Can the Leafs be contenders next season? Sure, why not?

With the regular season winding down, and a post season that barring a very hot Leafs team, won’t include the buds for the first time in 7 years, JFJ has EVERY opportunity to turn this team into a winner in the off season. We’ll start with the players that are under contract past this season, that should be locks heading into next season.

Mats Sundin 35, 6.89 mil (Top 5% in centers in the league. Money in the bank with wingers, great captain, he stays)

Darcy Tucker 30, 1.596 mil (Best bargain in the league, warrior, 29 other GMs want him, he stays)

Tomas Kaberle 28, 4.25 mil (Great skater, puck mover, ideal defenseman for new NHL, he stays)

Jeff O’Neill 30, 1.5 mil (Iffy, a lot of baggage, can score on any given night, maybe a paul maurice reunion will help, he stays.. barely)

Alexei Ponikarovsky 26, .45 mil (Really developed into a player this season, can skate, hit, deke, and kill penalties, he stays)

Wade Belak 29, .665 mil (Not a bad deal for one of the toughest fighers in the league. Good 13th forward, or 8th defenseman, he can stay.)

Alex Steen 22, .720 mil (Going to be a solid NHLer, easily one of the Leafs best players on a nightly basis, the futures up, he stays with a bullet)

Players under contract for next season that should go.

Tie Domi 36, 1.25 mil (Good career, surprise he lasted as long as he did. He’s overpaid greatly, the money spent on Domi could of brought back Roberts and Niewendyk who were invaluable to this team. Time to go, waive him)

Players that should and should not be brought back with projected salary.

Jason Allison 30 (produced this year, he’s bonus’s made him overpaid, to slow for this new NHL, he goes)

Eric Lindros 33, .550 to 1 mil ( Good guy, loves Toronto, could do damage if healthy, on a line with Sundin, he should stay)

Chad Kilger 29, .500 mil to .750 mil ( Grinder with wheels and a big shot. Good 3rd/4th line guy, he should stay)

Alexander Khavanov 30 (waste of 1.5 mil, inconsistent, easily replaceable, he should go)

Aki Berg 28 ( too much of a liability, take a roster spot that good go to a developing prospect, he should go)

Karel Pilar 28 .450 mil to .450 mil (If healthy has the game for this new NHL. Good 4/7 defenseman.. if healthy)

Carlo Colaiacovo 23 .850 mil to 1 mil ( Good wheels, good hitter *see Todd Bertuzzi, could shape into a solid NHL defenseman)

Kyle Wellwood 22, .600 mil to 850 mil ( Good speed, very crafty, a bit small, my money has him having a big year next season)

Matt Stajan 23, .850 mil (good effort night in and night out, kills penalties, needs to produce more, still young)

Mikael Tellqvist 26, 1 mil to 1.5 mil (Good goalie, finally Americanized, will start next season, he’s job too lose)

Luke Richardson 36, .75 to 1 mil (Solid veteran, adds an edge to the defense, good mentor for prospects. He should be brought back)

Nik Antropov 26 (Overpaid, often injured, too slow for this new game)

Clarke Wilm 29, .450 mil to 600 mil (prototypical 4th line energy guy)

Ben Ondrus 23, .450 mil to .600 mil (great worker, energy guy, gets under players skin, 4th liner)

Now with Belfour and McCabe

Bryan McCabe 30 (solid top tier defenseman in this league, good shot, good speed. However, is asking too much with 5.5mil, it would be wise to spend that money else were. reluctantly he goes)

Ed Belfour 41 1.5 mil (Hall of Fame career, has slipped this year. Will almost certainly be bought out, for 1.5 mil counting against the cap)

Now with the players kept and released the pay room should now be between 24 mil to 26 mil.

Lets pretend the cap goes up too say 46 million like Bob McKenzie said, and the leafs have give or take 25 million committed in salary. That’s 21 million dollars to spend.

First line of duty, back up goalie.

Curtis Joseph 38, 1 mil to 2.0 mil ( Still has something to offer, good relief if Telliquist doesn’t have it)

Defense, they should invest at least 10 million on improving the defense.

Rob Blake 36, 3.5 mil to 4.5 mil ( Still a premier defenseman in the NHL, as solid as anyone in the league)

Pavel Kubina 28, 3 mil to 4 mil ( Can log tons of minutes, great chemistry with Kaberle)

Kenny Jonsson 31 1.5 to 2.5 mil (Good skating first pass defenseman, ideal for this game, played tremendous at the Olympics)

Signing these 4 players will cost the leafs anywhere between 9 mil to 13 mil. Say it cost them 11 mil, the leafs will now have 10 million dollars to spend.

Forwards, they need a second line center, and a second line scorer.

Jason Arnott 31, 3.5mil to 4 mil (good size, heavy shot, money in the playoffs, typical second line center)

Kyle Calder 27, 2mil to 2.5 mil (still young, good energy, still has upside)

Peter Bondra 38, 1mil to 2 mil (still has good speed, offensive minded player to would excel playing with Sundin)

Signing these players will cost between 6.5mil to 8.5 mil, lets say it cost 7.5mil … That leaved the Leafs with 2.5 mil in cap room. This money will be spent on signing prospect and 2 way minor league deals, most notably, Kronwall, Harrison, Ian White and Wozniewski, Andy.

So here are the lines.




Ponikarovsky /Stajan/Kilger




Richardson/ Colaiacovo



Extras Belak, Ondrus Minors/Big club, Wilm

I am completely expecting Quinn to get canned by the end of the season, with Paul Maurice getting promoted. So there you have you have it this line up has, skill, toughest, and grit, and will destroy teams on the power play. I don’t expect this to be the exact team, but I do at least expect a contender next season with the money JFJ will have to spend.

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  1. lukeleim says:

    Off season Transactions

    URF – Kim Johnsson , Willie Mitchell, Sergei Samsonov, Todd Simpson & Curtis Joseph

    Jeff O’Neill to the Carolina Hurricanes for Hurricanes’ 5th-round pick in 2006

    Nik Antropov, Andy Wozniewski & Justin Pogge to the Minnesota Wild for Patrick O’Sullivan & Wild’s 2nd-round pick in 2008

    Sergei Samsonov – Mats Sundin – Darcy Tucker

    Patrick O’Sullivan – Kyle Wellwood – Alexander Steen

    Chad Kilger – Eric Lindros – Ben Ondrus

    Alexei Ponikarovsky – Matt Stajan – Tie Domi


    Wade Belak

    Prospects: Jeremy Williams, Alex Foster, Aleksander Suglobov & Robert Earl

    Tomas Kaberle – Bryan McCabe

    Kim Johnsson – Willie Mitchell

    Carlo Colaiacovo – Jay Harrison


    Todd Simpson – Brendan Bell

    Prospects: Ian White

    Mikael Tellqvist

    Curtis Joseph


    J.F Racine

    Prospects: Todd Ford & Tuukka Rask

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    are you an icedogs fan, O’Sullivan played for the icedogs, he’d be a great guy to get

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    every “possible” free agent signing must be dealt with in two ways. Can we get them (Calder, Kubina, Arnott, Blake) and do we want them (Bondra, Johnson, Joseph). so everyone has heir own oppinion. Ferguson had a bunch of bad oppinions with Khavanov, and O’neill. The first step to a decent club starts with a decent GM.

  4. toronto77 says:

    oneill- he’s an ok forward and is now a healthy scratch for a reason, leafs can get a better forward than him, he can go

    allison- our best forward in terms of points makes other players around him better and set up plays, if the leafs do not re-sign him it will be a waste of a deadline because we didn’t trade him. he can stay

    Lindros-definatly has to go, played well with the leafs when sundin was injured, but when he came back lindros was just crap. he goes

    Coliaicovo- I don’t know why you want to give up rookies, it is more fun with young players, toronto will be a more dominant stanly cup contender in the long run if they keep these rookies. coli stays

    Wellwood- if this guy had some size he could definalty embarrasse defencmen, he will get better, and will be an awesome goal scorer.he stays

    Stajan-awesome penalty killer, we really need him, their aren’t too young players who can kill penalties like him, 4 shg. he stays

    ondrus- he is like the next tucker, fast, can fight, can hit, and looks like he can score goals, stays

  5. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    No Domi? No Sasha? No Leafy!

    Seriously man, Domi’s gotta play, so do Ondrus and Wilm, they bring a great energy to the team, and a terriffic forecheck.

    Richardson, gotta love that guy eh, plus three here, sure he was a minus eighteen in Columbus, but who isn’t? He’s been great physically, and defensively, and brings leadership to the defense core.

    Alex Khavanov. He blocks shots, takes hits, passes well, throws hits, he does ALL this, and when he gets hit in the face by a stick or puck (happens ALOT) he gets stitches and comes back.

    Off-Season transactions:

    Already have: Sundin, Domi, O’neill, Ondrus, Belak, Steen, Ponikarovsky, Tucker

    If we supposed we buy out Belfour, the payroll is $15 401 000, that’s supposing we buy him out, I love the guy, but I’m thinking he’ll be classy and just retire at seasons end, instead of taking the money when he woulda retired anyways.

    Waive Belak, then send him down, because no one wants him, big goon.

    Chad Kilger, Matt Stajan, Carlo Colaiacovo, Mikael Tellqvist, and Kyle Wellwood each make 0.85, I know they aren’t at rookie max age, but that’s about how much they’re worth, or it’d cost. Keep Jay Harrison in the system, he’s a solid young defenseman.

    Re-sign Lindros, Wilm, and Pilar at league minimum. With Lindros and Pilar’s health concerns, that’s all they should cost, Wilm, he’s cheap… for some reason, he brings alot to the team. Re-sign Richardson for like 1

    Sign Leetch, Brewer, $4 000 000 and $2 000 000 give Lidstrom the big dollar, 8 million, the league max will be higher with the cap going up. Curtis Joseph at $1 000 000, and Arnott and Shanahan combined is about 7.5 million.

    That leaves us at $43 836 000





    Wellwood (Guys really starting to piss me off)






    The goaltenders can be switched, or split the time, both are great goalies.

  6. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    By the way, you guys gotta stop trashing O’neill, he’s on the fourth god damned line and a healthy scratch even some times, he gets less ice time then Tie Domi and nick freaking Antropov. Remember we all thought Czkerkawski was useless, and did you see him last night? We could’ve had a terriffic top six forward group, of Sundin, Lindros, O’neill, Allison, Tucker, and Czerkawski, but O’neill was forced to the fourth line, Chow was scratched (in favour of Belak and Antropov) and Sundin and Lindros, well one of them was always hurt, and when they weren’t hurt they were kept on different lines, with Lindros centring Kilger, and Domi.

  7. Steve362 says:

    is there anyway we can vote leafy off the island, because this guy is way out in left feild….. why would you sign old defencemen and take away playing time which youngsters will use to develop, all the players u want to sgin have 3 years or less left in the league….i dont like to be mean but……

    YOUR AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!

  8. PaulK123 says:

    All of you people stop trashing JFJ! Ya, he made

    a mistake by signing Belfour for too much money and keeping Domi, but thats it. Getting Jeff O’Neill out of Carolina was a good move at the time it was made, getting Khavanov was a good move

    at the time, signing Lindros and Allison was a good move at the time (at 1.5 million a piece who wouldn’t take the gamble). At the time these moves

    were made, they were good moves. Who knew that 3 of the four guys would be busts (Lindros, O’Neill,

    Khavanov busts, Allison not a bust)!

  9. 93213 says:

    Not that i don’t like what you fantasize about, but it seems far from realistic.

    They will not bring in a Joseph to back up Telquist. If they decide that Telly can start, then they will not send him the message that we hope you can but just in case… no they need to instill confidencein him and say you are number one. Then maybe at trade deadline you can bring in a Joseph.

    Also why would you assume Steen would be moving from the top line next season? Theoretically he’ll be even better so he’s not about to be moved from the top line to the third.

    All they need to do is sign another winger for that line.

    It won’t be Bondra, he likes Atlanta, wanted to play in Atlants and will finish in Atlanta.

    I love Arnot on the second line with Tucker and O’Neil. If O’Neil doesn’t retire….

  10. lukeleim says:

    haha allison not a bust? he’s brutal for 4.5 that he’ll be making because of bonuses! JFJ is retarded; look at his deadline deals… signing khavanov never looked like a good signing i dont know what your talking about! and lindros played really well when he was in the lineup, if any player signed by JFj is not a bust, itd be big E.

  11. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    What the ***** are you smoking? Khavanov? A bust??? He blocks shots, takes hits, throws hits, passes well.And when he gets cut in the face real bad by a stick or puck (happens every game) he just goes gets stitches and comes back.

    Lindros was fantastic when he played, the main problem is the medical staff gave him the wrong advice.

    And O’neill, he has 15 goals this season, on pace for about 20… on the fourth got damned line! It’s Quinn’s fault. I’d fire Quinn a hell of alot faster then JFJ. And I don’t like JFJ in the least, I think he was a real bastard to the veterans.

  12. Realistic says:

    I agree with your ratings of our current players for the most part (and I stay away from “what if’s”, etc. in regards to signing players in the offseason because who really knows what will happen)

    A few comment though;

    Antorpov makes less the league avg. and is a good penalty killer (when he isn’t the one who got the penalty 🙂 — we have stuck it out this long with him, might as well keep him as a 3rd liner and hope something happens.

    Khavanov makes around the league avg. and is a mediocre d-man, so for $1.5mm i’ll keep him.

    Belak is not one of the toughest fighters in the league. He potentially could be, but he thinks he is pretty (seriously, he thinks his face, not his fists, are his moneymaker — ??????) and as a result, as you may have noticed all season, he is hesitant to take a shot when fighting…therefore his fights always suck, are always boring and look more like ‘Dancing with the Hockey Enforcers’ then an actual heavyweight tolt. He does have a helluva shot when he does decide to actually fight.

    I will finish by saying that we need to give Coli, Kronwall, Harrison & Wozniewski a chance next year….bye bye McCabe (regreattably) and maybe in the 2007 offseason we sign a stud once we see how the kids can play if given a proper chance….personally, I think at least 2 of them are ready to play well at the NHL level.

  13. leafswin67 says:

    Here’s a fun fact for you Khavanov supporter’s. Khavanov was signed for 1.5 mil, Teppo Nunemien was signed for 2 mil. Oh JFJ, you are wise.

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