Canada wins gold!

Canada just won gold, 5-0 over the ‘dominant’, ‘powerhouse’ Russians. The win didn’t surprise me. Canada’s strong, gritty play didn’t surprise me. It was all the doubting that people did of Canada that confused me. Watching the tournament, a couple of people on this board should be very excited about who is coming up from the minors. Phil Kessel

Kessel didn’t impress me. Yeah, sure he had 10 points, but he had half of those against such Hockey powerhouses as Norway… Beating up on weak teams does not make you a great player. A talented player, yes, but it doesn’t prove you have the heart to be great.

Evgeni Malkin

Another top offensive player but the underrated Canadians completely shut him down. In fact, Malkin had a terrible game. Offensive superstar or not, nobody is too good to play defence and if you aren’t getting anything done offensively (what did he get, 3 shots?) start throwing your 6’3 frame around.

For those of you surprised the Canadian’s beat the Russians: It was all down to heart and soul. Canada is famous for it.



Canada Wins Gold
By Nordiques100

editors note: Wow – what an article

Chalk up another win for the Canadian National Junior Team. With a 5-0 win over Russia tonight, the team claimed gold for the second consecutive year.

Despite the Russians and Americans being heavily favored to win due to many returnees and teams loaded with skill, it was the lunch pail gang led by coach Brent Sutter who prevailed.

Lets take a look at the gold medal squad that got it done.


Brent Sutter – the guy is 12-0 in this tourney over 2 years. He went from guiding a sick all star laden team last year to a blue collar defensive team this time around and never lost a beat. Not favoured to win, he was able to bring these 22 kids together and put together yet another unbeatable team. I hope he comes back next year.


Justin Pogge – This kid stole the show. 3 shutouts. A record shutout streak to end the tourney and only 1 even strength goal allowed. In fact, only one goal was scored against him that wasnt a screen shot or tip in. That is incredible. The Toronto Maple Leafs organization should be buoyed by the fact that they had the two top goalies in the tourney. Pogge and Tukka Rask from Finland.

Devan Dubnyk – Didnt play one minute but was a model team guy who knew his role and did his job taking shots in practice and in warmup. He beat out Carey Price for the job and that should give him a boost in confidence. His rights belong to the Oilers.


Luc Bourdon – one of my new favorite players. He can hammer guys, rush the puck, fire a booming shot and be a steady performer in his own end. He reminds me alot of Jovocop. That is fitting since his rights belong to the Canucks. He led the Canadian defence in points and was a major crowd favorite in Vancouver. How the Habs passed up on this guy in the draft i will never know.

Marc Staal – The tourney’s top defenceman. He was a horse. He shut down Lauri Tukkonen, he shut down Phil Kessel and he shut down Evgeny Malkin. He not only pounded them into the ice and into the boards but he used excellent positioning, smarts and poise to shut down the big guns. He has become the steal of the 2005 draft in my book. Great pick by the Rangers 12th overall.

Ryan Parent – If Staal was the steal of 2005, then Parent is a close 2nd or 3rd. He was equally as good as Staal providing Canada with a top shutdown pair on defence. He was equally physically dominating and in perfect position most times. What a pick by the Preds 18th overall. He will be top shutdown guy in the NHL someday.

Cam Barker – The lone returnee from 2005 did a fine job on defence. He combined his size and strength with his fine puck moving skills. He did a good job getting pucks on net and help jumpstarting the offence for Canada. He was also never scored upon in the whole tournament. I think that is unheard of for a defence pair to never be on for a goal in 6 games. He has already made it to the NHL with the Blackhawks. Lets hope they dont ruin any more young players there.

Kris Russell – a fine puck moving offensive blueliner reminiscent of Ian White who played for Canada a few years ago. He joined Barker as the only Canadian defence pair to not get scored on. It helped that they are teammates in the WHL. He is small but played fiesty and despite his lack of size, never hurt the team in his own end. The Blue Jackets own his NHL rights.

Kris Letang – Bourdon’s ex-teammate in the “Q” was another smallish blueliner whose job was to be a puck moving blueliner. Him and Bourdon were the team’s top PP pair on defence. He was a strong 6th defenceman as he brought the group solid chemistry and skating. The Pens own his rights.

Sasha Pokulok – He barely played as the team’s 7th D but was a fine team guy who filled admirably in a limited role. he was there for depth and never complained. I think he can return next year which would probably bring him a greater role. The Caps own his rights.


Steve Downie – The heart and soul of the team. If there was any player on Canada who was as close as you could get to a “Sutter Brother” it’s Downie. He was simply put, awesome. He was a checker matched against the other team’s top player. He was a agitator getting under the skin of opponents especially in the gold medal game. He was a scorer often found on the PP and putting his small frame on the line in the trenches. and he was physically punishing hitting anything that moved. If Bobby Clarke’s intentions were to draft himself in the amateur draft, I think he did with this kid. Off ice troubles aside, this guy is going to be a heck of a player.

Dustin Boyd – This is another Sutter type who will eventually play for another Sutter, Darryl in Calgary. He was quite the all purpose forward. He killed penalties, played the PP, was a checker, and yet set the tone early in the tourney with some big goals. He is a bit unheralded being a later pick, but the Flames got themselves your typical blue collar Western Canadian Boy.

Blake Comeau – This guy will get a chance to follow in his coaches footsteps and be a leader, scorer, checker and all purpose player for Brent Sutter’s former team the Islanders. He may not end up as big of a point producer but he can get it done physically, be a leader, and fill in any role required. He has decent size that could make him a difficult player to play against.

Kyle Chipchura – The Captain was very Bob Gaineyesque in his performance leading by example, scoring timely goals, leading the PK, working the corners and doing all the little things that help teams win. He was the perfect choice as captain because he was steady, reliable. And that he was in this tourney. The Habs could use a heart and soul grinder like this guy now never mind in a couple of years. He was a great pickup by them and should be their future captain (if the fans dont mind him being non-francophone).

Andrew Cogliano – Perhaps on the bigger ice surface his impact would have been bigger. He was probably the fastest guy on skates in the entire tourney. But he didnt show off that speed as much as hoped. He was benched for a bit due to some indifferent play. But was key in the latter stages of the tourney using his speed to cause havoc. There was hope for some more production from him but really production was spreadout throughout the team. His speed and skills make him a perfect fit for the Oil.

David Bolland – Here is another player who probably was expected to produce more offensively. Perhaps a pre-tournament injury took some steam from his game. But he was still a solid performer who didnt hurt the team in his own end and produced some decent chances on the PP. He should be a solid versatile forward for the Hawks for years to come. Kind of reminds me of Kyle Calder.

Benoit Pouliot – If there was a disappointment on a team that went 6-0 and won gold, it’s Pouliot. He was expected to be the big offensive star but didnt score one goal. He seemed slow and awkward at times, physically dominating other times, and was dynamic here and there. But couldnt put it all together. He has the size, skating, reach, skill to be a dominant player but we didnt see it here in this tourney. I think he is eligible next season however his NHL team, the Wild may keep him with their own club next year like they have done with many of their youngsters.

Michael Blunden – The Hawks are hitting a home run with this team as Blunden is the 3rd of 4 Blackhawk prospects with Team Canada. He brings many similarities as current Hawk’s forward Eric Daze. He is a big forward who can be immobile in front of the net. He also comes with a history of back trouble. But he looked quite fine in the gold medal game scoring two goals in his “office”. he took punishment in front but simply was a man among boys there camped out at the edge of the crease. that is where his two goals were scored. He is a power type forward whose job is to score but what was impressive was his defensive game and how conscientious he was.

Dan Bertram – Hell on skates was this guy. Yet another Blackhawk prospect, he should be the kind of blue collar agitator who would remind people in Chicago of the glory days of the team when Hockey mattered there. Bertram never stopped moving his feet. His job was to provide energy and that he did with a big hit, creating havoc with speed or drawing penalties by outhustling his opponents. He isnt big but he can move and he will eat glass to make a play.

Tom Pyatt – He comes from a strong hockey pedigree with his brother an NHLer and his dad a former NHLer. He isnt as known as his brother was out of junior where Taylor was a very promising power forward type drafted in the first round. Pyatt is a grinder who was a mid round pick of the Rangers. Nowadays the Rangers are trying the build a team for now and later than just a bunch of bandaids made up of washed up former allstars. Pyatt is one of those guys that all teams should have to help win. he did alot of dirty work killing penalties, taking hits to make plays and going to the net hard. He scored an ugly goal but it really helped the team shake the nerves from struggling against Norway. See plays like that go unnoticed but i think Ranger scouts were watching and smiling at the same time.

Ryan O’Marra – If the Isles were looking to form a checking line for the future they may have found their centre to join winger Blake Comeau. O’Marra is another heady player who in the under 18 tourney last spring captained the team to silver and was one of the key cogs in the lineup. On this team he was the 4th line energy centre and filled that role perfectly. He was asked to hit, grind and use his size. he did that. you wont see the results on the stat sheet but he helped the team gather momentum. His hockey sense is very good which is why he can fill any role. Perhaps another possible future captain in the NHL. The Isles need players like O’Marra and Comeau to wake up the comatose team led by Cashin Yashin.

Guilliame Latendresse – Projected to be a physically dominating force offensively ended up as the team’s 13th forward. Towards the end he barely played. He took alot of bad penalties and didnt make alot of smart plays. When he didnt score either he ended up not playing. But he still is considered a draft day steal for the Habs who got him in the 2nd round.

Jonathan Toews – He should be the offensive catalyst for Canada in 2007 in Sweden. as the only 17 year old on the team he was the youngest, but far from out of place. He showed glimpses of the kind of promise he has and should be a top pick in 2006. All the talk was Phil Kessel but Toews used his decent size and reach to make plays but played a heady defensive game which is a surprise for such a young player. He should be a strong force in Canadian hockey for years to come.

Well there you have it, the 2006 gold medal winners at the World Junior Hockey Championships. If you dont think Canada isnt the best hockey nation in the world and that this country cant produce top players anymore then you should give yourself a shake. This year proved it yet again.

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  1. Neely4Life says:

    HAHAHAHHAHAA nice story. Fiction is great isnt it. Even in the Ottawa series our anthum got booed by u guys. The only city that does it a lot on Montreal, and they arnt really part of Canada anyways.

  2. WangKumar says:

    Actually, I do apologize. It was Montreal (in the series vs. Boston mayber?) who booed the anthem which lead to the announcement at the Coliseum. I have been a season ticket holder and I can attest that we have NEVER booed the Canadian anthem where it was apparent that the boos overtook the cheers.

    Regardless, here is my point. What do a group of 17 yr. old kids have to do with US politics? Boo the US all you want, just dont exhibit it to a bunch of innocent kids.

  3. 92-93 says:

    i think that might be a good idea, but as a leaf fan who is used to his club trading away talent before it has a chance to blossom, i kinda cringe at the suggestion too.

    it makes sense though, but they really have to believe in Rask.

  4. 92-93 says:

    apparently a mighty wind is blowin’ in montreal but a lot of that could be hot air too. the montreal sports media is just as bad as toronto’s when it comes to these kinds of things.

    as usual, the problem isn’t with the coach. but if they do make a change, they can’t go wrong with a sutter brother. the sutter name has a lot of cache in hockey especially now with the Flames and the World Juniors.

    i just don’t see Colorado swinging that Tanguay trade.

    if the habs continue to struggle something will give. but if they start winning again in January, a deal probably won’t be made until the deadline.

  5. Neely4Life says:

    they were booing jackson, thats pretty much it. And The islanders sure did boo the anthum against the leafs, that was the only time i was really cheering for the leafs, you dont forget somthing like that.

  6. Neely4Life says:

    Rask stopped 53 shots against sweden, and played awesome against the states. Pogge didnt have a lot of work like rask did, and with the leafs D as it stands right now, Rask is the goalie u want. And the Finns are producing a goalie a minute. Any goalie can have a good 2 weeks, a month, so on. Rask has been on the Radar now for a while, and has played well throughout it all. Pogge, well, yet to be seen.

  7. PayUpSucka says:

    Pogge allowed 1, count em 1 even strength goal the whole tourney, he shut down the onslaught by Russia in the 1st period when the russians were buzzing, and he stopped everything the USA could throw at him in their game. They both played great, it’s hard to differentiate between the 2 based on this tourney, they are both great goalies.

  8. Spez_Dispenser says:

    Actually, I heard there were four Staals, the fourth is 15 or something.

  9. Neely4Life says:

    Im not disputing that, but if you look at EVERYTHING, Rask is your guy, bar none.

  10. Kraut182 says:

    It’s kind of a Brodeur/Luongo Vezina debate from last season … can you fault Pogge because he didn’t have a lot of work? Rask made some big saves but, like Luongo is prone to give out some rebounds that lead to more shots. Rask has been on the radar longer, but Pogge had a 2.29 GAA/.917 save percentage last year with Calgary and a 1.53/.928 this year so its unfair to say he’s just having a good week/month.

    Believe me, I’m excited about both of them … but I really like Pogge.

  11. shakrmakr says:

    Man your brainwashed by McGuire.

    He shut them down? Try Pogge shut them down.

  12. Aetherial says:

    great post Nords!

  13. bammer91 says:

    if nhl games had this much excitment, hard hitting, and offence it would have sell outs even in flordia and the southern east

  14. robinson19 says:

    Waddya mean Chipchura would be a good Habs captain “if the fans don’t mind him not being French”?

    Are you trying to say Gainey, Koivu, Muller and a host of others were/are not just as popular as Beliveau, Carbonneau, Cornoyer or anyone else? Koivu is the longest-serving after guess who? Gainey. You can get away with stereotypical slight-of-hand when you at least know what you’re talking about, but not when you’re ignorant.

  15. Gretzkin says:

    Pogge did an amazing job, and I’m not going to take anything away from that.

    But, the Canadian D kept his shot totals very, very low.

    The Gold medal for this team belongs to the fine Defensive teamwork.

    Pogge was amazing, but I’d have to agree that Rask was the MVP as well.

    Staal shut the biggest guns down. Fact.

    Defensive MVP of the tournament. Fact.

    All those Staals are totally over-rated, hey?

    Hockey is just not in their blood I guess.

    As for McGuire. He wasn’t the one choosing the MVP, was he?

  16. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    The fourth is Jared, who’s still in Junior A, and is said to be more skillful than all 3 of his other brothers when they were his age.

  17. Kraut182 says:

    You can’t admit that Habs fans would like Koivu better if he was a French Canadian? I will state for a fact that Mats Sundin would be a much more popular Leafs captain if he was Mike Smith from Kingston. May be not amonst all fans, but some and some is enough to make a difference.

  18. monley89 says:

    i didn’t read any of the article because honestly i dont care, we won gold and thats what matters! lol sry, but i’ll read it later cuz i know its gonna be good, and be canadian it’ll jus make me more happier. 🙂

  19. Scruffy05 says:

    The national anthem was never booed.

    The American team, when not being booed, was having whatever team they were playing heavily favoured.

    As for people saying “don’t boo the innocent kids because of politics,” a lot weren’t. It is Vancouver and the USA is not high on the ‘likeability list in most of all BC.” But to say we shouldn’t boo them at all is just dumb. You mean to tell me when their junior team goes to a rival rink, especially their MAIN rival, their are equally cheered and not booed. bullshit.

    Additionally, most hockey fans, whent hey go to a game, have one team that they want to see win. They cheer that team. Because the USA was never that team you have to think about:

    a) does it show a lot about the stereotypical hockey fan in Vancouver…. not liking the Americans


    b) does it show a lot about the steretypical American… constantly pissing off people in BC.

    Of course, as always… not ALL. That is why I said stereotypical.

  20. Scruffy05 says:

    It’s a sad fact but travel agencies in the USA recommend that when Americans travel abroad they sew a Canadian flag to their backpack. They aren’t Canadian but it makes the trip:

    1) safer… who the hell would kidnap a Canadian? What do you plan to gain. Canada is like that nice uncle in every family that 16 year old nieces and nephews turn to for support when they have a falling out with their parents.

    2) cheaper… It has been proven that wearing a Canadian flag on your person can save you something like 20% off merchandise while travelling abroad… ESPECIALLY Northern France and surrounding areas. Usually street vendors and the like.

    3)nicer… Most of the world has a very positive outlook on Canada. Stereotypes don’t really exist, but they do to a certain extent… that is how they were formed, people don’t just pull them out of their ass. If you have a reputation for being nice and polite, people are more willing to cater to you.

    I am not saying this is always the case, but…

  21. Scruffy05 says:

    Once it was all over I flipped over to the Chicago-Vancouver game and fell asleep in my chair… Definite change of pace.

  22. rojoke says:

    And yet, I’m not!

  23. habs79 says:

    Yes that is true, but how badly was Koivu booed everytime he he touched the puck after his tilt with Ribiero, last NHL season. Why haven’t the Habs fans booed Ribiero right off the team he is a disgrace to the great heritage of the Habs.

  24. 92-93 says:

    hey its one thing to say that Pogge is better than Rask – good for you, you can make distinctions.

    but to say that Rask didn’t play well at the World Juniors (“What has Rask done, both this tourney and last year’s? He’s played well in the Finnish League, but he can’t bring that game to the junior tourney. I wonder if he’ll be able to bring it to the NHL and the smaller ice.”), and the fact that you continue to not give credit to this kid is not just stubborn but says a lot about what kind of hockey fan you are (re: no perspective, moronic, etc.).

  25. rojoke says:

    In the games that I saw him play, particularly this tournament, I don’t think he played very well, certainly not as well as he’s been playing in Finland.

    I’ll make you a deal. You can save this post on your computer for as long as you need it. If Rask is a Calder Cup finalist before the age of 23, you can re-post this for all to see and I’ll eat my words then. I didn’t post anything, and don’t post anything, just to get attention for myself or just to get on your case. If that was my only goal, I would have ripped every player you mentioned in your other post, but I didn’t. I just don’t think Rask is as good a prospect as you think he is, and I certainly don’t think he’s better than Pogge was or probably will be. The fact that we can have a difference of opinion and you then throw “insults” at me says a lot about what kind of fan you are.

  26. 92-93 says:

    fine, agree to disagree.

    oh, and its great that you are taking the ‘high road’ and acting so mature considering all the posts you’ve made on this site that were a tad more mature than andrew dice clay’s attempts at comedy.

  27. Neely4Life says:

    ok, well, i just read this a few days late, and i cant believe Gretz was so calm. YOU *****ING IDIOT! Stall was huge on D, Pogge had no second shots againsts him, and for th emost part, the shots were kept to the outside. Pogge played well, not HUGE! Staal was fantastic. If you cant see how well he played, than your a moron. But all you post seem to dictate that n e wayz. Gretz is bang on, and your a complete *****ing retard.

  28. Gretzkin says:

    That’s more like it Neely!

    Good Man!

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