Campoli On The Move?

As someone from another site reported, the name of defenseman Chris Campoli has been taken off the Isles website. There are rumors outhere that Toronto could be on the receiving end, in return of Pavel Kubina

Could involve more players too… Campoli is described by TSN as a a mobile puck moving defenseman with good speed and decent upside. In 06-07, he scores 1 goal and tallied 14 points in 51 games.

Lets see what happens…

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  1. VandenLeaf says:

    If this is true, it is a smart move. Kubina is a big contract player that is easily replaced by the young talent that campoli can add to. The freed up cash should help lure in another talented forward before the season starts, or even at the deadline. I like this move. (it is not blockbuster, but smart non the less)

  2. Glucker says:

    It may also be McCabe rather then Kubina, and Trent Hunter has also been discussed.

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Campoli was the biggest loser on my fantasy team. i thought he'd break out and score like 10 goals, and 50 points(because who else would on NYI)
    Campoli would be a bad fit on the leafs. the leafs have 4 offensive D, we need another PK specialist.

  4. PeterTheGreat21 says:

    If the trade basically amounts to just campoli for kubina I'd say it's a solid trade for both teams. The leafs get to free up some salary while also recieving a solid young defenseman. Meanwhile the Isles address their D needs by acquiring Kubina. I would assume kubina would be the teams number 1 D and pp quarterback. The added ice time, pp time, and increased role may be just what he needs to return back to his offensive form.

  5. VandenLeaf says:

    Hunters name has been taken off the site. If he and campoli comes, that is a lot of talent of r little money, and both would eb a good fit, regardless of what the other mumbly said about him not fitting in here. They both have talent, and heart. I say, bubye McCabe or Kubina if it means this much in return.

  6. Antero says:

    isn't Campoli an RFA?
    maybe someone signed him with an offer sheet and the Islanders aren't gonna match it?
    or maybe i am incorrect about Campoli being an RFA.

  7. hatterson says:

    Hrm, this article mentions the Leafs and yet the first comment wasn't bashing them…I'm impressed.

    But anyway, assuming something like this pans out I think it's a great trade.  Campoli has good potential and would be a big salary dump to bring in rumored players like Peca.  I also think Campoli would be a great fit in with our young blue-liners to learn the game.  There's enough talent in front of him that he wouldn't have to worry about the pressure being on him.

    I like what JFJ has done this offseason so far

  8. gizzy77 says:

    CAMPOLI is not on the roster because he is not sign, HUNTER is not on the roster for the same reason.

    The only defensemen the Isles seem close to getting is Derek Morris (PHX) via trade. according to it's between the Isles an Sabers.

    I also hope the Isles try to get a second line center as well. Comrie, Sillinger an Park are the only 3 natural centermen on the roster. I hear Brendan Morrisson is on the trade block, would be a nice fit.

  9. NYIGoalie23 says:

    Both Campoli and Hunter are RFA.

  10. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    hehe, yeah he's an RFA. as is trent hunter(both off the website)

  11. tancred says:

    I thought Campoli would do the same and break out last season, given his promising stats the year before.  Maybe with Tom Poti's arrival on the Island last year, it sort of ate in to the minutes Campoli normally would have gotten?  Maybe.  Still like the guy, and wish him luck this year.  

  12. JuicemaN says:

    For what it's worth…..which is not much.  I sat beside Campoli's family last season at a Toronto vs Isle game and his mom is almost "MILF" worthy. HA!

    Anyway, I think Campoli would be a decent fit…he's not going to log a whack of minutes but is supposed to have a decent upside down the road.

    I don't think he's supposed to be a huge offensive dman…but maybe I'm wrong…he seemed pretty smart defensively during the times I did see him play.

    If it frees us of 5 million in cap space I'd take it.

  13. JuicemaN says:

    I wonder if JF sr. passing away has anything to do with the halt to the announcement.

    It could also be nothing, we're kinda jumping the gun here, just because his name is off the site doesn't mean there's a trade with Toronto.

    Prepare for anti-leaf fans to jump on us for assuming all of this.

    But it is a little bit of fun talking about it.

  14. JuicemaN says:

    Good point.  But other teams don't take them off…or at least not that I've noticed.

  15. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    injuries hit him. he got PP minutes early on, but one Bergeron came, he played a lot fewer minutes.

  16. sundin_500 says:

    i sincerly hope that it is not bryan mccabe and it is kubina if this rumour develops. Mccabe may make bone headed plays but he quarter backs our pp and we need him more than some believe.

  17. baltic_thunder says:

    Acquiring Campoli and Hunter would be an eye-opener. But maybe it's just online housekeeping on the Isles part. John Jr. isn't that cleaver to swing such a move. The Leafs need to free up cap space and moving either of Kubina or McCabe works for me. McCabe's crying and yapping at the refs is getting as old as his defensive boners. Meanwhile, at the end of the season, Kubina was really showing some form. It would not be a bad thing to be well under the cap entering the season. The Leafs are well stocked and an injury here and there could well elevate players' stock. This is why I'd hold on to our young crop of defensemen as well as Raycroft. The season is long. I'd rather have people knocking on our door than vice-versa. I've seen too many decades of the reverse.

  18. Norman280 says:

    Names that are not on the Islanders roster are : Hunter , Asham , Boguinecki , Robitaille , Simon , Campoli , Bouchard , Dunham. All for the reason being that they are either a RFA  or a UFA. Therefore as much as i like to see they leafs aquire Campoli and possibly Hunter as well (going by the rumors) i doubt it will happen.

  19. scatch38 says:

    park really isnt a natural center, if anyone on the team is its bates which makes things more concerning.  It would be nice to get another veteran center in peca or morrisson at this point.

  20. KingCanada says:

    I totally agree, he is under 200 pounds and doesnt use his body. Thats not the type of p,layer that would fit in our system.

  21. KingCanada says:

    Altho it could be a good move by JFJ to free up some cap space by unloading Kubina or McCabe to the Isles i dont like Campoli coming our way.  Campoli is ur typical smallish defenceman who has offensive ability but doesnt really punish physically which is wat the leafs are trying to build a team with that mentality and size.  Most of their defenceman are like that (gervais, Bergeron, Meyer). 

    I would much rather prefer seeing a guy like Kyle Okposo coming the other way, the leafs dont have too many top blue chip offensive prospects, he would easily be our best if that trade were to happen (yes better then Tlusty, Williams and Kulemin).

    Okposo is NYI's top prospect so it is doubtful he will be traded but hey, stranger things have happenned, maybe toronto adds a little to the pot who knows.

  22. gizzy77 says:

    Bates should be placed on waivers.

  23. Glucker says:

    Leaf fans… I've learned something… if we put an article about a trade under another team's flag… we won't get bashed… amazing!

    I really think that leaf haters don't bother reading the article, they just look at the picture or the author and then make a comment….

  24. leafs_for_life_2007 says:

    Pavel Kubina and Bryan McCabe are still listed on the Leafs' roster, so everbody saying that Trent Hunter and Chris Campoli aren't listed because they're UFA's, they're most likely right. I don't see a trade like that happening. I'd rather see the Leafs get Hejduk out of Colorado. Even if they signed Yashin to a one-year, 3-3.5 million contract, i'd be happy with that. I think Yashin and Blake playing along side Sundin would be a hell of a top line, thats my opinion though.

  25. scatch38 says:

    bates on waivers would make so much sense but unfortunately thats why it wont happen

  26. leafdiehard says:

    Okay I have had enough of this talk. It is basically another Leaf Rumor with an Islander heading. ANd by the way, what site is this on? You should not blog if you don't have strong sources. Until I see proof, I do not believe

  27. islesfan4lyfe says:

    I received an e mail form Islanders Insider (from the New York Islanders) saying that the Islanders and Chris Campoli were on the verge of signing a multi year deal. Take it for what it's worth

  28. goldman says:

    You can't get on right now so they might just be updating some things. I don't think the Isles are going to get rid of Hunter he fits the Nolan style of play to much, wouldn't make any sense.

  29. MR40 says:

    If he's traded I guerentee he doesn't get traded to Toronto. I will bet money on it.

  30. aneesh2K7 says:

    I think Chris Campoli might turn about to be a great d-man. I also think that Trent is exactly what Toronto needs. Hunter is great on the pk and the pp. I remember that game where he scored two goals against the Leaves. I think he'll be a great addition to the leaves for a great price>

  31. Glucker says:

    believe it or not, Leafs is actually grammatically correct… its collective, not plural… one less theing to make fun of us about…sorry

  32. getzlaf15 says:

    Here's a better trade for Toronto:


    D Pavel Kubina
    RW Kyle Wellwood


    RW Justin Williams

    This will give toronto a bona fide no.1 right winger to complete their top line. It also gives Carolina a puckmoving defenseman in Pavel Kubina and chip in Kyle Wellwood to make it a good trade.


  33. bleeds_blue_n_white says:

    It seems the Islanders may be better than the Leafs for keeping their site up to date, as UFA's and RFA's are still listed on the Leafs site, including
    O'Neil, Peca and Perreault (who recently signed elsewhere)

    Maybe everyone is reading way too much into things, other than what they probably are, web site staff that are behind in getting updates done.

    Just my $0.02

  34. 20grand says:

    I don't know where you guys are looking, but on Chris Campoli is on the Islanders roster… 12th player from the top, 2nd player in the defenseman list…


    Campoli's Page->

  35. GoalJudge says:

    Rumour has it that St. Louis is trying to unload the 4 million a season for Jay Mckee. 3 years left at 4 million.

    This a good thing for some teams. Mckee was injured for most of last year, and has a image as a band-aid boy in Blues land now. He could be had for cheap most likely.

    Leafs should look to unload Hal Gill, and Raycroft for McKee. It would be Mckee for 4 Million for Gill 2.075 million and Raycroft 2.0 Million. The Blues need size which Gill has, and they do not have established Goaltending backups.  Mind you they do have three backups listed, and maybe to deep.

    Leafs could use a stable stay-at-home D-man like McKee. Nuff said.

  36. henrik30 says:

    chris campoli’s name is still on the islander website on their roster. period

  37. Norman28 says:

    your out of your mind   …. horrible trade for the leafs.

  38. 20grand says:

    End of discussion, Campoli is not going to Maple Leafs, he just signed a three year deal with the Isles


  39. caskade says:

    please…. campoli was never going anywhere…. just another case of toronto rumormongering. 

    why is it EVERYONE is always being traded to the maple leafs on this site?

    anyone reading… save your time and eyes…. this site uses the ideal of "hockey trade rumors" (barely) to allow any idiot with an opinion spread a rumor.  mostly maple leaf fans.  

    stick to spectors rumors, eklunds hockeybuzz page…. this site is a waste of time.

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