Can Hemsky be worth an Oilers 1-2 on draft day?

No team has ever had the top-two picks, but Edmonton’s sniper could be a very valuable bargaining chip

Dan Barnes, Edmonton Journal

What the Oilers have in Ales Hemsky currently pales in comparison to what people think the Oilers can or even should get for Ales Hemsky.

Which is to say, Tyler Seguin or Taylor Hall.

It’s the blind hope du jour; the Oilers plucking not one but both blue-chip forwards out of the June entry draft in a history-making rebuild-a-palooza that would guarantee GM Steve Tambellini a place in the Hall of Fame. Or at least a nickname upgrade from Stand Pat Steve to Two-Fer Tamby.

Since the National Hockey League amateur draft became the entry draft in 1979, no team has ever chosen first and second. The Canucks came closest at Nos. 2 and 3 with the Sedin twins in 1999, Daniel before Henrik. The Islanders drafted first (Rick DiPietro) and fifth (Raffi Torres) in 2000 and fourth (Roberto Luongo) and fifth (Eric Brewer) in 1997. The Nordiques went third (Curtis Leschyshyn) and fifth (Daniel Dore, oops) in 1988.

And all it would cost to ensure both Hall and Seguin strap on Oilers colours next fall, these people opine, is the 31st pick and Hemsky.

Oh, and Edmonton might have to take Michael Ryder and his $4-million-US cap hit for the 2010-11 season from the Bruins. No biggie, since Hemsky’s hit would be $4.1 million.

Now, before even considering what Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli might have to say about dropping 29 spots in the draft (not good) while swapping Ryder for Hemsky (much better), the dream scenario is dependent on the Oilers finishing 30th (practically guaranteed) and winning the draft lottery (ditto) and the Maple Leafs staying where they are in 29th place, since Boston secured Toronto’s first-rounder in the Phil Kessel trade.

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  1. habswinthecup-again says:

     Anyone that thinks Hemsky and the 31st pick this year is enough to get the 1st or 2nd overall is crazy. At the very least Edmonton would have to throw in next years 1st rounder and maybe even this years 2nd rounder.

  2. ovechking says:

    Nothing like smoking crack before writing for a news paper. Even if all the pieces fell into place to make this possible the only way it would happen is if Chiarelli was smoking crack too. 

    If any Oiler fans think there is a chance of this then the maple leafs have a chance at the playoffs!

  3. JannettyTheRocker says:

    First off, I don't think there's any chance of the Oilers getting Boston's (via Toronto) first round pick. However, never say never. If we're speculating, here's what I think would work for both teams :

    To Boston :
    Ales Hemsky
    Edmonton's first round pick in 2011

    To Edmonton :
    Michael Ryder
    Boston's (via Toronto) first round pick in 2010

    This way Boston gets the better player in Ales Hemsky, and should end up with a decent first rounder next season, maybe even another lottery pick depending how Steve Tambellini rebuilds this team.

    And Edmonton gets the chance to take both Hall & Seguin, and take a chance on Michael Ryder.

  4. 93killer93 says:

    The 31st pick is this years 2nd.

  5. TimTheBone says:

    hahaha … man i tell ya it feels good when something you thought of becomes the subject of an articvle by a sports writer…. Gives what "you" said more relevance when talking about it….

    SO!… here's what i think about this whole thing…. now in my post about a month ago about the Oilers and how they should try and pry that pick from Boston and have the oppritunity to draft Hall and Seguin for their rebuild, i suggested A few different packages for that pick that would greatly benefit BOTH teams…. Hemsky and the 2010 2nd won't get it done… So what i put out there was this..

    To Bos:
    Hemsky, Nilsson, Cogliano, 1st in 2011

    To Edmonton:
    Boston's 1st (via Toronto), Ryder, (Maybe a prosepct thrown in if needed)

    Now i Know Boston fans all have Stiff ones for that draft pick and Hall/Seguin…. but they dont help your team now, which is what you need… A Hall/Seguin shouldnt play next year in the NHL IMO….so your team just gets weaker from the expiring contracts and lack of cap space for Free agency…. The bruin will not make the playoffs, or will be battling quite intensely as they are tis season…. BUT a simple move like this one could SERIOUSLY make a difference on the line-up…. Check it

    Hemsky Savard Lucic
    Nilsson Bergeron Cogliano
    Wheeler Krejci Sturm
    Thornton Marchand Sobotka

    (Thornton, Sobotka, Wheeler all get resigned IMO)

    That's a real competitive looking line-up to me… Goal scoring will come easy and in bunches… Above average in size… and Fast…. It's a line-up that set-up well for the playoffs… and theres always trades which could go down….

    Edmonton on the other hand set up well for the future and have a relative gaurantee in having at least one franchise player in the four top prospects the own. (Hall, Seguin, Eberle, MPS)… you can have Hall/Eberle tandem, with a Seguin/MPS as a second unit…. Throw in Penner, Horcoff, Gagner, Brule somewhere in the mix and your looking great for the future up front….

    I think this move is a MUST for Boston to remain competitive… yeah sure Hall or Seguin wopuld look great next to Savard or Lucic in a couple years… but then theres no depth…. Hemsky should be a consistent 30 goal guy… with 40 potential…. put him with a playmaker like Savard and he could very well be that guy…. with lucic chipping in 20 or so as well as savard… thats an easy 80-100 goals from that line alone (if healthy)……

    Edmonton needs to do what it takes to get that pick in my opinion, they have no other option…. maybe trade with NYI as a plan B…. NYI has TONS of cap space and im sure would love to bolster their line-up with edmontons fire-sale……

  6. bbruins37 says:

    Hemsky is a playmaker himself, not a scorer.

    You don't think Hall/Seguin shoud be in the NHL next year? Oh man…

  7. TimTheBone says:

    No i dont think they should…. Hall could play, and most likely will… all recent 1st overalls have gone straight to the show…. but let's look back 5 years… 
    2005 = Sidney Crosby, let's face it he's Sidney freaking Crosby… he'll be a top 10 all time player once his career is done, Perhaps even as high as top 5 all time…..

    2006 = Erik Johnson, Did not play year after he was drafted but hasnt been Stellar in his years as a Bluenote

    2007 = Patirck Kane, a MUCH higher talent than Hall or Seguin

    2008 = Steve Stamkos, a higher prospect than Hall/Seguin… Stummbled throughout his first season as a Bolt.

    2009 = John Tavares, was once compared and at one point was held in higher regards than Sidney Crosby at the same age. Has played decent his first season. likely to recieve Calder consideration, but may not deserve it more than others. Won't win the Calder…. and is about on par with what Hall/Seguin will bring to the table…

    2010 = Hall/Seguin, possibly franchise players, not as talented as the past 5 years of 1st overall choices (save for maybe Johnson even though he is Defense), as far as media attention goes, these two players are being hyped to a level they are not at in a draft year that is weaker than others have been in the more recent past….

    SOOOOO BBruins, what i'm saying is I think Hall and to a much more relevant extent Seguin should play one more year in junior, dominate there, Dominate at the WJHC, THEN make the move to the Bigs the following season with one more year of junior experience… It would benefit both players FAAAARRRRRRR more than making the jump as an 18 (or 17 in Seguins case) year old would…. do i think that will happen??… probably not….. Seguin although has a higher chance at staying in junior one more year..

    And Even being more of a playmaker Hemsky scores between 15-20 goals on a weak edmonton team…. with someone to feed him the puck he CAN be a consistent 30 goal scorer…. ten more goals a year with a premier playmaker such as Savard isnt ludicrous at all….

    and by the way BBruins….. when i said "I know bruins fans have a stiffy for Hall/Seguin", i was referring to you specifically as well as others….. no offense intended though…. i just know you REALLY REALLY REALLY want Hall/Seguin, and i think youre one of those people who have been brainwashed to an extent by the media attention these two guys get…. let's remember they arent Crosby, or Stamkos, or Tavares….. a package of three or four good to great players will benefit you moire than Hall will next season

  8. bbruins37 says:

    You're undervaluing these two massively. No surprise though.

    Tavares basically continually got worse as his junior career went on. Stamkos was nothing special for a first overall pick. Kane had big questions about him coming in as the first overall in a weaker draft class, mainly with his size. Scouts have said that Hall > Tavares too. If you want to say something like "But Kane and Stamkos have over 80 points now!", why can't the same be thought of for Hall/Seguin, who look to be better prospects at this stage of their career?

    If one of them comes in and puts up 20 and 20 or something, is that a bad thing? Nope. It's still alot better than most players in the league. Their first year would serve as a development year most likely, ie. Stamkos.

    I'm not brainwashed by the media; I form my own opinions on players.

  9. cam7777 says:

    all the scouts i've heard from in articles, and magazines, and on the internet, say that hall and seguin are a drop off from the last few years.  Kane for instance, outscored Hall by 40 points in his draft year.  the only person, or rather, crew, i'v heard putting hall and seguin over the top are mckenzie and tsn – and no surprize there, as ratings depend on the viability that someone is drafting a legitimate "crosby" of their own.  i've seen enough of hall to make my own opinion though; the guy is a sniper, and he'll be a damn fine one.  he has plenty of flaws though too, and doesn't seem to have any of the intangibles you would want.  he's selfish, and he comes off as kind of a *****y dickhole to me.

  10. cam7777 says:

    Remember, the season isn't done yet.  The Leafs can catch the Islanders still, and probably Carolina.  Even the Panthers are prone to 5 game losing streaks.  If any one of those teams faulters, the Leafs will have a shot at catching them.  And even if they don't, the 3rd place team may win the lottery, in which case, the game changes.

    It would be easier to get that pick from the Islanders though, I'm thinking, as they are ready to make a stand and add some NHL players to their roster.  I think Edmonton had best hope for a NYI tank if they want that pick though.  And it's not out of the question by any means.  A 4 point spready could be made up by Sunday.

  11. FlamingHomer says:

    I can't believe the way some of these so called professional journalists are reaching Ekland credibility levels. If you don't have any news quit making up crap.

  12. TimTheBone says:

    John T did get worse, hence why EVERYONE forgot about the Crosby comparisons…. I'm not undervaluing them…. im simply saying that they are no more valuable than John T was in his draft year, and his stock dropped considerably as stated by none other than you…. "Stamkos was nothing special for a first overall pick"…. yet He's still a more valued prospect than Hall or Seguin in his draft year…… Look Both guys will probably have great careers and be fine players…. but my point is that for your team… The Boston Bruins….. the pick is better used as a draft day trading piece to gain major pieces for a eventual cup run in the coming season or season after that…. Taylor Hall might pot 20 goals and 40 points in his rookie year… but that aint helping you team win a cup…. But im a Habs fan i hope your team tanks year after year …. so go ahead and draft Hall…. and have one nice little player to add to your lacking line-up…

    oh and like i said…. because of "the stiff one" you have for Hall, your overvaluing him….

  13. TimTheBone says:

    Well Cam i realize your math and your faith in the leafs as a fan… but honestly… realistically I think T.O is staying put right where they are…
    The Leafs are chasing NYI and Carolina… Carolina has 69 points, NYI has 68, and T.O has 64…… all three teams have 9 games left on slate….Now i looked at winning percentages on the year thus far, Didnt read a whole lot into it, but it was interesting nonetheless…..
    Toronto = 35%
    NYI = 39%
    Carolina = 41%

    That means if the said teams win an amount of games according to this percentage, of their remaining 9 games each team recieves, 6 points, 7 points, and 7 points respectively (rough approximations)… that leaves everyone right where they are… but like i said i didnt really read too much into that…

    Here's what really made me believe that T.O will finish the season no better than 29th place… Let's say that T.O wins 5 of their remaining 9, which let's be honest is a great finish to the season for the leafs and a probable one…. they end up getting 10 of a possible 18 points (given no OT loses)… in this case T.O ends up with 74 points on the season with 31 wins….. in this instance Carolina would only need to win  3 games out of 9 or get a mere 5 points (with one win minimum) out of a possible 18, in order to stay ahead of the Leafs in the standing… doesnt seem so likely the Leafs will overtake Carolina…..

    In the case of NYI, it comes doown to NYI winning 3 games as well out of the remaining 9 or 6 points (with 2 wins minimum) out of a possible 18….. again doesnt seem so likely the Leafs will leap frog NYI either…..

    With every extra Leaf win passed 5 add one for the opposing teams…. although any more wins than 5 for the leafs will be short or miraculous and one hell of a finish to their season….

    Basically what im saying is that i admire your faith and hope in your team, but i just dont see it happening….

    Is it possible the Leafs could pull out of 29th place>?… yeah sure…

    Probable? not bloody likely!

  14. cam7777 says:

    Yea, but let's look at the way the Isles are trending, versus the way the Leafs are trending.  The Islanders once held down a playoff spot, and have tanked hard to get into 2nd last in the conference.  They've only won three of their last ten, and have become worse with every outting.  It's true, Tavares lifts them to a spectacular win every so often, but he is clearly exhausted.  I could see them winning only 3 of their games, and the Leafs winning 6 of theirs.  I could also see the Leafs putting up only 5 wins, but forcing 3 of their 4 losses to OT. 

    I didn't say it would be easy, but it's still possible.  THe future is not determined by the past, thank god.  Point and case, the Leafs actually clawed back to a close to 500 record (i think they were one game away) in December, after going 1-11-4.  People were saying things like you are now – if things continue at this rate, the Leafs will finish the season with 9 points.  Ha. 

    On top of that, finishing 29th doesn't even guarantee the Bruins that spot, so I'm gonna sit tight and see how it all plays out.  Many teams have had 7-10 game losing streaks this year, and the Islanders, Panthers, and Lightning are due.  My guess is that a week from now, the Leafs are within two points, with only 6 games remaining.

  15. TimTheBone says:

    oh i didnt completely write the possibility off… it damn well could happen…. but the law of averages are working against that fact…. it just doesnt seem likely for the leafs to win more than 5 of the remaining 9…. or for the Ilses to lose more than 6… thinking that most teams will split the remaining 9-10 games left on their seasons…. i dont think there will be much movement in the standing at all… maybe in the 8 to 5 spots in the conferences…

    and in the history of the draft lottery, no one has moved up or down in position….. now that doesnt mean it wont happen… but again… not bloody likely…. annnnnd if someone does move spots its MOST likely to be T.O moving up to a better pick giving Boston a better pick…. that being T.O moving from 2 to 1

  16. cam7777 says:

    this is true.

    still, i would like to revisit this when there's only 4 games left in the season.  i mean, realistically, the leafs could win tomorrow and saturday, and the islanders could lose tomorrow and saturday.  bang. it's all tied up, and that takes away the law of averages pretty quick. 

    but yea, i know it's a long a shot.  just let me have this.  come on….

  17. leafit2me says:

    "I'm not brainwashed by the media; I form my own opinions on players."

    Hey cam777, I think we can agree with him on this one eh? lol
    Its the same old song and dance routine we've come to know and love. "I'm right and everyone else is on crack." You know, you remind me of that Harry Capito character that used to be a guest on The John Oakley Show – AM640. I honestly find myself coming back to this site just to see what your gonna post next. Like a wreck….you watch it (in your case…read it) for all the wrong reasons.
    If you ever start your own newpaper/hockey magazine; sign me up for a subscription man…..Man your something else
  18. leafit2me says:

    Here's another beauty "Stamkos was nothing special for a first overall pick. Kane had big questions about him coming in as the first overall in a weaker draft class, mainly with his size."

    An absolute gem….just priceless!!
  19. RealisticNick says:

    Hemsky and the 31st pick would be plenty to move up.

  20. Tachmo says:

    The Bruins are a soft bunch this year. Adding Hemsky is an interesting option as he is a very good player and is developed. However he is soft too. Savard is soft. Wheeler is a pillow for his size. Sturm, and Krejci are soft. I hate to say it but the Bruins have major holes this season. Dispicable scoring, they are not very fast and are embarrassing soft. The Penguins debacle clearly showcased that.

    I would be for trading the pick to Edm if Hemsky and Cogliano and a 2011 pick came back to Boston. From the point Chiarelli better toughen up his lineup somehow in other roster spots.

  21. smcblue123 says:

    you are probably the dumbest hockey fan ever, Stamkos nothing special for a first overall pick, So 51 goals as a 20 year old is nothing special ok ur right man and kane isnt a good pick either ok did he just score some kind of goal the other day oh yea thats right. Just idiocy

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