For those of who don’t know this yet, the CBC is airing a 2 part, 4 hour mini-series titled “Canada-Russia ’72”, starting tonight (Sunday, April 9th) at 8pm EST.

You’ve all heard of Paul Henderson, though you wouldn’t have had it not been for this series (oh drat, I hope I didn’t give away the ending?!?!)

This is perhaps the most important Hockey event in Canadian History, and if you weren’t around to see it the first time, now you have the chance to see what all the hoopla was about. (At least Director, Barrie Dunn’s interpretation of it)

Typically Hockey movies haven’t really lived up to anything more than cruddy movies.

We’ve got Slapshot, which is likely the King of Hockey Movies, and of course Youngblood, my favorite. Mystery, Alaska was a joke, and I’ve yet to see Miracle. (I do like the Mighty Ducks movies, but for all the wrong reasons)

Later on this Month (April 21), Denis Robert’s “Rocket” will be premiering in theaters, and it is thought that this movie, spanning 12 years of Richard’s career, could be the ultimate Hockey Movie to date.

Not much of a discussion oriented post, just really a plug for a History lesson to all of you wee bairns.

I suppose debating the Greatest/Worst Hockey movies could do…