right when he got back from a concussion.

    Brashear is a useless good who does not even belong in the AHL.

    I don’t know how anyone can clap for a goon that pulls someone’s hair and suckerpunches him with his glove on.

    Hitch***** should have been suspended too.

    Kaspar is going to go after anyone. Brashear tried to get Kaspar into a fight, which was idiotic because he should know that Kaspar does not fight and can’t fight since he cannot afford to stay 5 minutes in the box.

    That led to Rangers PP. Kaspar then goes to hit Brashear a couple of times. So, it’s not like Kaspar ran away from Brashear.

    He just won’t lower himself into a useless goon that Brashear is.

    And, to show how stupid Brashear is that he called the NNHL “gay”. That rule where you get suspended for instigating a fight near the end of the game already existed.

    A few years ago, Trots and Oliwa were both suspended for doing the same thing.

    Who’s a gay idiot now, baldy?

  23. poulin20 says:

    All afternoon I have been trying to figure out how so many knowledgeable hockey fans have been tripping over themselves to be next in line to defend a cheapshot loser like Kasparitis. Then the obvious occurred to me…

    It is not that so many people are defending Kasparitis, it is that they are attacking Brashear.

    So then I thought, why would this many people attack Brashear so vehemently?

    The answer is simple…at some point in the past, Brashear has beaten up a lot of peoples’ favorite player. Thus the anger.

  24. Aetherial says:

    The first paragraph of the orginal post is exactly the problem. The corrected term would have been pre-meditated. The POINT is that is exactly what make what Bertuzzi did MILES worse.

    Furthermore. he did it from behind. At least the guy was facing Brashear.

    To even compare the incidents is beyond ridiculous.

  25. JoelOtto says:

    This is absolutely the best comment of them all. Poulin20 hits the nail on the head.

    Kaspar is a cheapshot. To defend him is pure hypocrisy.

    An above post cites other players of the same ilk as Kasparitus (i.e. – agitators extraordinaire) and names Barnaby and some others as falling in this category; however, I’ve always known Mr. Barnaby to be more than willing to back up his actions or words with his fists.

    If Kaspar wants to dance with the devil, he should be willing to pay the price. That’s what a man does.

  26. JoelOtto says:

    I think Kasparitus ended Lindros’s career….it’s his hit on Sir-Eric that was the beginning of the end.

  27. HckyPlayer28 says:

    first of all its bertuzzi…and second of all brashear was standing up for his players. you talk about cheap shots. how bout the one kasperitas had on gagne in the olympics. and then he tried doin the same thing to peter forsberg. i guess hes just that stupid and thinks hes gonna get away w/ that expecially against the flyers and brash. i was at that game and the fact your taking the side of kasperitas is actually funny. maybe if kasperitas wasnt such a ***** and would actually drop the gloves it wouldnt of been a big deal. kasperitas even said himself that there are few guys in the league he’ll fight, but brash is one of them. so atleast kasp. had some common sense there. but if hes gonna try pulling these cheap shots, expect retaliation

  28. mtrakker85 says:

    Kasparaitis deserves a lot worse than what happened. All of the players he has hurt with his “legal” hits, give me a break.

  29. nonhl2005 says:

    I for one think the pest of the league like Tucker and Kasparitis should be fazed out before the Domi’s and Brash’s. They are the one’s that come at you like men, these so called ‘pest’ do more harm to players then the fighters. If the league wants to protect the stars then get rid of the pest. Do you see Domi and Brasher going after the Forsber’s and Jagr’s, no but the Kasper’s and Tucker’s sure take their runs at them.

  30. laserman says:

    Why do you think Brashear is on the Flyers in the first place? Why do you think that Clarke is interested in Bertuzzi? How do you think the Flyers got the name of “The Broad Street Bullies”? Not from being choirboys, thats for sure. The only difference is that instead of a team full of goons and thugs, they only have a couple to protect their talented players. What Brashear did was no different than what Dave Schultz did to Dale Rolfe in a playoff series in the early 70’s. The big difference is that the fefs and league officials are no longer intimidated by the Flyers, or any other goons for that matter…

  31. GretzNYR99 says:

    Brashear has ran around for years taking runs at players.

    How can you defend someone who’s doing the same things you’re calling out the others for doing?

    Can’t play both sides of the fence.

  32. GretzNYR99 says:

    Lindros had a 40 goal 90 point season the year after that hit.

    Kaspy may have started the snowball, but Stevens finished it.

  33. GretzNYR99 says:

    And you’re anymore credible for defending a useless goon who’s proving that his worth has significantly dropped in the new NHL?

    Look at the pot calling the kettle black.

  34. poulin20 says:

    Hey knucklehead, in what part of any of my statements did I defend Brashear?

    And what is with the “pot calling the kettle black”

    Freudian racism?

  35. GretzNYR99 says:

    To defend a worthless and useless goon like Brashear who has ran and sticked players left and right for the last 10 years is just as hypocritical as you say defending Kasparaitis is.

  36. flyer12fan says:

    even scott stevens wasnt laughing and slapping his teammates five as lindros lay motionless on the ice, as kasparaitis did when he knocked lindros out years ago.

    and while brashear “sucker punched” him in the sense that kasparaitis was not fighting back, kasparaitis was at least looking at him and knew it was coming.

  37. flyer12fan says:

    not quite. brashear isnt trying to injure anyone. if other teams play cleanly, you wont see brashear going after anyone. like dozens of other guys across the league, brashear is paid to make sure that s*****bags like kasparaitis don’t take cheapshots at his team’s best players.

  38. NinjasOnly says:

    When it comes down to it I think both players were wrong. I’m not even sure why Philly hasn’t jsut bought out Brashear and sent him packing as he really doesn’t have much of a purpose on the ice anymore. He may be good for the battles in the corners upon occassion but his useless penalties negate any purpose he could serve.

    Berutzzi is a little more useful but for the most part is jsut a gaint pylon to place in front of the net. I’ll him a little credit as his hands aren’t all that bad but how often do you see him in the opposing zone doing anything but screening the goalie. I know…It’s his job and for the most part it has worked but I can’t say I think it makes him any better a player in my mind. Anyway, Bring on the bashings I’m destined to face by all of you Bertuzzi is a God fans out there.

  39. nonhl2005 says:

    Who has he run, he’s run after guys but never taken anyone’s knees out or left his feet to throw and elbow at a players head.

    Who has he run:

    1) he can’t catch anybody

    2) he’s never on the ice when the star players are

    3) he’s a fighter and knows his role, sometimes he’s not the smartest at it but he doesn’t try to decapitate or take the knees out from others.

    What I am saying is the guys like Kasperitis and Tucker are the one that do more damage to the image of the game then the Domi’s and Brasher’s. When it’s a one-on-one fight no one complains ( I should say noone that knows anything about hockey) complains about it. When the so called ‘pest’ take out someones knees that’s what gets most people, in the know, *****ing about the image of the sport. How often does a player get hurt from a fight? How often does a star player get often from a fight? How often does a star player get his knees taken out by a punk? Or a concussion from a elbow? Get rid of the Tuckers, Havlats and Kasparitis’ of the league and you’ll have less injuries

  40. Lucky says:

    For all of you flyers fans out there…the thug got what he deserved and should be out at least 10-20 games. As far as Kaspar is concerned, he did exactly what he intended to do, aggravate the opposition. Forsberg is a great player but not nearly what he used to be. Just soar grapes here as you got your butts kicked in your house.

    I’d like to add that this is an unusual year as the Rangers are having a very good season. I do not think they are serious contenders but have been happy to see them play better controlled Hockey.

    Some of us like the rule changes and some of us don’t like them. Until that changes, get on with your hockey lives and enjoy the games. Ranger fan forever even during the dark days.

  41. UWSensFan says:

    On that logic, any Canucks fan should have no problem with what Bertuzzi did to Moore…he did go after (and injure, might I add) Naslund. The basic logic in this is that if someone is “trying to hurt your team’s star player(s), it’s OK to try and injure them”. Granted, I didn’t see the Kasparitis hit on either Gagne or the “way [he] was going after Forsberg”, so I can’t comment on that. All I know is that your comments would lead to a very dangerous scenario where any goon could accuse another player of “going after top forwards” just to take them out.

  42. andyman says:

    LOL Bertuzzi ruined moores career. ” WHAT CAREER ” need i say anymore.

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