Can Philly Bring Home the Gold?

Bob Clarke is making a big statement this year by not going after any big named free agents. Clarke seems to think that Philadelphia has what it takes to win the cup. Are the Flyers good enough to advance to the finals and win? Do they have what it takes to beat teams like Detroit and Colorado in a Seven games series? Are the making a mistake by standing idle while many of their rivals are improving.

Bob Clarke has made a few mistakes in the past 6 months that are going to cost the Flyers in the long run. It starts with the Adam Oates trade in which the Flyers gave up a considerable amount for the classy center. Problem is the Flyers didn’t even bother to sign him. It seems to me that Clark would have been better off trading for Lecavalier. The Second mistake Clark has made was trading away Boucher. Boucher will be a top goaltender in the years to come, and we are all going to wonder why we ever gave him up. The third mistake that Clarke is making is by doing nothing in free agency. Do you really think that Philly can beat Detroit or Colorado? I don’t! Not only that but Flyers are going to have to compete with a much improved Rangers team this year. How can we be happy with them acquiring Holik and Kasper? Who would have ever thought that Kasper and Lindros would ever be teaming up (on the Rangers)? It would have been worth signing Holik just to prevent the Rangers from getting him. He is just the type of player they need, and he will get them into the Playoffs. Clarke has taken a team that was deep in center and made it weaker. If Premo or Roenick get injured next year, the Flyers don’t have a center who can replace them. It would at the very least have been worth keeping Oates, we already paid enough for him.

While Flyers have decent arsenal of weapons, they lack the strength needed to beat teams like Detroit and Colorado. To be honest they are going to have a hard enough time beating teams in the East. They won one playoff game last year, yet Clarke seems to think they have a stanley cup team. While it is true that coaching was a huge reason for their failure of a season, I still think they lack some weapons. Flyers need a left winger. Selanne would be a perfect fit on this team. His size and speed would compliment LeClair nicely. Amonte is also another possibility. He would be great on a line with Roenick. However it is obvious that Flyers are not going to make any moves this year to better their team. Unless Flyers surprise everyone and make a few moves, they are going to have a hard time competing in their division this year. I am sure Hitch***** will do a better Job then Barber, but I am not expecting him to take this team all the way in his first year. From the way it looks now I expect Flyers to be knocked out of the play offs in the second round, third if they are lucky. What do you all think about the Flyers?