Calling out LeafyMcLeaf

Once again you have amazed me with your stupidity about hockey. Not even a month into the season you want JFJ and Maurice fired. The Leafs under Maurice are more accountable, creative and play more like a team. Maurice is still the youngest coach in the NHL and is showing why he was named an NHL head coach in his 30’s. Oh yeah he outsmarted your buddy Quinn in the Conference Finals when he guided the Canes to the Cup.

As to offering Forsberg a huge contract when he becomes a Free Agent is a huge mistake. When healthy, Forsberg is an awesome talent but why pay big bucks to a guy that is past his prime and has had a huge history of injuries? This the reason why the Leafs have has problmes in the past.

Making dumb moves to try to win now and instead for the future. In today’s NHL you must allocate your money smartly or you can hurt your team for years to come.

Fianlly this comment makes no sense at all Leafy

If I owned the Leafs, I would basically say, make the final 8 or you’re fired, because this is a team that SHOULD be dominant with its history, and what not. The Yankees lost in the last 8, and Joe Torre is on his way out, god bless him. This is why the Yankees have 26 World Series.

WTF?!?!?!?! The reason why the Yankees lost because THE BOSS is an idiot. He gets all these superstars that have egos and it leads to problems. That is the reason why they lost to the gritty Tigers. The TIGERS play like a team. JFJ has made some tough choices, some that I may not agree with and some I agree with. At least this guy knows that getting overpaid guys past their prime is not the path to success in the NHL today.

You cannot expect the Leafs to make it to the Final 8 after ripping apart the roster and working with a salary cap unlike MLB where you can spend money to get talent (and that guarantees you nothing).

Please Leafy stop making uneducated opinion because I feel people on this site lose at least 30 IQ points after reading your articles

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  1. Hoondog2 says:

    Agreed. The Leafs sold the future in the 90’s while we enjoyed many a playoffs, nice try, it didnt work, now we must pay the price of rebuilding. Although after watching the Leafs in the first 6 games of this young season I definitely see a team that will be entertaining to watch, and while some fans have expressed their dislike for JFJ and this years Leafs, the hard work and determination of this team will bring some of these fans back around. The Leafs will be in a fight to make the playoffs and they may be out early, but then again they may get hot at the right time.

    I wouldnt have wanted to play them first round last year if they managed to sneak in!

  2. Turnbull says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. LeafyMcleaf has to be one of the lamest and most unintelligent poster’s I’ve come across on any “hockey-blog” site. Not only do his post’s never make any sense, but he just repeats himself over, and over, and over, and over again because he’s simply too stupid to think about more than 1 thing at a time.

  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Yes, and the Minnesota Wild are 5-0, the Sens are 2-3, and Martin Havlat is the highest scorer in the league, the Maple Laughs will NOT make the playoffs, and idiot Leaf fans are the only people who haven’t seen this yet. Paul Maurice shouldn’t be fired because of a lack of success, but he should never have been hired in the first place, because he is a terrible coach. John Ferguson is alot like Rob Bab*****, except you know, Charlie V turned out, so far, nothing Ferguson’s done has turned out so good. Don’t give me some Justin Pogge bull shit, everyone knows that was a total fluke. John Ferguson has failed, and this little experiment should be ended, and Mike Keenan should be the next General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

  4. woodsco85 says:

    Idiot Leaf fans? YOUR NAME IS LEAFYMCLEAF! can you please explain how you didnt just call yourself an idiot? Your the most bone head poster on this site, and you should prolly kill yourself. Seriously how is Paul Maurice a bad coach? You give no support to your comments, no actual information as to why, but i will tell you that Maurice took the Hurricanes to a Stanley Cup Final, something your Big Daddy Pat Quinn never accomplished. Not bad mouthing Quinn he did great things for the Leafs and Team Canada, but his coaching is that of the “Old NHL” And who are you to say that the Justin Pogge thing was a fluke? How do you even know, are you part of Maple Leaf scouting? Why dont you give your head a serious shake, cause you know nothing, and your good for nothing, seriously dude, either back up your comments with hard facts or post nothing at all. If your gonna call Maurice a “terrible coach” back it up, if your gonna call the Pogge drafting “A fluke” again back it up. I hope the Leafs make the post season for nothing more than to have every Leaf fan on this site, rub it in your face. Your childish, and prolly have no life, so jusst go back to your game of Dungeons and Dragons, and leave this site forever.

  5. Wilson52 says:

    Well Leafy you managed once again not to address my point. Instead you go off topic and ramble on…..blah.. blah….blah. You barely answered my questions. Congrats on the Minnesota Wild being 5-0. Havlat is a good talent but when has he carried a team or had a clutch performance when he was with his ex team???

    Comparing Rob Bab***** to JFJ is idiotic. JFJ in his first years as GM of the Leafs was under the duress of Pat Quinn’s shadow and MLSE. Remember this Leafy, did JFJ really want Pat Quinn has his head coach? Every GM should have the right to hire the coach they want. JFJ got his guy in Maurice.

    Also, can you tell me why Maurice is not a good NHL coach. Maurice presently is the youngest coach in the NHL but has more coaching experience than most coaches today have. He also demands accountability out of his players and is not afraid to be creative unlike your buddy Quinn. Prime examples of Quinn’s bad coaching methods were last year’s Leaf team and the Canada Olympic Team.

    Maybe the Leafs will make the playoffs or they may not but at least this team is heading in the right direction. Getting rid of all the dead weight and they are starting to play some of their younger talent. At least this team is going to try and be more fun to watch.

    The reason why no one respects you on here Leafy because you make uneducated opinions, ramble on about them and cannot back them up. Seems to me you that you have an ignorant hockey mind.

  6. Frenk_the_Tank says:

    Hey McLeaf, you’ve probably heard this more than once, but for a guy with the nickname LeafyMcLeaf you are if not the most undeserving of that name. Your points are without any reasoning and frankly I find them stupid to start with, you mentioned now in this post that Minessota is 5-0, that tallies to 10 points, The Leafs have played six games and have recorded 8 points out of a possible twelve points, the difference between these two teams is 2, I repeat 2 points, not that much of a difference I can see. In addition, you’ve just said that Paul Maurice should have never been hired in the first place and the reason you simply stated was, “he is a terrible coach.” Not many people would agree with you, Paul Maurice may not own one of the best track records in the NHL but he has thus far demonstrated why he led the Marlies to a playoff berth, he stresses fitness, hard work, and implements actual plays instead of the free for all that was experieced during Pat Quinn’s tenure. You can visibly see the changes in this year’s rendition of the Leafs, they are quicker and have a more stabilized blue line. Their shots on goal average is the tops in the NHL, whereas last year under Quinn they were only averaging 23.5 shots a game.Now take this is as you will but I firmly believe that telling Leafs Nation that the Leafs will be in dogfight for the playoffs was very wise of Paul Maurice, although that may have turned away some of the more hardcore Leaf Fans, you have to realize that the team is rebuilding and that there will be hardships experieced in the coming years, however, he did leave optimism for the future by stating that Carolina and Edmonton were never even slated to make the playoffs let alone make it to the finals and that during a course of a season anything can happen. In addition, to his realistic evaluation of the leafs’ chances, he has thus far looked comfortable in his position and very rarely breaking his composure, a litte tough when you’re a new coach in one of the most arguably scrutinized franchises in Canada. JFJ, well I admit he may not the most candid or media saavy as let’s say Raptors GM Bryan Collangelo, but his draft picks and signings have slowly mended the minor league system that was heavily ignored during the 90’s playoff trade craze, where we traded off many of young and brightest just to get a shot at the Stanley Cup (Brad Boyes, Jason Smith, ring any bells?), now you may point to that fact that in 2005 he signed Jason Allison, Alex Khavanov, and Eric Lindros to riskly contracts, but you must remember that JFJ and Pat Quinn were at odds and that Quinn was refusing to make with the times and embrace the youth movement, Quinn wanted veterans, thus JFJ was entitled to give them to him, although they were high risk he was smart enough to only offer them one year contracts, so the leafs could start a new in the following year. JFJ hired Paul Maurice as an incumbenent in the case that Quinn was fired. Thus, Quinn was fired not only because of failing to make the playoffs but because his refusal to embrace a new style of hockey and his stubborness was clearly bringing some dark clouds over the organization, however, one can argue that ferguson provided Quinn with such a strange combo of players because he wanted Quinn canned so he could implement his own coach, Maurice, and so far it seems that it’s working. Justin Pogge was not a fluke, you forgot that he also drafted Tuuka Rask before trading him for Raycroft, furthermore you might criticize him for dealing away arguably one of the best goalie prospects for a risky goaltender, but the fact was that Toronto needed a number one and for 2million/year raycroft is a steal from what he has shown so far in the season. Although he has not been as great a GM as he could be, he has made moves to make the leafs competitive and thus far the rebuidling process seems to be going well. Now at the end of your comment, you said that Mike Keenan should be the GM for the leafs, its a bit hard to judge a new GM on only 3 years of experience, Keenan was with the florida organization for almost 5 years and counting out the lock out year he missed the playoffs 4 years in a row, at fergusson made the playoffs twice, only missing once in order to the clean the coaching house. Based on these stats, I would take my chances with JFJ. Now you’re probably assuming that I am one of those idiot leaf fans that mercilessly convince ourselves that this coming season will be the year we finally end the drought, but I am realistic, yes I understand that the chances of the Leafs getting into the playoffs is slim, yes I know that there are many probablities that could go wrong during the run of the season, but this does not undermind the optimisim that many of us leaf fans share, THIS IS NOT STUPIDITY, optimism runs throughout any sports organization that starts a new, this optimism sparks new interest in the team, most sports writers in Toronto have even admitted that the 06-07 leafs are if not one of the most entertaining and exciting line-ups in the past few years. This bright optimism is not stupidity but is merely the rebirth of support for the Maple Leafs and frankly if you’re are a leaf fan you should stare at yourself and embrace change.

  7. Enigma says:

    The Yankees are perrinial contenders and expect nothing less then a championship. Toronto should be the same, so i’m with Leafy on that one.

    I don’t agree with Paul being a bad coach in fact I think so far so good…..JFJ I wont say anything bad or good about him simply because I don’t think he has been given enough time away from Quinn, however the team this year better make the playoffs (or atleast show promise and so far they have) or I strongly believe he WILL be gone. There is a reason why his contract hasn’t been renewed just yet.

    As far as posting an article to call out a young kid, (13 or 14 I think) who clearly has a ton of passion for hockey and his home town team, is just plain ridiculous. He’s still learning and I know that when I was his age stuff like this would’ve driven my self-esteem to a new low, even if it was just the internet. Constructive criticism is fine but calling him out in my opinion isn’t neccassary.

  8. LeafsLegacy says:

    Leafy just got own3d! XD

  9. Wilson52 says:

    How am I suppose to know he is 13 or 14, if that is true? Is their an age limit on here? If not then then episodes like this could be avoided if there is one. However if their is an age limit, then fair game on him. I think its good that he is expressing his opinion but that goes with the territory on the board. I rather let Leafy answer that for himself rather than someone else.

  10. 92-93 says:

    you really don’t know anything do you? JFJ opinions aside (i dont like the guy either but youre terrible at assessing the situation when it comes to the leafs), your Maurice opinion are wholly unwarranted.

  11. wingedim says:

    I agree with you Enigma, however, Leafy brings this upon himself and does not shy away from criticism. I’ve been active on this site for around 2 years now I think and he’s been around for about that long too. That makes him somewhere between 15 and 17 I believe.

  12. DJTOKid says:

    Leafy you are the biggest idiot I have ever encountered in life. You are more negative then a integer. I will laugh when the Leafs do make the playoffs and you jump on the wagon. Only problem is as soon as you jump on the wagon my stank foot is going to be so far up your ass, your breath will stink.

    your a female dog, B I T C H!

  13. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Because of all Paul Maurice has accomplished?

    Hey listen guys, the entire rest of the league knows it, and you guys should wake up. You sound like 9/11 deniers trying to dispute what everyone else knows to be a fact. The Leafs suck.

  14. Enigma says:

    I see your point. I guess I was just trying to let ppl know to ease up on him because he is young, I know that if it were me when I was 5,6 years younger I would’ve definitaly shyed away from criticism. Having said that, I too have noticed that he does seem to come back for more so maybe I shouldn’t say anything at all about it.

  15. ThePuppetMaster says:

    All I can say is wow. Leafy did your fingers smell after you typed up all of this bullsh!t. I think I can smell it through the screen. Honestly this is the biggest waste of space in the world. Just crawl in a hole and pop out in 20 years when your older and might know what the hell your talking about.

  16. leafsrule31 says:

    you guys are all 12

    they seriously posted an i told you so article?.. nothing more than a sissy attempt to start a shit storm. and all you 14 year olds come flying out with yeah you suck lets scrap verbally on the internet bullshit?

    dont you have anything better to do with your time?.. christ!.. go to college, fu*king have a child, than we’ll see if you’ve all got enough sorry assed time on your hands to be sitting around starting pissing competitions about who knows what and why they know it.

    seriously, whether you think your right or not, its nothing more than your opinion, and is one persons opinion worth this nonsense.. get some lives. especially that guy up there with his 3000 word essay response about how one persons opinion sucks.

    groooow the f*ck up!

  17. leebrien21 says:

    i want to thank LeafyMcLeaf for making a case for sterilization of idiots. You seem like the kind of numbnuts that couldn’t find his ass with two hands, a map, a flashlight and a 3 day head start. I pitty the world for having to listen to the mindless unfounded drivel that comes out of your ignorant ****sucker . . . now next time you have what you would consider to be a “good idea” . . .do EVERYONE a MASSIVE favour and keep it to yourself . . . or a better idea . . .look into a mirror and say it . . . .i’m pretty sure even you reflection will tell you to shut the **** up . . .anyway . . .cheers!

    P.S. the only reason you are mad ppl are ripping on you is because you know you have no idea what you are talking about . . . you wanted to sounds smart and failed miserably . . . now go punish yourself and masturbate while thinking about Aki Berg . . . AGAIN!

  18. leebrien21 says:

    and are you sure you want to encourage the procreation of ppl on this thread . . . present company excluded of course . . .the last thing i need at this stage in my life is a child . . . how can i have a kid when i still am one myself . . .oh, and by the way . . .you are just as bad as everyone you ripped on by posting this . . . ponder that for a minute

  19. thehockeyguy says:

    OK Everybody… I just want to get a point across. As of right now (and I mean right now because who knows what can happen in 4 months time) the leafs are tied with the most goals scored in the league and are 6th in the league in points. I see everybody thinks the leafs might not even make the playoffs this year, well to all of you people who have no faith in the team, they have a good enough team to challenge for tops in the division, even the conference. They are playing like a team. Give it up everybody and stop bashing the leafs.

  20. JuicemaN says:

    excellent reply woodsco85, but PLEASE STOP SAYING “PROLLY”

  21. wingedim says:

    Leafy I’ve tried to remain objective about all your comments on this post until this response.

    Every time someone has asked that you give some ‘proof’ as to your reasoning, you deflect it with either more drivel or you make a half assed, half baked reply such as the start of this response with nothing to back up your statement.

    You bringing up a 9/11 reference as a retort was just wrong and disgraceful. The fact that you would even consider using a politically charged comment like that on a sports forum shows just how immature you are and the lack of respect you actually have for those who have suffered.

    I think it’s time you took a step back and re-evaluate your comments before you reply again.

  22. wingedim says:

    Here….here…(on the last statement)

  23. wingedim says:

    Your point is a valid one, there are those that do tend to rip on all posts regardless of who posted it, just because they have nothing better to do. And you are right, there is the younger fan base who could take a response to heart due to the language and the tone of the response and therefore not post again, or, just start ripping on all posts because they think they’ll ‘keep up with the Joneses’.
    I too find it disturbing at times at some of the responses, but, if I didnt’ anticipate being ‘flamed’ for my opinion or post, I’d be fooling myself.

  24. 92-93 says:

    Because of all Paul Maurice has accomplished? Hey listen guys, the entire rest of the league knows it, and you guys should wake up. You sound like 9/11 deniers trying to dispute what everyone else knows to be a fact. The Leafs suck.

    I actually don’t have a problem with the whole 9/11 thing – i mean, its a poor analogy to use mind you – but my problem is with 2 things: 1) just as Leafy accuses us of liking Maurice too soon be could say to him that he has passed a negative judgement on the coach too soon. its one thing to criticize someone like Gill, as i have, a guy who was in the league last year, looked horrible and looked bad i a lot of games this year. to me, he’s continuing a trend. but Maurice hasn’t been in the league for a couple of years. when he was, he was the youngest coach and got some O-K results. so far he has dramatically changed the play of this team from what leaf fans are accustomed to so the evidence isn’t on leafy’s side ……….. so far.

    and that’s my point i guess. its too soon to judge either way – but with Maurice it really does seem that things have changed. THERE WILL BE GROWING PAINS. but this brings me to my 2nd point.

    2) if leafy is as young as some say, then i can excuse him for this – but the guy has really acted like spoiled little brat/baby over the past few months. Ferguson went ahead and did some moves he didnt like, and now every post he makes is this whiny ‘leaf suck’ drivel because his feelings have been hurt? why? because we didnt trade for roberts, because domi was bought out, because Belfour was bought out, because Lindros and/or Allison wasn’t resigned, etc.

    maybe he grows up and makes better informed and more mature opinions when he is in his 20s. but at least he has an excuse – he is young. there are many on this site that dont have that excuse and act like their 15 anyways.

    My advice to Leafy is this: stop comparing non-comparables (leafs and Yanks for example), read the NHL history books and critique them (this will instantaneously put you ahead of 90 percent of the people on this site), and dont be an Ottawa fan (hehehe) and switch loyalties everytime something goes wrong or a GM doesnt do what you want him to do. if you are that young, it means that you probably began following the leafs when the Quinn era began. crap happens Leafy – especially to the leafs!!! We are closer to the Red Sox in that sense – not the Yanks. all in all, the one thing Leafy has on his side is time. if he does the stuff i suggested above, by age 20 he’ll be miles ahead of most people on these kinds of sites.

    I dont like JFJ either. but i also acknowledge the positive things he’s done. i disagree on pretty much everything that comes out of Leafy’s mouth concerning the Leafs, but respect his opinions. the thing i cannot respect is the whining. Domi and Co. HAD TO GO. I disagree with the Defenseman signings but Leafy, what is done is done and i accept it. now my hope and focus is on other things (i.e. Fergie getting fired? gill being traded? the young kids shining through? etc.). and i am not going to sit here and WHINE about how i hate the leafs now because of the direction they are going in. i’ll *****, but i won’t whine. and there is a difference.

  25. 92-93 says:

    sorry – there are supposed to be quotes around leafy’s post, which starts my response above. also, there is supposed to be a break between my post and leafy’s.

  26. 92-93 says:

    the context of this article and the responses to the Leafy demonstrate that at least Leafy has an excuse for his immaturity, whereas a lot of people posting on this thread certainly don’t have that excuse. they are in their 20s or older and are posting at Leafy’s level. in other words, i dont feel bad for leafy, i feel bad for a lot of you.

    p.s. i like the way the leafs are playing now too … but how oh so easy it is for all of us to now say that the will definitely make the playoffs and do some damage there. i think we are all forgetting a few things: 1) injuries will continue to happen 2) there are OTHER good teams with waaay more talent in this conference that are going to improve as the season progresses 3) the leafs still have to have their growing pains under Maurice, still have to have their mandatory big losing streak or two this year 4) um, its only 6 games into the season.

    i hope the leafs can keep it up, that the young kids play well, and that the leafs continue to keep things interesting this year.

  27. 92-93 says:

    stop bashing the leafs?

    so i guess criticizing them and trying to be an objective and realistic leaf fan means i am a lesser fan than you? oh, i bet you think anti-war protesters are UNpatriotic too right? come on. they have played 6 GAMES!!! i love the way they are playing and i really really want to see them make the playoffs. but do NOT equate criticizing the team with ‘bashing’ and with be a lesser leaf fan.

  28. 92-93 says:

    even though he might have not have expressed himself in the most mature way, the guy certainly did have a point. there are a lot of needless pissing matches on this site. and there are a lot of people who need to grow up. so you cannot just completely disregard what he said (or, of course, you could … but my point is that no one should).

  29. my_sphincter says:

    Look at it this way, The Habs went unbeaten in their first 9 games last year. They looked great and you could never count them out of a game. That was the first nine games…

    The point is, you never know how it will pan out. I guarantee Ottawa won’t be struggling to make the playoffs this year. As for the rest, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  30. woodsco85 says:

    Yeahs sorry, I normally have better punctuation than that, but I’m just so fed up with this retard, actually I can’t even call him that, because that would be giving retards a bad name. I’ll try to be a little more consciencious next time.

  31. woodsco85 says:

    And you sound like a broken record. And you sound like a broken record. And you sound like a broken record. And you sound like a broken record. And you sound like a broken record. And you sound like a broken record. And you sound like a broken record. And you sound like a broken record. And you sound like a broken record. And you sound like a broken record. And you sound like a broken record. And you sound like a broken record. And you sound like a broken record. And you sound like a broken record. And you sound like a broken record. And you sound like a broken record. And you sound like a broken record. And you sound like a broken record.

  32. leafsrule31 says:

    granted.. maturity lacking. point remains.. theres to many comments posted purely for the intentions of starting pe*is competitions… especially when they post an article bashing someone.. which when they post they know is gonna start nothing but a bash fest. say whatever anyone wants to say.. at the end of the day, i watch the leafs, you watch the leafs, every leaf fan watches the leafs, wheres the fight? opinions are opinions .. and there all little kids. should not have been childish enough to stoop to that level to prove my point. meh.. ill watch the leafs tommorrow night.. what?

  33. leafsrule31 says:

    yes sir!.. question me and my tactics, and then scroll up half a page and read you rip on the guy like you just burnt him sticking it to your mother. i dont even half to offer a defence to my notions when you make a complete fool of yourself on the same damn page? congratulations, with a few gay jokes, aimless name calling, a completely unprovoked spaz, and a very immature reaction.. you prove exactly what i’m trying to say in the same breath your attempting to burn me for lowering myself to their standards. i dont even have to say anything.. your own words show yourself as the numbnuts.. numbnuts.

  34. 92-93 says:

    no ottawa will be right there at the top. one team that i think is going to have a tough time making the playoffs: Philadelphia. which is good news to every other team struggling to get into the playoffs because some thought the were a lock to make it. i think philly has a good team but not the dominating team they once had. after 5th place, its a crap shoot in my mind……

    Philly, Mtl, Florida, Atlanta, Toronto, NYI, Pittsburgh, Boston, Washington, Pittsburgh, TB.

    i dont see NYR, Ottawa, Buffalo, Carolina, or NJ struggling to make it. but you never know.

  35. JuicemaN says:

    I’m just teasing you dude, I just have a buddy that says “prolly” all the time so it triggered me right away.

    I agree with your comments on leafymcleaf, he’s getting worse and worse with every post.

    Take is easy man!


  36. Kroeter says:

    LeafyMcLeaf put up or shut the hell up. If the Leafs make the play-offs you never post another article or any comments ever again.
    In other words we will never here from YOU again.

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