Canada's Teams So Far!

So a quick look a which Canadian teams have a legitimate shot at being a contender come playoff time…

Studs or Duds!

(Yes TSN uses the same term…)

Vancouver: Dud…Maybe a Stud

One line can sum up this team:

“One Man Army”

Has anyone watched Vancouver play without Luongo in goal? Not a very confident hockey club. They have skilled players who can put the puck in the net but the team looks and plays heartless with out Luongo in the line-up. Luongo is the heart and soul of that team and give 120% for games and practice. With Luongo playing great this team has a chance to make it past a round but no further than that. They lack that gritty/goal scoring center with heart. If they happen with pick up Sundin that may be what they need. With a player like Sundin in their line-up they would look really,really good!

Calgary: Stud…so far

Calgary is missing a stay at home type D-man. The loss of Hamrlik shows with the performance of Kipper. The offence & heart are there. Defense is probably the only thing Calgary should be worried about. Sutter will probably make a move for a D-man to fix that in time for the playoffs. If Kipper plays at his potential this team looks very good!

Toronto: Dud

Does this team need any more bashing? Nope. I’ll end it here. Leaf fans need to be patient and let Mr. Fletcher do his job. It can’t get any worse!

Edmonton: Dud….But getting there

Edmonton isn’t as bad as everyone expected them to be. They have rebuilt this team and it looks very promising for the future. A bit of tweaking and a couple of trades they can be playoff bound within the next 2 seasons. They need to address their goaltending issue. Who is their #1, Garon? or Roloson? Garon has been playing pretty good. Roloson can be moved at the deadline to a team that needs an experienced goaltender.

Montreal: Stud….So far…

Familiar situation. Montreal was sitting very comfortably last year but had a collapse and missed the playoffs. Montreal will make the post season this year. 5on5 is better (Lost Souray’s -28) Power play still kicking and great goaltending so far. Koivu will light it up the last 30 games because he wants it as well as Kovalev!

Ottawa: Stud

Probably the only team that many people believe to have a shot bringing the Cup back to Canada. Goaltending seems to be the hot topic in the Nations Capitol. Emery or Gerber? Makes sense to keep them both incase one goes down during the stretch. Alfie is leading the way and as soon as Heatley is back Ottawa will start to dominate again.

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  1. sjconnick says:

    I really don't think the East has much of a shot of winning the cup this year, unless the really good west teams knock each other off early,

    MY OPINION <— key words

    New Jersey plays either the Ducks or the Red Wings in the Finals, sleepers the sharks and the Canadians.

    also I will mention none of the teams I mentioned are teams I am very fond of.

  2. Kramer says:

    Montreal has been playing with cloned hockey players since the '50s.  That's why they've had the most success of any franchise.

    But beware!!! The NHL is onto them.  Bettman has been monitoring the Habs closely for the past 10 years.  That's why they haven't won the cup since 1993. 

    I'm also hearing that within the next 10 years, the NHL is going to start testing player's genones to see if they were cloned, just like they test players today to see if they take performance enhancing drugs.  The party's over for the Habs.

  3. habsrock99 says:

    I know it's your opinion but I have to say that Jersey doesn't look to even have a shot at the Finals. Sure they have Marty but they don't have that one marquee defenceman like they've had since Scott Stevens came in 1991. They lost their last one in Rafalski last summer. Their best D-man is Karel Rachunek and Colin White and no offence to either one but they aren't exactly cream of the crop defencemen. Had they been able to sign Rafalski again or if they would have gotten Souray or Hamrlik, I wouldn't have a problem with them as Final Favourites.

  4. pezzz says:

    Kramer from now on you're officially my best friend

  5. bernonedown says:

    Lets get this straight. There is no such thing as Canada's team at the end of January. Are you telling me people might suggest right now Calgary is Canadas team right now if those people are from Ottawa. NO. Everyone cheers for their respective team unitl playoffs and until there is only ONE Canadian team left in the playoffs. If Ottawa and Calgary skated to the finals this year, there wouldn't be a Canadas team. Only if theres ONE left……… wake up and smell the coffee bub. Canadas team is decide in June, not January.

  6. leafy says:

    People might think I'm nuts, but I think the Habs can win the cup this year.  Excellent goaltending and rock solid defence, and with parity in the NHL, I think this team has a legitimate shot….although if I were to put money down, I'd bet on one of the West's powerhouse teams like Detroit or Anaheim.

    Ottawa was my choice to win the cup back in November, but I have serious concerns about their goaltending.  It's a shame because if they could find a bona fide money goalie, they'd be the favorites easily.

  7. Oil-Life says:

    I honestly don't see a Canadian team going to the finals this year.  I think two teams from each conference will make it (van, cal, mon, ott) but Ottawas goaltending is shaky, montreal just doesn't have it, vancouver is to inconsistant and calgary is missing something, however I think they are the closest of the four to going all the way.  Still, Detroit and San Jose in the West and a couple Atlantic division teams from the East will be in the Confernce finals come May.

  8. RoenickTheGreat says:

    Garon hasn't played pretty good, he's played excellent for a team lacking goal scoring and maybe a solid 3rd or 4th defenceman. If the Oilers hadn't given Sheldon Souray that big contract I definetly think Brian Campell from the Sabres would have been a great fit for the Oilers. You have to remember to if the Oilers were healthy all season long they definetly would be around 7th or 8th place right now.

  9. cartino says:

    With Ottawa's current tandem playing the way they are Ottawa is unpredictable, they could lose in the 1st round they could win the cup. depending on a million factors.

    Goaltending is there achilles heel though, if they pick up a better one at the deadline it could change all that. I say again the team is good enough in front it doesn't need a star, just someone reliable in nets who won't lose them games.

  10. Nans says:

    How can anyone say that the Habs and Sens arnt the favorites in the east?!
    Who else has SOLID goaltending, the Flyers? not quite. NJ, ya, but they went on one hot streak and have come down to earth big time, there is not garentee that they will even amke the playoffs.

    So, what teams in the east are better than the Sens and Habs?

  11. Nans says:

    The who is going to the finals from the east then bud?  The NJ the sens rolled over last year with the same goaltending?  Whos gonna beat the Habs, the Bruins that havnt won a game againt them this year?  NJ gonna make, IF they make the playoffs.  Two favs in the east are both Canadian.

  12. darcysucker says:

    calgay needs a defenseman huh, how about dandenault?

  13. Plekanec says:

        I'm an HABS Fan and the first time I saw Garon, he was playing with Montreal and the game was in Edmonton( I live in Alberta)he came in the third and stoped all 17 shots from the Oilers in an already losing cause 5 to 2  it also was Garon first time in NHL net.

       Then he got traded to L-A , had an injury and then everybody seams to have given up on him but the guy is still very young and had the Carey Price kind of stats and was predicted to be the next great thing, witch he just might end-up being!

       I thing Garon will prove everybody wrong and make his mark with the Oilers!

  14. BruMagnus says:

    Souray sucks balls. The Habs were wise not to re-sign him long-term to a ridiculous contract. Souray is a defensive liability and would NOT fit the Devils' style. If they had signed him, he'd have been a cancer and ruined their team chemistry. They'd have been hard-pressed to make the playoffs with him.

  15. BruMagnus says:

    I agree. The whole Canada's team is a joke anyways. Anaheim had something like 15 or 16 Canadians on their team last year, 4 or 5 more than the Sens did.

    This whole bring the Cup to Canada issue is retarded and quasi-racist.

  16. BruMagnus says:

    I think the Habs are awesome too. They have a lot going for them. Cup Finals? Perhaps. Cup Champions? Doubtful.

    I do think the Habs could take over their division from Ottawa over the Final 30 games.

  17. BruMagnus says:

    well let's not forget the Habs and Sens get to pray on the pathetic Leafs 8 times a year, whereas the Atlantic teams are ranked no worse than 5th, and for the second consecutive year will have 4 or maybe even 5 teams represented in the playoffs.

    The Flyers, Devils and Penguins (in a season-long 3 way battle for the division lead) are just as good as the Habs, Sens and let's not forget how good the Bruins are playing with Tim Thomas.

  18. Archion113 says:

    One of the best Sidny Crosby video's of all time…. frigging classic….

    Bru will love it…

  19. Bure96 says:

    Calgary wants to IMPROVE there defense, not add another overpaid priced at best 3rd pairing defensemen.

  20. morrissey says:

    The Habs speed and offensive skill could usurp anyone. A lot could come down to the refereeing though, the Habs speed draws penalties – assuming the refs call them during the playoffs – then the crazy PP will kick in too. They've also got a ton of depth which could be a tremendous asset for going deep into the playoffs.

  21. morrissey says:

    A lot of people in MTL felt that Garon was the better prospect than Theodore back in the day, maybe he still has time to prove them right.

  22. morrissey says:

    If they are looking for a depth d-man, a guy with 3 cup rings that's still an awesome skater is not an option to rule out.

  23. billypilgrim says:

    The concept is simple.

    Everyone roots for his own team until they are eliminated. Once(or if) they are, I root for any other Canadian team because they have the best fans, not because of canadian players. The product on the ice is a result of fan support and dollars and canadian arenas are always sold out. Enough with the cup going to teams who don't have the support of their home town.

    THE EXCEPTION is if you are a Habs fan, you hate the leafs, or Oilers fan you hate the flames and vice versa, etc.

  24. habsrock99 says:

    Sorry man, but the Habs have been doing it because of the way they play outside of their division.

    Against Sens- 0-3-0
    Against Leafs- 3-1-1 (Note, the Leafs have out-played the Habs in all but 1 game and the Habs have been pretty much average every other game)
    Against Sabres- 2-3-0
    Against Bruins- 6-0-0
    Total vs NE- 11-7-1=23 Pts out of a possible 38

    vs Atlantic- 6-3-1
    vsSoutheast- 9-4-2
    vs West- 1-2-1

    Total vs NE- 11-7-1 .571=23Pts out of 38
    Total vs rest of NHL- 16-9-4 .551=36Pts out of 58

    If the Habs were to keep their current pace against the Northeast, and played 29 games, they'd have a record of around 17-11-1 for 35 Pts.

    The Habs record against the Northest is also a bit tainted because of their utter dominence of the Bruins which is unexplainable because it's one of those things such as the Pens dominence against Philly last year and now Philly's dominence against the Pens this year. And your "assumption", I guess, about how the Habs "prey" upon the Leafs isn't that great an assessment because the Leafs always bring their "A" game against the Habs no matter how good or how bad they are. They always come out fast, come out strong and come out gunning.

  25. habsrock99 says:

    Everyone's under the influence that Souray's just plain horrible defensively, well I can honestly tell you and anyone else that he really isn't that bad. I watched him from Day 1 as a Hab all the way to the very last game against Toronto last year and I've seen his high's defensviely and I've seen his low's. He isn't great on defence but he isn't that bad. The only thing wrong with him is that goddamn Jason Spezza goal in OT back in 2005-06 where Spezza deked the shit out of him. It could have happend to anyone but it just so happend Souray was back there at that particular time, which has haunted him since.

    Also, if you'd recall, Souray broke in as a Devil back in the late 90's and was actually pretty good. He didn't have his booming Point Shot fully developed yet so he had to be on his toes defensively, especially with Jacques Lemaire at the helm back then. He learned under Hall of Famers Scott Stevens and Scott Niedermayer, so he knows what he's doing in the back end.

  26. habsrock99 says:

    Great, you just jinxed us. Damn Leaf fan

    hahaha just messin' with ya 🙂

  27. my_sphincter says:

    Isn't Tam Canada Canada's team?

    Just thought I'd throw that out there…

  28. my_sphincter says:

    Ottawa's problem is they are a 1 line team.  Their second and third line players have to start stepping up if they want to have a chance to win.  ALso, Ottawa's D has been shakey this year.

  29. Nans says:

    Ya, thats not true at all.  The Sens have played the leafs 3 times, thats it. 
    Sens have a winning record against the Atlantic too.  The North East could easily have 5 teams in the playoffs.  As much as i hate the leafs, they are still only 6 points out as the last place team.  Buffalo, they can get hot and ride momentum to a playoff spot easily, and i wouldnt be surprised if they do, they have some tallent, and with the right trade, they could be dangerous down the stretch.  Bruins, well they havnt beaten the sens or habs all year, which says something for their out of division play.

    Islanders are hardly a threat, Rangers are lost, Pens r in trouble right now without Sid, and still have major questions in goal and on D, and NJ, if it wasnt for Brodure, wouldnt even in a playoff spot, and still look rough. Went on a mid season tear, and thats really about it, simply put, they have little tallent aside from Gionta and Parise, Ellias is a shell of his former self. Best team in that division is philly, who have goaltending issue's like the sens, but they have expierence at the back.

    The south east, well its a joke, period.

    Best division in the East, not sure, i just know who the worst is.  Best two teams in the East, Habs and Sens, and their record proves it, same with their play.  Sens have the best offence in the NHL, and when they play their system, which for the last month or two, looks awful, have a solid D core, but are a bit soft at time (Corvo, Redden).  Habs, solid young lineup, but might lack the scoring in the playoffs when the PP is a little more rare.  But seems they have the answer in goal, but Huet has still yet to win a playoff series and is a question mark in the playoffs.

  30. darcysucker says:

    but he does cost 1.7 million, considering calgary has to trim their payroll to sign langkow and husselius

  31. BruMagnus says:

    hahahha!! that was Souray that Spezza did that to?? haha, classic!

    Your arguments are the same I've made about Sergei Gonchar, who has almost always had better +/- than Sheldon. For their careers, Gonchar is a +42, and Sheldon a -34!

  32. BruMagnus says:

    I totally agree. That's what I've been saying for the last 10 years… it SHOULD be the only Team Canada thing of importance!

  33. BruMagnus says:

    LOL! What a waste of time! It has NOTHING to do with Mike Richards! There isn't even a picture of him!

    All it was was the TWO vicious Flyers attacks on Crosby which, ironically, garnered no penalties! Hatcher's high-stick, which should have been a 4 minute double minor, but instead resulted in Sid's 2 minute 'unsportsmanlike conduct' penalty in his rookie year, and Smith's vicious slash, which should have been a 5 minute major and a few games' suspension!

    It was fun to relive them and realize once again just how horrendous the refs really are! Thanks!

  34. leafy says:

    Bru, check out the Forsberg article…my response to your comment. Some memorable Pens history from 1982. A must read.

  35. BruMagnus says:

    You can say tainted, but the results are the results. 3-1-1 vs the Leafs is a solid record as well, and I'm confident the Habs go at worst 2-1 in the final 3. Anyways, as it is, the Habs have taken 7 points from the Leafs…

    now I understand and accept your valid Philly Pitty argument, but not the bringing the "A" game stuff. the results are the results. The Pens bring their A game vs Philly, but Philly has honestly just been better every game (with a few favorable calls from the refs in a couple as well).

    Let's quickly compare results to see what I'm talking about.

    The Pens vs:
    NE: 8-4-1 (17 points out of 26, 0.65%)
    SE: 7-3-2 (16 of 24, 0.67%)
    ATLANTIC: 6-11-1 (that's 13 out of a possible 36 points! that's a 0.36%. we've lost as many games to them as you have played them!)

    East: 21-18-4 (46 of 86 points, 0.53% only, thank God for the West and next year's schedule.)

    West: 7-1-0 (14 of 16, best team against the pathetic West, 0.88%)

    Total: 28-19-4 (60 of 102, 0.59%)

    The Habs vs:
    NE: 11-7-1 (that's 23 out of a possible 38 points! that's a 0.61%.)
    SE: 8-3-5 (that's 21 out of 32. 0.66%.)
    Atlantic: 7-3-1 (a great record, 15 of 22 points, 0.68%)

    East: 26-13-7 (59 of 92, 0.64%, thank God for Boston and the Leafs!)

    West: 1-2-1 (3 of 8 points only, 0.38%, though few games played.)

    Total:  27-15-8 (62 of 100, 0.62% until Crosby's injury we were ahead of you guys, but it's been and still is damned close)

    So, you can clearly see where the huge discrepancy lies. It lies with the Pens and the Atlantic!

    Just to prove this point, one more telling stat:

    Pens vs all non-divisional teams:
    22-8-3 (47 of a possible 66 points, good for an amazing 0.71%)

    Habs vs all non-divisional teams
    16-8-7 (39 of a possible 62 points, good for an average, again, 0.63%)

    The Atlantic is DESTROYING the Pens. If we played more games against non-divisional teams, we'd likely be 1st in the Conference, and surely first in the division. I'm not complaining, that's the way it's been set up, and we profitted huge last year by it, but I am DAMNED happy they changed the schedule for next year. I expect big things for the Pens next year for sure!

  36. Nans says:

    Hate to tell u this, but stats lie.  Divisional games are more intense, and the fact is, most of them are rivalries. 

    Ottawa plays the rivalry games tough, and plays better under pressure now.  They go to the SE and drop 4 to the caps.  Does anyone honestly believe the Caps are better than the Sens. No, they dont. 

    Id hardly say the west is pathetic, Pitts beat the media cirus that was route 87.  And the fact that teams now can win in a shootout, and is put in the win column, is misleading. 

    Stats dont tell the whole story.

  37. habsrock99 says:

    Sorry for getting some of my original numbers wrong in my previous comment. But, the fact still remains that the Habs have played much better against non-Divisional teams. Sure they aren't as good as the Pens in that aspect but I wasn't disputing that. But, the Habs have been playing every team tough and beating teams they don't normally beat.

    You may think it's a luxory to play in the Northeast but for Montreal, it isn't for several reasons. One being that no matter how good or how bad Ottawa and Buffalo are, they beat Montreal. Another being Toronto never takes an off game against the Habs. The only team the Habs have been able to beat consistently over the last couple years has been Boston. They have been average at best against anyone else.

    Then you look at how the Habs have faired against the Atlantic, they've had the Atlantic's number except for the Rangers and Devils. So far they're 5-1-0 against Philly since last year, something like 5-2-0 or 4-3-0 against Pittsburgh since last year and something like 6-1-0 against the Islanders but are 1-5-0 against Jersey and like 2-4-1 against the Rangers.

    Against the Southeast, the Habs have been brutal except for when it came to Atlanta(something like a 20-5-5 record since 2000). Now look at this year and the Habs have 2 losses against Atlanta in 3 games and are 2-0-1 vs the Caps, 2-2-0 against Carolina, 2-0-1 against the Bolts and 1-1-1 against the Panthers. BTW, the Panthers are the only team in NHL history to hold a winning record against the Habs, something like 28-12-4 since 1994.

    So the biggest reason Montreal's where they are right now in terms of points is because of the way they've played against every team except for Ottawa and the Rangers.

  38. habsrock99 says:

    The only difference between Gonchar and Souray is the fact that Gonchar's happend to play for better teams then Souray has. Other then that they're about the same defensively, Gonchar's more gifted offensively and Souray's a better leader.

  39. Oil-Life says:

    Hardly call Montreal a favorite…

  40. Nans says:

    How can u not? I hate them, but they r the 2nd best team in the East.

  41. BruMagnus says:

    Oh I agree. The Habs are a fantastic team. Remember when I told you earlier not to cut them short? I think they could make a Finals appearance as there is no real clearcut elite team in the East (really only Detroit in the West, I'm not sold on SJ).

    I just wanted to prove that the Pens are AMAZING (one of the League's best, if not 2nd or 3rd best) outside their division, and people try to use the argument that they steal wins from their division. Just plain ignorance. Fact is, the Pens dominate tremendously outside their division. If they had been playing as good intra divisionally, they'd be 1st in the Conference…

    I still believe a Habs Pens 1st round matchup would be one for the ages!

  42. BruMagnus says:

    I dunno about either of those claims. They are arguable, but I'm not quite sure. Washington was never really so great, and yet Gonchar flourished on there. I've noticed him stepping up more as a verbal leader on the Pens now that Sid is out. It's nice to see, and he's become much better defensively the past 2 years.

  43. BruMagnus says:

    I did…  don't remember that at all. I wasn't a Pens fan yet, and to be honest I don't even remember the Canucks Finals of that year. I wasn't old enough to remember much or seriously care about hockey then.

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