Calling out LeafyMcLeaf

Once again you have amazed me with your stupidity about hockey. Not even a month into the season you want JFJ and Maurice fired. The Leafs under Maurice are more accountable, creative and play more like a team. Maurice is still the youngest coach in the NHL and is showing why he was named an NHL head coach in his 30’s. Oh yeah he outsmarted your buddy Quinn in the Conference Finals when he guided the Canes to the Cup.

As to offering Forsberg a huge contract when he becomes a Free Agent is a huge mistake. When healthy, Forsberg is an awesome talent but why pay big bucks to a guy that is past his prime and has had a huge history of injuries? This the reason why the Leafs have has problmes in the past.

Making dumb moves to try to win now and instead for the future. In today’s NHL you must allocate your money smartly or you can hurt your team for years to come.

Fianlly this comment makes no sense at all Leafy

If I owned the Leafs, I would basically say, make the final 8 or you’re fired, because this is a team that SHOULD be dominant with its history, and what not. The Yankees lost in the last 8, and Joe Torre is on his way out, god bless him. This is why the Yankees have 26 World Series.

WTF?!?!?!?! The reason why the Yankees lost because THE BOSS is an idiot. He gets all these superstars that have egos and it leads to problems. That is the reason why they lost to the gritty Tigers. The TIGERS play like a team. JFJ has made some tough choices, some that I may not agree with and some I agree with. At least this guy knows that getting overpaid guys past their prime is not the path to success in the NHL today.

You cannot expect the Leafs to make it to the Final 8 after ripping apart the roster and working with a salary cap unlike MLB where you can spend money to get talent (and that guarantees you nothing).

Please Leafy stop making uneducated opinion because I feel people on this site lose at least 30 IQ points after reading your articles