Canada Olympic Team 2010

With the Olympics now 1 year away, I thought it would be time to pick my 2010 Team Canada. The team will consist of 13 forwards 7 defensemen, and 3 goalies. I’ll also include a taxi squad of 4 forwards, and 4 defenseman. I don’t know why I chose that number…I just did.


Sidney Crosby – Canada’s best player at a young age, he is now the face of Canadian hockey.

Joe Thornton – Mr. Consistency, he is a lock to be in Vancouver with his size and playmaking ability.

Ryan Getzlaf – Has simply exploded the last couple of years; a great young power forward.

Marc Savard – Has been ignored far too long. He is one of the better playmakers in the NHL.

Jarome Iginla – You can’t ice a team without this guy.

Dany Heatley – In a bit of a slump this year but no question about his talent.

Rick Nash – Big body with all of the finesse to go with it.

Simon Gagne – Great 2-way player has rebounded very nicely from his injury.

Mike Richards – Has developed into one of the better players in the NHL and brings a gritty aspect to the game.

Vincent Lecavailler – Another franchise player currently in a slump; he’s one of the best in the world when on his game.

Brendan Morrow – Although injured this year he is one of the best 2-way players in the game.

Shane Doan – Brings so much to the team.

Corey Perry – Brings the energy and scoring that Canada needs.

Taxi Squad – Jeff Carter, Patrick Marleau, Jonathan Toews, John Tavares


Jay Bouwmeester – One of the great all around d-men in the league.

Mike Green – A ridiculously great offensive defenseman.

Shea Weber – A great offensive defenseman as well, with more of an all-around game.

Dion Phaneuf – Another player suffering from a slump, he is still arguably Canada’s greatest potential defenseman.

Chris Pronger – Still one of the elite d-men in the league, and will bring solid leadership.

Dan Boyle – Cant ignore how good he has been, especially this season.

Brent Burns – A budding superstar, he has excelled offensively as well in Minnesota’s system.

Taxi Squad – Duncan Keith, Dennis Wideman, Brent Seabrook, Drew Doughty


Martin Brodeur – Has been injured but is still the best goalie in the league, and in my opinion, of all time.

Roberto Luongo – Nipping at Brodeur”s heels for the title of best goaltender in the league.

Carey Price – Rising Superstar has undeniable talent despite recent slump.


Ln 1 – Gagne – Crosby – Iginla (great all-around players, Crosby to Iginla has a nice ring to it)

LN 2 – Nash – Thornton – Heatley (the power forward line; they have had experience together also)

CHK LN – Morrow – Richards – Doan (all are capable of playing shut down roles, and could turn into a scoring line at any time)

LN 4 – Getzlaf – Savard – Perry (a little bit of a mashing of the lines with Getzlaf playing on the wing, but Savard’s ability to play with anyone and the Ducks’ chemistry is intriguing)

13th Fwd – Lecavailler (Very versatile and can play any position; plug him in anywhere and he’ll be a fit)

D1 – Bouwmeester – Pronger (the shutdown tandem)

D2 – Phaneuf – Boyle (Both are great at both ends of the ice)

D3 – Green – Weber (Ridiculous offensive potential)

7th D – Burns (again, versatility is key, can play with anyone)

G1 – Brodeur (still the king)

G2 – Luongo (could push to make it a 2 goalie team)

G3 – Price (will get some experience (exhibition games…if there is any) and will challenge Luongo for the starter’s role in 2014)

It was very tough to leave off Carter from the top 13 forwards but i felt the team needed more of a gritty checker (Doan) and i just couldnt put him in over Lecavailler.

Also Duncan Keith was tough to leave off but I see Burns as having more potential.

Tavares could easily make this team but I’ll have to see what he does in his first NHL season to judge him.

I’m also sure I’ve left someone off I’ve forgotten about so just let me know. What do you guys think?

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  1. HabsMakeYouWhine says:

    i talk a lot about martin st.louis,but in the 2006,lecavalier richards and st-louis was on that teams,and they never play all together WTF…TAKIN THE 3 TO MAKE THEM PLAY ON DIFFERENT LINE…actually that the thing i remember the most,oh and the 1-0 loss against russia…thats was a hell of a boring game to watch

  2. bbruins37 says:

    i couldnt agree more about neidermeyer…ive kind of lost respect for him after what he did with anaheim, but i guess when you win everything the desire to win will erode a bit.
    about staal, i seriously dont get the hype about this guy. he is sub par offensively (besides scoring in his rookie season). i understand he is good on the pk but then again you have guys like gagne, and richards who can easily fill that void. and if he takes the place of a guy like nash or perry or something it would be unacceptable.
    while im the subject of the staals, i believe that eric is also overrated as he only had that one great season in 2005 i believe. hes a good player, but far from elite in my opinion. i do think that marc will be a solid pro however.

  3. wayne98-mapleleafs says:

    Ya cant argue with what you said about Jordan Staal, made some good points, ya I watch eric staal and he doesnt play up to his hype, he is a border line star player, crosby, Ovy, Malkin, those guys are superstars, nash, lecavalier, Getzlaf, savard, are the 2nd tier stars, i think Eric staal is in the 3rd tier catagory with the likes of corry perry, simone gange, kovalev,(not this year though) st louis  ect….

  4. wayne2 says:

    My team Canada:
    3-Fleury or Mason

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