Canadiens and Lightning held talks about a Lecavailer deal

Tampa is reporting that the Lightning and Canadiens have held talks about a deal to send Lecavailer to the Canadiens.

It is reported that Gainy has said that the players who Tampa was interested in include Higgins, Georges, and P.K. Subban.

It should be noted that while the two teams were apparently discussing trade scenatios the deal was most likely not close to happening as it is noted that Lecavailer was never contacted to be informed of a possible deal.

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Would you make that deal? Is Lecavailer worth Higgins, Georges, Subban + more?

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  1. trueblue says:

    LOL!!!  Glad to see I pissed in your cheerios!  Your still an idiot if you think you can get a superstar for a couple of 2nd liners and some has beens!
    Have a nice day!

  2. RossCreek says:
    Vinny – 7.75 (TRADE)
    J-Bo – 6.75 (FREE AGENT)
    Tanguay – 5.7
    Kovalev – GONE
    Koivu – 4.0
    Plekanec – GONE
    Higgins – 3.0
    Komisarek – 5.25
    Hamrlik – GONE
    Schnieder – 4.75
    (why not? finish where he started)

    That's 37.2 for 8.

  3. Habfan17 says:

    Who said I didn't want them, they are very good players! They would make Tampa a more balanced team and it is fair. Tampa needs skilled guys to round out their team and both Plekanec and Higgins are better than most of their forwards and are younger than LeCavalier. The draft pick won't be high and everyone agrees that they need defence. Gorges has proved to be a decent 4th dman, maybe even a 3rd. Whenever you can get three bonafide players for one, it is a good deal. Just because GM's have given up the farm in the past, doesn't make it smart or right. Like I mentioned in my post, approx 90% of those lopsided deals fail!!

  4. Habfan17 says:

    Of course it does…the smart GM's refuse to stock other teams with unrealistic packages. They see what the past has  held and that approx 90% of these lopsided blockbuster trades never worked out. If Gaine gave up half the team to get LeCavalier, and then they were just mediocre, do you think the fans and media would care that they have way..They want to win and as good as he is, LeCavalier can't do it himself, no player can.  Higgins and Plekanec are legitimate top line players and are younger than LeCavalier. They would give Tampa more balance and are better than most of the players on Tampa now. Throw in Gorges who has proven to be a steady dman and Tampa gets another asset that it needs. Everyone says that they need a better defence. Gorges would probably be the 3rd man in their rotation. Tell me again, how is this a bad trade for either team? If you really want to add something, throw in Emelin, who s a consensus top 2 dman and is coming to the NHL next season. That is better than a low 1st round pick and again, addresses a need in Tampa.

  5. reinjosh says:

    you will never pry lecavlier for d'agostini, higgins, weber or gorges and a 1st
    it's not enough

  6. hockey_lover says:

    Not that I want to get in the middle of the little slap fight you two have going on but ……..

    I thought I read somewhere that if the cap goes down, player salaries automatically get scaled back to fit under the cap.

    Eg. Right now, no player can make more than, I believe its 17% of the cap. If the cap goes down from $56mil to $45mil .. that 17% goes from 9.52 mil to 7.6.

    Thats just an example for the MAX salary. But if I remember correctly, and please correct me if I am wrong (without the girly name calling), dont all salaries work the same? If the cap goes down by 12%, dont all player salaries across the league get scaled back 12% to compensate?

    If that is correct, then it really shouldnt matter that teams sign players relative to the cap being $56mil. If the cap goes down, all players get scaled back accordingly.

    If what I said above is incorrect, then the arguments of "but the cap is going down" are valid.

    Any info anyone?

  7. hockey_lover says:

    Which is better or worse …

    A) Having a team be mediocre, then win a cup, then suck for a few years rebuilding with the possibility of getting better again


    B) Be mediocre team for the last 15 years, with no chance at winning a cup or no chance at getting any high end draft pics

    Im not sure which is better or worse myself, but one represents Tampa and one represents Montreal.

  8. reinjosh says:

    thats actually an incredibly valid and smart point
    im not sure if the salaries of players already signed go down though
    its possible that the nhl didnt ever think the cap would go down and if it does this would warrant some investigation into the matter

  9. latendresse84 says:

    good deal but i would go with

    4th 2010


    1st 2009
    2nd 2009

  10. latendresse84 says:

     4th 2010
     5th 2009

     Kovalev and/or Plekanec (if Kovalev greatly inprooves for the next 3 games before the trade deadline) 
    1st 2009
    2nd 2009

    I only added Prospal because i think Lecavalier would either crash and burn under the pressure or take the fans ovation and have a explosive time in montreal so there could be a part of MTL getting ripped off and by adding Prospal atleast we wouldnt be bad

    but right now nothing can hurt us

    i trust Gainey to make a good deal by deadline day

    GO HABS GO!!

  11. Habfan17 says:

    You still don't get it! I agree with you that I wouldn't trade one of the top 5 players in the league for nothing, but there is a reasonable expectation and if they are trying to hit 3 home runs with the trade of one player, it isn't worth it! Pacioretty isn't going anywhere. He has the skill and ability to be better than John Leclair was. He is faster, more skilled, just not as strong..yet! Subban truely wants to be in Mtl, you don't trade guys like that when some players have refused to come to Mtl, especially since Subban has skill.

    Here is what I would offer,

    McDonough, Higgins, Plekanec, Hamrlik, 1st round 2010.

  12. Habfan17 says:

    Good for you! I agree, too much for one guy, even if he is LeCavalier. Mtl could have done the same thing that this guy has propossed for other French Cdn superstars in the past, but are too smart to give up too much for one guy. I think he is forgetting that Vinnie's shoulder still may be an issue. 3 roster players that play on the top 2 lines and a top 4 dman is realistic! hrow in a prospect and it should be done

    Higgins, Plekanec, Hamrlik, Emelin for LeCavalier. This addresses Tampa's need for d-men and more balance on their top 2 lines.

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