Can their Possibly be 2 NHL hockey teams in Toronto?

Foget about Toronto’s OHL team or the St. John’s Maple Leafs, but after recently hearing the Fan radio network in Toronto, can their possibly be ANOTHER NHL hockey team in Toronto, the capial of Ontario?The Fan 560: After listening to the Fan 560, there was a very weird topic about if next season there would be a different hockey team, possibly in Canada. First they were talking about the possibility of the Penguins moving to Winnipeg, and then they got to the crazy idea of moving them to Toronto. No, they didn’t think they would change the name Toronto Maple Leafs to Toronto Penguins (like that’s ever gonna happen.) They thought and said that Toronto is looking to have another hockey team in this huge city with over 2.3 millions people.

My Opinions: As most people would probably say this is the craziest thing and that this could never happen, so what? You look at an average Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game at Air Canada Centre and there are an average of over 19,850 people in the rink although there are only 18,500 seats in the rink. Shows how desprate the players are to watch their favourite team, so why not make 2 teams in Toronto so there wont be that big of a crowd in Toronto?

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