Can Blueshirts Resist Temptation to Spend?

Quick, what happens when you put a blank chequebook, the Rangers and 400 plus free agents in one room? You get overspending. Well that would have been the case as recently as 2 years ago when New York brought in Jaromir Jagr after already acquiring the likes of Lindros, Bure, Kovalev, Holik, Kasparitius, among others. But now things may be different on Broadway. The Rangers have begun their youth movement and are looking for long term success in the future and not a quick fix in the present.

Thanks to rollbacks (24%), a Cap (probably around $36 million) and the Caps (paying half of Jagr’s salary which may not count against the Rangers cap), the Rangers will be in ok shape in terms of payroll and the crazy spending habits will be curbed. New York has only 4 players under contract in Holik, Jagr, Nylander and Kasparitius at roughly $15 million. This number may reduce even more as the blueshirts will have a one-time opportunity to buy out the big albatross contracts of Holik and Kasparitius and not have it count against their salary cap figure, further reducing payroll and increasing their cap room.

This could offer the Rangers the opportunity to have perhaps as much as 30 million dollars to work with under the cap. Though we thought the wild spending days were over after the Rangers gutted most of their team for youth, the temptation may be too rich for New York to hold back and not at least consider bringing in many of the hundreds of free agents available.

The Rangers do have to think about bringing back their own free agents. Kevin Weekes will probably now be their top goalie for the next little while to let their top prospects in Al Montoya and Hendrik Lundqvist develop properly. But Mike Dunham and Dan Blackburn’s days in New York are likely over due to Dunham’s poor play and Blackburn’s career threatening shoulder injury. With zero goalies under contract, it will allow New York to look into bringing in another goalie from outside the organization to help them win now. Weekes does have the inside track on the number one job, but a guy like Sean Burke may provide greater help in the development of their young kids.

Their blueline needs the biggest makeover as really only one spot is taken with youngster Fedor Tyutin being among the top 6. It is doubtful that guys like Mironov, Marshall, McAllister, Bouchard will be brought back but Karel Rachunek and Tom Poti are likely to return. but the Rangers could bring in a couple of top guys and really put themselves back into contention. Maybe New York will be interested in getting a defensive stud whom they have not had since the Beukeboom/Lowe days back in the early 90s. With the likes of Pronger, Foote, Salei, Zhitnik, Rathje, Aucoin the Rangers have options. or perhaps an offensive gem to jumpstart the offence and to take advantage of the new rules that supposedly will open up the game will interest the Rangers. They could always bring back Ranger legend Brian Leetch or choose from the likes of Gonchar, Hamrlik, Schneider, Niedermayer or Zubov. The Rangers do have a choice to not only think about the future but winning now again by acquiring a couple of top guys to help their young players like Tyutin, Poti and Rachunek who are NHL ready and their future blueliners like Kondratiev, Pock and Lampman. The Rangers fortunes could easily be changed by adding a couple of top defenceman to form a formidable blueline. as they say, defence wins championships.

Jagr is the lead dog among the forwards. if the game gets opened up, a guy like Jagr will be among the biggest beneficiaries. They brought in Nylander to help him out but with so many top of the line forwards to choose from in the free agent market, the Rangers may be afforded the opportunity to fill one of their biggest needs which is depth and team chemistry up front. It didnt work for them having Messier, Lindros, Bure, Hlavac among others there and so full scale changes were in store. Hence why guys like Carter, Kovalev, Nedved were gutted for youth.

within a few years guys like Balej, Immonen, Korpikowski, Dawes, Jessiman, Lundmark may be top line guys for New York. And the likes of Moore, Murray, Graham, Fardeleau, Dubinsky, Olver, Betts could adequately fill in checking roles. But not all will be ready right away and can be expected to contribute a great deal. If they are allowed to develop properly, the Rangers could be afforded a strong future. And they also have a good chance of landing a top 5 pick in the next draft which again could add to their stable of prospects.

But there are several holes among the forward positions that the Rangers need to fill and free agency could allow them to bring in some solid veteran players to mix in with their young players and take some pressure off of them. They do need a greater supporting cast for Jagr and there may be too many top players available for the Rangers to pass up on. They could grab the likes of Palffy, Kariya, Forsberg, Naslund, Bondra, Demitra, Mogilny, Modano, Arnott, Murray, Allison, Kovalev, Selanne among others to provide more scoring depth. They certainly could hold onto Holik at a lower cost as well.

The point is, the Rangers, if they so choose, can compete sooner rather than later and still not sacrifice the future. The future is bright in New York but in a place where winning is everything, the pressure may be on for the Rangers to do something significant and field a winning squad to help New York get back into contention. Time will tell where the Rangers will choose to go.

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  1. ranger_fan says:

    Well written. I guess I will break down my thoughts by position. Here we go.

    The Rangers problem the last 10 years has been who they have selected to be behind the bench. There is no question in my mind that the Rangers would have been a far better team if they could have hired a decent coach. The only gamble I did like at the position was John Muckler. Obviously that one didn’t pay off, but since most of the 90s Rangers were Oilers, I thought it could have worked. Cambell, Lowe, Trottier SUCK! There is probably another I am forgettting, besides Slats himself, but nothing is coming to mind. I do not like Tom Renney behind the bench with the youth, and “a more open game” that we are supposed to see in October. Tom prove me wrong! I would have loved Hitch*****, or Quenneville, but what can you do now?

    In goal, Dan Blackburn is, well, done. Sorry Dan. Mike Dunham is worth as much as a used puck bag. Kevin Weekes I have my doubts about. He is a solid backup, and to be honest didn’t have a lot of offensive help in Carolina. However, Bret Hedican, and Sean Hill alone are better than the Rangers blue line, so the GAA will most likely be worse. Alvaro Montoya will hopefully stay in school, and Hendrik Lundvist, please come to Hartford next year. You won’t be in the NHL until a year in the minors. I would like to see a guy to split the games with Weekes signed. Jason LaBarbara is a career AHLer, and a damn good one. I would like a Dwayne Roloson/Manny Fernandez like situation. Burke is getting old, and could be a good fit, Felix Potvin did well as Raycrofts backup last year. But there are a lot of options will about 5% of players under contract for the whole league.

    On defense, I hope Leetch comes back. I really hope he does. Tyutin has a spot on the second pair, or first if no one is aquired. Rachunek will most likely be back, and lets hope Tom Potty won’t be. Too big of a liability. Slats seems to have a boner for Joel Bouchard, I don’t know why. He is a #7 D-man. Dale Puritan is a huge liability. I think he would be more valuable as a 4th line winger. Free agency will probably constitute 4 men on the blue line. I won’t start rumours, or wishful thinking. Obviously to land Pronger would be huge.

    On offense, the Rangers have a lot of kids I would like to see play. Jagr and Nylander will need someone on the left side to be signed. Balej could use a centre on the second line, and another winger, unless Korpikowski will be played as a rookie. I’d love to see Nigel Dawes play left wing too, I just don’t know where. He is too young to stick on a 4th line, and he lacks NHL size. But is he ever quick, and he can put the puck in the net. If I had to sketch out the Rangers forwards, this is a good look at what needs to be fought for.



    ____| Holik |____


    As you can see, a lot is in question. Betts, Ortmeyer and Murray will probably get a 3rd or 4th line position. Fardeleau is not ready, Jessiman just had surgery, Moore could get some nice time, and Korpikowski or Dawes might get a look as well.

    I know that playing time is valuable for teams, but most of the Rangers prospects in my opinion aren’t ready and shouldn’t be forced. NYers want results, and the pressure of playing in the big apple could be a lot to handle. With lets say 15M tied up, I think NY will spend another 15M on FA that will help the team for a year or two until these kids are ready.

  2. 19Yzerman says:

    Jed Ortmeyer had an outstanding career as a wolverine. Chosen team captain as a junior. If you ever want to speak directly to his former coach U of M’s Red Berenson by phone the local 1050AM WTKA in Ann Arbor does a weekly call in program where fans can ask Red questions on Tuesdays at 600pm during the regular after game weekends. I am sure you will like what he has to say about Jed.

    Player BIO info from Michigan might help┬žion_id=285&top=2&level=3&season=40

    I will say his most notable attributes would be his work ethic ,unselfishness and on ice intelligence.In other words you may never see him make a selfish bonehead play beause of lazyness. I am sure he will make a solid NHLer and will get an A+ for effort ever shift. Well almost ever shift. We can say he is human which means he won’t be perfect.

  3. NYRules says:

    honestly why would you want lundmark on 4th line?

    hes got to play hes still young and is just starting to get good.

    Lundmark should play LW on 2nd or 3rd line.

    Moore will be playing.

    On D we have Pock and Tyuitin only definites. And Bouchard is a pretty solid/consistent dman and is good for 3rd pair.

    If we could sign 2 good proven dmen to play with tyuitin on 1st pair and pock on 2nd with bouchard and someone else on 3rd wed have pretty damn good D.

    I wouldnt mind Burke in net, but i think lundqvist should get some time in this year and maybe labarbera, Burke cant take it all.

  4. 19Yzerman says:

    Oh yea Ranger_Fan Happy 4th of July to you and all who dawn the Red,White and Blue. LOL

    One of these 4th of july’s I am going to see lady liberty in the bakeground of the fireworks display. Take one of those in for me this weekend would Ya?

  5. ranger_fan says:

    Yes Happy 4th of July to all US members come Monday, and Happy Canada to everyone else on this site.

    Jed Ortmeyer, I saw him play, as I do get MSG Networks, and the only reason he was playing was his ethic, and giving all he can. Very smart player, but he doesn’t seem to have a lot of potential. In his prime, he might get a 20 goal season. I think he does have great leadership too for a young kid. But production wise, he is close to a Rico Fata without the speed.(Rico’s speed that is, Jeds is good, but not that great)

  6. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    The media in NYC expects to see a high profile team in the Garden and likely they will get that. The Ranger$ took the $ from their name last year as they picked up picks and dumped big ticket players. Now the market is ripe with talent at repriced numbers.

    The question is – can Glan Sather opperate as a winner with a salary cap when in the past he did nothing but lose with an endless budget. My bet is he will continue to lose. The reason being a lack of direction for the team especially in the farm system. I wouldn’t be surprised for the Ranger$ to land Throton and Pronger to add NY sizzle to their line up but without a team system – they have an uphill battle.

    All of this changes is number 87 is on Broadway and some consiracy therorists suggest that much like (the reported) Patrick Ewing draft – that Crosby will be headed to the Rangers because Crosby needs to be in a city where he can get the NHL the most mainstream exposure. Page 6 stories help belive it or not. Even Tom Cruise’s off-the-wall and disrespectful comments recently – help get hundreds of millions of dollars in PR. The NHL needs this BADLY. I reposnally don’t think the NHL will rig the draft in any way. Crosby is going to be a big deal ANYWHERE he lands. With 10 haves and 20 have nots there is a good chance he plays on a good team if everyone is given a fair shot at him.

  7. ranger_fan says:

    OK. Why would I put Lundmark on the 4th line?

    Well I think Lundmark is a bust. He isnt a top forward like predicted when he was taken early-mid 1st round. Nylander is really a #2 centre, but his chemistry with Jagr (1st line regardless) makes him at the first line. NOW, Bobby Holik. He is a checking line centre, with the above average ability to create offense. That is what Holik is, he goes against top lines from the opposition.

    So, could he be a second line centre? Yeah. But if the Rangers want to still be a competative team, he shouldnt be a 2nd line anything UNTIL he proves himself. You will notice all of the blank spots that I have on my projected lines. That means there is room for movement. 4th line centre is not set in stone. Remember the last playing season. 2 goals 10POINTS in 56 GAMES! That is pathetic. Its like as if he is going in Manny Malhultras footsteps. Manny did have a good season, but it took a lot of time. This past season in the Pack, Jamie had 14 goals 41points 64 games. Thats good, but he can’t do that at the NHL level yet.

    So you see what I am getting at. If he wants more playing time, he has to earn it. You can’t write him in at a 2nd line centre until he proves he is worthy. I like Moore at 2nd line a more than Lundmark right now.

    On D, Tyutin is a definate, and he has played well. Pock has been solid, BUT he still shouldnt be more than a 3rd pairing just yet. Bouchard should be a 7th man, or a call up, not an everyday player. But why do we want to sign more people? Well for one we will need a little more to meet the floor, but NYs NHL calibre talent is thin, and it will be those who stayed in shape, and are hungry that will be higher in the depth chart.

    No way Hendrik should start the season, or in my opinion be in the NHL. He is not used to the ice size, and will need to adapt that, and puck handling, not to mention chemisty, and learn english if he doesnt know it. If you wanted to give him time, to put a young goalie on a struggling team spells trouble. Did you see LaBarbera play. HE SUCKED!

  8. habsoverserver says:

    The first question is do they buy out Holik?

    The second question is what makes anyone think they will bid for the right free agents?

    Yes the Rangers will throw around some money. They will spend the maximum. After all, this is New York City. They need stars.

    However, the Rangers have been terrible at finding good free agents. They have been even worse at creating team chemistry.

    They players are there. The money is there. Will they make good decisions?

  9. NHLman says:

    One thing is certain, when a CBA is signed everything is going to be very interesting

    Also a thought on Crosby… (Does anyone even know when a draft would be held once a CBA is signed? Isn’t it possible that the 2005 draft will never be held and all those that hoped to be drafted would have to wait until next year?) assuming he will be drafted some point before next season, while the NHL is in total chaos, his value will be exponentially greater than his talent. And keeping in mind that there’s no such thing as a sure thing it might be a smarter move for a GM to draft Crosby then trade him to a different team that needs to lower its payroll for an established star plus extras. For instance the New York Rangers draft Crosby and trade him to Boston for Joe Thorton, Segei Samsonov and a future first round pick. Just think about it, in my example your picking up a star center, a young winger with a lot of potential, and a first round pick; all for a player who for all we know can become the next Pavel Brendl or Alexander Daigle, you get the picture. I’m not saying this would happen but with all the hype that Crosby has it isn’t out of the realm of possible.

  10. ranger_fan says:

    If the Rangers ever get Crosby, there is no chance in hell he will be traded. If the Bruins get him, they will keep him until he wants money, then they will trade him.

  11. ranger_fan says:

    Chemistry is one of those things that a coach can do. The Rangers poor decisions have been coaching, and it doesnt look like that will change.

  12. mikster says:

    Well, Glen Sather had more success working with a lower budget team, and putting quality players together, than a high budget team.

    And remember, Jimmy Dolan had a lot to do with the marquee names. Sather himself pretty much hinted it on a Canucks radio station that he has to do what it’s wanted and he has to do the best job he could.

    Did he do a good job? No. Did he try to? Yes. He had the right ideas, but nothing was well executed.

    The main problem with the teams he put together for the Rangers was that the players and the coaches were not a match. If you have a veteran team that is quite a tough one on paper (and even Scott Stevens, two years ago, said the Rangers were a threat on paper before the season started), then you need the right coach to play them.

    Low was not it. I think he tried, he is still a decent coach and they had one solid season with him where they were close to .500. I think BigE’s first year as a Ranger.

    Trottier was a nice try, it failed. I still think he will be a solid coach.

    I strongly disagree with you when you say they have a lack of direction with the farm system. I think they have a solid direction. They are drafting…. Rangers. Players that want to play for the Rangers and they are building their own nucleus.

    They did a good job trading the vets for young talent. The WolfPack are a solid young team.

    Their farm system has been more qualitative each year. And Tom Renney has been a big help with that.

    If Thornton is available…. who wouldn’t try to take him? Same with Pronger.

    I think the Rangers will definitely solidify their top two scoring lines, but half, or almost, the team will be made up of young players from their system.

    The B’Jacks and the Rangers will have the better chances with Crosby.

    I also disagree when you say Crosby will be big deal anywhere.

    Put Crosby in Nashville or Columbus, then see what a big attraction he will be across the nation’s media.

    If the Rangers get Crosby, then they will be dealing with a great marketing tool for the NHL, and dealing with a major part of their future.

    They can still lose, depending on what kind of team they get and how it will perform. But, i think they are on the right track.

  13. mikster says:

    I think Tom Renney knows what he is doing.

  14. ranger_fan says:

    That is just it, you think, or you hope Tom knows what he is doing.

    Tom Renney supposedly knows how to trap. That is why he was named head coach. That won’t do that well without a red line, and with tag-up.

    In the 1996-1997 he had a relatively young Canucks team, very comparable to todays rangers. He was about 5 games under .500. He had a great RW scorer, Bure, and Mogilny for that matter. Aucoin Hedican and Lindon, and the rest were developing, like Sillinger. Tom Renney is great for developing a good team, but I doubt he can win.

  15. BLACKNGOLD248 says:

    Thornton is not going anywhere. Thornton, Bergeron, Boyton, Samsonov and Raycroft are the core players the B’s will build around. The B’s are in the best shape and have been preparing forever to deal with a cap. Jacobs and Sinden have had a cap of their own for years.

  16. therapist says:

    if forsberg and naslund want to play together (accoridng to numerous reports) then isn’t it a possibility that the Rangers sign both of them with all that extra cash they will have?

    saying the rangers will get a top 5 pick in the next draft is going out on a limb… each team will have the same amount of balls no?

  17. therapist says:

    any general manager knows, especially with a cap, that you have no choice but to buy out holik and try to re-sign him at best.

  18. NHLman says:

    For God sakes! That is just an example I gave. The point is that Crosby could possibly have more trade value before he even plays a game, than his actual on ice value will be.

  19. mikster says:

    Tom Renney is a hockey person and he got to scout games where the rules are similar, or the same, as the new rules that will be applied to the NHL.

    College games, no two line passes. European leagues, no touch up icing.

    He knows that kind of hockey well. Just because he knows how to trap, does not mean he does not know other aspects of hockey.

    He won’t be the only coach with troubles, and i think all coaches will now face a new challenge.

    I think the teams with the younger players who are used to the AHL rules will adapt much quicker than older veterans.

    The Devils will have to look for a new system, as will the Wild with Lemaire. Same with other trapping teams.

    I think Tom Renney has very good tactical knowledge. He’s coached a lot for years and best of all is that his coaching has been “recent” in today’s NHL.

    The main problem with him in Vancouver was that he was still pretty much a “new” coach and Messier was some troubling issue with him. And, i think he had to deal with the whole Messier vs. Linden fiasco.

  20. mikster says:

    They can try to get Naslund and Forsberg, but i think that will bring too many expectations in NYC, and knowing that the Rangers will also have a lot of inexperienced young players in their line-up, i would not risk having Forsberg and Naslund taking up close to half of the budget cap and not make the playoffs.

    Also, as much as i like Forsberg, he is a liability with injuries.

    I think the Rangers should build an offensively talented first line with Nylander and Jagr. Have a solid speedy 2nd line that is two way, and i’d still keep Holik. And the 3rd and fourth should be speedy, aggressive and young.

  21. ranger_fan says:

    You do bring up some good points, especially younger players having a little edge, especially in spring training.

    Renney, well time will tell. I still don’t think that he is more beneficiary as a head coach than the development position he had.

    The Messier fiasco was the season after his first, which is the one I mention. He has only coached in one and a half years, so he is still relatively inexperienced. But we will see Mik, just like we will see if Giggy snaps out of it, Kippy pulls a Giggy and Theodore, etc.

  22. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    If I am not mistaken – Sather has lead teams to missing the playoffs 12-13 straight years.

    Blame what you want on Dolan – he is an easy target – but with an unlimited budget it is shameful that the Ranger$ are (were) as bad as they were.

    Yes they got some picks when they sold off their assets however to pick a BUNCH of goalies is a curious move on their part.

    To me the best teams in the league (Det, Philly, NJ, AVs) have the best farm systems. Long term and in a “capped” world it will take a reinvention of the farm system for the Ranger$ to be good. In fact, it is possible that the new system hurts a team like the Rangers the most. Time will tell – and wouldn’t we all like to see how it plays out.

    In other news, it dawned on me this week that we are less than 3 months from a fantasy hockey draft!!! It has been so long and taken SO many twists and turns. can you imagine JUST how hard it will be to judge talent after a year off. Will the old guys still be as we remember them? Which kids are ready to step up? A lot of questions but I am ready.

  23. ranger_fan says:

    The Avs system has very close to no one. The Flyers do, NJ is great at drafting, and Detroit, well they did have young guys in the system, but not too many will be ready to jump in when everyone retires.

  24. GretzNYR99 says:

    It all depends on whether Crosby becomes a Ranger or not. If anything, wait for the end result of the draft, and then work from there.


    Centers: 1st line and checking

    Defense: Top pairing defender, and a stay-at-home defender

    Goaltender: Decent netminder to split time with Weekes.

    …And above all, to REBUILD AND HAVE A BETTER COACH.

    Will the good free agent coaches stand up?

    Tom Renney is a decent coach, but we need a coach who can handle the NY media, and handle this team, even if one or two stars were added.

    I would love to have Peter Forsberg, and Chris Pronger in NY, but we shouldn’t be spending. If we spend, we spend on Pronger. If Leetch were to come back at a cheap price, I’d take him too. We need top-notch players to usher in the younger stars, but we can’t go nuts like we did back in the day.

    We need to rebuild… Jack Johnson truthfully might be the better pick than Sidney Crosby for the Rangers in this year’s draft, and if Crosby is unattainable, I’d love to have him. The goaltending situation is a weird one, because one of those 3 young goalies is expendable.

    I would love to compete next year, but I’d take 2-3 more years of suffering for a better shot at a cup.

  25. ranger_fan says:

    Nylander will be the #1 centre, as he had chemisty with Jagr. A #2 centre would be nice.

    Leetch should be signed, as he bleeds red and blue. Ok may be just red, but he belongs in NY, and would be valuable to the yoots, as in the movie My Cousin Vinny.

    Renney should go back to he previous position, head of player development or whatever, yes, I think NY needs a better coach.

  26. ranger_fan says:

    oh, we no longer have 3 young expendable goalies. Its Lundqvist and Montoya.

  27. RangerSteve says:

    Why I’m glad the NHL had a Lock-Out/CBA Dispute:

    1-Made the Rangers chop down their ridiculous payroll.

    2-Brought in much needed youth via trade at the deadline last season along with numerous draft picks.

    3-Even allowed these players that were drafted or promoted up to Hartford for a season before they were going to be thrown into Madison Square Garden.

    4-The most IMPORTANT reason in my eyes….GIVE JAMIE LUNDMARK A CONSISTANT ROLL! This poor kid still has time to become what he was once thought of. If anything killed me, and I’m sure other Ranger fans will agree with this. This kid showed flashes and times, and even when he bulked up last season he provided to be a great player along side Holik. However, Sather decided to throw him onto the 4th line and give him limited time(Manny Malhotra anyone?).

    Gretz man, if Crosby some how is a shot to land in a Ranger jersey, you have to take him. It’s like passing up LeBron James for Carmello Anthony. You just can’t do it. The one thing that Crosby has is that at his very young age, he’s handled everything so far very maturely. He’s been followed by the entire nation of Canada very very closely, and has already been compared to Gretzky and Lemieux in some way. Those are very strong comparisons indeed. I agree, I’d take teh 2-3 year lumps to see something special form along the lines of Tampa Bay.

  28. mikster says:

    Twelve years??!!!

    1998-1999 Oilers made the playoffs. Definitely not twelve years ago. With a team losing money and he had to trade some key players and depth players, he left.

    Joined a Rangers team that was in shambles, and the first year you can cut him some slack. The other years, yeah…. he gets blame for making some mistakes and not executing the plan correctly.

    But, Dolan also wanted the Bure’s and Jagr’s in NYC. And, hat’s off to Sather for trading little assets for those big names, unlike Neil Smith who would say yes to the first “reasonable” offer.

    To pick a bunch of goalies? Why curious? You can never have enough goalies.

    First of all, Blackburn and Montoya have been the only key drafted goalies by Slats.

    Lundqvist was a 7th rounder, and quite a “toss” and a “project pick with hope”. With Blackburn having injury issues, and most likely a retirement to come soon, Sather did correct in picking a goalie that has franchise goalie potential.

    Why not have two potential star goalies? So, not curious at all, it’s actually quite smart.

    Detroit, Philly, NJ, and the Avs have not had a recent draft pick in the past 3 years really be a meaningful part of their respective teams, well… maybe Tuangay and Aebischer.

    Philly has a very strong system for sure, and many good picks. They have yet to get NHL action, but they will in October.

    How can the new system hurt the Rangers? They have players in their system that can be ready for NHL action. Tyutin and Kondratiev as one pair already. Murray Moore and Ortmeyer as one 3rd line already, or a mix of 3rd and 4th, and as a PK unit.

    I think the Rangers are getting along alright. They are building a nucleus. And they will get a top 5 overall pick, which is quite excellentfor this entry draft.

  29. mikster says:

    Giggy won’t, i was never high on him. His padding was too big and once he wore smaller padding, he did not do as well, and now that he has new rules to deal with….. i don’t think he’d be much, at all. Especially if he keeps whining.

    Kippy may be the real deal. He was very sharp, but i would not bet on any goalie who only has played 32, or 38 it was, games of greatness.

    Theodore, i think some off the ice issues made the negative impact on him, he still has what it takes.

    As for Renney, i think he knows what he is doing…. and the assistant coaches were well picked by him, and they are good ones, specifically the goalie coach. No more St. Laurent who was good, but part time.

  30. mikster says:

    Chris Holt’s name may get a bit more popular next season, keep an eye out for him.

  31. mikster says:

    1- True that, but it was going to be their plan anyway with or without a salary cap. Sather and Maloney pretty much made it clear that it was no more going to be overpriced veterans. It was going to be getting young blood, and young players that play for the Rangers to be Rangers, not to get paid with Rangers checks.

    1.a- The Rangers type of rebuild will not be, and never was going to be, throwing a young team on the ice with little experience. The kind of rebuild for the Rangers was findign the right players, not the best ones available. So in other words, last year they specifically got Nylander and Weekes for key reasons. Nylander a reasonable centre, came back very well for the Bruins and was their best offensive player int he playoffs (overall), when Big Joe was a non factor.

    2- I agree, and they did well. Immonen seems to be a rock solid Finn, and Korpikoski appears to be a good prospect.

    3- True that, one more year of development is a plus.

    4- I also agree about Lundmark, and Renney likes Lundmark, so he will give him a chance. He has a very nice shot, both wrister and slapshot. I specifically like his wrister, he’s got to shoot more. He can also find the good spots where to shoots, he just needs the time and support from his linemates.

    Then again, he comes from a 1999 draft class that turned out to be quite weak and disappointing. Why would you want to make big trades to land two draft picks in a weak Entry Draft, i don’t know. But, he still has potential, especially as a late bloomer.

    Malhotra was a different story. He was throw out to the dogs at age 18, no time to develop and Muckler immediately called him a “third line checking centre at best” right after he was drafted.

  32. Raccer says:

    Rachunek just sign for $1.3 million to remain in Russia next season. The Rangers will need another d-men.

  33. nordiques100 says:

    does he have an out clause when the NHL returns? or is he over there for good next year?

  34. nordiques100 says:

    you were close. it is around a dozen straight below .500 seasons. they did make the playoffs. remember marchant vs dallas?

  35. Raccer says:

    I think he has a clause but his agent suppose to talk about that sooner.

  36. rangers-suck-balls says:

    What the hell makes you think you will get Crosby? Your a retard. NY Fans are almost as bad as TO fans.

  37. rangers-suck-balls says:

    Your a pathetic piece of shit. Asking if the Rangers can resist the temptation to spend is like asking you to resist sucking a fart out of your boyfriend’s cornhole.

  38. GretzNYR99 says:

    I agree with you, although if we don’t get Crosby, I hope we get Jack Johnson. He’s next on my wants list on draft day… maybe him or Gilbert Brule of the Vancouver Giants of the WHL. We need a core center and a core defenseman in this year’s draft.

  39. GretzNYR99 says:

    You’re mixed up here.

    1. The Dolans bought the Rangers and Knicks from ITT in the mid-late 90’s. Under ITT, both teams prospered, and were perennial championship contenders. Dolan was the moron responsible for telling Neil Smith to make a blind run at Joe Sakic without securing Messier, and then being too cheap to go over a Colorado match. You want the best player in the game, which at the time, Sakic was, you pay the biggest contract in the game. Dolan was also responsible for the acquistions of Lindros, Jagr, Holik, Bure, etc. Dolan’s philosophy is that of George Steinbrenner’s… big names win, and even in baseball, it’s now proven by my Yankees’ struggles that you can’t get away with it. A small side note, when Dolan took over, he MSG apart of Cablevision’s basic package. Not basic cable, but Cablevision’s entry level package. Back under ITT’s ownership, you had to pay extra for it. Dolan figured that he could drive up cable prices and still have people watch his teams, and put a team full superstars on the ice to then drive up ticket prices. His plot worked… bastard…

    2. If Detroit’s prospect system is so great, why haven’t they been bringing up prospects? Since Datsyuk and Zetterberg, they’ve brought up no one… Igor Grigorenko hasn’t done anything yet, neither has Stefan Liv. Jiri Hudler’s another decent prospect, but will he ever get a chance? They have decent prospects, but their system is far from great overall. Colorado’s farm system is one of, if not THE WORST in the NHL. NJ’s is mediocre, their strong point is at center. But with Martin Brodeur still in the prime of his career, will Ari Ahonen ever get his shot? My money says no. Parise and Zajac are very strong prospects leading a decent core.

    3. Blackburn was picked in 01, Lundqvist was picked in the later rounds to put a goalie in the system… no one knew how much of a gem he really would be aside from Rangers Euro-scout, Christer Rockstrom.

    4. Montoya was the best player available… Olesz was drafted higher than expect, and was a little bit of a gamble being that he was knocked straight out of the WJC by a HUGE Dion Phaneuf hit. Cam Barker would have been a better pick, but he didn’t last past the top 3 as most predicted.

  40. GretzNYR99 says:

    They got Nylander because of his chemistry with Jagr to keep Jagr happy, and they’ll probably get one or two key names to keep Jagr happy.

    Lundmark can still be something, but he won’t be a superstar like some once predicted.

  41. GretzNYR99 says:

    I’ve known of him for a while, I just don’t see him going anywhere with the Rangers, especially with their depth chart with prospect goalies.

  42. GretzNYR99 says:

    If they sign any UFA, I’d like to see Pronger or Niedermayer, although I know Pronger doesn’t want to leave St. Louis, and I hear that Niedermayer would like to reunite with his brother home in Vancouver, along with another star named Paul Kariya… how this is possible, I don’t know. Especially with Scott wanting a big contract, and Kariya asking for money as well, plus trying to keep Naslund and Bertuzzi if they are to stay.

  43. 19Yzerman says:

    What if Croby ends up in Atlanta? The thrashers could push the”Dirty Birds and Vick” out of the Stone Mountain regions attention span. The only thing selling better then the Tharshers would be Peaches and Coke~A~Cola.

  44. NYRules says:

    the nucks would be nasty. Picture it….

    Kariya Naslund

    niedermeyer jovo

    on top of everything they have already. I think nieds and jovo are the 2 most solid consistent dmen in the league. I love leetch and Lidstrom has overall been the best lately, but game in and game out for quite some time these 2 have been there. Foote too but he doesnt have the overall skill they do.

  45. GretzNYR99 says:

    He shouldn’t end up in a city that already has way too many top prospect and won’t be able to sign them come time.

    We’ve gone over this already.

  46. wheresthesoda says:

    of what i want the lines to be like:




    J. Green-Betts-McCarthy

    other guys that i think should have a shot with the rangers….

    Lacouture, Chris Simon, and Barnaby, thats if they can get these guys cheap.

    for the defense and goaltending, thats a whole other story.

    guyts like dominic moore, i dont want them to play, if there gonna be 4th liners getting under 10 mins a game.

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