Cabber as a Forward ??

Ok this is juss a theory of mine , Would Brian McCabe be a better forward then a D-man . I think that Cabber has awesome Offensive talent but his Defence is suspect at best sometimes . I have always wondered what McCabe would play like playing along side of Sundin and Wellwood .

I think that this would give Mats Someone to play with on his Left Side that can put the puck in the net and wellwood could set them up beautifully as well .
Now that said i will make up my lines ,and take note that Kubina will fill the spot beside Kaberle witch is what Pavel wants anyways. And i will take out Peca cause he is out for the season perty much and i will put asteric’s* beside the other injured players that should be back soon

McCabe Sundin Wellwood*
Tucker Stajan Ponikarovsky*
Battaglia Steen O’Neill
Antropov* Pohl Kilger /Suglobov

Kaberle Kubina
Gill White
Coliacovo Bell-or if trade Vaananen

You could make a trade if Peca’s contract won’t count for a while or even the whole year . I would say someone like Ossi Vaananen who is available, trade a prospect and maybe a 3rd or 4th rounder .
Now mind yourself that this is just an idea of mine to help the buds out up front i would perpose to try it for like 2 or 3 games if it doesn’t work than put things back to normal . What do they have to lose ???

whats everbody think ?

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  1. mcdougall says:

    problem with that is while mccabe has a wicked slapshot, he doesn't have the greatest wrist shot. while sundin and wellwood are both great set-up men, i dunno if mccabe would be the best finisher. he's a damn good point man, and it's true for a defenceman he's more than a little iffy, but i don't know if putting him as a forward is the answer. i still think moving kubina with kabs and putting mccabe with cola (who is showing why he's worth the wait right now) would still be a better option. 

  2. Sundinrocks13 says:

    Yeah they could probably try it until Poni comes back because McCabe is not the best at defense and he made a mistake that made us lose 3-2 to Washington. put Colaiacovo or Kubina up to play with Kaberle and this is what the d would look like:


  3. thatleafsguy says:

    This is what retardation looks like in text format. Moving a career defenseman to the wing, yeah good luck arsehole!

  4. RealisticNick says:

    "This is what retardation looks like in text format"

    That is possibly the best thing I have read on this site all year.  Priceless

  5. rollinfatty says:

    look man, I'm gonna be straight with you and say that I considered it cuz mccabe is quick and cuz he's got a booming shot…then I realised I was a moron. He is 31 years old and has developed his defensive game. Expecting him to adjust his game at this point in his career is pretty ridiculous to say the least. Also when you think of what mccabe has…a big shot and…what? Realistically, he should not be moved to forward but to the second defensive line. Put Kubina with Kaberle and let Mccabe play with Colaiacovo. I can see what you're saying and I would not mind seeing it for a day but what benefit would it have for our team? Not much of one.

  6. 92-93 says:

    McCabe is too slow to be a forward.

    Bell is more likely to play on a fourth line right now due to the injuries.

  7. 92-93 says:

    on another note, to give an idea of how deep the toronto offense actually is (and this is because of the systems Maurice employs):

    If O'Neill scores a single point, Sundin scores 2 goals, and Tucker scores one goal against the Bruins on Thursday night, the leafs will become the first NHL team this season to boast 6 players with 30 pts or more and only the fourth team to have two 20-goal scorers.

    Other teams like Buffalo, Carolina, Anaheim, Atlanta and Ottawa has this kind of offensive depth but nobody mentions toronto. If Poni were playing he'd be the 7th guy with 30 pts or more. and when you consider the offensive struggles of Kubina and Steen, the injuries to Antropov and Coliacovo, the leafs are much more deeper than many people realize.

    in any case, all of this is moot and balanced out when you consider how horrible and inconsistent their defensive play is by the forwards, D, and netminders.

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