Busy summer for Bob + ''Interesting Fact''

Yes it’s all over for the Habs…in a disapointing way! They got what they deserved.

However while players are in vacation, GM Bob Gainey should be about to enter his busy time at work…There are a lot of questions to answer…

1) What to do with Bonk, Bulis, Sunstrom, Zednik, Ribeiro?

2) What to do with the goalies? Do we keep both? only one? which one?

3) With all the big names available, will he add real players instead of those depth players who have been filling Montreal’s dressing room for more than 10 years?

4) Who will Carbo choose as his assistant (although it seems pretty obvious to me that Kirk Muller has already been chosen)?

So many questions…so many choices.

Hopefully the right ones will be made to take ”Les Glorieux” out of this mysery!

member Sergioel had this ”interesting fact” to add:

Interesting Cam Ward Fact

Recently came across some interesting info… Cam Ward was born On February 29 1984. If he actually celebrated his birthday every 4 years he would be 5 and half years old. Therefore, the Montreal Canadiens lost their first round playoff series to a 5 and half year old goaltender. It’s too bad he celebrates every year, it would have made for one hell of a historical event!

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  1. bakunin says:

    We need at least to be in the run for chara. He would be the perfect guy for montreal.

    the good thing about a young team is it give enough room in the salary cap to sign great players.

    we have lots of youngsters, we need the good guys to support them.

    On the other hand we should try to find remplacment for bulis, zednik,bonk.

  2. habsoverserver says:

    Theo failed to play to his potential as a Hab and is still in the playoffs with the Avs. Huet played well beyond his abilities and is golfing.

    “What pisses me off as a hab fan is the lack of a perinneal all star on the blue line and a dominating power forward. Not to mention Ribs as our second line centre.”

    I agree entirely. Why hasn’t Gainey fixed that? It’s been the problem for five years.

  3. BunchOfLies says:

    I hope when you talk about the Habs penchant you mean the staff, cause honestly I dont see where its the players fault.

    Agreed that some could have done better, but on the other hand, what can you really expect when the best RW you can put on yr 2nd line is Bulis… you know…

    Personnaly, that’s where I want Gainey to make his moves, I dont think the playoffs were such a disappointment (of course I was hoping they’d win!) but given the players the Habs had… Now if we can get better in regular season, I’d be happy, for once we could be the best of the two teams in the first round… what a change it would be…

  4. Habfanforever says:

    replacements for Bulis Zednik and Bonk?

    Chipchura, Kostitsyn and Latendresse

  5. habsoverserver says:

    The players are good. It’s not their fault that management has no clue how to use them. Any Habs player can become more successful with another team who uses them for the right role.

    Players only excel when given the chance to use their talent in the right context.

    Why can’t Gainey get a second line wing? I can only conclude that he’s not interested in winning at any price.

  6. Rico420 says:

    I for one am happy..no no ecstatic that Muller is gonna be an Assistant in Montreal..it’s nothing greater then to see Kirk back with the Habs.

    Second..the Habs will sign someone this summer..which goes against there “throwing a hat in the ring of the big guns” but I won’t be surprised if Arnott and Chara aren’t Habs by the end of this summer.

    Lastly..Abby will return and so will Huet..but Abby will be dealt halfway through the season.

  7. BunchOfLies says:

    Good maybe, Very good not really… I mean, Bulis, Ryder, Zednik, Murray – they are no Richards, Savard, Hossa, Tanguay, etc… you know…

  8. Ivan_Mtl says:

    “… but I won’t be surprised if Arnott and Chara aren’t Habs by the end of this summer.”

    Uh, so what you are saying by this double negative is that you WOULD be surprised if Arnott and Chara are Habs by the end of the summer. lol

    Actually, you are technically (if not grammatically) correct. While there may be a chance of signing Jason Arnott, the Montreal Canadiens have absolutely NO chance of signing Chara (or Redden, for that matter).

    It’s nice to live in a dream world, but it’s time to wake up now. There are 29 other teams in the league ready to make offers, and I’m pretty sure his agent will dissuade him from going to the most heavily taxed city (province) in North America.

    Wouldn’t you rather play in Dallas or Tampa Bay/Florida where there is NO state tax, or in a big American market like Detroit or New York?

    Also, I don’t think the Canadiens will be able to re-sign Huet either. This is his one, and possibly, only chance, to make big money as a unrestricted free agent, so I think he is going to bolt for more money (much like Martin Lapointe did with the Red Wings). Gainey would be nuts to offer him more than $2.5 million a year, and I just think that other teams in desperate need of a goaltender themselves, will be ready to offer more.

    Then again, Boob Gainey and the Canadiens are known for overpaying their players, so you never know. lol

  9. hitman46 says:

    Montreal will sign Brad richards and hopefully Wade redden. I also See Selane signing. Luongo Is a free agent as well

  10. habsoverserver says:

    Buffalo has a bunch of “good” players and look at them.

  11. habsoverserver says:

    It’s automatic, since every off season, the Habs manage to sign the bulk of the great free agents.

  12. nordiques100 says:

    or another johan hedberg who was a 1 year wonder with the pens and now just a backup.

  13. nordiques100 says:

    to me, what is interesting is that Theo won the hart, and did, yes did steal a playoff series against boston. and when he faltered the season after he was thrown out like sour milk. Now everyone is on the Huet bandwagon, finds him better than theo even though he LOST the series. and when he signs but goes 0-5 to start the year everyone will be all over him and gainey for wasting money.

    also interesting is the hate on for RIbiero. there were some like me who were hating him 2 years ago when he was picking a fight with the team captain and trying to win an oscar tanking, faking and turtling against marty lapointe. while i showed hate, there was nothing but passionate defence for this guy and nothing but every habs fan defending his every action. now, you people cant wait to rid yourselves of this twit.

    and way back, every time i ran into a habs fan they threw the 24 cups in everyones face. now it appears many are even more delighted the team is showing progress. i agree with that habs fan above who was ranting about the fans happiness in mediocrity. you should be pissed. progress is squat when you lose. it use to be habs = winning. not developing a good future. if i am not mistaken they use to manage to do both not too long ago.

  14. EasternHockey says:

    I wasn’t specifically referring to anyone here, I had just finished browsing through comments on TSN.ca, with Leaf fans cheering for Carolina. I get pissed when anyone jokes about any team, it’s a matter of maturity, and when it comes to sports, it seems that there is very little.

    I don’t go around saying “LEAFS SUCK!” to everyone I know, but when I see a Leafs fan go up to a 3 year old kid sitting on his father’s shoulders, wearing a Habs jersey, and the Leaf fan goes “Hey little guy, high give!” just to get the kid excited, and then turns around and says “maybe next year”, it doesn’t help people’s opinion of how Leafs fans behave.

  15. EasternHockey says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure he was referring to the team. That goal wasn’t only Huet’s fault, it was Rivet who deflected it, and Ryder who couldn’t keep the puck in Carolina’s zone.

  16. nordiques100 says:

    i like your rant and your mindset bro. but you will get roasted by those polly optimistics out there who cant see anything wrong with their teams win or lose.

    i got roasted not too long ago when i butchered my team the leafs for missing the playoffs.

  17. EasternHockey says:

    Wow, little defensive there? I didn’t feel like elaborating. Had it been a Home and Away, instead of a Home and Home, it wouldn’t have made a difference. Montreal destroyed Telqvist. Had Aubin been in nets, different story maybe. Regardless, you’re right, I thought the points margin between both teams was a lot more than just 3. Wow.

  18. BunchOfLies says:

    Habs overpaying their players – heavily taxed city… coincidence you think ?

    NO chance at all ? 29 teams ? the guy will have his 7-8 Mil, so money will not dictate his choice, I mean, 7 Mil in Detroit is the same as 7 Mil in Carolina right ? so… I dunno, he’ll probably love playing for a losing team such as Colombus or Chicago…

    Huet big money ? while I think he was fantastic, every GM will tell him it was only 40 games…

  19. my_sphincter says:

    I wouldn’t say that Huet played well beyond his abilities.

    Have you seen him play before this year? I haven’t, but having the best save % in the league and being second to only Kipper in shutouts in one of the toughest divisions in the NHL really isn’t bad.

  20. Aetherial says:

    Agreed, that home and away might not have made a difference. My point would have been stronger had I not distracted it with that speculation.

    … I think that frankly, I HATE the schedule. I am bored to tears of seeing NE teams.

    Familiarity breeds contempt, and boredom I think. I would FAR rather see Detroit/Dallas/Colorado/Vancouver/Edmonton at least once or twice a year.

  21. Aetherial says:

    I was really surprised and disappointed in Ribiero this year. I think Ryder is what he is and will likely be good, and consistent, if unspectacular.

    Ribiero though, really needs to wake up and understand he has a career to maintain.

  22. Aetherial says:

    There are a lot of similarities between the Habs and Leafs. Hab fans may not like that comparison. but the teams are not far apart, both have some good prospects and some that won’t pan out. Both have a resurrected goalie (at the moment) Both have a couple players they really need to lose somehow and both have an aging “star” player and no potential franchise guys in the orgnization.

  23. Aetherial says:

    Habs have been in a down cycle for a while. Remember when they used to consistently do both, I believe they had exclusive rights to all the French Canadian players!

    If you see the organization going in the right direction it is something to be excited about… because only ONE team wins the cup each year. From that stat alone the odds are against you. The fans of 29 other teams are looking for “positive signs”. Otherwise, why bother being a fan?

  24. habsoverserver says:

    The essence of the debate is how do you measure progress

    is it a team metric – more points, improvement in standings, advancement in playoffs

    is it an indvidual metric – more great players in their prime

    or is it an elusive intangible – effort seems better although results are unchanged

    After three years, Gainey should be expected to deliver on tangible results in the standings.

  25. habsoverserver says:

    Ha! Thanks.

  26. habsoverserver says:

    No, Habs missing THeo for 20 games or so caused them to finish ahead of the Leafs.

  27. habs_punk says:

    It’s definately possible, that’s why I said they need a backup plan. But Hedberg really wouldnt be the best comparison, he never put up numbers remotely close to what Huet put up this year.

  28. habs_punk says:

    When it comes to Ribeiro, I still think he can be useful to Montreal. He is an incredible talent. The big problem we see with him is that he hasn’t been able to step his game up to the next level when Koivu is injured and he needs to be the number 1 centre. He is a number 2 centre, or he is useless. He isn’t strong enough defensively to play on the third or fourth line, and isn’t committed enough to play on the first line. Pure skill only takes you so far, and we’re seeing that in Ribeiro. He needs to work to get to the next level, and so far it seems like he won’t do it. That is why so many Habs fans want to get rid of him.

  29. djstoop_id says:

    why would they move Rivet, their most reliable defensemen and one of the only leaders in the room.

    and why would they go for Savard ? I mean, Koivu, Ribs and Pleks are smurfs and you want to add another one (better, I’ll admit that), who, btw, has shown that he’s an hassle to coach ?

    Ryder will never bust his ass. Never has, never will. That’s why he almost didn’t make the NHL. He only did because Julien coached him in the juniors and highly recommended him.

  30. djstoop_id says:

    Nobody wanted french players at the time anyway.

  31. Habfanforever says:

    I one of the few that agrees with that fact. I like that the Leafs finally showed faith in Ian White who IMO is horribly underrated. This guy can skate and move the puck at a high level and I can easily see him pegged as 3rd or 4th defenseman as soon as next season.

  32. Habfanforever says:

    When people are on the outside looking in, it is hard for them to see what really went on, especially for a die hard habs fan like myself during the “houle” dark ages. People seem to forget the damage that was done to this once fine organization. Arguably the best goalie in history was publicly humiliated. Guys like Damphousse, Turgeon, Recchi and Malakhov who were in their prime were traded away for old has-beens and the drafting was disgusting at best. At this point, after enduring almost a decade of more downs than ups, I’m glad to see a lot of youth and promising fresh blood in the system, especially when Gainey is head of the show. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and if a hurricane or a tsunami went through it, it wouldn’t be rebuilt in a day either.

    Mark my words, by this teams centennial (2009), the Habs will no longer be a laughing stock or thriving to reach the middle of the pack, they will be a force to reckon with.

  33. 92-93 says:


    but even his original ‘logic’ is flawed.

    what happened when Sundin went down for 2 rounds in the 2002 playoffs? – oh yeah, they went to the conference finals.

    the habs need better depth, period. and if hab fans want to disagree with that – i can point to Koivu’s injury as an example, but if they disagree with my depth comment, they cannot also prop up the Koivu excuse.

    i personally – and bob gained agrees – that koivu’s injury was big, but wasn’t that big of a deal and that the habs were simply beaten by a beater team.

    finally, some of the hab fans on this site – who frequently make these allegations of the leaf fans – also over-valued their team from day one (re: their good start). the habs are quite consistent and happened to get hot at the right time towards the end of the season (and you look at the period when they beat the leafs, played the pens twice and had 5 games against Boston – 3 times, NYI and Washington … you can kinda figure out how they were able to get that hot streak).

    no doubt, i pay props to their 8-game win streak and getting hot at the right time. toronto got hot way too late even if their 9-0-2 streak was more impressive. it doesnt matter, they didn’t make the playoffs. the habs did and they managed to play the Canes well. but there are a lot of holes on this habs squad that are being artificially filled in by overly-optimistic fans and their strong finish/play against Carolina.

  34. 92-93 says:

    well, your comment towards the end is a HUGE generalization.

  35. 92-93 says:

    totally agree – but you wont convince many hab fans on this site.

  36. mush124 says:

    rydey doesnt bust his ass? one of the main reasons hes in the nhl is due to his work ethic you moron…

  37. mush124 says:

    wow look at his scouting report from tsn.ca

    “Displays exemplary work ethic” and sound positioning. Owns a lethal shot from the slot area and a goal-scorer’s mentality

    sit down noob

  38. rene says:

    zednik and bonk are signed for next year. but i do hope they get traded esp. zednik. all i want is someone to help kovalev like a robert lang they played with each other and know each other. and a big defence with some scoring touch

  39. rene says:

    ribeiro just cant complete his shots. i remember in the playoffs he gets set up perfectly by kovalev and he fans on his shots or just misses the net. and when he hits someone HE falls. he does have talent but he needs to use it right. if he cant trade him for someone that can. trade him to washington. then get matt pettinger.

  40. hitman46 says:

    its hard to believe that houle the idiot he is still works for the habs. Tremley was terrible as well

  41. rene says:

    luongo is a rfa can only get traded and keenan will want tons for him and luongo wants to stay in florida he just wants to make the playoffs for a change.

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