Can The Canucks Come Back? Part Deux

Last year, with Vancouver down 3-1 in a series versus the Blues, I asked that very question. 94 games, a forgotten password and a new alias later, I pose the same riddle.Though the Canucks are only down 3-2, they are playing a trapping defensive team as opposed the Run n’ Gun Blues of yesteryear.

The atmosphere in this city is pretty pessimistic, all too similar to the collapse versus the Wild last year. That said, I believe the Canucks still stand a chance, however minimal, last nights game was very close and it was a flukey goal off Ohlund that gave them the victory.

I don’t want to think of what will happen if we lose tomorrow. Losing to Calgary, a city that actually tries to be like Texas, in their first postseason in 7 years. To think the westcoast has seen a cup since the Kaiser abdicated.

I leave you with last years most memorable quote:

“Yeah, they can come back, on Crossing Over with John Edwards…”

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