Can This Rumour Turn To Reality?

The proposed deal: Tomas Kaberle and Mikhail Grabovski to Chicago for Patrick Sharp and Brian Campbell.

The players: Campbell is 31. He has six more years left at $7.1 million. He had 38 points in the regular season but only one goal in the Hawks 19-game Stanley Cup run.

Patrick Sharp
is 27. He was a 25-goal scorer in the regular season and a Conn Smythe candidate in the post season where he delivered a point a game. He can play wing or centre and kill penalties or work the power play. He is a terrific player with two years left on a contract that will pay him at a bargain rate of $8.3 million, total.

Tomas Kaberle , 32. Despite a second-half swoon, Kaberle turned in a 49-point season and finished 10th in points for a defenceman. He was minus-16 on the most porous defensive team in the league. The final year of his contract will bring him $4.2 million and stands as a legacy gift from former Leafs GM John Ferguson.

Mikhail Grabovski , 26. Grabovski scored only 10 goals this year but missed 23 games with injuries. Considering how much he played, the total wasn’t bad. He comes relatively cheaply at $2.8 and $3.1 million.

Why this deal would work for the Hawks. It’s no secret that the Hawks have profound cap issues, but the numbers are staggering. They have 14 players under contract worth $57 million and are at the projected cap right now. The Leafs, by comparison, have 18 players signed at $45 million.

The Hawks’ albatross is the Brian Campbell contract, a stupendous bit of folly that would eventually cost GM Dale Tallon his job. Campbell has four more years at $7.1 but the playoffs showed him to be a 20-minute guy. Campbell had 38 points in the regular season but just one goal and five points in 19 playoff games.

There are money problems up front as well. The Hawks will pay Patrick Kane , Jonathan Toews and Marian Hossa $20.5 million next season. By comparison Phil Kessel ($6 million) is the only Leaf forward making more than three.

47 Responses to Can This Rumour Turn To Reality?

  1. leafstime says:

    This is just like the trades I posted before. If I said this, everybody would be all over me for smoking a crackpipe. Why are people bashing my trades all the time when they really happen. I predicted the Phaneuf trade and then it happened like I said. Again youll see who the smart one is.

    Burke has to do this trade. Fair trade. All sides involved.

  2. glotz_99 says:

    Thats a tough one, Sharp and Kessel would be sick on the 1st line but Campbell will be on the team until he is 37 and if he falters and Toronto fans and the media jump all over him, his contract is basically unmovable.

  3. cam7777 says:

    If I'm Burke, I say no dice.  Kaberle is better than Campbell and most likely willing to sign an extension here for considerably less than what Campbell makes.  So is the upgrade of Sharp over Grabovski really worth the extra 4 million in cap space for the next six years? 

    I know everyone is quite enamoured with Sharp right now, and rightfully so, but the fact is he produced on a VERY talented team.  Sharp would be an important player for the Leafs, but by the time our own Toews and Kane are in place (if they ever are), he could be on the decline.  I'd prefer someone younger than Sharp.

    In my opinion, Kaberle is worth a legitimate top six defender all on his own.  We shouldn't have to take on an albatross contract, and give up a 50 point pace 2nd line center just to get a solid player for Kaberle.  Kaberle is ridiculous in his own right.  If we made this trade, he would dominate with Chicago, and the Leafs would look retarded.

  4. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    I hope this does not happen.

    I RELLY hope ir doesn't.

    Campbell has a horrible salary and he sucks.

    Sharp is just okay.

    I'd much rather get Carter or Neal.

  5. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Beat me to the response, you nailed it. How we could take one of the worst contracts in the league to get Patrick Sharp? He's a good second line winger that's it.

  6. Kev_Leafs says:

    I agree.

    The only way I would accept this trade is if the Leafs are also getting Beach – in exchange for taking on Campell's bullshit contract that will handcuff the Leafs. 

    Also, if this goes down, I would think Beauchemin would be on the way out too. 

    With Beauchemin, the Leafs blueline would have a cap hit of 25.6 (without Finger's contract).  That's 45% of the salary cap for six guys.  Gunnarsson would be due for a raise at the end of the year too.

    Sharp is good, but for two years… it's not worth giving up Kaberle for that.

    As I said, it's only worth it if we're getting Beach too.  That way the Leafs can save face in taking the lesser of two defencemen who has a ridiculously huge contract and Sharp who is as good as gone just when the Leafs are actually ready to make a run for the cup in 2013-14.  Where as Beach's ETC will carry him to 2013.

  7. reinjosh says:

    Not worth it at all. I'm not really a big fan of Sharp's. I just don't think he is as good as everyone makes him out to be. And you nailed the reason why. He plays behind Kane and Toews and with Hossa. Thats a pretty sweet spot to play in. No thanks.

    And the Contract we get with Campbell just makes it dumb.

  8. Kev_Leafs says:

    Perhaps the plan is to flip Campbell to Florida to stick Tallon with the guy to whom he gave this ridiculous contract, and in return the Leafs get the forward they want – Horton, Weiss or whomever.

    Keep in mind that Campbell has a NTC, so if he accepts a trade to Toronto he won't necessarily accept Florida – so all this would have to be worked out before hand.

    Kaberle and Grabovski for Sharp and Horton…  I'd take that deal.  Only because I don't like Grabovski and I hope that Horton would get motivated playing for the Leafs close to home. 

  9. KingCanada says:


    This wont happen garanteed!  Burke stated that he needs a great package to consider moving Kaberle…THIS is not it!!

    We arent even aquiring anything, only making a swap and screwing ourselves cap wise!  I mean Horton is available, why dont we just go after him instead of adding Campbell at 7.1…..

    If were gonna take an overpaid underachiever Id rather have him at forward and at 3 million cheaper for god sakes!

    Chicago has to add to that package for it to even remotly be possible…And by add I mean their 30th and maybe Beach as well.

    I really dont see how that trade can benefit the Leafs at all…

  10. reinjosh says:

    His NTC allows him to say 8 teams he won't be traded too and then leaves him with 22 other possibilities. And I believe once a trade clause is dropped, you don't get that right back.


    Take Grabovski out of this trade and mabe they will take it.. he has zero trade value or maybe switch Sharp for Versteeg…

  12. cam7777 says:

    I see Campbell being moved separately, possibly to Buffalo.  They should just package Beach with Campbell for Stafford and Connolly who are both reportedly on the block.  Neither has a NTC, so they can then spend the summer finding someone to take Connolly – much easier to move contract. Basically they'll trade Campbell and Beach for Stafford and whatever they get back for Connolly.

  13. cam7777 says:

    Burke has specifically said he'll help teams out with salary if he has to, but he won't take on mistake contracts.  That means he won't be acquiring Lecavalier, Campbell, Redden or Olesz.  Huet is a more realistic salary dump option.  There were rumors that Burke had chatted up Mannheim or some team in Germany at the WC, asking about their potential need for a goalie.  In other words, he was potentially scouting a place to dump Huet.


    What do you think about MikeGreen for Kaberle???

  15. broc says:

    Earlier this year I liked a deal like this.. but now I don't.

    Campbell as a player I like. It's his cap hit that's a major problem.

    It wouldn't be bad if Campbell's contract was 2-4 years left… but SIX MORE years of 7.2 mil cap hit ? His is the biggest reason the Hawks are in deep cap trouble, and why they had to trade Barker away, and why at least 2, probably 3 other roster guys are still likely to go too.

    Why would the Leafs want to be in the same position when, say, guys like Kadri, Schenn, Gustaffson, Bozak, Stalberg, need to be re-signed in 2-3 years? Not to mention Mr Patrick Sharp himself who is on a bargain contract @ 3.9 cap hit… he is going to want a raise his next contract as well. Even Kessel's contract is up before Campbell's.

    The Leafs won't have the space to give all these guys raises as they develop/grow and produce. It might help the team for the next 1-2 seasons, but after that, you'll see players leaving that you want to keep- just like you see in Chicago now.

    All of that.. plus, Burke has stated already that he wasn't interested in taking other teams mistake contracts. If Burke is loathe to even sign his own guys to long term deals longer than 5 years… and he is loathe to overpay his own young developing guys (hello Nick Kulemin)… to me, all signs point to Campbell not wearing a Leafs sweater anytime soon.

  16. leafy says:

    I'll take it!  Ya I know, Green is over-rated. But has everybody forgotten how he played 2 years ago?  He's still a tremendous talent and still young.  But I don't see the Caps moving him.

  17. leafy says:

    I strongly disagree with some of the comments about Sharp. This guy is one of the most versatile players in the NHL. Tremendous hockey sense, excellent skill and skater, kills penalties, solid production. Can play almost any role and in any situation. And his still only 28.

    Gets points only because he plays behind Kane and Toews? No way!!!  In fact, the opposite is true. He puts up 66 points getting REDUCED power play time because of those other two amigos. Sharp can play on my team any day.


    you never know, Kaberle is a better defenseman.. Washington needs to shake some things up a little..

  19. Kev_Leafs says:

    Sharp is a good player, no one would deny that, but he was on a very good team.  With Toews and Kane on the first line/first power play, Sharp was able to avoid other team's top-line defenders while still getting to play with Hossa.  On the Leafs, without Toews and Kane, Sharp would have to go up against all the big defenders in the league with Kessel – who isn't as near as strong on the puck as Hossa.

    The issue is it'd be better to have Kaberle for one year than Sharp for two years if it means we're stuck with Campbell's six year contract worth over 7 million a season.

    Why is Ulmer posting rumours on the Leafs website?  I'd be pissed if I was Burke.

  20. KingCanada says:

    That would be so awesome if Burke could pull that off!

    Say Huet and Chicago's 1st for a lower end prospect or something of that sorts..

    But does MLSE think a 1st round pick is worth 5 million dollars?  Especially if its the 30th overall?  Maybe Chicago has to add Beach or Aliu for that to be viable?  Because I cant imagine the German team would pickup much of that salary right?

  21. Kev_Leafs says:

    On it says that Campbell's no trade clause allows him to declare 8 teams that he WILL accept a trade to, which leaves 22 teams that he will NOT accept a trade to, then the team has 45 days to work out a deal with one of the eight teams.

    And, I believe that the NTC is constant throughout the length of the contract, since it's in the contract.  But I haven't looked for proof of that.

  22. Kev_Leafs says:

    Would Buffalo really take on Campbell's contract – they weren't willing to pay him when he was to be UFA because his demands would have been too high.  Well now that he has a huge contract, why would they take him?  I don't see it. 

    Buffalo doesn't have the money to trade away two forwards at a total of 6 million in salary (1 year deals) for one defensemen at 7 million for six years plus Beach's ELC.  Buffalo would be paying over 8 million for the next two seasons for Campbell and a rookie at a time when they are trying to make a run in the playoffs. 

  23. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Here's a thought……. Do you not think that if Florida was wanting Campbell, that they could just get him from the Hawks without having the beloved Maple Leafs involved? You said that it would be a Campbell for Horton swap. If Chicago's aware of this, i'm sure they'd be all over it. Chicago's f*cked cap wise, so if they could save 3.1M by moving Campbell for Horton, i'm sure it would be done by now.

  24. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    And this is exactly why this Sharp/Campbell trade was posted. Burke can't get Carter or Neal without giving up someone that has the last name of Schenn or Kadri.

    Face it. Everybody and there brother knows that Kaberle's only cheap for 1 year. People aren't gonna give up young top 6 forwards like Burke thinks for 1 year of Kaberle.

  25. Ibeleaf says:

    Kaberle and Finger for Spezza. Sens will need D-man if Volchenkov leaves and Leafs need a top line centre. Salaries pretty much match up so go for it I say !

  26. b_devils says:

    doubt they will trade with each other. especially players like Spezza.

    They face each other too often
  27. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    lmfao you obviously know nothing.

    Look what the devils gave up for Kovalchuck for just 20 games.

    exactly…please don't talk.

    Why would we trade kaberle for 2 crappy players with crappy salaries.

    carter for kaberle also isn't good. would have to be carter + a good prospect for kaberle or neal + 2 good prospects and a first round draft pick for kaberle

  28. Kev_Leafs says:

    You're right.  Unless Chicago sees Kaberle as being a good replacement for Campbell on defence for making another run at the cup, and they'd take Grabovski as a cheaper version (albeit a downgrade in skill) of Sharp in the process (I'm sure Chicago would then trade Grabovski anyway). 

    So, involving the Leafs in the above trade would save Chicago four million and they get a better defencemen than Campbell in Kaberle.  With just the Florida trade, Campbell for Horton would save them three million but they would have no one replacing Campbell and they'd have a good forward in Horton – but they'd still have to trade more of their core pieces to keep him. 

    My only reason for bringing Campbell for Horton up was to come up with something that somehow made the mere idea of Campbell + Sharp for Kaberle + Grabovski make some sort of sense. 

  29. Ibeleaf says:

    Good point. Though he has his flaws, I would like to see him in a Leafs Jersey. Wishful thinking but I guess that's what this site is all about.

  30. cam7777 says:

    Well, let's say Burke does something like this:

    To Chicago:

    John Mitchell
    Phil Oreskovic

    To Toronto:

    Cristobal Huet
    Kris Versteeg
    1st in 2010 (30th overall)

    They said they would do Versteeg for a 2nd if someone took Sopel, so maybe they do Versteeg and a 1st for two serviceable, NHL ready players if someone takes Huet's deal, which is 4 times as bad as Huet's (at least).  From this point, Burke now has two highly tradeable assets, that are worth much more in his hands than in Bowman's hands .  I see no reason that Burke wouldn't be able to turn Kaberle, Versteeg, CHI's 1st, and our our 2nd next year into a couple of legitimately awesome top six forwards (Jeff Carter, Bobby Ryan).

  31. mojo19 says:

    oh god no. Not Brian Campbell. This team does not need any flakey little gingers earning ridiculous money

  32. nordiques100 says:

    its funny how when it was people saying it was savard carrying kessel, that was an absurd argument and yet here its absolutely valid to say Sharp is garbage and is carried by everyone else on the Hawks.

    last i checked Sharp = very good top 6 forward who was a major driving force to the hawks cup win. 22 points, 22 games.

    and its interesting that in game 5 of the final the hawks flipped their lines and put the slumping pat kane with that pathetic patrick sharp and suddenly in 2 games kane score 5 points.

  33. nordiques100 says:

    well the same crap was said about kessel and having no centre to gift wrap every goal of his and have no secondary scoring like "the deepest team in the history of hockey" and yet he scored 30 goals. good players can battle through all that. sharp is one of those good players.

  34. LeafsneedSteen says:

    How about Kulemin for Campbell and Kaberle for Brad Richards?

  35. trueblue says:

    All i could say is that i wish Sharp were in a Rangers jersey

  36. trueblue says:

    As a Ranger fan, i hate the Flyers… but theres one thing i cant stand even more….

    A Leaf fan that thinks every asset the team has is worth so much more than other teams assets…

    You couldn't get Carter straight up for Kaberle

  37. trueblue says:

    thats a good idea

  38. mojo19 says:

    You just described my hell.

  39. leafy says:

    Great video on this year's crop of Hall of Fame candidates. I think all of these guys should be in the Hall eventually.

  40. gregmash_Leafs says:

    What about Patrice Bergeron for Kaberle?

  41. mojo19 says:

    That's interesting, both are UFA after this year. I wonder if Bergeron played much with Kessel during their time in Boston

  42. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Just saw Dreger say Savard is the odd man out in Boston.

    Is Kaberle for Savard out of the question?

    The glaring issue is that Savard is signed to a cap friendly deal and Kaberle has one year left however Kaberle is (in addition to being a quality hockey player) a character guy, I see him as a Chiarelli type player and could be coaxed into a reasonable extension.

  43. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    I know we couldn't/ Burke would never accept it. Carter + Giroux + Van Riemsdyk for Kaberle + Finger

  44. Kev_Leafs says:

    Man… and we cheer for the same team.

  45. Kev_Leafs says:

    That seems like a pretty fair deal.  I'm sure Burke would like a player that isn't a pending UFA; at the same time, if Charelli were dealing Bergeron I'm sure he too wouldn't like a pending UFA in return, but, both teams would be taking on the same risk while addressing both their needs (in the short term).  With Wideman gone they need a puck moving defencemen, and we want a top six forward who can play centre.   Salaries are almost a wash with Toronto taking on the extra 500k – maybe worth a 5th round pick.

    Then we could get rid of Grabovski.  Please.

  46. Kev_Leafs says:

    The proposed lineup below is decent going into next season.  And the Leafs would have 8.5 million to spend on players… one comes to mind in that price range.  If they got HIM, then they wouldn't really need to sign Torres, which we free up that 2 million.



    Kulemin ($2.400m) / Bozak ($3.725m) / Kessel ($5.400m)
    Kadri ($1.720m) / Bergeron ($4.750m)  / Torres ($2.000m)
    Armstrong ($2.500m) / Malhotra ($1.200m) / Stalberg ($0.850m)
    Sjostrom ($0.750m) / Hanson ($1.000m) / Orr ($1.000m)


    Phaneuf ($6.500m) / Schenn ($2.975m)
    Beauchemin ($3.800m) / Komisarek ($4.500m)
    Gunnarsson ($0.800m) / Van Ryn ($0.750m)


    Giguere ($6.000m) / Gustavsson ($1.350m)

    (these totals are compiled using the bonus cushion)
    ROSTER: 20; CAP:$59.0m; PAYROLL: $54.970m; CAP ROOM: $8.455m BONUSES: $6.035m

  47. trueblue says:

    Chicago and the Rangers could help eachother….

    Chicago:  Redden @6.5mil w/ 4years, Gilroy @1.75 mil with 1 year, and 
                  Brashear @1.4 mil with 1 year

    Rangers:  Campbell @7.1 mil w/ 4 years and Huet @5.625 w/ 2 years and 
                   a pick

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