Canadiens and Wild talking big names

La Press – are reporting that the Minnesota Wild and Montreal Canadiens are involved in heavy trade talks. Some of the rumors even involve huge names such as Koivu and Gaborik.

The two most highly speculated rumors include Koivu and Markov for Pierre Mark-Bouchard and Pouliot ….. and or Koivu and Souray for Gaborik and Pouliot.

HTR feels that realistically the Habs are dreaming if they think that they are going to land Gaborik. He is their team, their shooting star, the player that sells their tickets. While Koivu is a great player with tons of heart, he just simply does not compare with Gaborik.

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  1. ganou60 says:

    If we can get a big center somewhere I say good, it's tim for Koivu to move on, we need a top 5 center, we have nobdy who can put goals in the net on a regular basis.  You cannot win a cup when nobody can score.  Koivu, Kovalev and Rivet should be used as trade bait.

  2. wayne2 says:

    I`m a sens fan but i still give honest opinions on any team.If i was Montreal i would try for three deals,first realise that they should sell cause even if they do make the playoffs they wont win with that roster.So here it goes:
    1-Souray/Samsonov to San Jose for Steve Bernier and Matt Carle.They would get a Québec born player(always popular in Montreal) and a young power forward in Bernier and get a decent defensemen in Carle plus save lots of money.Samsonov did well with Thornton and could fit in San Jose and Souray would give San Jose experience and grit.
    2-If Minesota really are interested in Koivu why not Koivu for Bouchard straight up.Maybe add a relatively low pick with Koivu as his salary may not be too attractive for Minesota.Montreal saves money,gets younger and another Québec born player.
    3-Kovalev to Nashville for J-P Dumont.
    Bonk should be next in line to trade.
    Since they are a young team thet can add picks here and there to spice up the deals.
    As for the sens i would like a Eaves/Corvo for Smith/Torres to get gritty for the playoffs.
    Sens line up:

  3. my_sphincter says:

    First of all, Gaborik is not leaving the Wild.  Secondly, Koivu is not leaving Montreal.  Koivu is the heart and soul of that team and it would be ridiculous to trade him.

  4. ganou60 says:

    He was the ehart and soul, he has done nothing all year except for the last 2 games.  Time to get some size and leadership.  I am a koivu fan to but we need size, and a top 5 center.

  5. blarneylad says:

    i'd rather keep kovalev over dumont

  6. xJayce says:

    How soon we forget. Up until January, Koivu was having a hell of a year. In December, I think he had 4 two goal games? And he was everaging a point a game after 40 games I believe. He's hit a severe slump, during which he does not appear competitive at all (missing scoring chances, taking hooking penalties because he can't keep up).

    That being said, there are rumours that with all the Cancer treatment Koivu received, he might not be able to play an 80 game season, as his body has taken a bit of a hit.

    I think that maybe Koivu would be a better second line center, and playing a few less minutes a game, but then we'd have a second line center making 4.75M, which might be a bit too much. I'd like to get a first line guy this season/off-season, there might be a few available. I'd love to get Briere, but that would mean most likely taking someone to take Kovalev and Samsonov's salary off our hands (anybody? Please?). How much can we get for either of them? An inconsistent primadona with tons of talent but no heart, and a scoring winger that can't score…

  7. xJayce says:

    When you say top 5 center, do you have anybody in mind? What can we possibly give for said player? I'm sure no one's going to be moving a big name for Koivu. Not sure anybody would move a top 5 center for Koivu and Kovalev (that's like 9.5M in salary I think, and Kovalev is inconsistent).

    So, question is, who is the top 5 center, and how do we get him? Personally, I don't mind keeping Koivu, but we need a net crasher to play with him. Ryan Smyth anyone? He'll be asking 5 M a year if the Oilers don't sign him. That'd give us Smyth Koivu Kovalev as a first line? Koivu setting up plays, Kovalev shooting, and Smyth knocking the junk in. And leaves us Ryder Plekanec Higgins for a second line, Latendress Bonk (if he's resigned) and Perezhogin for a third line.

  8. bleedingblu says:

    Keep dreaming…..

  9. chef93 says:

    Samsonov and sourey for bernier and carle?????keep dreaming! like San Jose is going to trade to highly productive YOUNG players for a, overpaid forward that has done nothing for the last three four years and a defenceman that will be a unristricted at the end of the season.
    whatever your smoking pass it my way will you!

  10. linnekHABS says:

    Well if they want to win Lord Stanley's Cup then thats a small price that they have to pay! San Jose needs some depth, Samsonov could be amazing with Marleau or thornton  and Souray has been amazing for us on the PP this year and guess what special teams are crucial if u want  to win in the playoffs(you have to capitalize in your chances)

  11. TheFish12 says:

    Where to begin?

    1.  The San Jose trade, as remarked above will not happen, San Jose will not trade away two of their best young players for an overpaid offense-a-holic who has trouble scoring and a UFA, plus salaries don't match up, San Jose would go over the cap, if not this year, then next year.
    2.  Koivu for Bouchard is a deal which will have no impact.  Montreal loses a heart and soul, injury prone yet consisten captain and gain pretty much the same thin in Pierre-Marc Bouchard, talent wise.  While more production is needed from a number 1 centre then what Koivu gives the Habs, Bouchard is not the answer.
    3.  Why would Nashville do this trade… why would anyone want Kovalev at this point.  Firstly he is injured, secondly he has demonstrated time and time again that he has no heart, just what nashville needs for the playoffs eh.  Think not.
    4.  Your Sens trade does make sense, but the line combos dont.  Heatly stays with Spezza, too much chemistry there.  Kelly stays with Vermette, too much chemistry there.  The lines should be as follows

  12. TheFish12 says:

    Gaborik is the Wild.  First ever draft pick, career franchise leader in every offensive category.  He isin't going anywhere

  13. Downtown says:

    And I thought Leaf fans were supposed to be the kings of ridiculous rumours. Koivu and Souray for Gaborik and Pouliot? Any GM that makes that deal should not only be fired, but shot for destroying the future of a good team in Minnesota.

    I mean, perhaps the second-best winger in the league under 25 (after Ovechkin) and a top prospect for a couple of almost over-the-hill players — one of whom is a soon-to-be unrestricted free agent and the other is a chronically injured and underachieving centre? Please.

    If that's all it took to get Gaborik (let alone a top prospect along with), I can think of 29 other teams that would've pulled the trigger long before now.

  14. nychabfan says:

    I wish Gainey read this and act accordingly. That is what could move the Habs around , make a team a contender and a fun to watch with younger dynamic players. But know Gainey as a very passive undecisive type and his love to grinders instead of game-breaking players I am not sure at all if any of it will happen.

  15. mtl_prince says:

    gaborik, screw that, the guy is injured for half of ervery year, why the heck would the habs want him?

  16. HabsRUs says:

    Geez is anyone else getting really sick of Eklund and his Hab rumors on Every article that he writes now, Souray is moving. Bob is not trading Souray unless a crazy offer comes along. That one with San Jose trading Carle for Souray would make it very hard for Bob not to pull the trigger though.

  17. the_purolator_guy says:

    highly doubt that the names koivu and gaborik are the names being tossed around, its gonna be more like rivet, ninnamaa, samsonov and for the wild its gonna be like todd white or another second tier player, but there is also a chance of the exchange of prospects like kostisyn or milroy for pouliot.  Long story short no there will be no exchange of big names here it will be 2 teams just pluging holes in there rosters

  18. Les-Habitants says:

    Man, thank god someone with some sense. 

    It constantly astounds me that people do continually forget what Koivu provides this team.  He does play better with regulated ice time, somewhere between 16-18 minutes a game, otherwise he begins to wear down.  What the team needs is another center to take some of the workload off of Koivu.

    Howevver, as for Koivu being traded: ain't gonna happen, and it shouldn't either. damn, it actually pisses me off when people say "it's time for him to move on"

  19. blarneylad says:

    you know what i hate about the habs, Crosby as of 8:26 pm feb 22 recorded his 70 assist of the season. montreal won't even have a player get 70 pts by the end of the season. crosby will end up getting 90 + assists. hes 19 for god sakes why can't montreal score or at least have one big weapon who can put up a 70 pt campain?

  20. tatawaka says:

    or even better…

    why do the habs only have one 20 goals scorer to this point in the season?!?  (ryder just scored so…it's 2 now…)

    I mean, pitsburgh has 4, Islanders 4,carolina 4…and those teams are in the same race as Habs…

    i mean…who scores???

    Souray of course…but he's probably going away at the deadline, or at the end of the season…

    hourray for 07-08….

  21. my_sphincter says:

    I concur

  22. sceptic says:

    I'm getting tired of these trade half the team, for 2 guys rumors. We'll see what Gainey does, trust him, I don't think he'll sell the farm.

  23. habz2007 says:

    I don't think this trade can happen without Koivu's aproval  i believe he has a no trade clause. habs problem is kovelev was supose to be the scoring threat i think they have too much faith in a guy who don't play hard every game even if he does have tons of talent they should take offers for him the habs have won 3 in a row without him we need a goal scorer thats more concistant

  24. habsoverserver says:

    (1) horrible drafting, (2) no free agents signings (3) unable to play puck possession game at even strength

  25. inurface says:

    dude this wont ever happen jeeeeeeeeeez

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