Canada's Teams So Far!

So a quick look a which Canadian teams have a legitimate shot at being a contender come playoff time…

Studs or Duds!

(Yes TSN uses the same term…)

Vancouver: Dud…Maybe a Stud

One line can sum up this team:

“One Man Army”

Has anyone watched Vancouver play without Luongo in goal? Not a very confident hockey club. They have skilled players who can put the puck in the net but the team looks and plays heartless with out Luongo in the line-up. Luongo is the heart and soul of that team and give 120% for games and practice. With Luongo playing great this team has a chance to make it past a round but no further than that. They lack that gritty/goal scoring center with heart. If they happen with pick up Sundin that may be what they need. With a player like Sundin in their line-up they would look really,really good!

Calgary: Stud…so far

Calgary is missing a stay at home type D-man. The loss of Hamrlik shows with the performance of Kipper. The offence & heart are there. Defense is probably the only thing Calgary should be worried about. Sutter will probably make a move for a D-man to fix that in time for the playoffs. If Kipper plays at his potential this team looks very good!

Toronto: Dud

Does this team need any more bashing? Nope. I’ll end it here. Leaf fans need to be patient and let Mr. Fletcher do his job. It can’t get any worse!

Edmonton: Dud….But getting there

Edmonton isn’t as bad as everyone expected them to be. They have rebuilt this team and it looks very promising for the future. A bit of tweaking and a couple of trades they can be playoff bound within the next 2 seasons. They need to address their goaltending issue. Who is their #1, Garon? or Roloson? Garon has been playing pretty good. Roloson can be moved at the deadline to a team that needs an experienced goaltender.

Montreal: Stud….So far…

Familiar situation. Montreal was sitting very comfortably last year but had a collapse and missed the playoffs. Montreal will make the post season this year. 5on5 is better (Lost Souray’s -28) Power play still kicking and great goaltending so far. Koivu will light it up the last 30 games because he wants it as well as Kovalev!

Ottawa: Stud

Probably the only team that many people believe to have a shot bringing the Cup back to Canada. Goaltending seems to be the hot topic in the Nations Capitol. Emery or Gerber? Makes sense to keep them both incase one goes down during the stretch. Alfie is leading the way and as soon as Heatley is back Ottawa will start to dominate again.