Cabber as a Forward ??

Ok this is juss a theory of mine , Would Brian McCabe be a better forward then a D-man . I think that Cabber has awesome Offensive talent but his Defence is suspect at best sometimes . I have always wondered what McCabe would play like playing along side of Sundin and Wellwood .

I think that this would give Mats Someone to play with on his Left Side that can put the puck in the net and wellwood could set them up beautifully as well .
Now that said i will make up my lines ,and take note that Kubina will fill the spot beside Kaberle witch is what Pavel wants anyways. And i will take out Peca cause he is out for the season perty much and i will put asteric’s* beside the other injured players that should be back soon

McCabe Sundin Wellwood*
Tucker Stajan Ponikarovsky*
Battaglia Steen O’Neill
Antropov* Pohl Kilger /Suglobov

Kaberle Kubina
Gill White
Coliacovo Bell-or if trade Vaananen

You could make a trade if Peca’s contract won’t count for a while or even the whole year . I would say someone like Ossi Vaananen who is available, trade a prospect and maybe a 3rd or 4th rounder .
Now mind yourself that this is just an idea of mine to help the buds out up front i would perpose to try it for like 2 or 3 games if it doesn’t work than put things back to normal . What do they have to lose ???

whats everbody think ?