Can Canada take it all?

One more game to go and Canadians wonder if their Dream Team can pull off one more win.
Team Canada was the team to beat from the beginning of the tournament. Up until last Saturday, Canada has had a pretty smooth trip through the tournament with the exception of Team USA. In my opinion, that was a pretty hard fought game.

After the Canada vs Czech game, hockey fans are convinced that this may be a tough game for Canada.

The Fins have played extremely in this tournament and you could be sure that they will bring their best game tomorrow. Defeating the U.S. and advancing to the final for the first time ever, has this team fully charged. They will go into tomorrow’s game with the “we got nothing to lose” attitude and Canada will come in with the pressure of a hockey crazed nation.

Saku Koivu has done a great job leading his team. It also helps having Olli Jokinen, Mikko Eloranta, Kimmo Timonen, Teemu Selanne, Jere Lehtinen, and Mikka Kiprusoff step up their game. Oh… and let’s not forget the great defence of Aki Berg…….. ( That was a joke! ) As a Leaf fan, it’s nice to see Aki get stupid penalties on another team besides the Leafs.

Even though Canada had a difficult time with the Czechs, this team still has all the makings of being the best Hockey team in the World. I don’t agree with people saying that Canada should not have won. That’s bull***t!! If you believe that, then you obviously don’t know the meaning of having a “clutch player”. In the end, that’s what it came down to – who could wrap things up. It’s obvious Canada got out played that game. The Czechs were laying the punches but in the last round, Canada laid the biggest punch – KO!

That’s where Canada‚Äôs depth took over. I could list 6-8 clutch players on this team. Don’t get me wrong, the Czechs have a great team and I did not expect a walk in the park for Canada. Hockey fans got a great game from these two teams but in the end only can advance. Hats off to Marty Havlat and Patrick Elias! They were the top performers on their team.

As for tomorrow’s game, I expect a tough first and second period but Canada’s depth will take over in the third. This will definitely be a battle of the goalies – Kipper vs Luongo, so I would expect some big saves! It would be interesting to see how Iginla will do against his team mate, Kiprusoff – maybe a repeat of the Olympics – Sundin vs Belfour.

Either way, this will be a hell of a game so may the best team win!