Can the Montreal Canadiens become cup contenders with the right moves?

The Montreal Canadians have surprised everyone this year and are likely to continue to do so. Still they are not considered cup contenders and the only way they could be is to pickup a couple key players and fill some holes at the same time. The problem is that they are often out-classed when playing the teams with franchise players like Jarg and Spezza but that could change with a couple serious moves.
This team needs a center and a winger, for a center the trade they need to make is Ryder, Dandeneault and Smolinsky to the New York Islanders for Mike Comrie. Why? Comrie is a great center and would be fabulous on the second or third lines. Ryder is from New York and would probably like to play there. Ryder and Comrie are both to be UFA’s so that balances out and so do their salaries as they are roughly even. Adding Smolinsky, another UFA is cheap and useful in the NYI’s quest to make the playoffs and adding Dandeneault helps make the trade happen. For a right-winger, Montreal needs to trade their 1st round pick & two prospects for JP, Dumont. Montreal has an abundance of prospects and can use them best by trading some of them. The first round pick is the cost of getting what you need. JP Dumont would be an excellent winger and a French Canadian as well.

The team should look like

A Kostitsyn T Plekanek A Kovalev
C Higgins S Koivu JP Dumont
S Kostitsyn M Comrie T Kostopoulos
S Begin M Lapierre G Latendresse

M Komisarek A Markov
M Streit R Hamerlik
F Bouillon J Gorges / R O”Byrne
C Huet
J Halak

6 Responses to Can the Montreal Canadiens become cup contenders with the right moves?

  1. NLHabsFan says:

    I don't see these as very likely trades. Smolinski has a no trade clause, Ryder is from Newfoundland not New York and I'd be highly surprised if Gainey moves a 1st round pick though Dumont would be a great asset. Not really sold on Comrie but you are probably on the right track.
    In Bob we trust!
    Go Habs Go!

  2. lafleur10 says:

    some of your trade proposals are intereting to say the least!!but i think comrie would be a waste!!he's a bum!!!and wouldn't be a third line center on this team and you want to give up ryder!!that's just plain dumb!!ryder btw is  a canadian kid not an american!he's from newfoundland your thinking of higgins he's from new york!you mentioned also giving the islanders halak ,and dandenneault!the islanders wouldn't be able to use halak dandeneault is a serviceable defenceman but not worth comrie!you want to give up a 1st r.d. pick for dumont in a deep draft!i personally would hate that deal not a good trade for us!!if you want  a center to go after target eric perron from atalnta!and a winger here's a name for you to ponder eric cole form carolina (power forward)and 1st line winger!and a defenceman rob blake!,perron,blake,and cole, would be the 3 guys i'd target!!i think bob could get these guys!and they'd be a better fit for us than comrie and dumont!!! 

  3. Habfan17 says:

    Since everyone is saying that this is the strongest draft in years, I don’t think that Gainey should use the first round pick on Dumont. He is too inconsistent and has never played in a pressure cooker like Montreal. A third round pick and maybe a prospect that Mtl doesn’t see in their plans ( Locke, former player of the year in junior ) should be enough for Dumont. As far as Comrie, he doesn’t give Mtl the big balanced player they need. If the rumours are true, Jokinen would be a better fit. He is big, can score, plays well against big lines, and is strong on faceoffs. All areas the habs want to address. For him I would give up the first round pick, Ryder, Grabovski, and as much as I like Boullion, him too if required. Mtl has lots of Defensive depth and could probably get a guy like Gauthier from Philly for a late round pick for some added toughness.!

  4. habsoverserver says:

    Ryder is from Newfoundland, not NY.  Smolinski has a no trade clause.  You can't stick the fishsticks with $1.75 mil for Danendault (two years) and $2mil for Smokes (1 year).  They are not that stupid.

    Dumont will probably be moved. Montreal will consider bidding for him but I think he is not their priority. 

  5. darcysucker says:

    wow that's one of the dumbest things i've read on this site, trading 3 veterans for a decent center who has character problems, why do you think comrie hasn't stuck with any team?

  6. SlaveofHabs999 says:

    What a dumbass you are, Ryder is from Newfounland. Montreal needs its first round.

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